Copyright Oggbashan April 2003 The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


I have a fantasy of sharing a bed with two attractive young women preferably naked. Most adult males would share that fantasy. I never expected it to happen or if it did the experience would be disappointing. Few men can really satisfy one woman. Trying to satisfy two at once might be humiliating unless you are exceptionally fit and talented. Neither applied to me. When I actually had three naked women wrapped round me they were a real risk to my life.

My lack of fitness had led me to take drastic action. I wanted to go backpacking on foot and I knew I needed practice. Each weekend I would walk out on to Dartmoor carrying an unnecessarily heavy pack. Most of the extra weight was a four man mountain tent. I hoped that when I started my long holiday in the summer with a light one man tent I would find it much easier than a heavy load in winter.

That February I set out in the darkness of a Friday evening. Apart from doubts about my fitness I had no qualms about being on Dartmoor in winter. I treated Dartmoor with respect and knew the right things to do. As usual I had left details of where I intended to go with a friend. If I did not return by Sunday evening he would alert the authorities. I knew the way to my favourite camping spot so well that I needed to use a torch only on the difficult stream crossings. By seven in the evening I had pitched my tent close to a stream well above any possible flood. I relaxed to the sound of the low waterfall. The office desk I had occupied two hours ago seemed very distant. I cooked my meal, ate it and settled down to read for an hour or so by the light of my butane lamp.

Then I heard a faint voice calling in the darkness. I poked my head out of the tent. In the meantime a low cloud had come down soaking everything. I could see only a few yards even with the torch.

"Help!" cried the voice.

"Hang on!" I shouted back. I put my boots and cagoule on in a hurry. I left the lamp burning because finding the tent without it would be nearly impossible.

"Where are you?" I yelled.

"Over here!" was the unhelpful reply.

"Keep shouting. I'll find you."

By now I realised that the voice was female. I listened carefully. The voice was coming from above the small waterfall. I swung West to avoid the fall. I had only walked twenty yards when the voice shouted:

"I can see your torch!" The voice sounded hysterical.

"Am I pointing it at you?! I shouted back as I moved the beam slowly.

"No. No. Yes!"

I could not see her through the mist. I walked forward slowly. I heard the stream to the East. Then I saw her. She was standing up waving her arms and there were two shapes by her feet. As I reached her the shapes resolved into bodies.

Oh shit, I thought. Two incapacitated people would be very difficult to deal with. I might be only fifty yards from my tent but that was a long way to carry anyone across uneven ground in the dark.

"What's up?" I asked.

"We are lost and my friends are nearly unconscious. We went out for a walk this afternoon but couldn't find our way back. It got dark. The rain came and we were soaked and shivering. We saw your light and started towards it but we lost it in the mist. My friends didn't make sense anymore. They tried to keep going but couldn't. So I started shouting."

"OK. We'll get you to my tent. I'll have to do it one at a time. Which one of your friends collapsed first?"

"Judy," she said, pointing at one of the bodies.

"Then I'll take Judy. You keep this torch. When I shout, turn it on."


I struggled to pick up Judy in a fireman's lift. She wasn't heavy but she was unable to help herself. I took her to my tent and just put her down inside it. Then I returned to the others. I saw the torch before I needed to shout.

"You still OK?" I asked.

"Not sure," was the faint reply. "I can't stop shivering and I can't think properly. I knew I had to do something with the torch but ..."

"I'll pick your friend up. You hang on to my coat. It isn't far."

I carried the other. The woman who was still talking held my coat but I had to prop her up. Carrying one woman and supporting another was a real strain. The fifty yards took over ten minutes.

Inside the tent Judy lay where I had put her down. I looked closely at the other two. All three of them were wearing light jackets which might be enough protection to walk from a car to a house but were useless on Dartmoor in February. Their clothes were completely soaked. They didn't have any equipment. They wore small packs which were their handbags.

"What's your name?"


"And your other friend?"


"Ann, you and your friends have got hypothermia. You are so cold that your bodies aren't working properly. We are too far from the road to get any other help. All you have got is me. Do you understand?"

"I think so. I thought we were going to die."

"Your friends still might unless we can get them warm and you are too cold to help. I have no heating except the cooker and the gas lamp. They won't last long."

