tagFirst TimeI Lost It

I Lost It

byTunak Mizaz©

This is the story of the time when I had no exposure to sex but plenty of stirrings in my head and still more in my loins. And so many times I had to satisfy my urges by shaking my stick while fantasizing about some lady or the other. It was very frustrating at times because the women I was fantasizing about lived in the neighborhood, and were all seemed sexually satisfied, where there did not seem a chance for me to be invited by them to be there lover. I was desperate to lose my virginity, and yet the only holes I was entering were in my dreams. I was a king without a conquered woman.

There was this one lady, who lived next door. She was voluptuous and had all the inviting looks. She had a nice pair of tits, and a well proportioned ass, and a million dollar smile. Except, that her smile was not meant for me. I would seek her attention by trying to be extra courteous, and run an odd errand for her and expect some return but it was always a cold thanks that I would get. She was, otherwise, lively and gay. So many nights, when I would be tossing in my bed, fantasizing about her, my desires would be inflamed by her occasional laughter or her soft whisper. We lived in adjacent flats and in the silence of the night, it was easy to hear voices travel into each others place. I would visualize her making it with her husband, and even feel her reaching her orgasm when I would wake up in the middle of the night, and hear her rasping voices of pleasure. The bastard must be really 'big' and working hard in the bed, that his woman does not even look at others to satisfy her. I was awfully envious. I could have done anything to creep into her bed and ravish her. Only if I could...

One night, while I could not sleep and was wondering outside, I strayed towards her place. There was a light I could see, in her bathroom. Desperate to see, if I could get a glimpse of the lady I was pining for, I tried to peep through the ventilator. Now I could not make out much, except that a woman was sitting to pee. I had my first distant glimpse of the female pee hole. She was bushy down there, and I heard the trinkling sound of someone's falling golden stream out of her pee-hole. I was ecstatic at my discovery. My heart was pounding, mouth had gone dry and there was a raging erection down below, which I was fondling unknowingly at the sudden discovery of what I had dreamt for so long.

Soon it became a routine for me to delay my sleeping hour, till I had the glimpse of my woman peeing in her loo. After that I would retire to my bed, fantasize about her in all the possible nude postures and shake myself well till I shoot the cum all over my bare tummy, wipe it and doze off...to wake up again next morning dreaming about the cunt, I could only get a distant dim view of in the hours of midnight. There were times, when I would hang around outside even during the day to hear her use the loo once her husband had left, and I knew she would be alone. She had a niece staying with her, whom I could have fantasized about, but I could only dream of her ripe mature Aunt.

I had already imagined how would she look without her clothes but there was no way I could satisfy my curiosity and urges. The ventilator through which I used to peep would allow me just enough glimpse of the seated person on the commode. I thanked my stars that I never had the honour of seeing that woman's husband's cock. I always felt he must be big, and after all he was fucking the woman I badly wanted to lay, as his legal rights. Well, my frustrations were increasing with my desires going beyond my control. I was not making any head way into her hole...and I badly wanted to serve her royal cunt. I can even today visualize what I had looked at and imagined about her pussy...such was the intensity of my lust for her. And she was least aware about it.

Finally an opportunity came my way. Her husband informed me that he would be out of town for a couple of days and if I would mind sleeping the night over in his living room, since his wife was not keeping a good health. Ah at last, I could enter the flat of my cherished one. I agreed immediately. He told me that she could take care of herself, but he wanted some one to take care, just in case. And their niece was visiting her folks around that time, otherwise he would not have bothered me. For me it was a long awaited pleasure, that this fool hardly knew. Even if he did, I do not know if he cared about it. He had taken her enough number of times to worry about chastity belts for the waiting wife, I thought.

The night came very slowly, I could hardly wait to ring the bell at night. Somehow once it was dark, after finishing my supper, I stood before the door of my lady love, trembling with anticipation and excitement. I rang the bell, the voluptuous one opened the door with a smile. I told her that I had come to keep her company. She said that she was quiet alright but her husband makes such a fuss that I had to be bothered. I said it would be a pleasure to be of any service, and I meant it. I was hoping for some rewards for my night at their place, may be a love game with her in her bed. She dampened my spirits and pointed at the couch in the living room, if I would be comfortable there. I mumbled yes. Then she showed me the loo, saying there is only one in their flat, with a door each opening into her bedroom and living room. So this was the den I was peeping into. She told me to unlock the door after finishing my business whenever I used the loo. I nodded, planning my move to peep at her golden trickling hole. Could I dare to peep at her when I was staying in her place? I could have gone to any length to get a close look at her.

She retired into her bedroom. After tossing and turning with my fantasies about her, I would have just dozed when I heard some familiar sound. Seeing me asleep, she did not bolt the door of the loo. With pounding heart, I slowly crept out of my bed, and crawled to the ajar door. I needed to be in her royal presence. There she was, my royal Queen, sitting atop her throne, and relieving herself. This was the closest I had seen her ever, her milky white thighs were in my sight and look! She was all bare, a suntanned beauty and what lovely knockers she had, exactly the way as I had dreamt of her. I had a raging hard on, and needed to stroke myself. I saw her glide out, and I too returned to my bed. I lied there fantasizing about my discoveries and shaking myself away...till I shot with a shudder.

Next morning I left early to attend my classes. But my thoughts through out the day lingered around the lady. I just could not focus on anything else, and would have loved to shake again. I bunked my classes in the afternoon, and once back home, shagged twice and yet felt unfulfilled. I was desperate to lick her and fuck her, but did not know if my fantasy would come true.

