tagIncest/TabooI Hate My Brother Ch. 03

I Hate My Brother Ch. 03


The next morning, I woke up laying on one side of Jacob, while his sister Tiffany was on his other side. She had fallen asleep with his cock in her hand. I lay there for a while, reminiscing about the previous night. Remembering how Jacob had pounded my pussy all night. And his sister's as well. I remembered the taste of Tiffany's pussy. I loved the way my tongue felt on her hot shaved cunt.

I got up and decided to take a shower. I went into the hall and found a bathroom. I looked around and realized that they had a beautiful home. I guess I wasn't paying much attention to it the night before. I turned the shower on and got the temperature just right. They had a ton of different kinds of body soaps. I used the one that smelled like strawberries.

As I washed the scent of sex off of my body, I started thinking of last night again. I started to wonder about how many sexual partners Tiffany had before her brother and myself. I'm pretty sure men had been throwing themselves at her. She's beautiful. She's roughly 5'6," 120 pounds, and a wonderful 34-C cup. As I started fantasizing about taking one of her breasts into my mouth again, I began to rub my pussy. I started to slide a finger into my pussy, and I dropped the soapy sponge and started to pull on my nipples. I had been moaning softly as I was pleasuring myself when the shower door opened.

"Make some room." Tiffany said with a wink, as she walked into the shower with me, followed by Jacob. I pulled my finger out of my pussy and moved towards Jacob. As I made out with her brother, I slid my finger into Tiffany's pussy, followed by a second one. My thumb was working on her clit as my fingers moved in and out. While I was still kissing Jacob, he began to rub his hand over my pussy. That's when Tiffany grabbed my hand, and worked it in and out of her pussy herself. She was fucking my hand.

I stopped kissing Jacob and got on my knees in front of Tiffany. As she continued to use my hand to fuck her pussy, I started to lick her clit. She moaned as I flicked it with my tongue. Eventually she let go of my hand and let me finger fuck her myself. As she moaned and grabbed her tits, I continued to fuck her with my fingers as I sucked hard on her clit. It sent her over the edge and she came with such an intensity. After she came she slowly fucked my tongue; by that time I was darting my tongue in her pussy tasting all her juices.

At that point, Jacob had become rock hard, and was slowly jerking his cock. Tiffany and I smiled at him. We both wanted his cock again. I remained on my knees as Tiff walked over to Jacob. She kissed him softly on the lips as he wrapped his arms around her.

They were making out passionately and rubbing their hands all over each other. I crawled over and got in between them. I took Jacob's cock into my mouth. I loved the taste of cock. I licked up and down his shaft. Tiffany got onto her knees, and we took turns blowing Jacob. As she sucked his cock, I licked his balls, and vice versa.

Then, Jacob said "Tiff get up." When she stood Jacob lifted her up and put her up against the shower wall as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Then, he put his dick at the entrance of her pussy. He entered her slowly, until his dick was completely consumed by his sister's pussy. He started to slowly pump his cock into her cunt. As I watched them fuck, I started to rub my clit.

For a moment, I thought I had heard a noise. But I figured it was nothing, so I concentrated on Jacob fucking Tiff and me rubbing my clit trying to make myself cum.

All three of us were moaning and screaming. As I pumped a finger in and out of my pussy and rubbed my clit, I screamed out "yes, yes, Jacob, fuck your sister's pussy good. mm yes, pound it baby, fuck it hard. Make her cum."

Jacob replied by pumping his cock into her pussy faster.

"oh god yes Jacob, fuck my pussy with your fat cock. Please make me cum."

I was on the verge of having an orgasm myself when the shower door flew open. Standing outside of the shower was an attractive older couple with looks of shock and anger on their faces. I realized that these were Jacob and Tiffany's Parents. I don't know why they came back from their trip so suddenly, but I guess that's really not any of my business.

Their mother nearly passed out, and their father screamed, "What the fuck is going on here." He had this gross vein in his neck when he yelled. I found it a little funny and I'm sure they all could see how amused I was.

Jacob's cock went limp inside Tiffany and he pulled out. His father grabbed him while his mother grabbed Tiffany. She looked at me, "Who THE FUCK ARE YOU?"