"What can we do? I'm so cold."

"We must get together in one sleeping bag and keep warm. That won't do any good if you are still wearing soaking wet clothes. You will have to undress and we will have to strip your friends."

"But I'm so cold already. I'll be colder if I strip."

"No you won't, Ann. I'll get the sleeping bags ready."

I was grateful that I had carried the extra load. I couldn't have got all four of us in the one man tent and I had two side zipped sleeping bags as well as my normal double size one. I zipped the two bags together with the double inside them. By the time I had done that Ann had only managed to get her jacket off. Ignoring her weak protests I stripped her to her bra and panties. I toweled her vigorously and pushed her into the sleeping bag.

Then I undressed and dried Judy. I had to lift her into the sleeping bag next to Ann.

"She's so cold." said Ann. "Even colder than me."

"Rub your body against her." I said "That will help warm both of you. Have you got any headwear?"

"I think Judy might have a scarf or two in her bag. That one."

I looked. There were three folded silk scarves in Judy's bag. They were dry. I passed one to Ann.

"Put this on, please."

She couldn't. She was shivering too much. I had to wrap the scarf round her head and tie it. Then I put a scarf on Judy's unresisting head.

Hazel stirred and said "No." faintly as I stripped and toweled her too. I added her to the squirming bodies and put the last scarf on her head.

I hung all their clothing from the ridge pole. I hoped that the gas lamp might dry some of the clothes before it ran out. When it did I could use the spare cylinders but I needed the stove for hot drinks later.

I climbed into the outer bags and cuddled the three women. That didn't work. The insulation of the inner bag prevented my warmth getting through to the women and the outer bags were not enough to keep me warm.

"I'm still so cold," said Ann.

Reluctantly I stripped to my boxer shorts and wriggled into the inner bag. We were a very tight fit. I lay on my back with Judy on top of me, Ann and Hazel beside me. All three were like blocks of ice. It should have been a realisation of a fantasy but I was afraid that one or more might die. Ann was still rubbing herself against Judy and now me as well. I stroked Ann's back with my left arm and Hazel's with my right.

I was surrounded by naked female skin but so cold that the warmth was draining from me as well. I had cold wet bras pressed against my body. I was getting colder and colder. Had I saved them or were all four of us going to die?

It seemed that I lay there for hours, rubbing two women's backs with no result except that I was losing my own body heat. I was worried that this wasn't working yet I didn't know what else I could do.

Then I felt Ann's nipples against my side. They were erect. Her flimsy bra was dry. I breathed a sigh of relief. At least Ann might make it. Gradually Ann's body felt warmer. Then Hazel started moving against my right side. At first it was just a faint tremor that I barely felt. Hazel moaned and stirred.

"Where am I?" she asked.

"In my tent." I replied. That answer satisfied her for about ten minutes.

"Who are you?" Hazel asked.

"His name is ... I don't know his name," said Ann vaguely.

"You don't know!" Hazel was faint but indignant. "He's naked. So am I. And you don't know his name! I'm getting out of here."

"Please don't do that Hazel," I pleaded, "You have hypothermia. You need the heat in here or you might die."

Hazel took a long time to respond.

"If I am staying here I want to know who I am with."

"Hazel, my name is Duncan. I'm pleased to meet you. I'm glad you are back with us. You had me worried. I'm still worried about Judy."

"Why?" came a small voice from my chest. "I'm here. At least I think I am."

Ann hugged Judy.

"Judy! I thought you would die."

"I'm not dead yet, Ann."

Judy stirred on me. I was relieved but then embarrassed. I had been so cold and so concerned that one or more of us might die that the erotic nature of my situation hadn't affected me. Now I had three naked women getting warmer I suddenly became aware and erect.

Judy noticed. She could hardly avoid noticing. She was lying on my erection.

"Something else is alive. I can feel it."

I blushed.

"I am happy that you are with it again, Judy." I said.

"I can tell that you are pleased to meet me. Very pleased."

"Judy! He has just saved our lives and all you can do is tease him?" protested Ann.

"I think he might like being teased. I'm not yet ready to do any more."

Hazel snuggled against my right side. Her hand wriggled between me and Judy until it found what she sought.

