tagErotic CouplingsI Didn't Even Know His Name

I Didn't Even Know His Name


I just wanted to say a quick thank-you to Michael, for giving me the idea for this story. I hope it turned out the way you fantasized. Thanks again. –Lore


Ugh! Monday mornings are complete shit. I'd woken up late for work. As if that wasn't bad enough, after showering as fast as I could, I ended up leaving a puddle of water on the floor, which I subsequently slipped on, falling flat on my ass. To top off my wonderful morning, my toaster quit working, which meant no breakfast. Ugh...fuckin' Mondays!

Finally, I was dressed for my crappy office job on the other side of town. I was almost glad to go in, though...things could only get better from here...or so I hoped. Before leaving my apartment, I glanced at myself in the full length mirror hung next to the door. I'd worn a little makeup since I wouldn't dare go out of the house without any at all. Even though I was late, I'd taken time to do my hair. My long auburn curls twirled all around my face...my thick hair falling perfectly in place. I ran my hands along my slightly sheer white cotton blouse...all the way to my black pleated skirt, flattening it down. I knew it'd be a run to the subway to make it to work on time, but I chose fashion over comfort...completing the look with sheer black thigh highs with lacy tops and three inch black heels that showed off my long legs. I smiled at myself in the mirror...I looked downright cute, even if I was having a shit morning. I grabbed my purse and my briefcase, patted my little cat on her head once, then out the door I went.

The subway station wasn't too far away, thank goodness. A short two block semi-jog and I was already carefully making my way down the steps and underground into the station. As I made it to the ticket booth and purchased my ticket, I couldn't help but notice the guy next to me who was also purchasing his ticket. (Silly me, I'd left my rail pass at home...although, I wasn't complaining as I might never have noticed him otherwise.) This guy embodied male perfection...in my mind, anyway. I know I don't have usual taste in men since I don't like them all sweaty and muscley with 10 inch cocks, but this guy would've made any girl turn her head and look twice. He was close to my age...late 20's, I figured, maybe early 30's. Quite tall, too...probably about 6'3 or 6'4 at my best guess. He had wavy, shiny black hair, not cut too short. In fact, as he turned to the right and looked in my direction, a small piece of his hair fell lazily over his light, icy blue eyes. I swear, my heart skipped a beat. After throwing a quick, nervous smile in his direction, I made my way over to a set of doors in front of the subway car that had very few people standing in front of them. I looked to my left, where he'd been standing several feet away, and to my surprise I spotted him walking in my direction. I took a second to check out the rest of him. Average build...definitely no muscle head, but not skin and bones, either. He was dressed well...very well...too well to be riding the subway. His suit (navy blue pin stripe, white shirt, and white tie) looked fantastic...and expensive. I don't know designer labels well, but if I had to guess, I'd guess Armani. He was total perfection as I saw it...so I needed to get away from him as quickly as possible! I was already late for work and I couldn't let my libido run wild because of some unattainable stranger. Any other morning, perhaps, but not today. Finally, though, he'd made his way to where I was waiting to board and stood behind me in line. I could feel his eyes all over me. I knew he was checking me out...I just knew it. I had to admit...I couldn't help but wonder if he at least liked what he saw.

After what seemed like forever, but was at maximum two minutes, the doors opened and we all piled inside. I'd gotten used to just standing in the center of the car instead of taking a seat. At this hour, pre-9 a.m., there were always plenty of elderly people and pregnant women needing to sit, so even in my high heels, I chose to stand. The handsome stranger also chose to stand...directly behind me, of course, even though the car had very few passengers aboard. The subway car doors soon closed and the train took off with a harsh jerk. I fell backwards slightly, even while holding onto a hand grip that hung from the ceiling, then felt a strong hand grab onto my waist to steady me. I knew without looking that it was HIS hand. Luckily, I caught my balance quickly without falling too far. I looked over my shoulder, pursing my lips, without saying a word. He was so close that I could feel his breath on my cheek. He didn't say anything, either. He left his hand on my waist a LOT longer than necessary. Even though it felt like he held onto me for a long while, it was probably only 30 seconds total...however, that was about 25 seconds longer than necessary. Mr. Gorgeous finally removed his hand from me. We both simply stood there, riding in the car quietly. I savored the warmth of where his hand had been, though. A small place on my skin was still warm and tingly from his touch, and I loved it. Not that I was desperate for a man's touch or anything. It really hadn't been all that long since I'd gotten laid. There was something about this guy, though...some unexplainable chemistry we seemed to have. I wondered if he felt it too or if my libido was simply overactive that morning. Unlikely, however, since my morning had started out the way it had. I'd planned to be in a bad mood for awhile, but this guy was ruining it for me. Oh well, I'd hafta go to work late, in a good mood, and horny as hell...things could definitely be worse.

