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Hypocrite prude


Note: This is no way meant to offend any person or religious group. Rather I mean to pick on hypocritical behavior. Like many other people I am a poor sinner who tries his best to get along. How can you condemn others for the very behavior you are engaged in and use your religion, any religion, to condemn them?

The woman in this story is based on a hypocrite I actually knew who would beat her bible during the day and evening and then at night explore the world of erotica. She even protested in front of adult entertainment establishments in our town while going to them one town over with and without her husband. I always wanted to teach her a little lesson.

"I don't say I'm no better than anybody else, but, I'll be damned if I ain't just as good!" –Anon.

The office I work in is a very typical office. There are row after row of desks for the secretarial and technical staff. Supervisor's office ring the outskirts of the huge room. It is a very sterile and robotic atmosphere. Everyone just sits at their work stations doing the same paperwork over and over again.

For every man there are six women which always made work a fun place for me to be. It helps that most of us get along very well together. It is very diverse with people of all ages and races. Religiously we have about every faith you can imagine. It is against this back drop I tell you about one of my fellow workers.

At about six months before the events described below Theresa Robinson was promoted from technician to a beginning supervisory position. Now, she had her own office and I was happy that she wasn't my supervisor. We had never gotten along very well. Theresa was a pusher. It wasn't drugs, but Jesus, she pushed. Her favorite saying was, "What would Jesus DO?"

Don't get me wrong? I admire anyone with a solid faith. But, Theresa was extreme as she was constantly flaunting her religion and trying to get the entire office to join her evangelical church. So, I generally avoided contact with her. Her office was decorated like her own private church.

On one wall she had a three foot tall crucifix. Behind her desk was a large portrait of Jesus. The third wall had a huge scroll of the Ten Commandments leaving the last wall for work related items. On the corner of her desk was a very large leather bound bible. It all was too much and made me wonder in some weird way what she was hiding from us or even herself.

It just seemed too over the top to me. She dressed the part as well. as she could have been mistaken for an old time librarian or school teacher complete with reading glasses that couldn't hide her pretty green eyes. Her blonde hair was always up in a bun. Standing at five and a half feet tall it was hard to get a handle on the package underneath due to her conservative non- flattering wardrobe.

Along with the other men in the office it was decided that 'The Preacher' as we called her was probably very hot once her clothes came off. We figured that she easily had D cup tits and her ass was very large; probably taking at least a size 8 panty. What we could see of her legs seemed promising and they were always covered in sheer black nylon.

Overall it was hard to be attracted to her. Part of the problem was that she couldn't carry out a normal conversation. She couldn't utter a sentence without putting her religion into it so you could never find out what she really felt about things. It was easier not to try and carry on a chat with her. It became more difficult a couple of months ago after I saw her on the television and in the newspaper.

On Monday of that week she had invited some of her lady friends in the office to a sales party. A few went because they really like Theresa and a few felt as though they had to attend. She had told them the product was a surprise but they would really like it she thought. When pressed she confessed she had not seen the stuff herself but was doing a favor for her sister who she knew wouldn't stear her wrong.

There was a lot of whispering Tuesday morning amongst those who went to the party. It turned out to be a sexy lingerie party. Theresa explained that she had naively thought that "ready for Bed" meant they would be seeing things like slippers, robes and pajamas. While the show was mostly sexy nighties there were a few sex toys such as handcuffs and blindfolds. Theresa stayed in her office much of the day embarrassed.

It seemed the real news was that Theresa, the prude of prudes, had bought more stuff than anyone else. Most of her purchases were very risqué including the handcuffs, crotchless panties, and a French Maid's outfit. She tried to explain that it was ok for a woman to please her husband in this way. It sounded like a rational statement to most of us.

But, then on Wednesday night's television news there was Theresa leading a protest against our first adult theater and novelty store. They were protesting the very existence of the store. The store sold the very stuff she had purchased two nights earlier. She told the newswoman, "Stores like this lead to the of morality in our society and must be stopped. I think Jesus would be appalled to see this store here!"

