tagLoving WivesI Gave Her The Green Light And She Took The Autobahn

I Gave Her The Green Light And She Took The Autobahn


Blame it on porn or my big mouth, take your pick. My wife Karen and I have a good active sex life which includes the occasional porn flick we download to spice things up.

We had one particular film on whose story line was a swinger's group basically made up of co-workers in a wild orgy. Karen was riding me cowgirl and started to make some comments about what we were viewing.

"That girl with the black hair reminds me of Mary from receivables" she said as she sat down hard, crunching my balls into the mattress. I glanced and mumbled that she indeed did resemble her. With that I grabbed Karen large 38d floppy's and squeezed them hard, in an attempt to control her hard bottom slamming on me.

She relaxed a bit but then the TV grabbed her attention again. "Look at the size of that guy's cock and he is about to shove it in that small girls ass" she blurted out. Sure enough a guy with a 9-10 inch cock, thick as a baby's leg was zeroing in on the tiny rosebud of a young woman. The guy kept spitting on her ass and his cock, using the cheap man's version of lube. I did not watch further as a big dose of wetness enveloped my cock as Karen came. She is a real soaker and as she lifted her steaming pussy up a bit, her flow ran down my shaft and pooled below my balls.

Damm my wife is a horny slut. Ever since our first date in college we fucked. And she likes it all, blow with swallow, ass, pussy, and tits. I am an old horn dog but she is in a class by herself. I have wondered a few times if I was man enough for her, with her lust level. She may have cheated some but it never came up in our courting or marriage.

With Karen for the time being satisfied, she began to ride me slower and with more rhythm and we both got back to the movie some. By this time the guy was half way in the tiny girl's elongated asshole which by her expression looked between a level of pain and bliss. Her eyes were clamped shut and brow furrowed, but her lips formed a giant 0 and her face flushed.

Karen began speaking again. "The girl can take a lot of cock." I had to concur and thought to myself so can you as she has often asked for and gotten an anal reaming from me. The movie started to scan away from the ass fuck to show other people in various states of bliss. Karen had slowed her gyrations on my groin to almost nothing as she intently watched the show.

"What would you think if I told you it might be fun to be double fucked?" she kind of whispered out. I am used to her talk but this had my ears on high so I gazed at the TV again and saw the inspiration for her comment. Two big black studs were pummeling a milf doggy, one from behind, the other shoving his pipe down her throat. She was getting it hard as her ass shook like jelly and her cheeks were flaring and puffing to accommodate a serious cock.

With her still mounted on me but still for the moment I went back to fondling her tits and pinching her large thick nipples.

"Are you telling me that you want another guy or guys to fuck?" I asked.

"You can't tell me you haven't thought of fucking someone else" Karen spitted out as if I didn't notice her trying to put emphasis on me now.

"Of course people think of fucking others during their lifetime, it's only normal. I am sure it's crossed your mind or else you would not bring it up." As I put the onus back on her.

"Yeah sure, it's true but I would never do anything without your knowledge or permission." Dang if she had not spun it around to my side again.

I wanted to get my rocks off and get some sleep, so to end this conversation and as the movie credits were starting to roll, I said, "Karen you can do anything you want."

With that said I rolled her over, spread her legs and began fucking her bald pussy till my balls slapped into her ass. She stopped talking since her moans were taking over and I pounded into her till my nuts tightened and shot a couple ropes of pearly cum into her slot. She ended our play by sucking off the remnants of our fuck and then we said good night.

Next morning at breakfast, Karen brought up the previous evening by asking if I meant what I said. The cereal had not awoken any brain cells yet, so I asked about what.

"You don't remember what you said last night you dick?" she snorted literally.

Shit, a lot was said and did last night, so to get right to what she was referring to was my dilemma. Being the non confrontational guy I am, my response was a solid, "sure I do."

Karen started to grin a bit and reached over and gave me a hug and peck on the cheek.

"So we are ok with it?"

"Whatever, it's good" as I waved my hand at her while checking the time on my watch.

I really had no idea what she was ok with; I just did not feel like talking.

The next couple of weeks were routine, basically the same, work, dinner, sometimes out and then a good old romp. More sex videos and more conversations at bedtime, but none that mentioned extra people in our sex life.

Then one night Karen gave me an exceptional blow job that included ball sucking and rimming. She swallowed my load and used her tongue tip to dig into my slit to try for more. I had to commend her.

"Honey that was fabulous, thanks. By far the best suck you've ever given me and that says a lot" I raved.

Karen grinned like a Cheshire cat. "I loved it to, you have such sweet loads."

We both fell into the bed and relaxed. I was a lucky guy to have such a horny slut for a wife and slowly a smile appeared on my face as that thought sunk in.



"I'm looking to have some friends over on the 15th, you ok with that?"

"The15th of what? This month?"

"Yes, some co workers of mine, you know most of them. Just some snacks and refreshments, you know."

"I will be in Pittsburg till the 15th, I said. In fact my flight gets me back around 9pm. Are you sure it's OK if I'm not there?"

