tagLoving WivesI Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 03

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 03


I was blushing like crazy as John slid the key card into the lock and opened the door. I walked into his room and could feel his eyes on my body and knew he was watching my rear end. As I looked around the room John asked me if I wanted a drink and I accepted having a vodka and tonic. We walked to the sofa with the big picture window behind it and I sat down. John came over with two drinks in his hands. He smiled down at me and said: "You don't know how glad I am that you accepted an invitation for lunch and then again to come back to my room Bonnie. I have so much I want to tell you. The lunch we just had was amazing; you are more sexual now that you ever were back in college. You're a beautiful woman and your sex appeal is off the chart."

I said: 'Thank you John. I appreciate your very nice comments. But, didn't you invite me up here in a hope that I would give you a massage? I mean don't you want me to give you a massage, one of my special ones?"

I blushed as I said that and he replied: "Always Bonnie, I would never turn that down. But I'm just happy you came up with me and are here with me now. I love being with you. It's been my fantasy that I would have you in my room and you asked me if I wanted a massage. Yes I do want one very much. And, maybe you'll let me undress you this time instead of you doing it yourself. I would love for you to undress me too you know just like we did the last time."

I told him we would have to see how the night went and I took a long sip of my drink. My hand shook. I was sitting with my back to the sofa and John sat next to me. He moved closer and put his arm around me. As our faces turned and came into contact with each other he kissed me gently, very lovingly, so nice and softly, almost romantically like he wasn't in ant hurry. It didn't even have a great deal of sexual passion or need. I knew better but enjoyed the kiss it was very, very nice. Then, I kissed him back. When we separated I said: "Oh God you are so exciting me John! I don't think this is such a good idea. You excite me just too fast and to much."

He looked at me with those steel blue eyes and still holding me with his thigh against my thigh he said: "You're probably right. But please don't go Bonnie, not yet please baby."

As he said it his lips came closer to my lips and we kissed again. My right arm went around his neck and pulled his face tighter to my own. John wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him. I slid over and sat on his lap as my left arm rested down as my hand touched his thigh. When we finally broke the embrace I was blushing hard and felt his cock rising fast and hard. He held me and we kissed again. Finally I pulled away and felt strange, my head was floating. I shifted and stood up saying: "What's in this other room, oh a bed."

John's room was really two rooms. As I walked into that other room I realized too late that this was the bedroom. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me holding me tight as my ass was pressed back into his cock. He was very hard now and I said; "You know John maybe I better go before I can't stop myself. You are much to exciting for me right now."

As I turned to leave, he reached for my hand and I stopped moving away from him. He held my hand stroking it as he said: "Please! Please sit down Bonnie I swear I won't do anything you don't want me to do or that you want to do. OK? Please stay a while finish your drink and talk with me."

His other hand touched my hair and he turned my face around to face him. We moved together and as we kissed again gently I molded my body into his. The kiss this time included his tongue but not overly sexually or savagely hard. It was a soft gentle touch of my lips with the tip of his tongue and I opened my mouth and I took it willingly. When our mouths separated again, I moved away from him and sat down on the edge of the bed holding my head. "God! I have to get some air, I'm burning up. When you touch me John I can't think and I get so turned on. Not good, not good, I'm married", I whispered the last part of it.

John said he felt the same way when he touches me or I touched him. He walked over to the big window and opened the curtains and the sliding glass door to the balcony. The cool air was wonderful. Then he walked to the bed and stood in front of it. I looked up at him and he knelt in front of me.

He kissed me again and began to run his hands up the front of my body. I didn't stop him so he moved them over my breasts and then he cupped each one in his big hands. He held them and squeezed gently as he looked into my eyes and said: "Tell me you want me to stop and I will Bonnie."

I couldn't. I ran my fingers over his hair holding his face in my hands as he held both of my breasts firmly and John told me: "They are marvelous Bonnie, just like I remember them, so round and heavy, but no sag, but they are also so soft and round and firm. Oh Bonnie God I love your tits. What are they a 36C?"

I blushed and said: "Close John a 34C but sometimes they are 34-36D if I don't watch my weight. When I gain weight it goes right to my breasts."