I almost spit out my coffee the next morning when I opened my newspaper and there was Theresa right on the front page. Right in the middle of the page was a full color photo of her burning a sexy garter belt. I wondered which of these protestors had gone into the devil's den to purchase the item.

I suspect many of the protestors were absolutely sincere in their beliefs but couldn't help believe that Theresa was nothing but a hypocrite. It would turn out that the stores business was about to sky rocket as much of the town hadn't known about it until the protest. Now, I began to wonder what she wore under her sackcloth.

Anger surged through my body as I thought about her spewing intolerance while at least buying the very stuff she was protesting. I wondered what else she was two faced about. It didn't take me long to find out. That very night I went with my wife to the adult theater the next town over as we had taken a drive and just happened to end up there.

Who did I see two rows in front of me but Theresa? It was the first time I had seen her with her hair down. I think she was trying to appear different so no one would recognize her from the media coverage. She and the man she was with got chummier and chummier throughout the show. By the end she was squirming in her seat.

When the flick ended my wife and I snuck out quickly so she wouldn't spot us. My wife wanted us to confront her right there. When we got home we discussed the hypocrite and she came up with the solution with full knowledge of what it meant. Nancy, my wife, and I have a great marriage and have hade threesomes and foursomes and occasionally encouraged the other to sleep with someone else solo.

There is no pretense of what is going on we have a great time helping one another to be happy. Nancy and I had great sex that night remembering the movies and thinking about our plan for Theresa. Seething I walked into work Friday morning. Theresa was looking frumpy as usual. I asked, "Have you seen any good movies lately?"

"The last movie I saw was 'On Golden Pond' a while back," for some reason she blushed slightly. I know she wouldn't admit to what she really saw the night before. However, she came close as the movie was 'On Golden Blonde', a very hot movie and nothing like the title she had quoted.

Smiling I just walked away. My plan would have to wait as there were too many people around. The key was keeping her late that evening. It wouldn't be hard as she usually stayed later than my supervisor. And, if I came up with a problem after my supervisor left she had to stay until she helped me fix it.

Actually it wasn't much of a plan to begin with. But, I knew I was about to have fun at the prude's expense. She was about to leave when I stood in the doorway to her office holding up a report which I had caused the problem on myself. It wouldn't take long to repair but by then the office would be empty especially on a Friday.

To say Teresa was pissed would be an understatement. The sneer she gave me burned right through my body and somehow excited me. As she grumbled and entered some overrides on the computer another supervisor came by and told her that she didn't need to check the building as no one else was left.

This was the news I had been waiting for. I knew I had better wait a couple of minutes to make sure the other supervisor didn't come back. When I was sure we would remain alone I asked, "So, Theresa, you sanctimonious hypocrite, what was your favorite part of "On Golden BLONDE?" I like watching the French Maid taking it up the ass myself."

"What in heaven's name are you talking about?" she asked quickly turning away from me. Obviously she didn't want to look at me or have me notice her face turn red with embarrassment. I covered the two steps between us and reached around and firmly grabbed her breast. She tried to pull my hand off in vein.

"You were sitting three rows in front of me at the theater in Springfield last night. I must say I liked you with your hair down," I stated with new confidence. Going in for the kill I reached around with my other hand and cupped her other boob. I gave both tits a hard squeeze while waiting for a reply from her.

"That doesn't give you the right to put your filthy hands on me. Now let go and get out of here. I'll call the cops and your wife," she shouted. I didn't care if she called my wife. And, I knew the cops were out as she wouldn't want to explain things on Monday to her boss. Boldly I spun her chair around and ripped open the front of her school marm blouse. A high pitched squeal came from deep inside of her.

To my surprise she was wearing a black lace bra with a front clasp. Reaching behind her head I pulled out the clip that was holding her hair up. Her locks of golden blonde hair fell upon her shoulders as I pushed the tattered blouse to her sides exposing her entire bra and stomach. Taking three steps back I pulled out my digital camera and snapped a couple of pictures of the hypocrite.

