tagMatureI Fucked Your Mom

I Fucked Your Mom


It's kind of a guy thing to sit around discussing hot chicks our ages and their attributes such as big tits or whatever, but believe it or not, there's a few of us out there that check out the moms too.

Take my friend Kenny's mom, for example. I'd say the majority of guys would consider Michelle hot with her enhanced 36C tits and hard body, but honestly, she doesn't really turn me on that much.

Too skinny, for one thing. Any dude that thought with his brains instead of his dick would think twice about boning a woman with no ass, whose hipbones stick out and boobs are silicone. Not to mention Michelle is kind of snobby and thinks all of Kenny's friends are beneath him.

Me, I dig a natural woman. Women with natural breasts, wide hips, curves all over. A sweet smile and personality don't hurt either, which all the above are reasons I find my best friend Sean's mom my definition of hot.

I remember meeting Sean when we were both in tenth grade and he had taken me to his house to meet his folks. His dad had been this gruff looking dude, but Cheri, GOD DAMN.

She had been thirty two at the time, but even then she was a hot looking piece of ass.

Sean's house was always like Grand Central Station for the most part because Cheri loved having us over, which I didn't mind at all, because the sight (and thought) of her had given me a hard-on for the next fifteen years.

All I could think about were how often Sean's parents fucked if not thinking about Cheri totally naked. She was the star of my wet dreams. There wasn't a night I didn't rub one out thinking about what it would be like to have sex with her.

Now at age thirty, I was back in the area when I ran into Sean again. I had split with my last girlfriend a few months earlier, but still had a good career that took me all over the world.

Sean had just gotten divorced and had moved back home temporarily while he found another place. I had also found out his folks had also divorced and his dad was shacking up with a twenty five year old waitress.

Poor Cheri, I had thought. A guy would had to have been INSANE to dump a sexy piece like her for some bimbo.

"Hey, instead of wasting money on a hotel, why not stay at Mom's? She'll be happy to see you again. You were always her favorite out of all my buddies, and with her and Dad split up, she could use some company while I'm at work."

It was all I could do to maintain my composure; even so, I wasn't expecting Cheri to look the same as she had during my teen years when I jacked off to fantasies of doing her.

Nevertheless, I took Sean up on the offer.


You could almost imagine my surprise when I arrived at the house that afternoon and Cheri had come to the door.

Not only hadn't she really aged much at all in the last fifteen years, it also appeared that her tits and hips were a little fuller than I remembered.

Even so, it may have turned Sean's dad off, but it certainly didn't make Cheri less sexy in my eyes.

"I got a bit fatter," she laughed. "Middle age spread, you could call it. Tim disappeared once he found a younger, skinnier model."

I winked at her. "Looks like you spread in the right places, dear lady. And it's his damn loss."

"Oh, Brandon," she said, "you always were good for one's ego."

"Cheri, you always were a beautiful woman," I assured her, "and you have the personality to match."

"You are just as sweet as always. Let's get you settled in your room and catch up since Sean won't be home until later this evening."

"Works for me," I nodded.

Cheri had gone off somewhere after we'd gotten to the room where I would be during my stay. It was kind of a good thing she hadn't stuck around much longer, because looking down now, I was sporting some serious wood between my legs.

I needed a shower eventually anyway, so it was an excuse to get naked and jack off before I did. I hadn't had a good cum since breaking up with Tammy, and with the Cheri fantasy returning tenfold, well......you know the rest.

In the midst of some good stroking, I hadn't realized the door was still a bit ajar, and then it had opened. There was Cheri once again.

Mortified of being caught totally nude and masturbating, my hand froze on my cock.

Whatever she'd come in for, it apparently evaporated from her mind once she saw me in that state.

"Need a little help with that?" she purred.

"Um....." I began.

"I thought so," she said, not taking her eyes off of me as she moved closer to the bed.

The next thing I knew, Cheri had crept between my legs, leaned forward and began licking the shaft of my cock, flicking her tongue over the head before beginning to engulf the entire eight inches of my throbbing shaft.

It was halfway into her talented mouth when I started practically fucking her face.

They weren't kidding; older women really COULD suck dick!

Taking her mouth off of my wood for a minute, Cheri swirled her tongue across the head before swallowing the entire thing again.

I put my hand on the back of her head and fucked my cock up into her mouth as she sucked me, squeezing and playing with my balls at the same time before sliding a finger slowly up my ass, pumping it in and out in time with her cock sucking.

