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I Found my Wife on MarriedHookup


I was in New Orleans waiting in line at the coffee shop near the convention center and noticed a familiar voice a few persons in front of me. I couldn't place it and being hundreds of miles from home it made me curious. Finally as the man turned to leave with his order I recognized a face from my past. It was an older version of a college dorm mate and friend who I had not seen in over a dozen years.

I quickly yelled, "Hey Buck." That was his nickname from college for obvious reasons as it suited his personality and passion for womanizing to a tea. He had graying sideburns and had put on 10 pounds or so but otherwise looked the same.

We greeted each other and quickly grabbed a table for a catch up visit. We were both in town for the same convention, Buck as one of the team members who managed the convention and myself as an attendee of the pharmaceutical convention. Bucky seemed to be doing well and had a senior position in a company that did major conventions. He traveled frequently to Chicago, Vegas and New Orleans for major conventions and lived in Phoenix. He still golfed and played buckets. He showed me a picture of his six year old but indicated that he was divorced a couple of years ago and was back in the hunt. That was Buck's specialty in college. He had a charming personality and was blessed with good looks that he worked hard to maintain. He liked the women and let everybody know.

I had updated him on my career and just as I was about to cover my family situation when he mentioned that he had been in Chicago a few weeks ago and had seen Wendy Austin's profile on a dating site. He said, I thought you were going to marry her that's why I never made a pass at her in school. I would have loved to have gotten my hands on her and the challenge of getting in the panties of the shy ones was always my specialty. When did you break up with her?"

I regrouped quickly hoping that Buck didn't notice the surprised look on my face. I had married Wendy two years after Buck graduated but I had no idea why he would have seen her profile on a dating site. I brushed it off indicating that we had gone our own ways after college and I had met and married a wonderful woman shorty after and now had two grade-schoolers and was living in a suburb of Milwaukee.

I asked Buck, "Where did you see Wendy's profile? I would like to check her out and see how she aged. I'm surprised she is on a dating site as she was the marrying type."

Buck grinned and said, "You are right about her being the marrying type, I saw her profile on the MarriedHookup web site - a site for philandering. Since my divorce I occasionally hook up with married women out of town as I am not ready to get serious yet and the horny housewives are discrete and usually interested in a little company, a nice diner out and hot sex not serious relationships.

When I saw the screen name I looked at the photos and while she had giant sunglasses on, the photo of her hot ass and reference to being an avid Bears fan had me convinced it was her. Next time I am in Chicago I am going to try and hook up with her." Now tell me about your family."

I had all I could handle to not walk to the rest room and heave my stomach. I quickly said things were great but that I had to get to a conference session. I exchanged cards and indicated I would get in touch.

I could hardly concentrate the rest of the day. A million thought went through my head. Was he wrong? How long had this been going on? Could my shy, family-focused wife really be on a cheaters' web site? What could have motivated it? Was I really that out of touch? Maybe it was a prank? Is there some way she could be forced or blackmailed into doing it?

I couldn't wait to get through my meetings and back to my room. I quickly dropped my dinner plans and struggled through the days' worth of meeting with hardly a memory of what was being covered.

I wondered if I should call or text my wife. I envisioned being divorced and throwing her out of the house. How would the kids react? Did they know anything? Surely she would be discrete - but then again I hadn't expected her to cheat so who knows if she is having strange men over to the house when I travel. The thought of my wife wanting to be with other men was crushing to my ego. Was I not romantic enough? Was I not a good enough lover? Why hadn't she said anything?

I grabbed takeout at a fast food restaurant and headed back to the room. I was quickly logged on the computer and searching for information about the website MarriedHookup. I remembered seeing their advertising slogan in a magazine - "Looking for an Affair?" and seeing a news story that the busiest day for cheating websites was right after Valentines when people reacted to the lack of romance in their own relationships by seeking out others. I read a few stories about the site and then logged on. I probably spent 45 minutes creating a profile and learning about the site.