"He IS pleased with us." she announced.

Ann's hand joined Hazel's.

"Duncan. You deserve something from us as a thank you." Ann's hand squeezed around my shaft.

"Don't mind me," said Judy "but if you do what I think you mean to do, I will get the result. I've just got warm and dry. I don't want to be wet again so soon."

"Do I have any say in this?" I asked.

They chorused "No!" and then laughed. That was a wonderful sound. If they could laugh then the hypothermia was a thing of the past. They would survive.

"Then what are we going to do?" Ann asked.

"I don't mind what you do as long as I stay dry," said Judy "and although I'm still not ready to do very much I want to be part of it."

"Then I have an idea, Judy." said Hazel. "Can you take your bra and panties off?"

"I might need help with the panties. Are you sure I will like what you are planning?"

"Yes, Judy. Just get them off."

Ann and Hazel had to strip Judy. She couldn't manage on her own. They pushed me down inside the sleeping bag and pulled her up my body so that my face was between her breasts. I kissed each breast and licked with my tongue.

"Mmm. That I like." said Judy.

She pressed down and her arms wrapped round my head holding me tight. I felt Ann and Hazel pulling my boxer shorts down.

From the corner of my eye I saw Hazel reach out of the sleeping bag and retrieve her handbag. From it she pulled a condom packet and opened it with her teeth.

"No ..."

My objection was squeezed silent by Judy's cleavage. Hazel and Ann fitted the condom to my erection with apparent expertise. Then Ann whispered in Judy's ear. Judy nodded.

Judy relaxed her grip on my head. Hazel and Ann pulled Judy's body down and impaled her on me.

I grunted in surprise. I would have said something but Ann's left breast and Hazel's right flopped across my mouth. My nose was nearly covered by tits. I was aware that Ann and Hazel's scents were different and that the muffling breasts were warm. They trapped my hands between their legs.

Ann and Hazel wrapped their arms around my head so that I was pillowed on breasts and smothered by breasts. That was more than my erection could take. I arched my back under Judy and shot my load.

Judy wriggled in appreciation.

"Now that I like even more."

Her muscles clamped round my diminishing prick and held it inside her. Hazel and Ann settled themselves around my head. Then all three went to sleep leaving me as a helpless prisoner. I tried to displace them but they would not relax their grip. So I went to sleep as well.

Several times during the night I woke up but the women had not changed their position. Once Judy tensed herself around my sheathed tool.

As the cold February dawn began to lighten the tent my erection returned. Judy accepted it and rode me to a climax while Ann and Hazel matched her movements, rubbing themselves against my trapped hands. They continued long after I had finished. I was struggling to breathe as Ann and Hazel's pulsating breasts swamped my face.

Judy shuddered to her climax first and flopped on to my chest. Hazel and Ann continued to pump away, pulling on my arms as they used me to excite themselves. I was mercilessly pummeled by their bodies. When they too had satisfied themselves I was a quivering heap. The fantasy of three naked women was turning into a nightmare. I was not in charge of the scene. They were. They were using me.

The next hour was an anti-climax. I made them a hot breakfast and they dressed themselves in clothes than were nearly dry from the heat of the lamp. As we drank cups of hot sweet tea I discussed how we would get them back to their hotel.

"If it is still raining it isn't sensible for you to leave this tent. You would get soaked and cold again."

"Before you go any further, Duncan, you should check if it is raining." said Ann.

Stupid me. I peered out of the tent. It wasn't raining but the clouds were low. We might have an hour or so before it rained again.

"It's not raining but it will soon. I'll pack up quickly and then we'll go."

"Anything we can do?" asked Hazel.

"Not really. I'm used to this. Just try to stay out of my way."

I packed everything except the tent.

"OK. Out we go."

I had the tent down and strapped to my pack faster than I had ever done it before.

"Off we go." I said.

"Go where?" asked Ann.

"Off the moor and to my car. Then I'll drive you to your hotel."

"OK, but we were lost."

"I wasn't. I knew exactly where I was and I know now. We are going back by an easier but slightly longer route. You aren't wearing the right shoes to wade streams."