He smiled and said: "That would make me a very happy guy Bonnie but you sure look perfect to me right now Bonnie."

As we talked he was undoing the buttons of my business jacket. Once it was undone he removed it and laid it no the bed next to me. Then he started on my white silk blouse. I didn't stop him I just watched and when he looked into my eyes I felt myself blushing again. Damn it!

I didn't stop him when he undid the buttons on my blouse and my bra came into view I was to busy undoing his tie to stop him. When the last button was opened he removed the blouse and I let it slide off my arms and fall behind me next to my jacket on the bed.

My black bra faced him now and was the only thing covering my top. He put his face directly between my breasts and took a deep breath. I held his head and felt his warm breath on my right breast. He kissed and licked the top of it and then moved his mouth back to the valley between them. John smiled up at me and said: "Your perfume is so light and wonderful Bonnie I love to smell it."

I told him I didn't have any on. He smiled. He slowly pulled the bra straps down my arms and I just watched him do it. John undid my bra in the front and let my breasts fall free. His eyes drank them in and I could feel my face becoming hot and red again. He held each of then in his hands now skin to skin with nothing to cover them.

John looked at them for a few seconds and then he looked up into my eyes and said: "God your breasts are any man's dream Bonnie. They are so perfect. You want me to do this don't you?"

I just whispered: "Yes."

As he released my bra completely and my breasts were unconfined, I looked down and my nipples were inches from his face. He told me: "Bonnie you most likely don't know this but I have dreamed of these in his hands for so long. They are so soft, so firm so very beautiful. You don't know how much I had dreamed of them and you as I masturbated over the past 10 years."

My nipples were red and so hard and thick and so very sensitive they were ready for his mouth. I told him. "Me too John I missed you very much when we graduated. I remember that day I got completely nude for you and made you cum. Your cock was so big and so very hard and I felt it throbbing in my hands John. You don't know how badly that excited me. But when you shot off, you know when you came for me; I almost climaxed without you touching me. But John what you didn't know was I wanted you to touch me so badly but I didn't have the courage to tell you back them. If you would have started, I would have let you touch me anywhere. Hell John that day I would have let you do anything to me you wanted. Anything!"

John smiled up at me and was about to say something but I cut him off and told him: "Suck them for me now John. Make them feel good baby, suck my tits for me."

He didn't disappoint me. He circled the left nipple with his lips and flicked his tongue over it. I moaned from the pleasure and joy of the feeling he gave me. As his hand cupped the right one his mouth sucked and licked my left nipple. He tried to get as much of my breast into his mouth as he could. It felt so wonderful.

Both of his hands moved and held my left breast now as he lifted it upward towards his lips. I watched as he moved his mouth to it and sucked the nipple looking me in the yes. A I held his head I told him: "Yes baby suck it John! Suck it like you wanted to do back then baby. Suck my nipples John enjoy them love them, devour them. Enjoy them as much as I am enjoying your hands and mouth on them!"

I let my head fall back as John sucked and played with my tits for a long, long time. My body shook with excitement as he went from one breast to the other and then back again to the other one. His hands felt so good and stimulated me so nicely as he played with them like he had always wanted to do. His lips were so warm and surrounded my nipples and made love to them.

"Oh yes, oh God yes baby", I told him, "How I wanted and waited for this moment for so long John. Suck them for me John make love to my breasts."

He told me as he looked up into my eyes and I looked down again at his wet mouth: "They are so beautiful Bonnie and your nipples are so red and long and hard baby! Oh God I love your tits!"

After a few minutes I lifted his head from nursing my right nipple and I bent down and we kissed again. This time I shared my tongue with him and he greedily sucked on it as his hands continued to cup and squeeze my breasts. We stayed like this for a while, me kissing and sucking his tongue and him kissing and sucking my tongue and his hands did wonders for my tits. I was soaking wet between my legs and wondered if he could smell it.

