tagMind ControlHypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 01

Hypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 01


"You understand why you are both here?" the distinguished psychiatrist, sitting behind a large, wide desk spoke in a gentle tone to the two anxious young people seated before him.

Andrew Grant, the youngest son of the wealthy industrialist Hector Grant, fidgeted with his pen as he answered quietly, "Because my father doesn't trust my choices."

"Your father is concerned for you, Andrew," Dr. Carter answered tactfully. "He is concerned for both of you, to be fair. You are both so young and the challenge of a successful marriage is significant. That's why he's thought enough of the two of you to pay for this therapy, in the hopes of giving you the best start possible."

"Then why are we here, Dr. Carter?" Rebecca spoke tentatively. She didn't come from money, like Andrew, and she had a suspicious that this therapy was all about trying to get Andrew to give her up and find someone of a more appropriate social status, as his twin older brothers had done.

"Andrew is perhaps too young to remember this, Rebecca, but his father and mother went through a really rough time when he was only a young boy. They came close to divorce. As a last resort they came to see me. After years of work with my exclusive therapies, they are now happier than ever." Rebecca looked at Andrew and he nodded in confirmation.

"What type of therapy, Doctor?" Rebecca looked concerned.

"To be frank, Rebecca, I specialize in sex therapy." The doctor anticipated the wincing look from Andrew as he was confronted with the idea that his parents went to a sex therapist. "Marriage is, after all, primarily a sexual union. Across history and across cultures it has signified, first and foremost, the sexual bond between the partners."

"But we haven't had sex yet, doctor? Isn't it too soon for therapy? Don't you have to wait until problems develop?" Rebecca was reacting to Andrew's apparent discomfort by trying to wiggle them both out of the situation.

"Think of this like a vaccination against future problems, my dear. You don't wait until you have polio for treatment anymore, not when the vaccination can prevent so much pain. This is the same. We come into a marriage mostly unaware of our own sexual natures, and completely unaware of our partner's needs and desires. As we progress, we hide the things that we think might be objectionable to our partners, and the repressed desires become unexpressed resentments, and before you know it you're getting a divorce that neither of you wants, for reasons that you won't even speak about."

"So how does it work?" Andrew spoke up this time. It was apparent to Dr. Carter, but not to Rebecca, that he was starting to feel excited at the idea of sex therapy with his future wife. Rebecca was blushing slightly, so the doctor used his answer to put her at ease.

"We work with you both to find the similarities you have in your desires and fantasies, and strengthen those so that they can form the basis for a strong, long lasting bond. Many times, the irreconcilable differences we believe we have with our partners we have are really unspoken, shared desires. We let our discomfort about sex get in the way and we never realize how much we share."

Dr. Carter took out the couple's file and opened it on the desk in front of him. "I see you've both filled out the questionnaires?"

"Yes doctor, but why did we have to fill them out in different rooms?" It was the young woman again. She seemed to be more comfortable talking for both of them, and Andrew didn't seem to mind at all. The doctor made a note of this before answering.

"We wanted you to answer honestly, and some of those questions were rather personal, weren't they?" Again, both nodded silently. Dr. Carter smiled to himself...they had the perfect personalities for this pre-marital treatment.

The doctor pretended to study the reports. He actually knew exactly what he planned to do but he wanted to see how long they would sit quietly. It was a piece of information he couldn't get from a questionnaire and it was perhaps the most important for the course of treatment. Rebecca and Andrew waited almost five minutes as Dr. Carter paged through the reports, marking things with his pen, arching his eyebrow and making curious noises. He had seen compliance in his patients before, but this level of passivity was unprecedented.

He finally had to break the silence himself. "I'm encouraged. There is a lot here that indicates that, with the proper preparation, the two of you will have a long and successful marriage!" The couple smiled and Andrew reached out to take Rebecca's hand and squeeze it assuringly.

"However," Dr. Carter's tone changed, "your happiness is not guaranteed, and without your full cooperation during this therapy, I doubt that either of you will be very happy with this union. I've seen this in the past and marriages of this type tend to end unhappily for everyone. Your personalities are such that you would probably never discover the necessary path to happiness on your own." Rebecca frowned and Andrew shook his head in disbelief.

