tagMind ControlHypnotic Incest

Hypnotic Incest

byperverted guy©

I always knew I had hypnotic powers but I never really put them to use until now. My name is Bill I am a pretty typical guy for my age (18) however I have something that sets me aside from everyone else. The power to hypnotize anyone who looks into my eyes. I always knew had this power and I use it every now and then to do pranks, humiliate people, get good grades nothing huge. To tell a little more about me I live with my mother who is actually quiet attractive and my sister who is only a little younger than me. Soon enough my world was turned upside down that fatal day.

School was a real drag that day so I faked an illness and was sent home. I was hoping my mom wouldn't be home so I could just sit back watch some TV take care of the little homework I had then sleep but instead I got a shocking surprise. I came inside walked around the house to discover my mom walking around the house NAKED! She spotted me and yelled in panic "BILLY! What are you doing here your supposed to be at school! Why are you looking at me like that! ! " she blazed as she tried to cover herself up. Quickly I hypnotized her and said.

"This incident never happened and you will forget all of this. Go upstairs put some clothes on and then wake up."

"Yes Billy" she replied before walking upstairs.

I couldn't believe what just happened! I had just accidentally caught my mom naked. At first I was horrified and freaked out at just happened I mean she was my own mom. Then I rethought it. She was very attractive and her breasts were amazing. Then the guilt came back so I decided to go for a walk and think about this before I get carried away. So I hit the road and started walking around the neighborhood thinking about what to do. There was no way I could just forget it so that was not an option. I could hypnotize her again and fuck her. But she's my mom it's incest I couldn't possibly do that. Then I recalled the memory of her naked. Wow was she hot! Her breasts.....so large and perfect and her pussy perfectly shaved and tight. Bill what are you thinking she's your mom you can't fuck your mom she brought you into this world you can't just fuck her it's wrong. But damn was she hot! ! I looked at my watch and realized I should head back before she gets suspicious of where I am.

As I walked in the door I realized I came in at just the right time and my mom was indeed fully clothed but her breasts still looked amazing through the shirt. "Hi honey." she started as I came into the kitchen, trying not to stare at her perfect breasts. "How was your day?" she asked obviously the first hypnotic command of her to forget this worked otherwise she would be yelling like a maniac at me.

"Alright I guess a bit stressful but I'm alright." Boy did that hit the numbers. The walk in and the idea of fucking her is perhaps the hardest decision of my life.

"AAWW what's wrong son?" she asked kindly having no idea of what happened a few hours earlier.

"Well...." I began trying to think of the right words "I found out I have sort of a crush on a girl today."

"Really? What's the matter then."

"I'm thinking about what to do now. I mean....I thought about doing it with her but I don't feel right about it. I've known her for a long time but I just figured out how much I love her and I don't know what to do."

"Well you got a sticky situation there don't you."

"You have no idea Mom."

"All I can tell you is if you love this girl that much you should follow your heart. Go ahead and have fun."

"Thanks mom you helped out more than you could ever imagine."

"Hey it's my job ain't it."

"That it is! " So right there I made the decision to hypnotize her tomorrow and fuck her till she breaks in half. Not tonight though my mind has been through enough for one day much less my mind. Around that time my sister came in.

"Hi everyone" she said as she cheerfully walked into the living room.

"Hi Sally." me and my mom said at almost the same time "How was your day?" my mom asked. Probably a little less confusing than mine I thought.

"Great! ! " she exclaimed like she won the lottery. "I was invited to a sleepover tomorrow night can I please go Jean has a new CD I have to here! "

This was perfect. While she's out with her friend I have the entire night to fuck Mom. Not to mention it'll be Friday then so I don't need to worry about school.

"I see no harm in that. Sure have fun." When mom said that I almost exploded. It's all to perfect this must be a dream. Thankfully it wasn't.

"O thank you mom your the best! " my sister busted in exitement.

"Thank you for the compliment Sally it would be great for all of us. I have work around the house and Billy has homework or something he can do. Just a quite evening." Not if I can help it! I muttered under my breath.

Later that night when my mom was asleep I started masturbating. Why not? Hey I got a huge hardcore fuck ahead of me I have rights. Luckily I gripped my moms panties earlier for this occasion. They smelt so good and it got me so horny. I could only imagine how it tasted or how tight it is. After my father left her pussy had to have gotten tighter after all these years of being dormant. Soon enough I squirted my cream into the air in an eruption of pleasure. "Ahhhh that was great I can't wait till tomorrow." I said to myself as I slipped into sleep.

