I Had it All


Up until eighteen months ago, I pretty much had it all. I was a multi-millionaire, I had a beautiful wife, a great house with nice cars in the garage, and a network of friends and business acquaintances. I was successful. Now? I am a complete slave to my wife, who controls my every move and enjoys humiliating me as often as possible. She comes up with new forms of humiliation almost every day, even after all this time. I cringe to think what she might come up with in the future. She has help, of course, from friends and others, who also take delight in my humiliation and downfall.

Carly and I had been married for almost nine years. I was still in love with her, but I had gotten so involved in my business that I was always so tired when I got home that we rarely had sex anymore. I had inherited a little money when my father died and had made some wise investments and then started my own business supplying computer networks and consulting with a wide array of clients. I got in at the right time and before I knew it had forty people working for me out of a nice warehouse/office space in a nice industrial complex. Almost overnight, it seemed, I was a millionaire. It was a heady time and before I knew it I was living in a huge house (not a mansion) and had all the toys I wanted. I got full of myself and my hubris was my downfall.

As business boomed and I had learned to delegate authority and tasks, I was able to free up time for myself. As I said, Carly and I were still in love, but the physical aspect of our marriage had been in decline due to working so many hours. She had quit her job to come and work with me as a consultant and that part of our lives was great. She was good at it. She had a very friendly way about her that made people like her instantly. She was nice. I had never seen her cruel side, but I soon would. I started taking more trips for conferences and I enjoyed the attention women gave me. My financial success had made me confident, even cocky, and they liked that. Before long, I had had affairs in half a dozen cities. I liked the feeling of bedding those women. I considered them conquests. Life was good. Little did I know that Carly had her own plans for the future.

I returned home from a trip to Phoenix. Yes, I had cheated on Carly again while there. Twice. When I got home, there was Carly sitting at the dining room table with a man I'd never met. He was dressed in a suit and looked very professional. Carly was wearing a blouse and a short skirt. She still looked as good as she did when we married. She is taller than I am, which made me a little self-conscious at first. I am 5' 6" and Carly is 5' 9" and loves to wear high heels to make me look even shorter. She has curly brown hair that fell to the middle of her back. She has amazing legs and perfect breasts. She was smiling as I walked into the room. There were papers and manila envelopes on the table before them.

"Hi, sweetie," she said, and something in the way she said it made me uneasy.

"Hi, babe," I replied. I leaned in to kiss her and she turned her head so that I could only give her a peck on the cheek. "Hi," I said to the man.

"Hello, Mister Austin," the man said, but he did not offer his hand for me to shake. Carly was smirking.

"Sit down," she said. She had an almost icy tone to her voice that I had never heard before. Without even realizing I'd done it, I was already sitting.

"What's going on here?" I asked.

"Well . . . where to begin," Carly said. She sighed and even laughed a little.

"What?" I asked. I was suddenly very nervous.

"It seems you have been a very busy boy," she responded.

"Well, yeah, business has been good."

"Business," she said and then laughed. "Anything you want to tell me, Michael?" I fumbled for words, not knowing what she had on me. I knew it was something, though. The man sat there looking amused. I still hadn't gotten his name and I was wondering just what the hell was happening.

"I... uh... don't know what you mean," I stammered. I felt helpless and I didn't know why. Carly was just staring at me. Her brown eyes, normally warm and inviting, stared daggers through me. I was suddenly really wanting to know what was in the envelopes, yet not wanting to know. As if reading my mind, Carly grabbed one of the envelopes and threw it at me. I didn't react fast enough and it hit me in the chest and landed in my lap. I picked it up. My hands were trembling as I pulled the contents from it. Photographs. There were about ten or so in this enveloped and they had been blown up to 8 by 10s. They were photos of me with a woman, I think her name was Lisa. A couple were of us making out in a bar, but the later ones were somehow taken inside her hotel room. What the fuck? How did they get these pics? I looked helplessly at her. She was seething.

"Real nice, Michael! You fucking cheat on me? Are you kidding?" SMACK! She slapped me so hard across my left cheek that my head snapped to the right. It brought tears to my eyes. "All these women," she said, waving her arm across the table at the other envelopes. Did they have evidence of all my cheating? I didn't know what to say. What could I say?

"Look, babe, I ..."

"Oh, don't you 'babe' me, you fucking bastard!" She cocked and slapped me again. I saw it coming but did not even try to avoid it. I deserved it. This time she hit me even harder so that it almost knocked me off my chair. Before I could even regain my balance she hit me again, but this time it was not a slap. She punched me in the face and knocked my off of my chair and onto the floor. I found that I was crying and babbling, begging her for forgiveness. What had my life come to? What had happened to that "manly" man who had walked through the door only a few minutes earlier? I had just been beaten up by my own wife.

"Please! I'm sorry!" I whimpered. The man just remained in his seat. He seemed amused by the scene.

"Get the fuck up and sit your ass down, you sorry excuse for a man!" Carly yelled at me. I pulled myself up and sat. "Things are going to change around here," she continued. She pointed at the man. "This is my new lawyer." I cringed. "He has recorded all the evidence and will be my witness as to all your cheating and ..." She sighed and then shook her head and laughed. She looked at him and they both broke into laughter.

