tagLesbian SexI Get Off Pt. 01

I Get Off Pt. 01


Chapter 1

My name is Vikki, I live in Durham, England, in a two bed house with my girlfriend Clare and housemate Lucy. At the moment I'm lying in bed, wide awake as usual. I never seem to sleep anymore, to be honest I blame Clare for that. She is such a distraction, I mean, how am I meant to sleep whilst lying naked here with her.

She on the other hand sleeps peacefully and fortunately for me, heavily. If you could see her you wouldn't blame me for staying awake so I can run my hands over her hourglass hips, across her smooth felinely rounded stomach, which curves perfectly into her less than modest chest. I'll curl myself into her, showering the sleeping woman with kisses. It sounds kind of creepy really, but I love her and don't care how obsessed I seem (Slash, am). On the occasions when she does wake up, she doesn't, exactly, mind the attention.

Only I don't want to just tell you how lucky I am to be with this gorgeous woman. I want to tell you how I got here, three years ago I was straight as an American highway and more distracted with work then anything to do with sex. Then I met Lucy, back then I lived in a second story flat next-door to her.

I had lived in the flat for nearly a year before it all started, only occasionally did I see her as we crossed paths on the street. I recognised her as my neighbour but never made an effort to know her.

Until it was about ten o'clock at night and I had just gotten back from work. Tired from the fourteen hour day I wanted nothing more than my bed. I'd been doing crazy hours for the last few months, being a graduate from university I wanted to work hard to show I wasn't just a bum with a piece of paper that looked pretty.

I started to undress (not sexually like a stripper), i just unbutton my white silk blouse and let it smoothly fall from my shoulders to the floor; arching my back I unclipped my white-lace bra, allowing that too, to fall. It was then, in the corner of my eye I saw her, openly ogling my body. I was conscious then, that I was undressing by the window, but made no effort to move.

Strange really, I never thought of her as pervy, never considered her stares an invasion of my privacy, I just felt ecstasy from her watch. Which is properly why my skirt came off far for slowly and seductively....

Chapter 2

It was an accident, the first time I saw Vikki. I was just about to close the curtains when I my eyes caught her silk blouse sliding down her arms and falling out of sight. It shocked me how instantly I was glued to watching her. Her wavy blonde hair hung just off her shoulders as she unclipped her white-lace bra. A voice told me to close the curtains and go to bed, but my pounding heart made sure I stayed fixated.

The bra dropped to the floor and her ample breasts bobbed just slightly, as though in excitement from being released from their daily cage. Her hands reached down her flat, tanned stomach to unclip her skirt and pushed it down to the floor. My eyes widen when I realised that she was naked, but still I gazed upon her perfect body. Finally she spun in my direction, I slammed the curtains shut and ran to bed.

Chapter 3

I guess Lucy felt embarrassed about that night, her curtains were always closed by the time I arrived at the window.

It was about a month later when she next saw me, our houses were only a few metres apart, but the windows were not directly opposite. She could stand just out of sight whilst still having a ogling view of me. I was sitting naked on the bay windowsill, watching the beautiful colours of the sun stream between our houses. I never liked using towels, so I'd often sit there, letting the air dry me slowly. My wet hair clung to my back and water slowly dripped down my body. I can't blame her for staring really, if id seen a women like that I would have slapped myself to check I wasn't dreaming (even before I knew I liked to kiss and lick every part of a women body).

Normally I think far too much, it is always a pain, but in these moments, when her lust filled eyes watched me, I was able to be peaceful, concentrating only on the thrill her gaze gave me.

Unfortunately on that night I didn't enjoy the peacefulness I would soon rely on, sitting there I had become obsessed with wanting to know the colour of her eyes. It was silly really, I had reasoned I had to at least know their colour, else it was wrong to let them ogle me so openly.

With that decision made, I focused again on the sun, only it had long hidden beyond the horizon. I felt embarrassed then, she must think me mad to just be sitting naked on the windowsill looking into the darkness of the night. Now feeling sufficiently silly, I quickly removed myself from her view and went to bed. It was only once under my covers that I felt my soaked thighs.

Chapter 4

The next few days I spent trying to get close to her, hungry to find my answer. It had only been a couple of nights, but already I wanted to show myself off again, but stubborn as I am, I had to answer my question first. She was pretty good at avoiding me, I waited until she left the house, casually I went to say "hi" but she pretended (I assume) to have forgotten something and ran back inside. I considered for a moment to wait for her, but quickly thought better of it.

The next night I saw she was putting the bins out, I quickly followed suit. I managed to get a brief conversation out of her, but with the only street light about quarter of a mile down the road I could see nothing but her silhouette.

A few more failed attempts and I was getting really annoyed. So I came up with a stunning plan, I slaved in the kitchen for an afternoon, preparing the most delicious and eloquent of cakes. I spent an hour flicking through my wardrobe, I wanted to look sexy but not seductive, I went for a tight blue top that showed off my chest and a short black skirt which exposed my well tanned legs. I had been traveling through Asia earlier in the summer, being only 23 I wanted to explore as much of world as I could, before I settled down. With the outfit chosen I strolled over with a big gleeful smile, and knocked delicately on the wooden door.

I must have looked so petulant when a brood shouldered man answered. He was certainly strong looking, with black hair and well dressed. I refussed however to look him in the eyes, I didn't want them to ruin seeing hers.

Finally, I realized I'd stood there far to long without saying a word "I um...thought I bring over a cake....for Lucy" only then did I think, why am I bringing her this cake? It wasn't her birthday, well I didn't know when her birthday was, but It should have been beyond coincidence that it was that day "Ha Lucy!" the man had craned his head and called into the hall "Some woman's got a birthday cake for you" his voice was rude and common, more reason to want to kick him square in the nutts.

Lucy appeared with a glass of champagne in hand, she had the most beautiful smile. My heart sank when it was replaced with a look of confinement. She quickly composed herself and said "You shouldn't have" her velvet voice had stunned, so I stood dumb fully as she held out her hands for me to give over the cake. "This will go perfectly with the others." she said trying to prompt me to hand it over, but I couldn't see them, she was too much in the shadow of the hallway. So I pretended to fall back down a step, which brought her out into the light of day.

Her black hair, thick and wavy fell across her right eye, leaving only one for me to gaze into. A beautiful sea of green stunning me for another awkward moment. I handed her the cake and unthinkingly took a step forward to close the gap between us. Gently, I stroked the hair out of her eye, pinning it behind the ear. She was shocked to say the least, but with her hands filled she couldn't stop me. I smiled; both her eyes were a beautiful green of the ocean.

Unable to control myself, I stroked her cheek which quickly reddened. Turning, I strolled away, as I turned in towards my house she was still standing on the doorstep, stunned to the spot. A call from her friends snapped her out of her statue like state. She turned into the house without a glance towards me. I closed the door of my flat and leant against it, enjoying the huge smile that spread from ear to ear.

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