A little old lady boarded the car at the next stop and sat down right in front of where I was standing. She looked up at me and smiled widely. I didn't recognize her, but she certainly recognized me. "LoreLai? Is that you?"

"Umm, yeah, I'm LoreLai," I answered, quietly, not knowing what to make of this woman.

"Oh dear, you don't remember me, do you? It's Mrs. Clark. I taught you English in your freshman year of high school," she said, her little head moving back and forth as she spoke.

"Oh, Mrs. Clark! How lovely to see you!"

"Come sit next to me, child," she told me, patting the seat next to her. "Tell me all about what you've been up to all these years!"

At first, I was almost disappointed to be moving away from Mr. Gorgeous to sit next to my high school English teacher, but then it occured to me...I could SEE him from where I was sitting, which was certainly a step up from the slight possibility that I'd get to feel him again. I took a few steps forward and sat down next to Mrs. Clark, crossing my long legs in such a manner that I knew would drive him crazy. She started to ramble about her retirement. I, of course, pretended to pay attention, but my eyes was truly focused on the lovely piece of man meat that stood a mere five feet from me. I shifted slightly in my seat and I could feel a cold breeze dancing on my upper thigh...I knew for sure my skirt was riding up enough so that he could see the lacy tops of my thigh-high hose. I glanced up at his face to find him smiling at me, devilishly. He had the most fantastic smile I'd ever seen in my entire life. It was so manly and so boyish all at once. His mouth curved upward more to the right side...complete with a dimple. Oh fuck...I thought I was going to melt into a puddle of goo right there and then. I smiled back, this time a little less shyly and a little more seductively. What the hell, I figured...it's not like I'd ever see the guy again. Might as well tease him while I could, eh? As Mrs. Clark continued to babble, I looked down at my blouse. To my surprise...more like, to my delight, my breasts were on full display. I mean, I'd worn a white, lacy push up bra that morning anyhow, but at some point in my scramble my blouse had become unbuttoned a bit and the tops of my tits were now in full view. After realizing this, I noticed Mrs. Clark was a little put off by it, to be quite honest, but Mr. Gorgeous was taking notice, so I didn't much care. I steered the conversation back to her retirement and she was off and running again...essentially leaving Mr. Gorgeous and I alone to entice each other some more.

I glanced back in his direction. He was now loosening his white, silk tie. It wasn't at all hot outside...it was a crisp spring day. For that matter, it wasn't even hot in the subway car...in fact, I found it to be rather chilly. Was I having an effect on this guy or what?! I couldn't help but beam as a shiver ran through my body. "I'm happy about it, too, dear," Mrs. Clark said, resting her hand over both of mine, which were situated on my upper thigh. I had no idea what she'd been talking about...I'd been lost in my own thoughts. I continued to nod and smile, though, and that seemed to please her well enough.

At the next stop, Mrs. Clark said, "Oh, we're here already. It was so nice talking with you, dear, but this is my stop. I hope we can catch up again soon!" As she began to stand up, I followed. I helped to guide her off the subway car carefully, wishing her a fond farewell, then turned back to Mr. Gorgeous. There he was...handsome as he'd been 45 seconds beforehand. Instead of returning to my seat, though, I returned to standing in the spot just in front of him, practically praying for the train to jerk out of the station again, so he'd be forced to come to my rescue once more. You can't imagine how disappointed I was to feel the train ease out of the station without so much as a twinge.