"And what?" I asked, not sure if I really wanted to know.

"You really have your little secrets, don't you, Michael?"

"Secrets?" I replied. She laughed again and the man handed her the remote control to the TV in the corner. Now what? She turned on the TV and then hit Play on the DVD player. An image came up that I immediately recognized as our bedroom. What was going on? I had never brought a woman back to my own house. I wasn't that stupid. My heart was beating rapidly, waiting to see what would happen. My heart then fell when the scene unfolded before me. I suddenly appeared on the screen and walked over to Carly's dresser. Oh, god, no! I had never told Carly about my fetish for women's lingerie. She is a pretty open-minded person and likes her share of kink, but I could never bring myself to admit to her that I liked wearing lingerie. I had brought her a lot of it over the years, though when I went deep down, I was really buying it for me to wear in secret, when she wasn't home. Now, it was no longer a secret. She and the man were looking at my horrified expression as I pulled items from her dresser and put them on. I donned a thong, then garters, then pulled stockings up my legs. I put on a bra, then went and lay on the bed and started to stroke myself. Watching those images, I was never so humiliated in my life. I couldn't even look Carly in the eye, but I knew she was watching me. Then it got worse. I went to a drawer and pulled out a vibrator and went back to the bed. I sucked and licked the vibrator like it was a cock, and then began to shove it in and out of my ass. I could hear when I clicked on the vibrator and I was moaning. I pulled my legs back so I could shove the vibrator as far in as I could. I looked so slutty.

"Look at you!" she finally said. "I don't even know what to say." She laughed in bewilderment. "I had a feeling you were cheating, so I had that private detective I hired install cameras in the bedroom. I never expected to see this!" I just looked down into my lap. I was near tears. "So you are a transvestite?"

"No! I... uh..." I couldn't explain it. I didn't think of myself as a transvestite. I just liked wearing lingerie. I had no desire to wear dresses or makeup or anything.

"Speak up, sissy!" I couldn't bring myself to look at her. She got up out of her chair and stood before me. I could only look at her feet, which were bare with toenails painted red. She reached out and put her fingers under my chin and lifted so that I was looking at her. She looked at me with a mixture of amazement and disgust. She would never again look at me as the man she married.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled. What could I really say?

"Sorry? Really?" she said. "You sleep around with a bunch of women and then dress in my clothes when I'm not around and you're 'sorry'?"

"I'm not sure what to say. I am sorry." She sat back down and she and the man shared conspiratorial smiles.

"Well, you're gonna be sorry." She turned off the TV. I didn't want to know what she meant, but I was about to find out. "You are going to make up for everything." The man handed her some papers. "First, you are going to sign this contract." She pushed the papers in front of me and then handed me a pen.

"What kind of contract?"

"You're just going to have to trust me. Sign it." I just stared at her, exasperated. She didn't really expect me to sign it without reading it and then running it by my lawyers, did she?


"But nothing, Michael. Sign it now. John here has also drawn up divorce papers to go along with all this evidence. Either sign that contract or I'll be serving you with divorce papers. Oh, and I'll make sure everyone you know sees the pictures and the video." She had me. I was helpless. Why hadn't I planned for the possibility that I would get caught? I guess I just assumed I never would get caught. She stared at me and a smile came to her lips. She knew she had me. She pointed to the papers. "Sign by each X," she said. I didn't realize what a life-changing moment this was at the time, but it was the beginning of the end of the old me. Without even reading the contract, I signed it. She reached over and took the papers and then signed them herself, then she had the man, John, sign them as a witness. "Well, now that that's settled, don't you think John deserves some thanks for all his patience and time?"

"I don't understand," I replied. I was in a fog still.

"Well, before we get into that, strip."


"Now. Out of those clothes. I want you naked." I was truly lost now. She wanted me to get naked in front of her lawyer? My slow reaction angered her and she slapped me again, bringing me back to the moment. "I said strip!" she yelled. I was suddenly afraid of her. I found myself kicking off my shoes and fumbling with the buttons of my shirt and then the belt and pants. I was suddenly naked before her and her lawyer. Being as humiliated as I was, my cock shriveled. They both laughed. "Told you," she said to John. "How such a small cock got so many ladies is beyond me." Truth be told, I am not very well endowed. Five inches or so. She held out her hand to John. He went into one of his suit pockets and handed her something. It was a pair of pink panties. She handed them to me and I just stared at her. "Well, put them on, sissy."

"Please, Carly, don't do this," I pleaded.

"That contract you just signed says that you will obey every order I give you, without hesitation. Are we going to have a problem with your obedience to me?"

"No," I said, resigned to my fate.

"Put them on. You have ten seconds." I slid into the panties. They were satin and lacy. "Good girl," she said. "Now get on your knees." I did so immediately. "That's better. I want that kind of immediate obedience every time. Is that understood?" "Yes." I stared at the floor in embarrassment. John stood up and walked around the table and stood next to my wife. He caressed her shoulder, then leaned down and kissed her. I was stunned. Their kiss suddenly became making out, their tongues dancing in each other's mouths. When they broke the kiss, she smiled and then looked at me.

