tagIncest/TabooI Like It Ch. 02

I Like It Ch. 02



Thank you, one and all, for the critique and for the praise over my original story, "I Like It". I take all comments seriously in an effort to improve my writing and story telling.

It's curious how one can review a story and still miss errors in spelling and grammar, not to mention the flagrant misuses, noted by one kind reviewer. Please enjoy Part II, of this story.

I look forward to added comments and hope that all of you readers will find this next submission better in all respects, than the first. (I have taken the time to re-edit the first submission. If anyone would like a copy, please contact me)


The years passed, nearly unnoticeable and far too quickly for all of us, with the exception of one event.

In '89 mom and dad died, as the result of a night out and another driver, who had fallen asleep at the wheel. The funeral, highly emotional as funerals go, was attended by family and co-workers, and of course, Jan and I. It wasn't until we were leaving that we noticed Cathy, standing behind most everyone else at the cemetery.

We were happy to see her, even under these, saddest of, circumstances and with Jan's husband, we all returned to the house, for after services mourning. As the evening came to an end, we promised, one another, to keep in closer contact. The promise was kept, with phone calls, e-mails and the cards of birthdays and major holidays. Mom and dad's passing had left Jan and me fairly well off, but our lives were still empty and neither of us really understood why, until...

1994 came, making me 29 and Jan, an even more gorgeous, 28, as far as I was concerned. Five, lonely, years had passed for me. I never involved myself with anyone, feeling I had but one love in my life and that was my sister. Oh, I occasionally bedded one model or another, but nothing serious. I always looked forward to our family gatherings, during the holidays and Jan's surprise flashings, which gave me renewed hope, of our somehow being together, in some weird way.

It was the Forth of July when I received an e-mail from Cathy,

"Arriving in Edgerton today, on 11:30 train! Look forward to spending 4th with you guys! Sorry for late notice, but I need a ride. Come get me!" Cath-LOL

At the time, I thought it was kind a funny, sending a late e-mail and all, but I had nothing else to do anyway. I called Jan and informed her of the news and was even more surprised by her comments.

"Ya, I know. I told Cathy to e-mail you. We've been talking, heavily, for months now and she's in a bad way. She needs us, John." Jan responded.

"Oh really, nice of you to let me know, sis. Speaking of "bad ways", how are you and Steve getting on these days?" I asked back.

"Same old crap, you know. He's pissed about the no kid thing and he keeps badgering me about it. But fuck, John, he knew that going into the marriage. I told him I didn't want kids!" She said, in a despondent tone and added,

"He walked out this morning, telling me "fuck the 4th and my family". He's took the train to go visit his brother in New York. I think we're about through John and that's another thing we need to talk over."

I sighed at Jan's comments, but secretly felt a perverse joy over Jan's dilemma, and made sure she would still be coming later that afternoon.

"Damn right! You don't think I'd leave you and Cathy alone, do you!" She shouted and then finally laughed, bringing a smile to my face.

Looking at my watch, I figured I had 2 ½ hours before having to leave for the station and decided I'd start getting things ready for the 4th. 45 minutes later, Jan walked through my door.

"John, where are you?" I heard her call out.

"Kitchen, Jan!" I shouted back.

Jan walked through the kitchen doorway and, without saying a word, came up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deep and hard.

"God help me, but I love you so damn much." She said, after pulling away and motioning for me to sit and then went on,

"Look I know you're busy, but Cathy and I will help later. Right now, you need to know a few things and I want you to hear me out, before saying a word."

"Ok." I said, almost stupidly, finding a chair to sit down on.

"Steve, secretly, filed for divorce several weeks ago. I found out last week, by accident and now I'm scrambling to save my ass." She started out, as I sat looking shocked.

"Jan, I can't..." and Jan cut me off, adding,

"Dammit John. Hear me out. I'm putting my inheritance money in your name, that bastard isn't getting a nickel of it. You understand?"

I nodded slowly and took Jan's hand, not knowing if I was trying to comfort her or hide my guilt over the happiness I was starting to feel.

"So, this next week I need you to go with me to the bank. The paperwork is ready and all we have to do sign. After that, I don't give a rat's ass what that moron does!" Jan said finishing and reached out to hug me again.

"Jesus Jan, are you sure? I mean you sound like you've thought it all out, but is there no chance for you two?" I responded back, trying to sound like a concerned brother.

