tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Hate It when She Leaves

I Hate It when She Leaves


The new airport security regulations really bite. In the past when she left, I was able to spend the last hour or so with her before she boarded at the gate. Now, we have to say our "good byes" outside of the security checkpoint, depriving me of an hour of her company.

She asked me if she could go on this golf vacation with her friends. Not wanting to disappoint her, I agreed. If the truth were known, I hate it when she leaves. For some husbands, when the wife is gone, they are helpless. They are incapable of cooking good meals, doing their own laundry or coping with the day to day requirements of the home. That is certainly not my case. I am a moderately good cook, have no problem with being domestic and am quite capable of taking care of myself. So that is not why I hate it when she leaves. It's because I truly cherish every minute I spend with my wife and I truly cherish her!

I can't blame her for wanting to go away to a warm climate and escape the cold and snows of a January winter in Maine. The women she goes with are life-long friends and like her are no longer saddled to the daily grind of a 9 to 5, no longer have children at home and all seem to be happily married. They have a good time and she always comes home refreshed.

This is the second marriage for both of us. We have been married just over two years and had "dated" for ten years or so before making the leap. Despite the long dating period, I still consider us to be newly weds and every time we make love, the passion grows ever greater with each orgasm.

One of my requests before she leaves is that she leaves me a pair or two of her "dirty" underwear to keep under my pillow. Every night before I fall off to sleep, I place her scented undies under my nose and pretend that my face is nestled in her crotch with my nose rubbing against her clitoris and my tongue buried deep into her vagina. When I first made my request, before she was leaving on a three day shopping trip, she looked at me like I had an extra face, but she eventually lamented and left me a nice scented pair. Now, I don't even need to ask. She has made it a part of her departure routine.

I had once hoped that she would want to have a pair of mine, but she never asks and I don't offer.

We kiss and hug at the security checkpoint. "I left you a very sweaty treat under your pillow." She whispered in my ear.

I looked lovingly and deeply into her eyes. "Thank you." I replied. My eyes, I know, were beginning to water.

I parked along the runway and waited for her plane to leave before slipping the car into gear and beginning my two hour journey home. I was missing her already. If not for our two dogs, home was going to be a lonely place for the next seven days.


Despite the fact that she knew I was fully capable of fending for myself, she usually made something special for a dinner for me and placed it in the freezer. She also placed cute little notes around the house for me to find while she was gone. One such note read "For dinner Wednesday night I have made some stuffed peppers and put them in the freezer. Enjoy!"

On Wednesday night I went down to the freezer and collected a bag of frozen stuffed peppers and headed up stairs to put them into the microwave. When I opened the bag containing the peppers I found another note. "I left you a surprise in the VCR! Have a nice dinner and when you get to bed pull out the panties I left for you and turn on the VCR. I LOVE YOU P."

My immediate thought, of course, was to run up into the bedroom and check out what she had left on the VCR, but she had obviously put some thought into this, so I continued to prepare my meal and wait.

When I got to bed that evening I did as I was told. I pulled her scented panties out from under my pillow, turned on the TV and hit "play" on the VCR remote. The TV screen was full of "snow", my penis was fully erect from expectation and her panties were still full of her scent.

When the "snow" cleared on the TV, there was a vision of our bed-empty and bathed in candlelight. Within a few seconds, she appeared on the screen-naked!

She sat on the edge of our bed and talked to the camera. "Hello, my love. I know that while I am away you smell my panties and masturbate. I though I would give you something more to masturbate to!"

She lay back onto the bed and propped herself up onto some pillows so that she was reclined, her legs spread, her heals planted firmly into the edge of the mattress and still capable of looking into the camera. The camera was directed and focused into the place that I so enjoyed being, into her lovely "love box" and her breasts and nipples visible and erect in the background. I could tell by her swollen, glistening, vaginal lips and protruding clitoris that she was very aroused.

With her left hand she began to pinch her left nipple between her thumb and forefinger. A light moan came from her lips. Her right hand traced the center of her abdomen, lightly brushed her pubic hair to the top of her clitoral hood and the traced back up her left side.

"Oh, baby. I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am." She uttered to the camera while continuing to trace circles on her belly. My erect penis became harder. I grabbed the soiled panties and placed myself along side her in the video.

"I can see you like this!" She said, lifting her head up and peering into the camera as though she was looking directly at me.

Mindlessly, I replied. "Oh, yes honey. I am enjoying this!"

"We are going to come together! Wait for me! Promise you will wait for me!"

Again, mindlessly I reply, "I'll wait honey!"

Her fingers began smaller circles until they were totally centered on her clitoris. "Oh, yes, baby that is what I want! Nice and easy! Oh, pull IT into your mouth."

My hand was firmly wrapped around my very erect member. Pre-cum was oozing from my penis and I was slowly stroking myself. I wanted to shoot my wad right then and there, but I had made a promise. I placed her scented panties against my nose and took another large "toke". I envisioned pulling her engorged clitoris in my mouth and feeling its beauty on the back of my mouth and nubbing it between my tongue and top teeth. More goo oozed from my penis and without conscious thought, my grip tightened and my pace increased.

Her fingers continued the small circles around her clitoris. She lowered her other hand to her vagina and two fingers disappeared into her vagina. "Find my spot." She uttered and I knew the spot she was reaching for. "Right there, lover. Oh yes! That's the spot!" I watched as the two sunken fingers moved in the same circular motion and the same rhythm as the fingers that were rubbing her clitoris.

The arch in her back increased and I could tell her release was near. It was a relief to me because my release was close.

"That's it, darling. Nice and easy. Can you feel my muscles contracting around your hard cock? Watch me come, but don't you come yet. I want to watch you come, too." Within moments her entire body tensed and a very loud scream of delight came from her mouth, but its origin was much deeper. A spray of her vaginal juices covered her hand. She had "squirted" before in my mouth, but it was rare and this was the first time I had actually seen her ejaculate.

It was difficult not for me to have my own release right then. I was on the edge. My anus tightened and my prostate was preparing to release its contents, but I held back while I watched wave after wave of pleasure wrack her beautiful body.

She withdrew her very drenched fingers and sat up slightly. "Now it's your turn. Come for me. Let me watch your come spray into the air!"

I needed no more encouragement. I let out my own scream. My prostate contracted violently and stream after stream of semen erupted from my cock, while my hand worked ferociously to liberate every last drop. My chest, belly and chin were all covered with my own semen.

"That was beautiful, honey." She said into the camera. "I love watching you come."

I looked at my loving wife on the TV. Her eyes were warm and her flesh soft. How did I ever get so lucky?

Staring straight into the camera "I love you!" She said, as the last of her orgasm made her shudder.

"I love you, too!" I replied to the TV and I took another good whiff of her panties. The TV screen turned back into snow and I reached for the remote.

I hate it when she leaves!


I hope you enjoy! My wife has a wonderful imagination and I love writing about it! Comments welcome-5.0 votes welcome more

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Really kind of sick!

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