Silence filled the room as a tear slid down her cheek. Theresa obviously didn't know what to do. Screaming would do nothing for her and I'd catch her if she ran. Working quickly I yanked off her blouse and unfastened her bra. There was a lump in my throat as I got my first look at her stupendous melons. Her areolas were large; at least, quarter size.

Both of her nipples were standing up like miniature cocks; nice hard and deep purplish pink. Whoever said she had C cups was wrong as it was obvious that she had been hiding, at least, D cups. With my hands now roughly fondling her orbs she spoke, "Please don't, you can't do this to me. Oh God, no don't make me."

"Shut up! I'll do anything I want bitch! So you'll take it however I want to give it to you, understand?" I yelled and then slapped her across her face. Then I lifted her up from her chair by one arm and shoved her sprawling onto her desk. Papers flew everywhere. Like a wild animal I yanked off her shoes and slacks. Again, I was shocked to see her in silky panties that matched the bra along with a garter belt that held up her nylon stockings.

"I wear it for my husband," she said sensing the need to defend herself. A quiver was now obvious in her voice. I knew tears had to be flowing down her cheeks. Having accomplished the removal of her pants I stood her back up and wiped the tears from her face. A smile started to form as she thought I was going to lighten up.

But, nothing could have been farther from the truth, as I slammed her to the floor. Snap, another picture, this showed her spread eagle looking like a total slut. There was no sign of coercion as the tears were gone. Her mouth was open as if waiting for a cock to suck. In seconds I was naked with my throbbing cock standing straight out looming over her.

Now in a panic Theresa started to scramble to her feet to make an escape. Vehemently I smashed her back to the floor. Her head bounced off of the carpet from the force of the blow. Kneeling down I held her shoulders firmly to the ground and spat out, "Try to escape again and you'll have broken bones or maybe worse, comprendé?"

"Oh gawd, don't hurt me. What did I ever do to you?" she sobbed as she begged. Tears were now flowing like a river down her cheeks. I felt a little sorry for her. It was too late for sympathy though. I had already gone past the point of no return and animal lust had taken over every molecule of my being.

"I fucking told you that you go around here holier than thou when you are as much of a sinner as the rest of us. You are a fucking hypocrite. And now you are my fucking whore," the anger burst out of me as I yelled at her. Collapsing on top of her I bit her left nipple as she began to fight back.

Theresa clawed her nails deep into my back tearing my skin. In the state I was in this only served to encourage me. My prey was squirming and flailing all around underneath me trying to avoid the inevitable. I bit again harder and ripped off her panties leaving the garter and nylons in place. I looked down quickly at her bush.

As much as I wanted to fuck her I couldn't help but gasp as I ogled her full bush. It was the thickest forest of hair I have ever seen to this very day. The golden hair seemed to sparkle under the fluorescent lighting. Wrapping my arms around her thick thighs I plunged head first into her pussy. The lips easily yielded to my mouth.

She screamed and kicked my back. Her hands were ripping at my hair trying to disengage my hungry mouth. Honey flowed freely from her slash as I lick and sucked on the entire area. Taking her clit between my teeth I nibbled roughly as her kicking got harder and harder. Something else was happening to her as I felt her hips move under my assault.

Theresa's hips came up to buck my face as my assault continued. I don't even know if she knew she was doing it as the rest of her body kept fighting my activity. Even as she fought her legs clamped against my face as her entire being convulsed. I was convinced she had just had an orgasm; involuntary though it might be.

It must have been a very strange combination of emotions for this seemingly prudish bible thumper as her pussy flooded on to my face. Ready to cum myself I pulled away from her glorious cunt. My cock was twitching and I knew I had already dribbled a tiny bit of pre-cum. scooting up her body I looked her in the eyes.

Just then she pressed her lips together and spit on my face. Instantly my hand went across her face slapping her very hard. Then I grabbed her by her golden locks and bounced her head to the floor. I cruelly yelled, "Bitch, you don't do that shit to me. I am fucking in charge. I'm going to fuck the living shit out of your twat!"