I smiled and said I had to go get my clothes. I went back into Tiffany's room and got my clothes off the floor and began to put them on. I realized my blouse was still downstairs so I went to get it. I passed Jacob's parent's room on my way and overheard their parents screaming at them. But, they stopped when they saw me walk past with my bra on. When I got downstairs and started to put my blouse on I heard footsteps coming downstairs. I was dressed and about to leave when I heard his mother say, "Hey where the fuck do you think you're going you little slut."

"Hey fuck you, go tend to your kids, I'm outta here," I shot back.

"Not until you give me your name and phone number so I can call your parents and tell them what you've been up to." She said it like she was threatening me. Like that was the worst thing that could happen to me.

"First of all, I'm 18 years old. So legally I'm an adult. Which means my mom doesn't care who I fuck. And second, even if she did give a shit, what are you going to tell her? 'I just came home and your daughter was watching my son give my daughter the best fuck of her life'? Get real lady." She had a look of defeat on her face, which made me smile. I walked out of their house and slammed the front door.

It wasn't until I walked out of their yard that I remembered that Jacob had driven me their. I didn't have a ride home. So, I walked about 2 blocks to the bus stop. I was so pissed. I guess that's karma.

I don't want to go into detail about the bus ride home, so let me just say it was long, loud, and smelly.

I arrived home around noon. I noticed my mom's car wasn't there which was a relief. I really didn't feel like talking to her right then. But I did notice a car in the front that I had never seen before. When I opened my front door, I heard someone playing a video game on the television in the living room. I walked in and saw that both of my brothers were there.

They were sitting on the couch playing a new X-Box.

"Where did that game come from?" I asked them.

"I bought it." Eric said, never taking his eyes off of the game. I think they were playing madden or something.

"Like my new car?" Andy asked, not taking his eyes off of the game either.

"It's okay," I replied.

I wondered why they were both there but I didn't think it really mattered. I left them and went upstairs to my bedroom so I could change clothes. As I was getting dressed I started thinking about Andy's dick again. I remembered the way it tasted and how big it was. I was getting myself horny again.

Then I started thinking about Eric. I wondered how big his cock was. I figured that since they're brothers, maybe they both have big cocks. Eric is about 6 years older than Andy so his cock was probably larger. I started fantasizing about how big Eric's cock might be. After rubbing my pussy through my shorts for a bit, I noticed that I didn't hear any sounds coming from downstairs anymore. So I decided to see what they were doing.

I got downstairs and was about to enter the living room when I heard Andy say, "No lie man. I fucked her. It was some of the best pussy I've ever had. She gets so fucking wet man. I damn near drowned." He was bragging to Eric about the day we fucked.

Then, I heard Eric say, "Right, and I'm supposed to believe you right? Get real man."

"Man I'm not lying. I fucked her raw. You know mom has had her on those pills for a few years now. I'm telling you man, you could probably fuck her if you wanted."

"Whatever man. I'm not fucking my sister, and you're sick for even making something like that up."

After I heard Eric say that I walked in and let them know I had been listening.

"Would you tell Eric that we fucked." Andy said with a grin.

"I don't know why, it's not like he's going to believe us."

Eric had a look of total disbelief on his face. "You two fucked? I mean for real, did you?"

Andy said yes, and I just stared at Eric. He looked like he was angry, but I didn't care at that point. I mean seriously, what was he going to do?

"I still don't believe you two." He said, but he definitely had doubt in his voice.

"Hey sis, lets prove it to him." Andy said.

"How are we going to do that?"

And with that, Andy smiled, stood up, and pulled his pants and boxers down. Eric's jaw dropped. He didn't see that coming at all.

I walked over to Andy and told him, "Well we can't prove anything with your dick limp like that now can we?"

I pushed him back down on the couch and got down on my knees in front of him. I pulled his pants and underwear the rest of the way down and threw them towards Eric who was still in a state of shock. I grabbed Andy's cock and began to stroke it. He started to groan and I looked over at Eric and it seemed like the shock had started to wear off. He had moved over to get a clearer view of Andy and myself.