"Are you both committed to each other?" They both spoke at once, each one enthusiastically agreeing.

"I have nothing but your best interests at heart. I need you to trust me if this is going to work for both of you. You both need to want it, and be open to it. Can you do that?" He waited until they both agreed with sufficient vigor to convince each other. It was important to the success of the treatment that they each believe the other is willing to comply, and is relying on the other to do the same.

"Good." The doctor flipped a switch on his desk, turning on the light above the outside door to indicate that the private session had begun, and that no one should enter unless specifically summoned.

He smiled his most reassuring smile and asked the young couple to relax. He spoke quietly and steadily, telling them both how lucky they were to have such worthy partners, and how important it was for them to work diligently to maintain each other's happiness. At various times throughout the discussion he asked them to repeat a few simple phrases, and then resumed talking softly and slowly.

Andrew's eyes became glassy and his breathing deep. Rebecca tilted her head forward as though she had fallen asleep sitting up. Dr. Carter asked them both to stand, and wordlessly they both complied. The experienced psychiatrist was confident that both of the attractive young people were deep in a hypnotic state. "Neither of you will remember the specifics of what is about to happen. You will both remember that we had a good conversation, and you will look forward to your next session, feeling more comfortable as individuals and as a couple."

"I see by your profile that you are a submissive young man, Andrew. Your betrothed is also submissive. Normally this would be a recipe for disaster, as both of you would be unfulfilled, and neither would be capable of producing a happy sexual union."

"But there are very encouraging similarities that we will work on over the next few months that should prepare you for decades of marital bliss. Today we'll start simply."

He turned to Andrew. "Has your future bride ever given you a blowjob?" Dr. Carter found that the use of vulgar, non-medical terms actually made it easier for most patients to relate to the therapy. Clinical terms made often distanced the patient, while dirty talk excited them.

"No, sir."

"That's a good thing; actually, given her age and inexperience, she's likely to not have done a good job. And I see by your file that your girlfriend prior to Rebecca was a very experienced woman, nearly fifteen years older than you...the comparison would not have been favorable, and first impressions like that are hard to overcome."

"Andrew, fetch two pillows from the couch and put them right here on the floor." As the young man complied, the doctor lifted Rebecca's chin and looked into her heavy lidded eyes. "Rebecca, perk up a bit dear." She opened her eyes wider and smiled slightly, though she remained in her highly suggestible trance. "Have you ever had a man's cock in your mouth?" Her questionnaire said she hadn't but patients sometimes lied.

"No, sir."

"Have you ever held or seen a man's erection? Ever given a handjob?"

"Yes sir, my boyfriend would come over and make out on nights I was babysitting; he used to get so horny I would feel sorry for him and jack him off." In the hypnotic trance Rebecca had just admitted that she lied on the questionnaire when she denied ever having seen or held a man's cock.

"That's very nice of you. But what worked for your high school boyfriend won't satisfy your husband in the long run. My advice to women is to learn to love sucking your husband's cock, because if you don't, he'll find someone else who will. Today we'll start by turning you into a cocksucker your husband will to brag to his friends about."

Dr. Carter stepped around the desk and pressed the intercom button. "Ms. Cameron, can you join us please?"

The psychiatrist had positioned the young couple on either side of the throw pillows Andrew had placed on the floor, face to face, when the side door to the office opened and a striking blonde woman in her early forties, dressed in an expensive, grey pinstripe jacket and skirt, with a white silk blouse underneath, entered the room.

"This is Rebecca Lawson, she needs instruction in performing oral sex on her fiancé." Ms. Cameron smiled and stood close to the two young people. She loved it when the doctor brought in athletic people like these. Most of his patients were older and many of them out of shape. She especially loved working with younger men, their cocks were always hard.

The older blonde looked down and noted the tent in Andrew's pants. Even though they were hypnotized, at some level they were aware of everything, and their bodies anticipated the pleasures to come.

"Kiss him," she instructed the young novice. Rebecca leaned forward and pressed her lips against Andrews. "More passion, let him feel your heat through your lips, press your tongue into his mouth. That's it."