As the alarm on my clock rung like crazy I quickly reached to turn it off. I had amazing dreams last night. The masturbating got to me. I dreamed about fucking her all night and I just realized I still had a hard on from the dream. I quickly gripped the panties and finished this session relatively quickly because the session in reality lasted all night.

So I got up out of my bed and went to the shower to freshen up. It felt so good to finally clean up after a sticky night. After the shower I put on some clothes made breakfast and started the longest day of my life. Soon enough the hottest mom in the world came downstairs in her new robe she got for her birthday and made breakfast for herself. "Hi mom." I managed to get up.

"Hi honey. Sleep good last night?"

"Yeah pretty well." I replied knowing I'd rather not get into details why.

"That's good. A good nights sleep will help you get through all day and all night if you wish." I guess tonight's one of those nights then.

"True." I answered "Well I better get ready to go to school the bus will be here soon."

"Yeah better get going kid." I didn't expect that but hey she was right. I got my books together, packed my lunch and headed out the door to wait for the bus. I never knew a school day could possibly be so long. Even gym felt like an hour! My mom was all over my thoughts. When the 7'th bell rang I felt like I went to heaven. I ran to my locker put away my books got my stuff and ran to the bus. After everyone was in we started heading off to my home. I always wanted to get home asap but never quite like today. Today I had a woman to fuck and a sister to manage to get off to the party as soon as she possibly can. Soon enough I got to my house and was ready for a quick chit chat with mom for a few minutes my sister comes in from school quickly after that then around 8:30 she goes away with Jean and the fuck fest begins!

Just as I thought my mom was home. Not naked or skimpy but she was always sexy to me. "Hi honey how was your day?"

It was unbelievably slow. At least that's what I wanted to say. "Alright pretty much the usual old school day." Hey except for the horniness that lasted all day and it lasted forever it was usual.

"Sorry to here that." she said in her sweet cheerful voice. "Maybe the weekend will be better." O yeah it's definitely gonna be better.

"I sure hope so." I said in a long voice. "I sure hope so." At about that time my sister walked in the door.

"Hello everyone! " she beamed. Obviously overexcited about her sleep over.

"Hi Sally." I replied. "Well I'll be upstairs if anyone wants me." I said going upstairs to plan tonight's fuck fest.

"Alright Bill." she said "Have fun up there."

"Ok don't worry." I said as I slipped into my room to think about tonight.

I decided just to masturbate about my mom until 8:30. It would make me want to fuck her more and it would pass the time I thought as I gripped her fresh panties and began my session. The more I sniffed her panties the more I wanted her. O how I wanted to suck her big juicy tits. And how I needed to lick her tasty heavenly pussy, as well and stuff my stiff prick into her canal. The final thought of me squirting inside her finally took me over the edge as my load shot into the air. Smearing the sheets of course but it's just a very small thing of course since tonight I wouldn't be sleeping in this bed!

When Jean and her dad finally showed up I almost exploded. It was finally my chance to get laid. "Bye Mom, Bye Bill! " she yelled on her way to her friends for the night. Now it was my chance to fuck my mom!

"Well Bill it looks like we have the entire night to ourselves." She pointed out. Not in a sexy or different way just pointing out.

"Yeah mom." I said. Perhaps the last thing I will ever say to her before we become more than mother and son. "Mom." I asked innocently.

"Yes Billy."

"Look into my eyes."

"O Bill why. I have nothing to hide.

"No mom I mean it look into my eyes.

"Billy! "

"Mom just look."

"Alright alright I'll look by I don't know what good it will do." she said. The last thing she said before the best night of her life began.

"Yes mom just look into my eyes.......Just stare deeply into my eyes........Just my eyes, nothing but my eyes. You can see nothing but my eyes......Just continue to stare deeply into my eyes." I commanded. Her eyes glazed over and I could tell she was already in a light trance but for us to go all night we are gonna have to do this a bit longer.

"You hear nothing but my voice....and you can see nothing but my eyes...........I am the center of your world.......I control your world. You can do nothing without my permission. You are mine! "

"I-I am yours." she said blankly and continued staring into my eyes. Becoming utterly hypnotized.

