tagIncest/TabooI Know I Should Be Studying Mom

I Know I Should Be Studying Mom


It's exam time so I'm at home most days studying. I'm supposed to be studying, but sometimes it gets so boring. Good thing I still live at home. My mom's retired so she's home too and if I'm downstairs for more than a minute she sends me back up there with a glass of water or whatever it was I came down for.

You know how the mind of a young man wanders though, right? Well, i was getting tired of reading so I went to my desk and started checking out the facebook profiles of the girls at school. I started to get hot. I can't believe some of the pictures girls will post on the internet.

I guess I'd been stroking it for a while and my mom thought she'd be funny so she came upstairs and threw my door open suddenly, "Get back to work young ma...." she started. I guess she was expecting me to be goofing off but I don't think she expected me to be jerking off.

I tried to cover myself but my pants were around my god damn ankles and my desk is perpendicular to the door, so she saw everything.

"Mom!" I yelled. "Oh I'm so sorry" she stammered and quickly closed the door.

I could feel my whole body turn red in embarassment and my erection quickly died off. I tried to get back on track, I'd been close to cumming when she burst in my door, but it was impossible. I was too rattled. So i went back to reading on my bed.

After a while there was a timid knock on my door. My heart started to pound. I really wasn't ready to face my mother again after what she saw. I was hoping she'd even be embarassed enough to suggest to my father that they go out for dinner, leaving me to my own devices, so I wouldn't have to see her again that night. After a minute she said, "can I come in?" and opened the door a crack.

"yeah, you can come in." I said. She was wearing blue jeans and a light button-up blouse. She was holding a full glass of water and I was afraid she was going to splash it on me, to cool me down. She put it on the night stand next to my bed and sat down on the edge of my bed.

"Listen honey," she began, "I'm sorry I burst in on you like that. I was just trying to be funny." "I know, don't worry about it mom. I should have been studying." I said, trying to move things along. She was sitting quite close to me on the bed and her left hip was pressing against my thigh a little.

"Yes, you should have been." she said, "but I know how hard, or, difficult it can be to concentrate sometimes. I know you have urges honey," "Mom!" I protested. "No, listen I've been there, I know what it's like with all this school work. I was in university once too and i know sometimes there isn't a lot of time to meet girls." "I've met girls mom." "Well I haven't met any of them, how should I know? Besides, you haven't 'MET' any recently judging by the state of your dirty socks." She gave me a 'tsk tsk' kind of look, the kind of look mothers everywhere have perfected, and I knew what she was talking about. I'd been using my socks as cum rags on a nightly basis since the winter semester began. I should have at least used white socks.

I was a little confused by the direction my mother was taking this conversation. Usually when i did something she didn't approve of she'd tell me she expected more of me and that would be it, she'd leave me alone. Now though she seemed to be getting fairly comfortable on the edge of my bed.

"I've been thinking about it sweetie," she said, "and I really want you to do well on your exams. I know you're a good student, but I don't want certain... frustrations to get in the way."

I started to blush again. Something stirred in my pants. Where WAS she going with this?

"If you like," she put a hand on my thigh, "I don't mind helping you relieve some of the pressure you've been feeling."

I couldn't speak. She began stroking my thigh back and forth, closer and closer to my crotch and the uncomfortably folded up cock that lay just on the other side of my jeans. She took the book away from me and leaned forward.

Her blouse gapped open and her breasts brushed against my chest. I couldn't help but look down her shirt. The sight of the tops of her breasts cause my cock to stiffen a little more. She saw me look but didn't say anything, she just kissed my cheek.

"I love you sweetie. I don't want to see you in any discomfort. Why don't you come here, sit next to me on the edge of the bed."

I was mesmorized. I turned and sat next to my mother on the edge of my bed while she undid the top two buttons of her blouse. My heart was going to burst out of my chest at any moment.

My mother put her hand on my chest this time and felt how my daily swims at the university gym had built my pecs. She smiled a little. I stared at her cleavage. Her hand moved down my torso to my stomach. I must have been tense or something because my abs were rock hard. She moved her hand over the ribs in my abs.

"Maybe I should wash your socks with this washboard hmm?" she said. her breath was warm on my face and smelled slightly of gin.