"Now reach down and feel his cock through his pants." Rebecca did as she was told. "Stroke it, squeeze it, but not too hard." Ms. Cameron loved her job. She could feel her own wetness start to flow as she gave Rebecca explicit instructions. Not this time, she thought, but soon maybe she'd be enjoying these two firm young bodies herself.

"Whisper in his ear, say 'I want to feel your hot, hard cock in my mouth. I want to take your cum down my throat.' Good girl. Now step back." Ms. Cameron improvised a bit and started unbuttoning Rebecca's shirt. "Let's get these work clothes off of you." The doctor let his favorite surrogate follow her instincts in matters like these, since they had always proved so therapeutic in the past.

Rebecca was working same clothes she had worn at her job at the steakhouse...long-sleeved, red buttoned-down shirt rolled up above the elbow, dark pants and comfortable black sneakers.

Ms. Cameron pulled the tail of the shirt out of Rebecca's pants when she got to the last button, and pushed the heavy fabric off the young woman's shoulder, revealing the ribbed white tank top she wore beneath it. Rebecca's small firm breasts pushed against the thin fabric, and the dark circles of her quarter-sized areola and the pointed tips of her hard nipples made it clear that she wore nothing more underneath.

Ms. Cameron left the tank top on, for now, and unbuckled the wide leather belt at Rebecca's waist, unzipping the black denim, hip-huggers and pushing them down the girl's long, thin legs to her ankles. The surrogate nudged Rebecca to bend each knee in turn as she slid off the sneakers and anklet socks, and pushed her pants off, leaving the girl standing before the three onlookers in nothing but her ribbed white tank top and matching white cotton bikini panties. Rebecca trembled a bit, more from excitement than from cold, but made no effort to cover herself.

Ms. Cameron stood behind her and whispered in her ear. "You have such a beautiful body. Look at how hard your future husband's dick is as you stand here, nearly naked before him. He's anticipating your warm wet lips engulfing his thick shaft."

The surrogate took the rubber band out of Rebecca's ponytail and smoothed her shoulder-length wavy hair. She ran her hands down the younger woman's shoulders, down her arms, until her fingers came to rest on the naked flesh of Rebecca's belly between the hem of her t-shirt and the waistband of her panties.

The older blonde slid her fingers up and under the thin fabric of the t-shirt, sending a shiver up the brunette's spine.

She pressed her warm lips against Rebecca's ear, and whispered low so only the girl could hear. "But he is also excited by seeing you exposed in front of the doctor. The doctor wants you too, but he will never admit as much." The surrogate glanced over at the doctor, whose own hard-on was also visible in the loose fabric of his expensive slacks.

"All men desire you," Ms. Cameron's hands were on the girl's ribcage, pulling the cool fabric of the shirt up as she went "and I desire you too. You like that power, don't you Rebecca? You should use that power as long as you have it. Andrew is thrilled to see you stripped naked in front of strangers." She lifted the girl's shirt up and off as she spoke these last words, baring the younger woman's firm upturned B-cups to Andrew and the doctor.

Ms. Cameron reached around Rebecca and cupped her breasts, tweaking her hard, pointy nipples. Rebecca gasped and leaned back into the blonde's voluptuous form. The surrogate longed to taste the young woman's breasts, wanted so much to pinch her nipples harshly and teach her the pleasure of the pain, but dared not take the chance of breaking her trance. Instead she slipped one hand down the brunette's supple back and the other over her firm flat stomach until she reached the waistband of the white cotton bikini panties.

The older woman slid her hand down the front of Rebecca's panties, past the close-trimmed pubic hair and between her slick, excited labia. The young bride-to-be was soaking wet.

Ms. Cameron smiled and whispered "You love it too, don't you my pretty pussy? You love the feeling of men's eyes on you, the lust in Andrew's eyes as he sees your naked pussy open and exposed." The blonde pushed the girl's panties down and off, leaving her completely naked and panting under the two men's attentive gaze.

"Now kneel, kneel before your future husband, and look up at him as you take out his cock. Your eyes, your lips, your tongue...make him see and feel your passion as you worship his cock." Rebecca knelt on the pillow, and Ms. Cameron knelt next to her. Rebecca gazed up into Andrew's eyes as she reached up and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and drew down his fly.