"Yes you are mine.......I control you.....you can do nothing without me and you are powerless to fight me. You don't want to either. Its very relaxing not having to think for yourself. Having someone else think for you and command you. Now it's time for you to submit yourself completely to me. To become totally mine........Not having a piece of will left to become nothing but my personal property. Feel yourself slipping away and becoming my slave. Feel your mind becoming completely blank and totally open to suggestions and become totally my slave. Now repeat you will obey me."

"I will obey you Bill....." she said faintly and weakly. Obviously so under to even think of disobeying me.

"Great now as I count down from 3 down to 1 you will become more and more heavily entranced. When I say one you will become my complete slave. Unable to think for yourself.......unable to disobey me. Just a mass to obey me. Now I will begin the countdown."

"3 you feel totally helpless unable to think for yourself.......2 slipping into my power...slipping into my power. 1! You are now completely unable of disobeying me if you tried you are now my slave. Say it! "

"I'm your slave Billy."

"Great now follow me up to your room mother." Wow this is gonna be amazing I thought to myself as I started walking.


As we arrived in her room I asked her "Mom have you ever thought of me as a man other than your son?"

"No Billy I haven't." Not to surprising

"Well for tonight you are going to think of me as a man a very attractive man that I am through tonight's events.

"Yes Billy I will think of you as a man." I could really get used to this.

"Now mom strip naked." I eagerly commanded

"Yes Billy." she repeated like a slave as she removed her top, bra, pants, and panties. After she was naked all I could do it marvel at her body. After two children she still had perfect curves, amazing breasts that you could stare at all day, and her amazing shaved pussy.

"You have an amazing set of tits here mother."

"Thank you son." she responded as I got my clothes off myself.

It was around that time I started to fondle her tits. They were amazing! I couldn't keep my hands off of them. I just kept massaging them for a few minutes as she began to moan. Even through the trance she is moaning ,she must be sensitive. That was about the time I started to lick and suck on her tits.

"HHMMM your breasts taste so good mother."

"Thank you Billy. Please keep sucking meee. "I'd have it no other way. Finally I let go and gave her a different command.

"Suck my dick! "

"Yes son." she replied as she closed her lips around my shaft.

"UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH o YES don't you dare stop keep sucking AAHHH! ! ! Your so amazing so wet and hot yes HHHHHMMMMMM yes keep......sucking....AAAAGGHHHH! " I wailed as I erupted into her mouth as she swallowed every last drop. "Wow ok now spread you legs I'm going to enter you now."

"Yes Billy" She replied before loosing my dick inside her hot sweaty pussy.

"HHMMM your so tight! ! " I yelled as her pussy lips closed around my stiff member. "Yes please that's it yes AAAAAGGGGGHHHH your so amazing........so tight........so wet." I moaned as she continued to ride my cock in and out. Then finally I came inside of her.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! " We both wailed as our orgasms subsided. "Ok Mom when I count to 3 you are going to wake up. You will remember everything and feel no wrong in it. You loved every part of this evening and will want this to continue and to happen every night is that clear.

"Yes Billy" she let out weak from sex.

"Ok 1-2-3! " When I reached 3 she woke up looked confused for a minute then smiled and said.

"Ooooooooo Billy that was awesome. That was easily the best fuck in my life! ! ! " She exclaimed.

"Really was I that good?" Of course I was

"O yes! " she yelled as we kissed for the first time that night. It was a very very very long french kiss. She was amazing with her tongue as she put it down my throat. "Thanks again for the best night of my life." She thanked me.

"You weren't so bad yourself. You were amazing."

"Your so kind."

"I am but now lets just sleep.......together."

"Okay........lover" she replied. I was so happy she said that. It proved the commands worked but for now we cuddled up and slept with each other through the night...........The most amazing night of our lives.

When we woke up the next morning I felt unbelievable! I had just gotten laid by my mom and she was indeed still there sleeping naked hot as ever. I decided to get up and let her be but as I got up I accidentally woke her up. "Good Morning Billy."

"Good morning mom" I said slipping back into bed.

"How would you like a little wake up call." she said hoarsely as she moved over to me grabbing my hard cock.