"None John, we're through. I figure with you and me pooling our money we can go anywhere we like and pretty much live the way we want. Whatta ya say brother? You still love your sister?" Jan said, pulling away slightly, giving me her warmest smile.

"Like no one else, except maybe Cathy! She does give a mean blow job!" I chided Jan and received a resounding smack on the cheek.

"Ya? We'll see about that and you're still a shit!" Jan said, laughing.

"Now what?" I asked Jan.

"We've got a little time, and seeing you love your sister, so much, I'm sure you'd go out and grab my bags for me, huh? I think we should get ready and head for the train station. The rest of the prep work we'll take of when we get back, Cathy can help. OK?" Jan said, rising and pulling my hand.

"Bags?" I questioned.

"Yes, bags. I packed some things, figuring I'd stay a few days." Jan came back, as she swatted my ass, sending me on my way, adding,

"Get moving, you're wasting time!"

I returned with Jan's bags and heard the shower running and called out to Jan, as I topped the stairwell,

"Got your bags, I'll just put them in the spare bedroom, sis."

"Like hell you will. You don't think I've been flashing you my pussy all these years to sleep alone do you? Put them in your bedroom and get your sweet ass in here, I need your help." She yelled back.

I found Jan stripped bare, standing in the middle of the bathroom, holding a can of shaving cream in one hand and a razor in the other.

God, she was still so fucking awesome. Her breasts had grown, like mothers, and were a firm 38 in size. Her areolas were dollar sized or larger and perfectly round, surrounding her eraser nipples, now hardened, begging to be sucked. Her tummy was still flat, having had no children, and quivered slightly, at my touch, as I walked up to her. I cupped the cheek of her ass and squeezed lightly, as I bent to kiss her, feeling the firm muscles lying below her skin.

"Whoa John, we're suppose to be getting ready, remember?" Jan said, winking at me and added,

"I've got a job for you. I normally go a saloon for a bikini wax, but today is your lucky day! Here's the razor and cream, time for you to help. And please John, be careful!"

Jan crawled up on the bathroom counter and stretched out on the towel she had placed there, while I stripped down. Jan never took her eyes off me and when she saw my hard cock, standing bolt up right, she giggled and said,

"I knew you loved me. You always get hard for me!" and spread her legs wide.

I shook the shaving cream can and readied myself, feeling Jan's soft hand wrap around my stiff cock, slowly moving up and down.

Squirting cream in my hand, I began rubbing Jan's labia and her rising belly just above her pussy. I slowly moved down and added more cream below her labia and between her butt cheeks up to her rectum and spread more outward on her firm inner thighs.

"Ready?" I asked, with an uncontrollable grin.

"Oh ya. Jesus John, you've got me wet already, get going and be careful, I mean it!" She said and squeezed my dick firmly with the word "careful".

I grabbed a hand towel and wiped the razor after each stroke, starting at her upper belly and working my way down towards her labia.

I widened her left leg and flattened her labia, with my forefinger and thumb, as I slid the razor down her inner thigh and across her labia. Repeating this process, I shaved her inner thigh and pussy clean, being ever more cautious as I closed in on the end of her slit and rounded towards her rectum.

Jan stopped rubbing my cock at that point and holding her breath she waited for me to finish, relieved that I had not scrapped or cut her. When I pressed her right leg down and began to repeat the process, Jan renewed her stroking and played with my pre-cum.

I touched up here and there, making sure her labia was completely clean, before I moved to finish up on her ass. Raising both legs, I hooked my arm through behind her knees and pressed them down, causing her ass to rise and spread. I finish shaving her, drawing slow and purposeful strokes with the razor.

Jan was dripping wet by that time. I released her legs and she swung around to sit up and turn towards me. Placing both hands on my throbbing cock, she leaned in, opened mouthed and inserted her tongue, darting in and out of my mouth and playing with my tongue, as she slid out farther on the counter.

I took a half step towards her and allowed Jan to guide my stiffened cock into her hot, wet, pussy. As my cock head pushed in, Jan let out a low moan and pulled back from my lips, saying,

"God, I've loved your cock from the day I watched you draw it. It's been too damn long since you've jammed that big boy in my pussy."

Slowly I worked my hips, pushing in until I felt Jan's uterus and pulling back out until I was just separating her labia, then quickly re-entering her quivering pelvis, rubbing her clit with each stroke.