Of course I needed to come up with an alias. Even the email address I used was from a new account that I didn't use for anything else. The site recommended having a photo so I browsed the web looking for a photo to include with the profile I was creating. I pasted sunglasses on the image of a model from a men's sportswear catalog. As I was halfway through creating the profile it struck me that I should create a profile that would be attractive to my wife. But then again maybe I didn't know my wife that well anyway. Who wouldn't like tall, rich, and athletic?

I called my wife wanting to say good night to the kids before they went to bed and to see how her day had gone. I was anxious about making the call. I was even more anxious when the babysitter answered. She mentioned Wendy was at a school function and would be home shortly. I couldn't help but wonder if she was really hooking up with some guy - taking advantage of the fact that I was out of town. I talked with both kids briefly getting no hint that anything was out of the ordinary at home.

I went for a 3 mile run, twice my normal distance, hoping to burn off some of my anxious energy and relax. Even while running I was thinking about Wendy. I had images of her dancing with another man who was taking liberties with his hands. I had visions of a half-naked man burying his face in her cleavage as he unhooked her bra and unzipped her skirt. I heard her moaning as a large man pummeled her in the missionary position. I had an erection that made it hard to run. The conflicting emotions were driving me crazy.

By 9:30 PM I had showered and logged back in to the website. I finished the profile, purchased some credits, and began looking at Women's profiles. Buck had mentioned he saw her profile when he was planning to travel to Chicago so I searched that area first. I was stunned at the number of women who were on the site. I probably spent over an hour looking at various profiles. Most were married women most claiming to be looking for a little excitement on the side. Many were attractive. I had trouble wrapping my head around the idea of that many supposedly happily married woman were actually seeking out an affair for no reason other than sexual excitement - yet, I knew several guys who did just that and it didn't surprise me at all. I guess I still have a different standard for men and women when it came to extramarital sex.

I searched for Wendy using several aliases including her maiden name, nickname and hometown - all with no luck. Maybe Buck was mistaken or she had come to her senses and had pulled her profile. I finally decided to text Buck and ask him if he recalled Wendy's screen name. It was after 10.

Sure enough, 10 minutes later I got a text from Buck, "WillingWendy - I only remembered it because it seemed so out of character for the shy Wendy you dated in college. Good luck."

"WillingWendy" WTF the woman I dated two years before getting to fuck her now goes by WillingWendy? The woman that requires a week of romancing, a special occasion and two drinks before even considering oral sex, calls herself WillingWendy? The woman that required five years of begging before finally succumbing to an anal tickler. I couldn't believe my wife could be that person.

Moments after getting Buck's text I got a call from Wendy. My heart was beating rapidly my stomach churning. I had all I could do to not call her WillingWendy on the phone. I was hurt and jealous and furious, but I had a hard on from thinking about the image of my wife as a willing sex object.

Wendy reported being at a church Sunday school teachers meeting and picking up some groceries afterwards. I had no reason to doubt her but I couldn't be sure. The idea of a Sunday school teacher advertising to hook up on a philanderers' website was a little much. Maybe I didn't know her as well as I thought. The call was pleasant but brief. I asked her if everything was okay. I told her I missed her and that we should plan to go out this weekend. The call ended with us sharing the routine "I love you" goodbyes.

As I was talking to Wendy I had typed WillingWendy into the search routine. Who would've ever guessed there were three WillingWendys in Chicago? My WillingWendy was "WillingWendy38C-26-36". The woman who was afraid to go braless outside of the house was now posting her measurements on the Internet. She had two photos posted. As I enlarged the first it showed her face with an oversized set of sunglasses and a blond wig. She was recognizable to me but few other people would have recognized her even if they knew her. She had dyed blond hair in college which is why Buck could have recognized her.

She had on a Chicago Bears jersey with an altered neckline revealing an ample display of cleavage - a look that had been vetoed almost every time I had encouraged it. The second photo was taken from behind and showed Wendy leaning over a porch railing with her ass in a tight white miniskirt filling the center of the image.