As we kissed harder John now moved me and gently laid me back on the bed with my legs still hanging off the end. I didn't resist. I laid back and he moved around so he could still hold my breasts and suck on them. But then I felt his hands begin to run up both of my thighs. My skirt moved up as he did it. I felt his hands run extremely slow under the hem of my skirt and I moaned when he reached the tops of my stockings and garter belt hooks. He touched the soft skin between my stockings and my panties and I knew he was getting closer and closer and closer to my hot, wet pussy. I knew it yet, I didn't make a move or a sound to stop him.

He was slow and deliberate and John knew what he was doing as he teased and touched my upper thighs moving higher and higher inch by inch up my leg. He whispered: "Open your legs for me baby! Open them so I can please you Bonnie."

I opened my legs a little and felt him move between my knees as his hands moved back up the insides of my thighs and pushed my skirt up out of the way. I knew he could smell my musk coming out from under my skirt which was up around my panty leg now. God how I wanted to scream and yell for him to rip the panties off of me and fuck me hard and long with his big cock, but I didn't. I let him stroke my thigh and work on my body.

As his fingers moved over my panties now he found my wet spot. I cried out a little with my passion as I felt his fingers on that spot. It was directly over my pussy hole. He very slowly ran a finger up and down the very wet warm outline of my vagina slit a few times. John then searched the patch that goes between my legs and covers my pussy opening and he ran his hand up under and between my legs back to my ass. I moaned my approval saying: "Oh God John that feels so good."

John whispered: "Tell me if you want me to stop baby."

When I didn't reply he began to move his hand under the panty leg as he tried to move the material covering my pussy out of the way. "Oh God!! No! "

I yelled out: "No Stop!"

I placed my hands on his and stopped him as the tips of his fingers were on my bare pussy slit opening the lips. He asked: "What's ....what's wrong Bonnie. Don't you want this? Come on baby, let me make you happy. Let me lick your pussy Bonnie. Let me make you cum this time. Let me please you this time."

I sat up and looked at this beautiful sexy man and said: "You don't know how badly I want that John. But I have to stop for a moment. I'm not sure what I want and once you get my panties out of the way I will be unable to stop you I know that."

He said; "But Bonnie, you wanted me to undress you before you make me cum don't you? You know just like we did that last time. Now this time let me do it first and let me help you get off too tonight."

I told him: "Oh God I don't know! I don't know John!"

We sat there looking at each other. My skirt was up around my stomach my panties wet and sticking to my pussy, my legs open with John kneeling between them and he was looking right at me as my breasts were rising and falling with my excitement. Finally I told him: "Tell you what. To help me decide, I want to see you get completely undressed first. Do that for me. Do it before I decide. Stand in front of me John and undress for me. Here, come here and let me undo your belt."

He smiled and stood up and moved closer so I could undo his belt and unzip his slacks. I ram my hand over the outside of his slacks feeling his huge hard-on. I smiled up at him. He kicked off his shoes and slowly dropped his slacks. I could see his big budge pushing against his shorts as he reached up and undid the buttons on his shirt. When he took it off and I saw his wide shoulders and small waste I said to myself: "My God! He is built so well! I want him so badly, should I let him have me tonight? God I don't know."

I sighed and felt my pussy leaking. "Hurry John, hurry. Get those shorts off", I told him.

He smiled at me as I sat there with my legs still open like they were and my skirt up around my stomach. He looked at my breasts and then back to my face as he began to pull down his underwear very slowly teasing me now. It seemed like an hour as he pulled his shorts down and the lump came closer to the top with each second. I moaned to myself I wanted to see his cock so badly.

Finally! His cock came springing out from under the waste band. He let the shorts fall to the floor and stood there in his socks, nothing else, just his socks. Now that he was nude and his cock and balls were completely uncovered, his cock was bigger than I recalled. It stood straight out pointing and jumping at me. I told him he forgot something and pointed to his feet. He looked down and then he lifted each foot and removed the socks as his big hard-on swung under and between his legs. My heart was beating like a drum and I know I was red down to my breasts as I watched his cock moving as he moved.

And........then there he was!! John was now completely nude, God he was such a hunk. He put his hands on his hips and stood there with his beautiful very hard cock sticking straight out at me. It seemed to be looking at me and so were his steel blue eyes. He had a big smile on his face showing me his white teeth. I knew now what I wanted.