As we stood there again with him situated just behind me, I could feel that he was closer than necessary. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck again. If this had been some random pervert on a subway car, I would've elbowed him in the gut and not given it a second thought. But this was no random pervert, though...this was Mr. Gorgeous. Perverts don't wear Armani, do they? Hell, I didn't care if they did. If he was a pervert, I would've been glad to be his "victim". We stood there silently through the next two stops. I thought I was gonna die from lust. Is that even possible? Can one die from wanting so badly to fuck some random stranger in the middle of a subway car? Could I have died right there and then if he hadn't "accidentially" let his briefcase graze my ass as he switched it from his right hand to his left? Luckily for me, I didn't hafta find out. I could feel my skirt lift a bit as he "accidentally" bumped me with his briefcase. When he'd worked up the plan in his mind, though, he'd probably hoped to see more. I don't think he even got a glance at my panties with that move.

As the subway car rolled into the next station, I felt Mr. Gorgeous' fingertips suddenly brush the backs of my upper thighs ever so lightly. My skirt lifted and he most likely got the view of my black silk panties he'd been looking for. His shoulder brushed past mine and I watched him intently as he made his way to stand in front of the doors. No!, I thought, No! This can't be it! This can't be the end of this! Things were just getting good! I realized that this, too, was my stop, but I didn't want my little morning flirtation to come to an end so soon. To my dismay, however, the doors opened and people began to pile out...he, of course, the last in line besides me. He glanced over his shoulder at me before exiting. A wave of black hair again fell in front of his eyes. His icy blue eyes shimmered as he gave me the most incredible look...filled with lust and desire and a deep sense of wanting I'd never seen from any man ever before. Hell, I didn't even know that kind of look existed! It was definitely an "I've got to have you NOW" kinda look, and then some. I bit my lower lip and simply continued to stare. He smiled his devilish smile and actually laughed out loud before he finally left the subway car. I took a couple steps forward and watched him walk toward the steps that lead up to the street and out into the world. I, too, exited the car, but made sure to keep my distance back away from him. I was already late for work as it was, but I wasn't about to take the chance that Mr. Gorgeous might want to talk to me. No, I just couldn't. I wouldn't know what to say to a man like him. I'd probably get all fumbly and silly...mix up my words and such and end up looking like a complete fool. No, I didn't have time to look foolish at the moment...I was late. So, instead, I walked several feet behind him, keeping my eye on his perfectly round ass, just the same.

As we made it up to the street, he went left and walked across the intersection...of course, that was the same direction I was headed. Great. Still, though, I kept my distance behind him. I had a feeling, however, that he somehow knew I was behind him. That devilish smile never once left his face, and every so often he'd glance over his shoulder without ever turning completely around. A couple blocks later, though, to my surprise, he suddenly turned down an alleyway. I knew the alley...I'd passed it 100 times or more on my way to work every morning. I knew for a fact that there was nothing down there...not even any back doors leading into nearby businesses. Besides, why would a man in an Armani suit go in the back way to work? That didn't make any sense. Out of sheer curiosity, I, too, turned down the alleyway to see what he was up to. I knew I didn't have time to fuck around, but my curiosity had gotten the best of me. I walked only a few feet before I was pulled into what used to be a doorway...now, though, it was just an indentation in the brick that had now been filled in with more brick. Mr. Gorgeous was there with his back against the wall...obviously waiting for me.

Before I could say a word, I felt his lips against mine. As he kissed me hard, he turned me around so that now my back was up against the brick wall. Normally, this would have TOTALLY freaked me the fuck out. Normally, I would've punched and kicked and cried "RAPE!" as loud as my lungs would allow. Again, though, this wasn't a normal situation...I was insanely attracted to this guy. And while I found the situation to be rather...hmmm...rather unconventional and slightly abashed in my mind, it was my libido that won the argument. He pressed his entire body against mine as he kissed me hard. When normally, my mind would've been screaming, No! It's too soon! I don't know you!...right then and there, it was screaming, Yes! Take me! Fuck my brains out! Being on time to work had once seemed so important to me, but at that moment, I didn't even care if I ended up getting fired. This was gonna be worth it...I was sure of it.

Mr. Gorgeous reached up my blouse and roughly took my breasts in his palms. He mauled them, his fingertips finding my nipples even through the material, as he kissed and sucked my neck. I fumbled with the buttons on my shirt, trying to open it for him. I wanted him to gain full access to them if that's what he craved. I wanted to give him any piece of me he desired because I secretly hoped he'd do the same for me.