I was sweating with an upset stomach but my cock was hard as a rock as I looked at the page. Wendy's ass was hot and that miniskirt brought back some memories from earlier in our marriage. I couldn't imagine any guy looking at the pictures not being attracted to Wendy. I continued looking at Wendy's profile.

Preferences and encounters I am open to:

Anonymous sex, one-night stands, sensual massage, Likes to receive oral sex, favorite position doggy style, likes fondling and mutual masturbation.

What really turns me on:

Experienced lover, good personal hygiene, high sex drive, great stamina, confident aggressive style.

What I am looking for:

Being dressed sexy for your viewing pleasure, daring rendezvous, new experiences. Happily married wife, mother and professional who wants to add a little excitement by being used for your pleasure. I'll fulfill your wild fantasy if you fill me. Must be attractive, 30 to 50-year-old married man, must be safe and discrete.

Holy shit. "Wants to be used" where in the world did that come from? That comment was so out of character for the Wendy I knew that I was tempted to think the whole thing was a joke. Maybe somebody put her up to it. I couldn't imagine her behaving in the manner she implied in her profile.

"... if you fill me." I was flabbergasted at what she wrote. Never in a thousand years would I have expected to see those words coming from Wendy. I was shaking as I reread the page over and over.

"Happily married..." So why the hell was she looking to have an affair?

I looked again at the pictures and realized that the picture of her ass had to have been taken by somebody else. Either Wendy figured out how to use her camera phone with a remote or somebody else was party to this sick plot.

Between that aggressive profile and the fact that she was among the women on the site who didn't appear to be looking for a sugar daddy made me presume she's had dozens of responses.

I studied the photos in detail. I enlarged the outdoor one of her ass trying to figure out where they were taken. I finally noticed the community water tower in the background and looked at the shadows to try and figure out the sun angles. I was zooming in on Google aerial maps and photos trying to figure out the viewing angles so I could figure out where the pictures were taken. I narrowed it down to a neighborhood a few miles from our house then tried to figure out who Wendy might know in that neighborhood.

It was late and I was exhausted both physically and emotionally yet I couldn't fall asleep. I finally fell asleep but I didn't sleep well. I woke up twice in the middle of the night sweating and anxious. I was sweating so bad I finally moved to the other bed in the hotel room to have dryer sheets. I woke up again in the morning with an erection so hard that it hurt. I was as close to having a wet dream as I had been since I was a teenager. Images of a man with his hand slipped in Wendy's blouse enjoying her breasts or a young stud having his way with her on our marital bed were haunting me but arousing me.

Thursday morning I struggled to get ready for my day's activities but I was still preoccupied with Wendy's profile. I went to her social media page and scanned her list of friends hoping to see any hints as to who might've been complicit in this marriage wrecking escapade. As I scanned through the list of friends I noticed Jennifer's name and recalled she might have lived in that part of town. Wendy knew her from work but had also socialized with her a little. She'd gone through a divorce in the last year and just might've been the one to get Wendy involved in the website.

I decided to show up late for my first conference session as I first searched MarriedHookup for a profile for Jennifer. Then I searched Jennifer's social media page for any hints. A family photo in the backyard with that telltale water tower in the background confirmed my suspicions.

As I headed off to the conference I was accumulating a list of actions in my head for later that evening. Check my wife's social media page and emails to see if I could figure out the timing of when she might have spent time with Jennifer, Check out divorce law for Wisconsin and look through divorce lawyer ratings, re-create my travel calendar for the past several weeks to see if I could identify any times when Wendy would have been able to get away from the kids and work long enough to hook up with a horny suitor. With her listing posted for Chicago it wouldn't have been trivial to schedule time together. And finally, I wanted to contact her through my alias profile to see how she reacted.

In spite of the lack of sleep and distractions I was so fired up that my aggressively delivered conference presentation was very well received. I couldn't wait for the meetings to end so I could get back to my room and go online. I couldn't pass up a quick dinner and drinks with an old doctor friend but was back in my room before eight. As I was getting out of my suit Wendy called with a daily report on the kids and a question about some mail.