When Andy was almost all the way hard, I took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him to a full erection. I couldn't believe how good his cock tasted. I missed it so much. Jacob's cock had nothing on Andy's. I looked at Eric from the corner of my eye and his jaw had dropped again. I tried to take all of Andy's cock in but I couldn't without gagging.

I noticed how much Andy was enjoying himself. He had his head back and his eyes clothes, moaning. So, I stopped sucking his cock just to piss him off. And boy was he pissed.

I got up and sat down next to him on the couch. He took off his shirt while I started to undress. When we were both completely naked, we looked over at Eric who was staring at us.

"You two are fucking nuts. Incest? That's just wrong. How can you fuck your own sister Andy? How can you be turned on by your own fucking sister?"

"You tell me." Andy replied.

I looked down and saw what he was talking about. I said, "Why don't you ask your cock that same question Eric. Because it's obviously excited about something.

Eric looked embarrassed and backed away. Andrew looked at me and said, "Suck my dick again." I told him no.

"I want to blow Eric."

"Oh hell no. I'm not getting into this bullshit," Eric replied. I got up and walked over to him and he attempted to back way until I grabbed his shirt.

"Look, we're all horny here. And don't try and deny it because I see that big cock of yours trying to get to my pussy. Now what goes on in here is between us."

I could tell that Eric was contemplating fucking me, and I was sure his cock would make him do it. Eric didn't say another word. He didn't have to. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wanted to fuck me. Plus, his cock had become fully erect.

He just stood there as I removed his shirt. He lifted his legs as I removed his shoes and socks. I pulled his pants down and he lifted his legs again to help me remove them.

"Just one more layer," I said to him with a grin. And with that, I pulled his under wear off.

I was in a state of awe. His dick was so beautiful. It was just as long as Andy's, but thicker. I never wanted a cock more than I did at that very moment. Before anyone said a world I began to suck Eric's cock. I was trying to get as much of his cock into the back of my throat as possible. It got to a point where Eric grabbed my head to hold it still, and he face fucked me. He fucked my face for about a good 10 minutes before he came. He shot load after load of hot cum into the back of my throat and all over my face. I tried to swallow as much as I could but some still dripped out of the sides of my mouth. I felt like such a slut. And I loved every minute of it.

I went to the bathroom to wash the cum off of my face. When I came out, I told Eric, "I need you to fuck my pussy as hard as you can. Don't be gentle. I want you to make me scream."

He seemed surprised that his little sister could say such words. I had to remind him that his "little" sister had just swallowed his cum.

"Come suck my dick now." I heard Andy say again. I just laughed at him and rolled my eyes.

"Do you think you can get your cock hard again?" I asked Eric.

"I might need a little help."

"Sit on the couch." After Eric went and sat on the couch, I sat down between him and Andy. With my right hand, I began to stroke Andy's cock, and with my left hand I stroked Eric's.

Andy was grunting and saying, "Yeah, pump your big brother's dick bitch. Make me cum all over your hand. Fuck yeah."

Eventually, Eric's cock had hardened again, so I stopped jacking them.

"Don't stop I wanted to cum." Andy screamed at me. Like I cared.

I turned to Eric and said, "Fuck Me Now."

He looked nervous so I took the lead. I climbed on his lap and hovered my pussy over his cock head. I was already wet, which made it easier to get that fat cock into me. I slowly eased down on him. The head of his cock entered me and that alone felt incredible. It felt like his fat cock was ripping me apart. Pleasure and pain is what turns me on more than anything.

I didn't take my time with the rest of his cock. I eased all the way down, till my pussy was wrapped all over his cock.

"Damn, you're so wet already." Eric moaned.

I smiled at him as my pussy muscles tightened around his dick and he moaned again. I started to move my hips, fucking that fat cock of his. Slowly at first. Then I began to fuck him faster, lifting my pussy off of his cock then slamming back down into cock heaven. I threw my head back, screaming and moaning cries of joy. Eric was fucking me back, keeping pace. Andy was on the other end of the couch watching us and jerking himself off.

"Oh god, I'm going to come." I screamed out. My pussy was having spasms over his dick. I began to slam down on his cock much faster and he fucked me even harder until I screamed out, "oh yes yes fuck, I'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me." And I came.