"It's a Friday night Jack. Should still be some people here by the time you get back home."

I left on the 12th for my business trip. Karen was occupied with making some party plans, primarily ordering in some bbq from our favorite place. My trip was uneventful as many business trips are and as I arrived at the airport on Friday I gave Karen a quick call.

"Hey baby, I'm at the airport a little early, finished up better than thought. How are thing's there?" I questioned.

"Hi Jack! All is great here, some guests are already here" an obviously perky voiced wife answered.

"Great, hope to see you soon, love you" I said. Actually I had forgotten completely that Karen was having people over. I was a bit disappointed because I was pretty horny and was frankly looking forward to some hard sex with the Mrs.

"Ok, will leave the light on!" an elated Karen yelled back.

I got back to town a little past 9 and by the time I got my bag and took the shuttle to the car lot, it was almost half past 10. It was about another 30 minutes to the house so I did not expect to see what I did when I turned down our street. We live in an older neighborhood and the streetlights are like half as many as in newer communities, so it's a bit dark to say the least. Plus the streets are more narrow than average.

When I turned I saw a bunch of vehicles lining the street on both sides. Most of our neighbors had their lights out or just porch lights on, so it looked fairly spooky with the cars. We do not have a long street, but it was bumper to bumper, I estimated at least 20.

Jeez, I said under my breath, I thought she was having some co workers over, not the whole company. Plus being close to 11, I assumed some had left so how many were here originally?

I was a bit perturbed when I saw my driveway full as well. Hell Karen knew I was coming in, could she not have told people to leave me a space? I drove further down our block and saw a space that I could squeeze in. It was tight but I made it, but not happy.

Carrying my bags up the block, I could see my house easily. It surprised me, but not a great deal of lighting was on; yes the porch was lit but coming from the house it was kind of dim. I stopped for a minute to get some mints out and pop them in my mouth to get rid of the peanut breath. I reached my door and was again surprised that I did not hear loud music playing. Usually when we had company, Karen liked to blast some old rock that you could hear around the house and certainly outside.

I tried the door with my bag still in hand and found it locked. I dropped everything and fished in my pocket but nothing. Crap, I remembered then that I had left them in my carryon bag. I started to mess with the bag when I guess someone noticed me outside and opened the door. It was Dorthea, a co worker of Karen's. I was a little surprised as she was not to my knowledge a close friend of Karen's but I had met her before at both the Christmas party and company picnic.

Dorthea was quite a sight before me. She was a rotund black lady, about as big around as tall and she had a nest of fake red hair on top of her natural do. Big dangling earrings made the look complete. She was wearing a tight top and jeans, both to small for her as she had the big booty and huge tits. In fact not to be mean or anything, you could use both for a shelf. But she was a nice girl and as I entered the house, she air kissed me as our cheeks brushed together. I got the distinct whiff of weed and gin with her face close to mine.

"Where you been lover? She slurred. We been expectin you for the last hour."

I mumbled something under my breath and started to look around. We have a large house with 5 bedrooms and it was pretty quiet for the amount of cars parked outside. I began to wonder if there may not be another party going on in the neighborhood.

"Hi Dorthea, where is everyone and what about Karen?"

"Oh hun, there are people all over the place here, you just gotta look" she said with a huge grin.

"Here, she said as I dropped my bags by the front door, let me help you find some folks." She was kind of wasted as she grabbed my arm, crashing it into her huge tits. She stagger walked me to the living area hanging onto me.

There was some music playing, basically smooth jazz and half a dozen couples sitting around with snacks and wine. The pungent aroma of pot was also in the air. I was not adverse to the weed as long as Karen did not provide it as I did not want to get into that kind of trouble. The mood was mellow as the folks sat and talked; most I recognized from Karen's work but more or less could not remember names. Dorthea kind of woke the group up announcing that the homeowner as home. I got some paltry waves but was mostly ignored which was fine by me.

The amount of cars outside and the people inside still did not match up for me. I glanced out back since we have a covered porch with a great sitting area and fireplace. Through the window it was dark and quiet.

"Dorthea, where is Karen?" I had to ask again.

"Hun she is here, you got a big place here ya know" she laughingly said.

We have 5 bedrooms in the home, 3 up and 2 down, one being the master and the other a joint office for Karen and myself. We also have either beds or futons in all those rooms. My suspicions that Karen was up to something was upon me, but for some reason I was not overly concerned since these people were not complete strangers, but I was now very curious.

I started down the hall with Dorthea in tow, and stopped by the office door, which was ajar. I could hear laughter and giggling from inside so I pushed the door open more all the while listening to Dorthea giggling herself behind me.

I thought I would be ready for most any sight, but I was taken aback. 6 ladies were inside the room, 3 totally naked, 3 with just bra's on. They ran the gamut of milf to plain Jane's but what caught my eye most was what they were standing around. They had moved some of the chairs and desks around and on the area rug sat a sybian.