Jan wrapped her arms around my waste, dug her fingers into my ass cheeks and separated them, pulling me tight into her and whispered,

"I'm so close John. Fuck me hard now, make me understand what I've missed all these years!" and with that said, she released my ass, grabbed my hips and helped me slam into her pussy, harder with each stroke.

Feeling Jan start to release, I bent and grabbed a nipple between my lips and pulled hard, as I slammed my last strokes and felt a hot load of cum shoot into my sister. Bending my legs slightly I made rapid thrusts with my hips, as my cock pulsed load after load of cum deep in Jan's pussy, causing her to scream out and again dig her nails into me.

"Oh my fucking God, you-are-so-big-and-good!" Jan screamed out, in time to my thrusts.

Jan's head lay on my shoulder, her arms still wrapped around my waste, as I heard her crying softly,

"I can't believe how much I love you John. I've wanted your cock in me every time I've seen you and it's been driving me insane."

I kissed Jan's forehead, held her tight and waited for my cock to shrink inside her, before pulling away. Jan gently held my cock as it came out and with it a huge load of cum. Raising her hand, she slurped up the cum and sought my mouth hungrily, as she swallowed.

Our kiss finish, I smiled at her, told her how much I too loved her and how miserable I'd been without her, a tear running down my cheek. Jan wiped away the tear, cupped my face and said,

"You have me now. Any time, anywhere, anyway you want me. I'm yours John and have been, since that first day on the couch. Come on brother, we gotta shower and a date to keep." And sliding off the counter Jan led us into the still running shower.

An hour later we sat at the station, awaiting Cathy's arrival.

Cathy had changed very little, since her appearance at our parent's funeral. Dressed now, for hot summer weather, Cathy stepped off the train wearing a light summer skirt and open necked blouse. Waving madly at Jan, they both ran towards one another shouting with glee and jumping up and down as they met, hugging and kissing and babbling on about nothing in particular. I welcomed the opportunity to study Cathy a bit closer, before they made it back to me.

Cathy's red hair seemed to change colors as the, near noon day, sun added warmth and fire to it. Her hair was still long and beautiful, curling around her full features. Her green eyes were set off by shining red lipstick and a perfect smile, as she and Jan approached.

It was then I noticed her skirt was nearly see through, so light of fabric, and I could just make out her underwear, a neutral colored thong, cut very low in front and, I imagined, had but a simple string going up through her butt cheeks.

Her blouse showed off her ample breasts in glorious fashion, breasts that were slightly larger than Jan's, and unfettered by a bra. The blouse, unbuttoned, high lighted her cleavage and I watched her breasts bounce, as she walked towards me, and with each step her nipples seem to harden more, from the friction of the material.

"Hi, you gorgeous woman, you! Say, are you just happy to see me or is it too cold around here?" I said, opening my arms to hug Cathy.

"What? Too cold, what are you talking about?" Cathy responded, grinning wide and walking into my arms.

As we parted slightly I reached up and gently squeezed one hardened nipple and smiled at her saying,

"Ya, either it's too cold or you're just happy to see me judging by those nipples of yours!"

Jan broke up laughing, Cathy's face turned red, as she slapped my arm and came back,

"You shit! You know I'm happy to see you, my nipples just made it here before I did, that's all!" and with that Cathy grabbed me again giving me a very slow and wet kiss.

"Hey you guys, am I gonna have to get you two a room!" Jan quipped.

Cathy released her lip lock on me and started to laugh. Jan grabbed her hand and they turned to head for the car, leaving me to wait for the baggage, a cycle, that I knew would repeat itself at the house.

After loading Cathy's baggage in the car I climbed in to find Cathy sitting in the middle. Cathy's legs were up, due to the center hump and her dress had ridden up to a delicious height. I noticed Jan's arm resting on Cathy's leg, as her hand gently massaged Cathy's inner thigh, just below her thong, the material now visible between her legs.

As we started to leave, Cathy rested her left arm and hand, like Jan's, on my thigh and began massaging me, saying,

"Oh God it's good to be with you two again. I'm so excited."

Looking at Cathy, I smiled, feeling my cock grow and answered her back,

"It's good to have you back Cath, we've missed you." and squeezed her hand, as she moved it higher, just touching my enlarging dick.