She reached into his pants without pulling them down, grabbing his manhood by the root and sliding it gently out of the fly of his boxers. A drop of pre-cum glistened on the tip of his long, thick cock, throbbing under her touch.

He gasped as she kissed his shiny-hard cockhead, smearing his clear liquid on her pouty mouth. Slowly, starting lustfully into his eyes, she parted her lips and ever so gradually took the head into her hot mouth.

Ms. Cameron kept whispering, her own face so close to Rebecca's ear that Andrew could feel her breath on the side of his cock. The older woman helped by easing Andrew's pants down so that the young woman could continue without distraction.

As his boxers descended the girl unwillingly but briefly relinquished her gentle sucking and allowed the shaft to be bent down so the boxers could be removed. As his hard-on cleared the waistband and slapped back upward, she leaned forward and opened her mouth to catch it.

Rebecca tongued the tip as she caressed the length of the shaft in one hand, and gently rolled his heavy balls in the other.

The surrogate knew that Andrew would not last long, and conveyed urgent instructions to the eager young woman. The experienced therapist recognized in the young lady a natural talent who truly enjoyed giving pleasure. Under the hypnotic trance, Rebecca could give without guilt or anxiety, and deep hunger for the pulsing shaft in her mouth was allowed to emerge and blossom.

Rebecca looked up and, with a glint in her eye, slowly, slowly swallowed the whole length of Andrew's shaft. She worked her tongue on the sensitive underside, and gripped his head with the muscles of her throat, the swallowing motion coaxing him to lose his control.

Ms. Cameron reached down and teased the brunette's puckered rear entrance with a moistened fingertip. Rebecca moaned in pleasure and the vibration of the moan overcame the last bit of Andrew's resistance to his own orgasm. His thick cock twitched and, as Ms. Cameron had instructed, the young fiancée took the first hot spurt of salty cream down her throat.

Before the second pulse could erupt she withdrew his cock so that just the tip rested on her outstretched tongue. The powerful burst covered the inside of her open mouth, but she refrained from swallowing.

The third burst she aimed onto her pretty young face, splashing her cheek, nose and forehead with his gooey jism. For the final jets of thick seed she leaned back and aimed her beloved's still hard cock at her chest and pert titties. His ample offering looked like the work of several men by the time he was done pulsing.

Rebecca grinned up at Andrew, spattered in his orgasm, and smiled in a slutty manner he had not yet seen from his previously innocent lover. She closed her mouth and licked her lips, opening it again, with an even broader smile, to show him that she had swallowed and enjoyed his offering.

She used his still firm shaft to guide the cum on her face into her mouth, and when she thought she had coaxed every last drop, she used her fingers to scoop up the still warm sex that coated her breasts.

Ms. Cameron guided the young initiate to her feet. The next part of the therapy was necessary to seal the bond of trust between the two. Rebecca had to know that he would never criticize or belittle her expressions of love and lust. She had to know that he would not lose respect for her as a result of their adventures.

With the remnants of his cum still smeared across her face, and the scent of his semen still fresh on her breath, she leaned forward to kiss him. He did not recoil, instead he pressed his lips against her passionately, his tongue thrust into her mouth, hungrily exploring his salty taste on her sweet lips.

Ms. Cameron and the doctor together guided the couple back into their clothing and into the positions they had been seated in prior to the hypnotism. It was all Ms. Cameron could do to restrain herself from engulfing the young man's still stiff member while she helped him back into his pants, but she knew that such pleasures were likely to follow in future sessions, if this couple's therapy followed a similar course to the other men in Andrew's family.

Once they were seated, Dr. Carter carefully implanted and tested the hypnotic suggestions that the couple would follow in their time before the next session. The surrogate's improvisation had given him deeper insight into Rebecca and Andrew's hidden desires, beyond even that which they had been willing to share in their confidential surveys, and he used this insight to craft more exotic delights than he first imagined. But that impressive sense of intuition, along with her stunning beauty and extraordinary sexual talents, was exactly why he hired Ms. Cameron.

Once all the plans were firmly in his patient's minds, and false memories of this session were planted, the psychiatrist eased the young couple out of their trance. Ms Cameron had long since disappeared back into the private lounge from which she had emerged.

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