Obviously a very used sybian. It was slick and glistened, so much so that past the seat, juices had pooled on the rug the thing sat on causing the light rug to darken. A couple of the ladies saw and looked my way but did not have any discernable reaction to me being there. I did however feel Dorthea's enormous tits spearing into my back as she tried to look past me to see reactions.

I am not a dunderhead so it was clear to me that Karen was having a sex party. I just did not know what she was up to or where she was, but I was going to find out. I backed out of the office/bedroom almost knocking Dorthea over, which had to be near impossible with that booty and tits being her anchors to balance her out.

I headed down the hall to the master bedroom with the expectations of finding Karen in there; doing what and with whom I did not know. I was not upset so to speak, since I had basically told her she could explore this, just did not suspect she would be so quick and frankly, large about it.

We had built our house a few years back and we had made provisions for acoustics in the walls since we liked to play our audio loud and just did not want feedback from the neighbors. So as I neared our closed bedroom door, the noises inside were muted, but not enough to tell you there was not something in there.

As I opened the door, I felt some resistance, like something heavy but moveable. I tried a little harder and was finally able to make entry but it was tight. I was instantly stopped dead on my heels by the smell of reefer, booze and perfume and you guessed it, sex. Dorthea was still with me and behind me let out a long whew, "dang, they are still at it there, it's been hours already."

The scene in front of me was amazing and jaw dropping. There were scores of people standing around, many I recognized facially. The scene reminded me of the last time I was in the Orlando airport and got the tram between terminals Shoulder to shoulder, like a school of fish, moving in unison. That's how it appeared in my bedroom as I stood there speechless. Some dressed some partial, some butt ass naked. About a 70/30 split male to female. Lots of low tone conversation while glancing around. Cranking my neck I could not locate Karen, till I heard familiar groans.

Veering my way thru the masses toward the guttural sounds I knew to be Karen's, I reached the foot end of the bed. I kind of rocked a bit and felt a gallon of blood rush to my cock. On the bed were 3 couples or should I say 3 different couplings.

Closet to me at the foot of the bed was a lady who I did not recognize, whose legs were stretched out toward the ceiling having a thick black male fuck her hole like he was trying to get his body inside her. You could hear the whooshing noise as air left her lungs as his chest pounded into hers.

In the center of the bed, lying lengthwise also, was account receivables Mary, riding a large white male, who was not her husband since he was standing behind her pummeling his cock to her being inserted by the man below her.

At the top of the bed, over the pillows I finally found my wife Karen. She was busy and had all the appearances of being busy for some time already. She was oblivious to my presence and why wouldn't she be. Underneath her was a younger man who while having his cock sawing in her pussy was also devouring her tits, extending her nipples with his teeth. Squatting behind her was another equally younger man who was hitting her ass with a long but slim dick. Her head and face were in the strong hands of none other than Nathan Conway, Senior Vice President of Operations at her firm, only the number two person in the company. It was at his country place the annual picnic was held and a person all in the company liked.

Well he was thrusting a short but fat cock into my wife's throat while holding her head between his hands. The intensity of what these three guys were doing was expressed all over Karen's face and body. Her eyes were shut, her nostril's flaring and her cheeks puffing out like she working on filling a hot air balloon. Her body glistened with sweat and you saw pooling of what had to be cum all over her as well. My wife was lost in a sea of heat and I probably could have sung an aria to her and she would not have noticed.

To say the view I had was not intense would be the greatest exaggeration ever. I always knew Karen to be into sex in a big way, this big was the surprise. I concluded there was no way that I could discuss any of this with at this point; this had to play out and most certainly after everyone was gone. But why not monkey see, monkey do?

I left the debauchery on the bed and turned only to bump up against my shadow, Dorthea. She had a line of beaded sweat on her brow and above her thick upper lip. Her nipples popped her bra and shirt to make an imprint that was quite impressive. Grabbing her by the hand, I told her to come with me as I weeded us through the crowd toward the door.

Before we reached the door, we came face o face with Mary who had been the centerpiece on the bed but was now off, gulping some water and using a towel on her shiny upper body. Not to be missed was a steady stream of cum and juices running down her legs. She greeted me with a smile but before she could speak, I took her arm holding the water and pulled her along as well.

Standing directly in the doorway was a statuesque beauty, over six feet of pure sexuality. Shimmering raven hair cascading onto milky shoulders, a body from the heavens, this was an absolute trophy woman. Dropping my hands and now encircling my arms around Dorthea and Mary, I enveloped this babe in my net. She responded by stepping into it with a broad and oh so gorgeous smile.

We were quickly in the hallway, direction unknown but certainly moving. The only plan of which I was certain was to have my own group sex with these three and attempt to match the decadence I had just witnessed with Karen.

We reached the stairs to the second floor when I knew with three bedrooms upstairs we were going to party behind door 1, 2, or 3. I watched as my harem climbed before me, Dorthea, Mary and Nicole as in Mrs. Nathan Conway.

A green light means all can go.

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