Her hand moved down to my knee, skipping over my crotch. My stiffening cock had straightened itself out when I moved to sit next to my mother, but it was pointing down and out the leg hole of my briefs. A large tube shape strained against the leg of my pants and as my mother's hand moved up my thigh she found it.

"Oh!" she said and moved her hand away from it. "What is this? Is my boy all grown up now?". She extended a single finger and ran it up and down the length of my cock, feeling it through the stretched material of my jeans. "I think it wants out. Does it want out?" asked my mother.

"yeah." I breathed. She laughed, "You're nervous! don't be nervous, I'm your mother! And mother knows best!"

She undid my belt and started undoing the button on my pants. I kept staring down her shirt. Her tits looked amazing. they looked delicious. I was breathing hard and I guess she noticed.

She stopped undoing my pants for a moment. "Do you want me to stop?" she asked naively. "no" I gasped. "do you want to see mommy's titties?" she asked. I just nodded. She kissed me on the forehead and said, "anything for my baby."

My mother undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse and revealed her small, perfect shoulders. Then she reached behind her, unhooked her bra and shook it onto the floor. Her gorgeous breasts filled my vision. Her nipples were hard and thick. I licked my lips. "ahem! Eyes up here mister!" she said. "I'm kidding honey. Do you like them?" She bounced her tits with her hands and twisted her nipples a little. "When you were a baby you used to suck so hard on mommy's nipples. Do you remember that?"

"No" I said. "Do you want to suck mommy's titties right now?"

I nodded as my head automatically moved towards my mother's breasts. I took her left nipple in my mouth and started sucking. it felt so good against my tongue. So natural and delicious. My mom let out a little moan and held my head to her chest. I sucked and sucked like I was expecting milk. "You are hungry aren't you baby?" she said. I nodded and kept sucking. "Well, I think that's enough. It's mommy's turn to eat." I flicked my tongue against her nipple one more time and sat up again.

My mother resumed unzipping my pants and I stood slightly so she could pull them off me. I was sitting in my underwear on the edge of my bed next to my mother, and my rock hard cock was sticking out the leg hole of my briefs. She licked her lips. There was a bead of precum on the tip of my penis.

She stroked the underside of my cock very gently, stopping just shy of the head. "I need a better view of this masterpiece" she said. She got on her knees in front of me and put her face just inches from my cock. She looked up at me and I nearly came right then.

My mother extended her tongue until the tip was just almost touching the end of my penis, then, with one little lick she took the bead of precum and tasted it. "mmmmm" she moan, "oh my god that's good. I need some more where that came from!" she winked at me and pulled my underwear off.

Her warm, soft 50 year old hands held my cock and began polishing the end of it like an antique, very gently, but firmly. She breathed her hot breath onto my cock and another bead of precum appeared. My mother used her finger to pick that up and spread it on her lips before licking it off.

Finally she did the truly unthinkable. My mother opened her mouth, looked me in the eye and slid my cock past her lips, over her tongue and as far into her mouth as she could manage. The heat was intense.

She pulled it out very slowly, curling her tongue to put pressure on the underside of my cock until it was right at the tip. There she flicked her tongue back and forth against the underside of the head of my prick. As she did this she jerked it vigorously with her hands. In a moment the first shot of jism shot out of my cock and onto my mother's nose. She didn't let another one escape. My mother swallowed my cock and gulped with everything shot of cum that poured out of me. She was smiling as she swallowed her son's seed but I was lost in ecstacy.

Finally my orgasm subsided and my mother squeezed the last of my jiz from my cock. She picked up her bra and blouse and stood in front of me, gazing proudly at her son's spent cock and happy, exhausted face.

I shook my head. "What the hell was that?" I said. "Works every time" said my mom, "I developed that technique when your father was working on his phd. You should be good for a while now. So get back to work you little monkey."

She bent over and kissed me on the lips. I could taste my cum on her and it nearly got me hard again. She stood again and grabbed the water from my nightstand, took a sip. Suddenly remembering something she wiped the splash of cum from the side of her nose with a finger and licked it up. "Delicious" she said. "but next time..." and with this she bent forward and whispered in my ear, "I think you're going to have to fuck me."

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