That did it; I exploded, sending shot after shot of cum down Cheri's waiting throat.

She swallowed every drop of my load without complaint, licking me clean and then licking her lips when we finished.

"Feel better?" she asked, sitting back on her heels.

"Mmmm, that was one great blow job," I grinned at her.

"There's a lot of other things I can do too. I know how horny younger guys can get, and I can do more than suck dick."

"Oh, I bet you can," I winked at her.

"So Brandon," Cheri said, standing up and slowly undressing, "when was the last time you were with someone?"

I had to confess that I hadn't fucked anyone since breaking up with Tammy after catching the slut with another guy three months ago.

"My goodness, no wonder you needed to get off."

"Oh, baby, that isn't the only reason," I said, pulling her nakedness down on the bed and slapping her bare ass. "I've been wanting this for the last fifteen years."

I then pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss, playing with those beautiful tits and roaming my hand down to her pussy, rubbing her clit as she stroked my dick back to life.

Cheri then broke the kiss, moving down to suck my cock again until I was hard as granite before coming back up to mount me, guiding my cock inside her.

She started riding me slowly at first, and then began speeding up as my pole slid in and out of her.

Cheri cried out as she came, grabbing me as she rode my dick faster and harder, crying out how good it felt to fuck such a young stud, how she hadn't had sex since her divorce, how horny she'd been, and how good I was satisfying her.

"Ride me, baby," I gasped. "You are so damn sexy doing that."

"Brandon....Brandon....mmmmm....you feel so fucking good in me....yesssss. I needed this so much!"

Soon after, we came together, her pussy muscles gripping my cock as it spasmed, shooting my second load of the day into her hot cunt. I pulled her down to me, prolonging the sensation as every drop of cum spilled into her.

Cheri remained on me as my dick softened inside her, then slowly climbed off to collapse beside me.

We must have dozed off for awhile after, because it was close to dusk when I felt her mouth on my cock yet again, waking me.

When I was completely hard once more, she slowly mounted my cock again, bouncing up and down on it, grunting.

Slowly, I was rubbing her clit as I watched Cheri's tits bounce with every thrust she pushed down on me. The sight of it all made me that much hotter.

"Brandon, I want you to fuck my ass," Cheri instructed, bringing me out of my trance. "I want you to fuck my ass and cum in it!"

WOW, how many women wanted to have a dick up their ass? Even my whore of an ex-girlfriend wouldn't do it.

And now here was my wet dream fantasy from my adolescence all but begging me to take her in the back door. Being an ass man, I happily obliged.

I so turned on as we got into a doggie-style position after Cheri handed me some lube she'd gotten out of the bathroom.

I greased up my dick and fingered her tight asshole to prepare her, and, not wanting to hurt Cheri, gradually and slowly pushed my cock into her rear end until I bottomed out.

I started fucking her ass slowly. I had pulled out of her ass only to have Cheri beg me to put it back in her.

Fucking her at a slow, steady pace, I was hearing her grunt faster and faster.

Finding this as my cue, I picked up the pace as she begged for it. I was fucking her round ass harder and faster just as she screamed into the pillow. Cheri had cum.

Hearing this, I fucked her with fury. A few quick hard thrusts and I too was ready to explode.

"Cheri, I'm going to cum!" I called as I was still thrusting in and out.

"Cum for me, Brandon," she grunted. "Put that cum in my ass NOW!"

The speed of my thrusts increased that much more as I got closer to busting a nut. A few more strokes and I was dumping hot cum deep into the ass of my best friend's mother.

As I came, my hips slammed against Cheri a few more times before I quickly pulled out of her ass and, turning her over, straddled her body.

"Oh, baby, I want to cum on those tits too," I panted, shooting the last of my load all over those lovely, full breasts.

We once again collapsed to recover from more great sex before realizing what time it was.

Sean would be home soon, and I doubt he'd want to see his mom in her current state with both holes filled with and her tits covered in the spunk from his best buddy's dick.

I then hurried into the bathroom to get myself together and put my clothes back on. By the time I'd gotten downstairs, he had arrived home.

Cheri came down about twenty minutes later, showing no outward signs that she'd spent the better part of the afternoon and early evening being fucked in both holes by his longtime best buddy.

She and I would continue having some damn fantastic sex the rest of the week and then again when I came to town.

Sean never did figure out that I fucked his mom that day.....or any day thereafter.

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