I felt so weak after that orgasm. It was amazing. I had never felt more relieved. I was exhausted, and my body collapsed onto Eric. After catching my breathe, I got up off of his cock and sat down between Eric and Andy again. Andy was still stroking his cock.

"Can you blow me now?" He asked, for the third time. I didn't answer him. I looked over at Eric and he was still hard.

Andy started to rub my pussy, and pumped two fingers into my wet cunt. Then, he rubbed my wetness over his cock and continues to jack himself.

Eric grabbed my arms and made me lay down on the couch. My head was now on Andy's lap, right by his cock. Eric climbed on top of me, and without hesitation he rammed his cock into my pussy as far as he could go. Then he pumped in and out of my pussy with a fast pace. I was loving it.

"Yes, fuck me like that, pound that fat cock into my pussy Eric. Harder, harder. Make me cum again. Fuck me."

Andy had laid his cock on my mouth and I began to lick his length. I sucked my juices off of his cock and his pre-cum. I wrapped my legs around Eric's body tight and told him to fuck me harder.

"Man I'm sick of this shit. Get Up." Andy said. Eric just continued to fuck me.

"Get up. I want some too." He yelled.

Eric stopped fucking me. After a few seconds he pulled his cock out of me. When Eric had stood up, Andy yanked me up by the arm.

"Ouch! What the hell?" I said.

Andy pulled me so I was standing right in between Eric and himself.

"Fuck her man." Andy said.

Eric shot back, "I was fucking her until you made me stop."

"No I mean fuck her right now. Here, let me help." From behind me, Andy lifted me up with those muscular arms of his and held me against his body.

"Here man. Her pussy is level with your dick. Fuck her."

"While you're holding her?" Eric asked, puzzled.

"Just do it, or I'll fuck her pussy myself."

So, Eric held on to me with Andy. He rammed his cock into me so hard that Eric almost stumbled. But, he planted his feet back down. He began to pound my wet pussy again. I was in cock heaven with his dick once more. And with them having me lifted I felt like I was on a cloud.

I felt Andy stick a finger inside my asshole. I moaned and he inserted two. He whispered in my ear, "This is going to hurt so bad."

I whispered back, "It better."

And after saying that, he slammed his cock deep into my ass hole. I cried out in pain. He was pumping my ass hard and it hurt so bad. But then the pain subsided and all I felt was pleasure. With each thrust Eric gave into my pussy, I was pushed back to another thrust Andy was giving my ass.

This was my first experience with double penetration. I had read about it before, and I had watched it before when I checked out porn on line. But to actually be fucked by two huge cocks at the same time was more thrilling than I could've ever imagined.

They fucked me for what felt like hours. I was in another world. I had no clue of what was going on around me. All I know was that I was completely full, and that I never wanted to be without a cock deep inside me again. We screamed and cursed. My hair was pulled, their backs were scratched. My pussy had cum so many times. My own juices were running down my legs.

Then they both began to speed up their rhythm and I knew they were both about to cum. I was hoping they would both cum at the same time.

As I came down from my final intense orgasm, Eric shot his load up my cunt. He was followed by Andy shooting his up my ass. They held me up as they shot loads of their thick cum up my pussy and ass until I had mixtures of their cum and my juices all over my pussy, ass, and legs.

Eric pulled out first, and went and flopped down on the couch. Then Andy put me down and pulled his dick out of my ass. He went and got on the couch also.

I was exhausted. My pussy was numb. I couldn't even walk so I just collapsed in the middle of the floor. I caught my breath and dozed off to sleep.

I woke up a while later to the sound of the phone ringing. Andy and Eric were both still naked and were awaken by the phone also.

I got up, still sore, and answered. It was my mother. She said she had gotten into a fight with her "friend" and was coming home. After I hung up the phone I looked around the house. There was cum and my wetness all over the couch and carpet.

I told my brothers that my mom was on her way, so they should get dressed and clean up before they left. They began to get dressed while I headed to the shower to wash the dry cum and smell of sex off of my body.

While in my shower I began to think about what had happened that morning. I wondered what happened with Jacob and Tiffany.

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