"Sure why not." I said as she began to suck my cock. Again making huge use of her tongue. "HHmmmm that's nice mom. Yes keep that up YES YES YES! ! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! " I screamed firing my day after first time orgasm.

"Do you like the way Momma sucks her big boys hard dick?"

"O yes mom that was amazing you make perfect use of you tongue too."

"Glad you liked it."

"I think that's enough for now I'm going to take a shower."

"I'll come with you sonny boy." I can't believe this. First we go hardcore in her bedroom now were going to take a shower together.

"Ok that'll be awsome! " I said as we went to the shower.

I knew this was going to be amazing I thought as we both stepped into the shower. Both of us were still naked. Why put clothes on when your going in the shower. As the water started we looked at each other both of our lies filled with love and lust. After a quick stare we started to lather up and wash each other. I started first. I started at her belly. Minaswell save the best for last I thought as I worked my way up. Before I knew it I was soaping up her breasts! They looked even more magnificent in the shower. All wet and slippery.....soft and tender.......I obviously made the right choice of hypnotizing her.

"MMMMM that feels so gooood." she moaned as I latherd her magnificent tits. At that point I decided to soak up her lower areas. I started with her legs and work my way to her pussy. I slowly massaged her pussy absorbing every minute of it. She quickly began to moan agian as her privates her soaked. Then I did something new. I inserted one finger into her pussy. "O honey yes! " she continued to moan.After inserting two more fingers she began to loose it. "AAAhhh yes thats hit finger fuck me son. YES YES YES YES OOOOHHHH! " she moaned before I took my hand out.

Then I made a differant approach. I began to lick her pussy. "OOOHH honey o YES! ! Thats it lick your mothers cunt! ! Thats it thats it AAAAAHHHHHH! " She screamed one last time.

"Ok now it's my turn to soak you up." she went rather quickly through my body. Obviously going for my cock. When she got there she did the incredible. First she got on her knees and latherd up my stiff member. Slowly like me absorbing it all then she very slowly massaged my balls as I did her breasts."Ah thats nice." I said in a light moan.Then she tried a type of fuck I almost forgot about.

She took my dick and squiesed it inbetween her tits. She set up a tit fuck! Inediately I moved my member between her tits. God her tits were just perfect for the job. "O mom your tits feel so good! So soft and perfect." I agian moaned. Then she began to lick my dick. "O yes thats it thats it! This is the perfect fuck! AAAAhhhhhh! ! " I said as I erupted into her face.

"Wow mom that was amazing."

"Do you like haveing your hard cock inbetween your mothers tits?"

"OH yes it was incredible. You were indeed perfect."

"Hey you need a good pair of tits and a hard long dick to do this. I have magnificent tits like how you commented before and you have a very nice hard long dick. It feels so nice inside me.

"Well we better get out and get our clothes on. Sal will be home soon." I commented disapointed.

"Your right lets get out." She said as we got dry and clothed. When we were fully clothed and before we need to stop for Sallys sake we gave each other one last deep deep french kiss. Agian useing our touges to put deep into the others throats. Then we stopped before we have to have sex agian.

"We can still fuck tonight when Sals asleep can't we mom?" I asked curioiusly.

"Of course we can son don't want to waste something beatifull like your hard dick in my pussy or your lips on my big boobs." she said in a very hot way.

"Thanks I'll come into your room around 11:30 ok"

"Ok son I'll be waiting." she said seductively.

So for the next hour or so we kept it cool. No sex, no kissing or sexual contact. Just mother and son. It was quite hard because she was so hot yet if I do go down on her Sally would probably be right at the door. When she finally showed up I never thought i'd be happy to see her but I needed to be distracted from mom untill 11:30.

"Hi mom hi Billy! "

"Hi Sally." Mom replied "How was the night?"

"O it was great! We played music, watched tv, and went to bed at 3am." 3AM! That was around when me and mom stoped haveing sex to go to bed. Boy that was a good night.

"Thats great honey I barley got any sleep myself last night either. So im guessing you had a great time."

"O yeah. Well I better go upstairs and unpack. Wow after last night I know im going to sleep good tonight." Perfect.

"Ok best for you to be on your way hon."

"Ok mom! " she said on her way to her room.

"If she sleeps as well as she thinks she will, tonight will be perfect my hot son."

"I sure hope so my big breasted mother." That was basically it. That was the last sexual comment we said to each other before we went at it that night.

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