Finally, my shirt was unbuttoned. Luckily, that morning, I'd chosen my only white bra with a front clasp. I reached down and unclasped it for him, freeing my C-sized breasts. He stared at my naked breasts for a moment. He cupped them in his hands, pushing them together, and just stared...it was like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Finally, he leaned in and softly sucked one of my already hard nipples past his lips. I couldn't resist any longer...I reached down and began running my fingers through his silken hair. He, in turn, looked up at me with the most beautiful pair of baby blue eyes I'd ever had the fortune to come upon. He nibbled me, pulling backward, scraping his teeth across my hard nipple until it fell from his lips. His tongue flicked out at it once more before he licked across my breasts and captured my other nipple between his lips, sucking it in. I could've easily died right there a happy woman. But, thankfully, Mr. Gorgeous continued ravishing me and I continued to live through it.

Without warning, he reached beneath my skirt and quite literally RIPPED my panties away from my body. I couldn't help but jump...it completely took me by surprise. He laughed that devilish laugh as he brought them up to his nose, breathing deeply, taking in my scent. I bit my lip again, watching him. He smiled down at me, his icy eyes again leaving me in a trance, then stuffed my black, silk panties in his suit jacket pocket. He reached down and I heard his zipper unzip. As his pants and boxer shorts fell to his ankles, I knew this was it. I was about to get fucked by a total stranger. I didn't even know his name, for fuck's sake! And ya know what? I didn't give a fuck. I wanted nothing more than to feel his cock inside my wetter than wet cunt...and lemme tell you, he DID NOT disappoint. The next thing I knew, he'd lifted me against the cool brick wall with his hands on my waist. He used his knees to spread my legs apart further, then brought my cunt down over his rock hard dick. I felt him enter me slowly...stretching me wide for him. I could feel every millimeter slide into me. I savored every last second until, finally, he'd filled me all the way up. He let out a sigh...it sounded like an incredible sigh of relief. He held me there inside him, wrapping his arms around me and holding me tight against his body for several seconds, maybe even for a minute or so. I could feel his hot breath on my neck again as he kissed his way upward. Not a moment too soon, our lips met once more. I kissed him as passionately as I knew how to...he, in turn, placed his hands on my ass cheeks and began to move me up and down over his cock. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, drawing him closer. As he'd slam my body downward onto him, he'd also slam his hips up into me. Our bodies became sweaty even though a chill remained in the air...the skin of our naked thighs slapped together over and over again. I was in pure ecstasy as Mr. Gorgeous fucked my brains out there in that alleyway. The busy street was only feet away from the alcove in which we were hidden...the alcove in which I was getting fucked by a total stranger in the light of day as I was already late for work.

It didn't take long before he came. I could feel his balls jerk as they slapped against me. His grip on my ass tightened...he let out a loud growl and his hips began to slow. He pumped me several more times until, apparently, his balls were empty and my cunt was filled with his cum. He slowly set me back down onto the ground, letting out another incredible sigh of relief. He leaned into me, and to my surprise, through heavy panting, he sweetly kissed my shoulder several times. I smiled as I watched him. His thick, luscious lips puckering out and kissing my skin...I'll never forget that sight as long as I live.

I figured, at this point, our encounter was over and we'd both get dressed and leave, but I was wrong. Fortunately, he was not done with me yet. With his lips still touching my shoulder, he reached down between my legs and shoved two fingers roughly inside me. Again, I jumped a little at the surprise of it all. I looked over at him and our eyes met. That lustful look that drove me crazy stared back at me and again, all I could do was dumbly bite my lower lip. He pulled his fingers back slightly. I could feel a big glob of his fresh cum on the tips of his fingers as he ran them up the slit of my cunt...his fingers drawing upwards into a hook shape. Finally, he found my clit. I threw my head back as I gripped his shoulders tightly. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on feeling everything I could feel. His mouth moved to my ear...I could both hear and feel him breathing heavily. He moaned several low, deep moans, further driving me mad. His other hand cupped one of my bare breasts...grabbing it, tugging at the nipple and squeezing it roughly. He didn't waste any time making me cum. Rubbing my clit in tight, fast circles, 'round and around again, hard and fierce, was all it took for him to own me. Within a minute or so, I'd let out a shriek and my cum rushed out of me and all over his hand. I could feel my hot cum ooze from my cunt. A moment later, I could feel him move a couple free fingers downward to scoop some up. I finally opened my eyes and brought my head back down just in time to watch him lick my cum from his fingers. Again, the devilish laugh. I, too, laughed this time.

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