"Yes, John and I are lovers," she said. "Once I saw all this evidence, I figured I may as well get fucked by a real man." Ouch. John took off his coat and I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants. Carly saw me looking at it. "I guess being a sissy and all, you want some of that, huh?" I looked at her and did not respond. I had never been near another man's cock in my life, and I didn't want to be now.

"No," I managed to get out.

"Well, I'm really horny right now and want his big cock in my pussy, and I want you to get him nice and hard for me." I just looked at her, pleading with my eyes for her to stop this nonsense. This couldn't be happening. She just laughed and reached over and softly smacked my face. "Now be a good sissy and get him really hard. I want to have that monster in me again." John stepped forward so that he was a foot or so in front of me. I was so humiliated. I was on my knees wearing panties in front of my wife and her lover.

"Well, bitch, my cock isn't going to take itself out," he said. I knew there was no way out of this, so I reached out and unbuckled his belt, then his pants. He was wearing blue briefs, but they did nothing to contain his monster cock. "Pull my underwear down without using your hands," he said. They both erupted in laughter. I leaned forward and gripped the band of his briefs with my teeth and then pulled them down to his ankles. He took off his shirt and tie as I did so. "Take off the rest of my clothes," he said and I complied. He was now naked before me and fully hard. I guess dominating me in front of my wife, his lover, turned him on. His cock was huge. It had to be at least ten inches and it was pointing toward the ceiling. It was pretty thick, too, and the veins were standing out. It pained me to admit it to myself, but this was one impressive cock. That thought must have shown on my face.

"That's one big cock, isn't it, sissy?" Carly said. "He is literally twice the man you are!" They both laughed at me again.

"Well, get to it, bitch," John barked.

"Kiss the head," Carly said. As I did so, there was a flash. She was taking pictures. Great. More evidence to bury me. "Now lick the head." I did so. He was leaking pre-cum pretty good and I slurped it up. Flash. "Now lick the shaft." I ran my tongue up and down the length of that enormous shaft. Flash. "Now lick his balls." His balls were big and hung heavy. They were shaved and I ran my tongue over them. Flash. "Now suck each ball for a minute each." I took one of his balls into my mouth and used my tongue as much as I could. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it as well as I could. When I was done with both balls, Carly said, "Now suck that cock like your life depends on it. I wrapped my lips around that monster and started taking as much as I could into my mouth. Carly continued to snap away, all the while laughing at me.

"Damn, she is just a born cocksucker," John said to her. The female pronoun was not lost on me. I gagged a bit at first, but I gradually relaxed my throat and was now taking most of him in my mouth.

"She is just a cock sucking slut, isn't she?" Carly replied. I now felt completely emasculated. He pulled out his cock and slapped my face with it. He was now just leaking pre-cum and he rubbed it all over my face and she continued to take pictures.

"Ready for some of this?" he said to her.

"I thought you'd never ask," she replied. She was standing next to him and began to stroke his cock as they kissed. She looked at me. "You can just stay there and listen to the sounds of real fucking," she said. With that, they walked, hand in hand, to the bedroom. I was forced to listen to her screams of pleasure as John gave her the fucking of her life. I thought I had brought her to orgasms during our marriage, but I had never elicited the sounds I was hearing now. He was bringing her the greatest sexual pleasure of her life, and all I could do was listen to it. It was killing me. I was in a daze.

"Get in here, slut." John's voice pulled me from my reverie. I had heard his voice but hadn't recognized what he had said. Before I knew it, he was walking toward me, his now-flaccid cock dangling between his legs. Even soft, it was impressive. He looked angry. "You will listen to orders!" he yelled. He grabbed me by the hair and began walking back toward the bedroom. I had to scurry on my hands and knees to avoid him pulling my hair out. It hurt. Carly was lying naked on the bed, looking so content and satisfied. I had never seen that look on her.

"Get up here and clean me," she said. I knew what she meant. I crawled up onto the bed and between her legs. There was so much cum on and around her pussy. I didn't know if that was one huge load or two or three smaller ones combined. I just stared at that mound of cum. "Well, slut, get to it." I leaned in and began licking up his cum. I didn't like the taste. She grabbed my hair and started grinding her pussy against my face. After ten minutes or so, she was satisfied that I had licked up every drop of cum. She pulled her leg up so that her foot was on my face, then pushed me so that I fell off the bed. They both laughed. "Now go and make us dinner. This one time you may eat with us, but from now on you will only serve me and whoever I want. Is that understood?"


"Over dinner, you will find out what your new life will be like. I am going to love controlling every aspect of your life. I have so many plans for you. John will be in on some of those, but so will my other lovers, not to mention friends and co-workers. Your employees are going to see a whole new you." Oh, god! I hadn't yet thought about other areas of my life. She had other lovers? What had I gotten myself into? When I had walked through the door to my home that day, I had no clue that things would never be the same again.

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by cdCindy106/04/18

please continue

I too am a married CD and my wife doesn't know yet. I hope she finds out and treats me like the sissy cocksucking slut that I am. Please tell us what happens next. I can't wait.

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