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I Can Show You


I'll never forget that night. At first it seemed like any other, my best friend and I watching Craig Ferguson, out nightly TV show. Fits of giggles came in waves, cramping my back each time I burst. My pain showed, and she offered to work out the muscles. I removed my shirt, after all, best friends don't mind each other's nudity. Her fingers worked magic, true magic.

"Kate, you can stop whenever you like." I said after the pain had completely stopped.

"No, I'm enjoying myself, Becky. I like making you feel better." Her hand traveled up my neck, massaging the still stiff muscles there. Before I could help it, a moan escaped my lips. "I can tell you're feeling better."

That's not all I was feeling. I was feeling like I was being touched for the first time. What Kate didn't know was that I had been in love with her since the first time I saw her. Three years prior. I wanted nothing more than to be with her, but since the start of our friendship that hadn't worked out. She was always with someone while I was single, or vice versa. But now, now was the only chance I had. Her hand pulled back on the muscle again, eliciting another guttural moan from my throat. She was oblivious. Kept rubbing, acted as if it never happened. I told her to stop at some point, when I could feel the heat rising, along with my pulse. I pulled my shirt back over my head, slightly embarrassed.

Have I gone through all of this for her to not want me in return. "Kate?" I laid down next to her, heads on the same pillow. My long curly locks fell against her cheek. "Would you ever, kiss me?" She was silent, my heart raced while I waited for a response. I saw her get more and more tense, her hand gripped the sheets next to me. "You don't, have to." I rolled to face her, inches away from her beautiful face.

"I want too, I do. I would. I, haven't, for fear's sake." She faced me then, placed her hand on my hip. "Do you want me to?" Everything felt heavy, the air in my lungs, the sheet over my legs, over her legs too. I nodded my head, unsure of what I was getting myself into. "Turn off the light then." My hand reached for the switch, as soon as it was off she pulled me against her, tightly, our legs entwined. "The secret to a first kiss," She whispered, TV flickering behind her face. "Is to move so slowly that they don't see you coming." I knew she was getting closer, but the pace was so microscopic it startled me when our lips were touching. The kiss was slow, painstakingly slow. Her lips barely rubbed against mine, and it was minutes before it got deeper. Her hand pressed into my back roughly, holding me there. "You know how long I've been in love with you? Since I saw you, walking down the hallway. Back in high school." She was so close that her lips moved against my own when she spoke. Her tongue flicked across my lip, the kiss starting to flow through us again. She rolled over me, kissing me even deeper than before. "You know, I hang on every word you say. I know that this is the farthest you've gone," Her hand scaled down my chest, landing on my right breast, rubbing it gently. "But, it's also the point where things get repetitive, in my experience."

I'd hung on her every word as well. She was more experienced than I, in the sexual world. But there were things she had never done. She'd never tasted a woman before, never been touched herself. Just, worked those magic fingers on another woman.

She could tell I was lost, her hand lifted my shirt above my head, and kissed down my neck to my chest. Fingers splayed out on my stomach, reaching to touch skin. "You're so nervous. I'm always going to be your best friend, no matter what comes of this. You can tell me to stop. Tell me you're not ready, anything you want baby, you know you can have it." Her voice was so soft, so gentle and innocent. In a way, she was telling me she loved me without even saying the words. Her lips were just as gentle when they lowered onto my nipple, a feeling I'd never felt coursed through me, pulsating in my lower body.

"I'm just, nervous. If, I, do something wrong, don't tell me. Please." Kate's mouth curled into a smile.

"You can't do anything wrong beautiful." She rubbed her thigh against my center, pushed roughly against me, then pulled back. Our chests touching, lips together, her tongue dove into my mouth. The sensation only fueled the fire between my legs. She pushed away from me, rolled back onto her side. "If we do this, will you have any regrets?"

"No. I want you Kate." I gripped her hair, kissed her deeply. Her hand roamed down, plucked at the hem of my sweats, pushed into them. I felt a jolt of electricity when her finger crossed over me. "I've never been, touched before."

"I know. And you think you're nervous." She rubbed circles around my clit, gentle soft circles. The fear dissipated as she did so, her head propped on one hand while the other played under the sheets. "You don't have to be so quiet. Tell me what you like and don't like baby girl."

My mind wandered back to a conversation we'd had days earlier, when I'd asked if she'd ever gone down on a girl before. I had been so shocked when she said no. Her finger picked up more speed while I thought about it, pulling a loud moan from inside my chest. "B-baby?"

"Yes?" The shortness in her breath surprised me.

"You want to try something, that thing you said you'd never done. Only if you want to though." I probably sounded like a chipmunk with how fast and high pitched I was talking. Her hand stopped moving, eyes lowered into a slit. "I know this sounds backwards, but I won't pressure you."

"Hey, calm down." She pressed her lips to mine, trailed down my body. Kissed my ears, neck, throat. Each breast passed under her lips, crossed over my thighs. I don't remember breathing in this time. Her hand passed under my thigh, lifted it slightly from the bed. I was so scared, I suppose scared isn't really the word, there is no word for the way I was feeling. She placed a light kiss right over my clitoris before her tongue swiped over it. It lapped gently several times, each bringing me closer to the earth shattering orgasm building inside my stomach. She pressed a little harder, rubbed her tongue through the foldsm up and down, side to side. In ways I never knew the muscle could be used.

With one last moan every wall I'd ever built came crashing down. Kate's hand crashed over my mouth to hold back the scream I'd started. Reminding me that my mother was in the next room asleep. She crawled back beside me, wrapped my still shaking body in her arms. "You're intoxicating." She whispered. "Your first time..."

"My first time." I pressed my back into her chest, Our skin stuck together, as neither of us cared to put our clothes back on. "Was with you." I never wanted to leave that place.

"Cheesy, I know, but never leave me. We can, be together, a couple. A relationship. I promise I'll be good to you. Baby, Becky baby."

"You don't have to beg, you should already know my answer." We sealed it with a kiss. Locked ourselves together by life and limb and fell asleep.

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by Leapyearbaby2903/26/18

I love how Becky was called babygirl! And was the little spoon! ;)

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