The drive back to the house was uneventful, mostly. The girls talked about old times and what we were going to do for the 4th. . The decision had been made that we were going to the lake, after having a bar-be-que at home, to watch the fireworks, when Jan suddenly called out to me,

"John! Can you believe how big her tits are? They're bigger than mine, you've had surgery! Tell the truth Cath!" shocking me out of my day dreaming.

"I noticed, believe me I noticed Jan!" I responded, watching Cathy turn red again, as Jan reached in, separating her blouse even more, and hefted her left breast.

"Oh my God Jan, you're embarrassing the hell out me! And no I haven't had surgery, they're mine and all me!" Cathy said laughing, as Jan removed her hand, leaving the blouse spread wide open and allowing me to see Cathy's pale pink areola and nipple.

Cathy composed herself, slightly, as we arrived at the house and jumped out immediately after Jan, slapping her on the ass and chiding her,

"Oh, you are so gonna get it later girlfriend!"

In the house they went and I went to retrieve luggage once again, little did I know that "later" would be sooner than I thought.

I walked into the spare bedroom to find Cathy slipping out of her skirt, her ass facing me and slightly bent over, she presented me with a wonderful view of her full firm ass, the thong string barely noticeable as it traveled to places yet to be explored. Smiling I set the luggage down and Cathy turned at the sound.

"You think I still have it, John?" She said, slapping her ass, making it jiggle.

"Cathy you'll always have it as far as I'm concerned." I answered, giving her wolf whistle and turned to leave.

"I heard that John!" came a reply from the bathroom, as the door opened and Jan stepped out, wearing just a thong and a smile.

Cathy and I are going to sun bathe for a while, it's early and we can help you with the bar-be-que later, OK?" Jan added.

"It don't get any better than that!" I beamed at the girls, leaving for the kitchen.

I stood at the kitchen sink, making a few early preparations for the nights activities, when Jan and Cathy walked in, naked. I mean bare assed, ain't got a stich on naked, towels and oil in hand, looking for something to drink.

Saddling up to me, one on each side, they pressed their breasts into my arms and both reached to rub my belly, just above the waste band of my shorts, saying almost in unison,

"John, if you get us a drink we'll finish the prep work." giggling, as they turned, wiggled their beautiful bare asses at me and walked out on the deck.

I was hard in an instant and fumbling for the vodka and Collins mix, trying to remain calm enough to make their drinks and adding one for myself. As prepared the drinks I stood watching the girls, as made ready their spots for sun bathing. Each in turn, spreading a towel out, bending to straighten it, making sure I had a perfect view of their asses and tits, as they did so.

I watched in fascination, as the girls sat, Indian style facing one another, and began to oil each others breasts. I marveled at how softly they touched each other, stopping to rub and roll each others nipples, making them hard and stand out. I watched as Cathy lifted Jan's breasts, one at a time, and made sure she had gotten oil under and all around them. Not to be out done, Jan had Cathy fall forward on hands and knees, performing a similar ritual with Cathy's tits, as they hung down so beautifully.

I shook my head to clear it, as I finished our drinks and decided I had better get out there before I came in my shorts! With drinks in hand, I walked through the door and felt my breath leave me, like I had been punched in the stomach. My mouth hung open, no breath escaped, as I looked at the most sensual thing I could ever imagine.

Jan, lying on a towel was straddled by Cathy, 69 style, and both were eagerly pursuing each others pussy's with abandon. Hearing the door slam, Cathy looked up, tits swaying to Jan's advances, telling me,

"I told you I missed you guys! Bring the drinks." and then quickly inhaling added,

"Ooooo Jan, you always make me feel so good!" and bending to Jan's pussy, I heard Cathy slurp in Jan's clit for one last good sucking.

Stiff legged, I walked over to girls, who by then sat up right and handed them their drinks. I took mine and drained it in three swallows, and choked out a,

"Holy shit, you two! Jan you never told..." and never finished, as Jan cut me off.

"You never asked John. I assumed you knew, after we had our fun in the bedroom, the day mom came home early. Remember? I put a vibrator in Cathy's pussy, I squeezed her tits and grabbed her clit when she was cumming. Remember John?"

"Ya. Ya, I do." I stammered, as I sank into a chair by the girls, adding,

"I really need another drink, be right back."

I heard the girls roaring with laughter as I re-entered the house. I quickly made another drink and sat at the kitchen table to think about what I had just seen and heard. In the back round I heard the girls laughter die down and Cathy tell Jan,

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