My pulse quickened about 20 beats when I heard her voice. She sounded normal but I was apprehensive. She said she was looking forward to me getting home Saturday and our date. I was instantly suspicious that her sweet tone was motivated by guilt or an attempt to imply everything was normal. I wasn't even sure I could stay in the same house with her say nothing of take her on a date.

I just couldn't wrap my head around the situation that was unfolding. I still didn't know if anything had come of her web profile but just the fact that she did it was causing me great angst. And given her profile and those photos I suspected she'd had dozens of inquiries. In fact I wondered when she had time to screen all the potential suitors.

My goal for Thursday night was to send Wendy a wink, MarriedHookup name for an initial inquiry, and educate myself on Wisconsin divorce laws. I wrote what I thought was a nice note introducing myself to WillingWendy, commenting on how nice she looked and suggesting we should get to know each other.

I completed my nightly run and did some homework on divorce laws and strategies then crashed.

I slept a little better but on Friday it was equally hard to concentrate. We had an evening dinner/reception so I would not get back to the room till later. I tried checking the website via smartphone and did not have a response - although there was little reason to expect one since Wendy was at work and would not have had time to check her profile in privacy.

It was 10 before I got back to my room. Sure enough I had a response. I anxiously opened the note - "Thanks for the inquiry and complements. You sound like a nice guy. I already have a nice guy in my life and I am not interested in getting to know a guy that I could come to care about. Sorry." Signed WillingWendy38C-36-36.

Wendy was certainly full of surprises. She obviously wasn't interested in an affair, evidently just a fling or a cruel chance to tease guys and see what reactions she could get. At least she thought I was a nice guy. Perhaps to nice.

As I went to bed Friday night I was contemplating how to react when I saw Wendy at the airport the next day. I was not sure I could disguise my anger and fear. I resolved to get up early, get in my run and take another shot at WillingWendy with a new profile. By tomorrow I would be Henry, a traveling salesman who would "love to bury my face in your cleavage and fondle that cute ass next time when I pass thru Chicago."

I also resolved to try and act as normal as possible until I found out more about what Wendy had already done and what my legal actions could be. My anger was giving way to vicarious thrills thinking of my heretofore shy wife becoming a sex object for some horny guy.

Wendy had the kids with her when she picked me up. It was great to see all of them. The presence of the kids obviously kept me from saying anything about WillingWendy which was a good thing as I wanted to learn more first.

We had a pleasant kiss and she was affectionate but I was anxious and trying to act normal. That afternoon as Wendy chauffeured the kids to activities I downloaded a keystroke tracker software program for our computer and went over the credit card charges to see if I could find any suspicious charges. Our date was going to be looking at carpet samples for the master bedroom them going to our favorite Italian restaurant. I had visions of selling the house after a divorce not redecorating.

Needless to say when Wendy emerged from our room dressed in the short white skirt she had worn in her photo I was speechless. As I looked at her she said, "Do you remember this skirt? I found it in the back of the closet. I haven't worn it since before the kids but my weight is down enough that it fits now. Do you like it?"

I responded, "I certainly do remember it. I have been gone a week and I don't think I will be able to go shopping and out to dinner without attacking you if you wear that skirt."

Wendy grinned and walked to the car with me staring at her ass in the tight white skirt - the ass she had posted a photo of on the internet. The ass that I was torn between kicking out of the house or bending over the arm of the couch and burying my cock in using her advertised favorite doggy-style position. I had to reposition my hard on before I could follow that swaying ass to the car.

Dinner was pleasant and I almost forgot about the web profile until Wendy excused herself to the ladies room. That short tight white skirt reminded me. When she returned I couldn't resist asking her about finding the skirt. She said she found it a couple weeks ago when Jenifer helped her clean the spare bedroom closet.

That confirmed both the involvement of Jennifer and the timing. I followed up by asking what Jennifer was up to. Wendy said she seemed to be adjusting to single life and was dating some. I then asked, "Who had the affair that lead to the divorce, Jennifer or her ex?"

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