We were back at my car in twenty minutes. My walking weekend was gone because I would have used my tent as a base. Now I was low on food, on fuel and time. I couldn't set the tent up again without getting more supplies. No. I shouldn't. You cannot take unnecessary risks with nature. Apart from the supplies, warming the women last night had taken much of my energy.

I drove to their hotel. The women were welcomed with relief because they had just vanished the previous afternoon. No one knew whether they were on the moor or having a night out in Plymouth. There had been no clue for a search. They could have been anywhere.

I rang my friend to let him know that I was off Dartmoor and not going back to it until next weekend at the earliest. Ann heard me.


"Yes, Ann."

"We have wrecked your weekend, haven't we?"

"I wouldn't say wrecked. Some of last night was very enjoyable."

"Have you had to give up the whole weekend because we got lost?"

"There is still most of today and all of Sunday. I can find other things to do."

"But not on Dartmoor?"

"No. That wouldn't be safe."

"You know Dartmoor. You know what you are doing. Why is it not safe for you to go back?"

"I know it is not safe because I know Dartmoor. My tent is wet. If I put it up again before drying it, it would not keep the rain out. I don't have enough food or fuel. Then there is me. I am tired after last night. I am not fit enough to take the risk."

"I'm sorry, Duncan. Is there anything we can do to make up for your lost weekend?"

"I think you three said thank you last night and this morning. There is something you three can do for me."


"Please stay off Dartmoor until you know the risks you face. You three nearly died last night. You should rest today and keep warm. Hypothermia is a killer. Even now you need time to recover from it."


"Yes, Ann."

"We will. Please stay at least until I have spoken to the other two. If you are going we want to say goodbye."

I stayed. Ten minutes later Ann returned with Hazel and Judy. All three looked abashed.

"What's up?" I asked.

"We have just been lectured by the hotel owner." said Judy "We feel like naughty schoolgirls who have been carpeted by the Head. He said that we were very lucky you were there and knew what to do. He said if you hadn't given us the proper treatment we would have died. You might have died giving us your body heat. Is that true?"

I hesitated.

"It is true, isn't it?" Hazel insisted.

"Well ..."

"You risked your life for us, and you didn't even know us."

"I do now."

The joke fell flat.

"You didn't then. We were complete strangers and you risked your life for us."


"And you were just going to drive away." said Judy.


"We won't let you. Ann! Hazel!"

Three women grabbed me.

"You are staying here, with us. We still need you." Judy said firmly. "The hotel owner has given us another room for you and he is providing a special dinner for us four this evening. You are the guest of honour. So you must stay. Please?"

"Since you insist so nicely I will be here for dinner and tonight. There are two conditions."

"Which are?" asked Judy.

"First. You three have a meal now and go to bed for the rest of the day. Second. I go back home to shower and change before joining you this evening."

Judy looked at Ann and Hazel. They nodded.


"How formal is this special dinner?" I asked.

"Evening dress if you have it?" Ann asked.

"OK. I'll disturb the moths and get my monkey jacket."

"Then, Duncan, we expect you to be here at seven tonight, dressed up, and with an overnight bag. You wouldn't disappoint three ladies, would you?"

Ann seemed concerned that I might not come back.

"I will be here. I promise. Until then, goodbye."

I didn't get away that easily. I was kissed by each of them. Then the hotel owner stopped me on the way out.

"Duncan." he said quietly.

"Yes, James." I replied.

"I owe you a lot for this."

"Why do YOU owe me?"

"These three will be my niece's bridesmaids on Tuesday. She would have been devastated if her best friends had died last night. We closed after Thursday night until next weekend for the wedding and reception. I was so busy clearing up yesterday that I didn't notice when they went out. I should have. They are Londoners and not used to Dartmoor. I had planned things for them to do today but not yesterday afternoon."

"I wondered about their connection with you, James. You told them off. You don't normally do that to your guests no matter how stupid they are."

"I hope that I put the fear of God, or at least a respect for Nature, into them. They still don't understand how close they came to death."

"They didn't die. After an afternoon's sleep they should be back to normal."

"They didn't die because YOU saved them. They haven't told me everything you did but I can guess."

"You have a vivid imagination, James."

"And you take too many risks, Duncan. You should have more sense than to be alone on the moor in February."

"If I hadn't been ..."

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