Two seconds later my cock was slicing into her wide open pussy. In one stroke I plunged all of the way in. A vicious series of curse words came from her lips. She cussed me out like I had never been before while squirming helplessly to get away. For a while she kept squirming and kicking me but it was not doing her any good as my cock relentlessly sawed in and out of her tight pussy.

Either worn out or finally giving in to me she relaxed and accepted what was happening to her. One of her arms fell to my ass and the other rested on my back. She closed her eyes but continued to lambast me with insults. Her hips came up hard to meet each of my thrusts as her breathing became more erratic.

Sweat formed on my forehead as I gasped to catch my breath. I put my arms around her back holding her close as I pounded her cunt harder and harder on the verge of my own orgasm. Reflexively Theresa's arms were wrapped around me. She was having trouble speaking and was moaning deeply with each stroke.

Holding on for dear life Theresa's fingernails were now clawing into my back. With an extra hard thrust my cock exploded and filled her twat with my spunk. Theresa's whole body quivered and shuddered as she rode the waves of her own involuntary orgasm. Remembering why I was fucking her I quickly withdrew my cock and sprayed both of her tits with my second shot of jism.

White sticky spunk dripped from her breasts. I had never cum more in my life. Reaching Up I grabbed the camera and got a picture of her face and chest. Looking at the picture she looked like she was in heaven as her eyes happened to be closed and her tongue was peeking out from her lips. Then, she did me a big favor.

My victim reached down to the mess and used her finger to try and get rid of the substance. The camera still in my hand I snapped a picture in which she held up her finger appearing to admire the cream on it. When, in fact, a second later she wiped it off on to the floor. We said nothing as we recovered.

Unbelievably, my cock was still hard as ever. My wife told me that the experience would not totally teach Theresa a lesson unless I was able to take it one step further. As soon as I caught my breath I rolled her limp body over. As I admired her plump full round rear end I snapped one last picture.

Knowing that time was becoming limited before the cleaning crew came in I yanked her up on to her knees. The half moons of her ass melted apart revealing the red rim of her shit hole. As if it were remote control my cock headed straight for her bowels. The mushroom head popped in without a problem. Holding on to her big cheeks I gave a shove sinking it a third of the way in to her back channel. Theresa screamed, "You no good fucking bastard. How dare you invade me there! You fucking son of a bitch I hate your guts!"

"What is the matter? Are you afraid you are going to like it too much, slut?" I snarled. My cock was almost fully buried in her bowels as we both gasped.

"Yes you son of a bitch. Does that make you happy bastard?" she whispered. She let herself go as she pushed her ass up to meet my thrusting member. I alternated between squeezing her large tits and holding on to her rump as I pounded my cock into her back door. Theresa dropped her shoulders to the carpet and began diddling her clit.

Our hips smacked together as the pace quickened. My cock became like a blur racing in and out of her. It didn't take long for me to shoot my third load of the session into the prude's asshole. I kept on drilling her until she growled a guttural scream and dropped her hand from her pussy. I let her go and she toppled to the floor.

Grabbing her panties I wiped my cock and balls off with them dropping them on to her belly. Surveying the scene I couldn't help but smile. Knowing her I didn't think this scene would ever leave this room. Hurriedly I put back on my clothes and admonished her, "quit being such a hypocrite or I'll be back. And, if you don't want a repeat performance at least acknowledge your understanding by wearing your hair down Monday."

Grabbing the camera and stopping at the wash room on the way out I headed for home to tell my wife of the adventure. We had to wait until late that evening but had great sex. On Monday the second part of our plan to cure Theresa of her hypocrisy would be put into motion and Nancy would have an important role. I looked forward to work all weekend.

Playing it cool I walked by Theresa's office. She averted her eyes when she saw me. Her hair was hanging down landing across her shoulders. Something else seemed different about her appearance. I couldn't quite put a finger on it. Somehow she seemed to be dressed a little less prudish. Just after lunch my wife called Theresa.

After hanging up the phone Theresa scurried to my office confused and a bit worried. She told me Nancy had just called and was very nice and invited her to dinner that evening. When she said that she couldn't Nancy became very insistent. Thinking over recent events Theresa relented and accepted.

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