I smiled and rubbed my breasts and told him: "Turn around for me, but....do it slowly I want to see your butt too."

He laughed out loud this time and slowly turned around and showed me his firm hard rear end before turning back to the front. His cock bobbed up and down as he walked back towards me. I took his cock in both of my hands and looked up into his eyes as sat on the edge of the bed. Then I very slowly began to jerk him off. My hands moved back and forth with my eyes following my hands. I bent down and kissed the very tip of his dick with my lips. John moaned with pleasure saying: "Oh yes baby! I want this so badly!"

I began to masturbate him as he stood in front of me. I asked: "Is this what you want John?"

"Oh yes Bonnie", was his reply!

"Is this what you have been thinking about, dreaming about, masturbating too for 10 years John? Is it?"

He whispered hoarsely: "Yes! Oh Jesus yes Bonnie, your hands are so good. Stroke me baby! Play with my cock make me cum!"

I asked: "Is there anything else you want John? You know, anything missing from your dream baby."

He looked down at me and said: "Well yes, yes there is Bonnie. You were completely nude when we did it. And when I cum my brain sees you completely nude, your pussy is facing me and your hands are pumping my cock up and down as fast as you can go."

I held his cock with one hand and I told him: "Well why don't you undress me then?"

His eyes got larger as his hands went under my arms and he lifted me to a standing position. Then he undid my skirt quickly. It fell to the floor and I left it there stepping out of it as I felt my face heat up and I knew I was blushing badly.

Now dressed only in my red bikini panties John knelt again in front of me and pressed his face into the center of my sex and inhaled deeply. I know he could smell my musk for sure because I could smell it. And, as he held his face in there I pushed into him a little and I held his head. He moved his mouth over my bikini panties and he began to suck the large wet spot that had appeared on the cotton material. He sucked it into his mouth as I held his head with my hands and said; "Suck my pussy John. Move the panties out of the way baby and eat me. You know you want to do it, so do I. Do it John eat me and make me cum baby"

He moved his hands to the sides of my panties and instead of pull the patch that ran between my legs to the side, he began to pull my panties down my thighs. The center stuck to my wet sticky pussy for a second before coming down completely. Then he moved them quickly down to my knees in one fast motion. I let them slide down my legs and drop to the floor. I stepped out of them lifting one leg at a time as he watched my pussy move. I stood in front of John now just like I had done 10 years ago nude, I was completely nude. But this time I knew John was going to touch me. He moved his face back into my pussy and we both moaned.

I opened my legs and bent at the knees just a little, sort of like when you start to squat. I gave him more room to get his head between them. Holding the back of his head with both hands now I pushed his face into my wetness and he began to lick up and down my slit and into my hole. I moaned now trying to tell him how good his mouth felt. He looked up into my eyes and I saw the corners of his mouth form a smile but his mouth never left my vagina.

John was a pro with lots of experience. I knew he had lots of women to practice with and his mouth and tongue worked on my pussy until my knees were giving out. I pulled his face out from between my legs and turned it up to look at me. I saw the wetness, my pussy wetness all over it. I said: "If I don't sit down I'm going to fall down. Your mouth is heavenly John!"

I moved to the edge of the bed again and he moved with me walking on his knees. As I sat on the edge of the bed, John opened my legs and looked into my wet pussy. I blushed as he sat there just looking at it. Finally he said: "Your pussy taste like heaven Bonnie. I knew it would. Before you jerk me off tonight let me lick you and make love to your body and give you an orgasm, an oral orgasm. Let me please you first tonight. God your pussy is so perfect."

I didn't reply I let my upper body fall back on the bed and spread my legs wider and John moved up between them. I felt his mouth back on my vagina and I moaned with pleasure as he reinserted his tongue into my hole. His fingers opened the outer lips of my vagina as his mouth sucked and his tongue fucked me. It was so lovely. The man's mouth was incredible, astonishing, he drove me wild in seconds. I arched and felt myself pumping into his mouth as he held my thighs open wide and licked and sucked and licked and sucked and fucked my hole with his long thick tongue. I was in ecstasy. I began to feel a rapture I never experienced with Bob or any other man in my life.

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