tagIncest/TabooI Did Fuck My Sister In Law

I Did Fuck My Sister In Law


I Did Fuck My Sister In Law In The Anus

Well readers now in this story I shall be telling you about mine sexual encounter with my sister in law. Few months back I narrated about having oral sex with her now in this story I shall be telling you about having anal sex with her. After first oral sex experience we started having regular oral sex secessions and both loved to suck each other's pubic regions

Well my sister in law still never liked to have a finger up her anus, which I always did while we were doing oral. It is my hobby to shove a finger in the anus after licking it for some time. In fact truth is that I am very much attracted to round soft butts. It was sheer good luck that my young sweet sister in law had a very cute soft round pair of hips, which could make any man have the hardest dick of his life.

I would always lick her anus whenever we were doing oral sex and of course would push finger in as well. In the early days she would yell in pain as soon as I would push finger in her anus. But after doing it for many times she ultimately started liking it and soon I was pushing two fingers in her tight anus.

One day I decided to fuck her in the ass but never disclosed it to her, as she would have not accepted that. So I decided to play a cool cat and wait for the right moment. We met in the after noon and as usual my wife was out of home for some work and she was not expected to be back before late in the evening. So we had almost 3 to 4 hours at our disposal for good oral sex. We started with usual foreplay through the cloths and then got undressed completely. It was first time that I undressed her and she undressed me.

After undressing we went straight away in the bed and I started with kissing her on cheeks and neck. This made her hot and soon I shifter my attention towards her soft round 34 inch boobs, her pink nipples were erect like twin peaks of a mountain. I admit that I was completely lost in those magnificent boobs. I kissed and nibbled them for very long time and then shifted my self towards lower region of her body. I kissed and licked her navel and then slowly moved my head towards her tight closed virgin pussy. I love the smell of her virgin pussy and love to see it with out any hairs, and she regularly removes hairs for me. We have devised a code for clean shave at that is CSS, which means clean sweet and slippery.

I placed my lips over her pussy lips and soon my tongue found her clitoris and I started licking it hardly. Her movement became jerky as soon as I started licking it with force and soon white sticky liquid started to ooze out. Now I realized that she was about to have a very wild orgasm and it made me lick her pussy even harder. Her red inner pussy lips were now almost purple in color and she in very low voice asked me to stop but I kept licking it.

Soon her movements got out of control and she started to jerk more violently with each push bringing her clitoris more inside my mouth. At last after about 20 minutes of hard sucking she exploded and kept having spasm of series orgasms. I did not move my lips away and drank all the honey that came out of her pussy.

Since she had a very wild orgasm, she almost fainted and was in now way in her senses and was not able to move or even utter some thing from her mouth. So it took this as an opportunity to full fill my long awaited desire of fucking her anus. I turned her over on her tummy and positioned my self on her thighs; so that her movement should be restricted incase she moves.

I parted her butts and licked her anus and then took out bottle of oil, which I had placed beforehand in the side table of the bed. Poured a lot of oil on my dick and a lot of it on her anus and even pushed some drops in for lubrication. I grabbed my dick with my left hand and placed the head right on her asshole and tried to push it in. But as already told in first part her anus was too tight. So I applied some force to push the head in. She yelled in pain and begged me to stop but I assured her that this would be over in a minute or so and kept pushing in. With a lot of efforts I was able for push a part of the head in her anus and by now she had started weeping due to pain.

She begged me to stop and pull out but I paid no heat to her and with cock still in my left hand I managed to shove the head of dick past her anal ring. She uttered a loud aha but I slipped the rest of the dick in her anus. Her anus was too tight and hot and I did not move my dick even for once, as I was afraid that I would ejaculate with out doing any thing. So I kept motionless for few minutes and then started moving my dick, but alas I ejaculated in just third forward stroke in her anus. I kept my dick in her anus till it became soft and came out automatically.

I cleaned her anus with tissue paper and then cleaned my dick as well. I then inspected her anus for any damages, but found none. We kept laid in the bed and again did oral sex after taking rest of half an hour.

That's how I fucked anus of my young sister in law for the first time and of course it was her first anal sex as well. This makes me proud to say that I am the first man to take away anal virginity of my sister in law, but we did anal sex again after a gap of six months.

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