Once the night fell, I rang the bell to her flat. It was opened by the niece. I was crestfallen. I knew now that this girl was back, I would be unceremoniously told that my services were not needed. Suddenly that lady came from behind and asked me to come inside. She said if it was okay with me I could stay back, especially if I had no other plans. She said that her husband would appreciate that. My heart rejoiced, but at the same time I had the lingering doubts about fulfillment of any fantasy with a third person around. Soon it was time for bed, and the two women retired inside, and I was left to toss and turn on the couch in the living room.

After a while, I heard some sound from the loo. I leapt out to crawl to peep inside. This was the closest I could see the lady I felt I had fallen in love with. Inside, it was a milky white, delicately built niece and she was relieving herself. I felt a tinge of desire for her, would have loved to barge inside and kiss her full mouthed, and if she relented even made love to her...I was falling for the delicate beauty. Or was it an age where all women appear attractive. Anyway, she left the loo soon bolting her side of door behind. I wanted go inside to breath her lingering aroma, when suddenly I heard rustling of the curatians behind. I turned around startled, still on my all fours, since I had crawled to my peeping point. It was the lady of the house. So we have a peeping tom here, she whispered. I did not know how to react, I was caught peeping at her piddling niece and I had my cock raging hard as a witness to the whole episode. She gestured me to get up, and naked as I was, I stood. By now the reality had dawned on me, and my hard on had become a limp, and I was scared. What if she calls the police, or once her husband comes tells him about this and he might take out his ire on me. I was looking down when I realized something strange. She was naked.

She motioned to me to enter the loo. She came behind, and sat down on the toilet seat. I was perplexed. She smiled and uttered, I knew all along that you enjoyed watching me. And I asked my husband to let you stay here on the pretext of illness. But now that I caught you peeping at my niece, I must punish you. I blurted out that I thought it was her. Nice excuse to look at naked virgin, she retorted.

She was spreading her legs apart, and I could see her fur around the pussy. She had very little growth, and her outer cunt lips could be seen. All my desires had left and I did not know what would come next, a verbal or a physical assault; and how would I face her hereafter. All these questions were assailing me; and also her gestures were confusing. She was sitting in front of me all naked, and so was I.

She hissed, kneel down in front of me. I knelt and could see her pussy closely, but I could not fix my gaze at the altar of worship for fear of offending her further. So what is it that you enjoy peeping at. You, my Queen, er M'me, I muttered. Yes, call me the Queen, cut the formalities of M'me, she said. And, would you serve your queen like a slave, she asked. Yes, my Lady, I would always serve you. I did not understand where this conversation was leading, but my fears were becoming less.

Next she said, do you like to see me pee. I nodded. I would oblige you, if you drink my golden trickle. And before I could react, she started squirting the golden fluid on me, extended her hand around my neck and shoved my face into her pee hole. I was a willing learner, but had never had tasted pee. Well, I opened my mouth and got the warm salty taste of my Queen's fresh squirts of pee. I would have loved to see her red cunt but it was difficult. I could still get an acrid inviting smell of her pussy and feel warmth of her cunt on my face. I was ecstatic to have come so close. My cock stirred at these activities and soon was hard enough for her to notice. She finished her job and pushed my face away. I wiped my face to remove the fluids that I could not swallow initially. She looked at my cock and asked me to stand in front of her. I obeyed, with a hard on staring directly into her face.

So Mr Cock is not bowing to the Queen, I must teach him a lesson. Saying that, she grabbed it into her hands as if holding a piece of meat. With her fingers she rolled the foreskin back. My cock head was blood red and shining with the pre cum. There was even a drop of pre cum at the eye of the cock. She pulled me closer, holding my cock towards her. She took out her tongue and with the tip of the tongue tasted my pre cum. Mmm, it is tasty, she muttered.. She started fondling with the balls and stroked the shaft till I started agonizing for a relief. This was the first time my cock had got so much attention, otherwise till date I was only stroking it in the dark of the night, dreaming of the cunt hole of my Queen. She was relishing what she was doing to me. Suddenly she commanded coldly, you Slave, make me ready to ride you. I did not know what was expected of me, but I nodded willingly.

She spread her legs wider apart, exposing her now wet pussy to me. She made me kneel down in front of her and ordered "Lick Me". Was it real, I always dreamt of doing this, and now enslaved to her, she would let me lick her wide open pussy. I was exhilarated at what was to come. I bent forward to position my head in between her legs. She held my head to suit her convenience, and hissed again "Lick Me". I opened my mouth wide, and my tongue knew what to do next. Soon I was slurping, licking and sucking her pussy. I kept on jabbing my tongue deeper into her hole, trying to reach entrance to her womb, if I could. She started relaxing a bit, slumped little more behind on the seat, I had to readjust to that. But I did not mind for I was beyond the point of control. I was enjoying eating her pussy, and she was satisfying my hunger for her by squirting her tasty juices in my mouth. Her juices were copious and so was my thirst for her. This would have gone on endlessly, when she pushed my head away. She got up from her place and ordered me to sit there instead. I obeyed yet again.

Once I had settled on the seat. She sat astride me, telling me to hold my stiff rod to ease herself on to that. I was a fast learner now. She eased her wide open pussy into my eagerly waiting cock. It slid into her smoothly. Now she was ready to ride me and fuck me, she said. Oh only if you would, my Queen, I spoke, breathlessly. True to her words, she was soon riding me wildly and I too was riding into the heavens of ecstasy. She was an experienced woman, and I was her most willing pupil. Soon I too wanted to fuck her deeper and deeper. My mind was blowing apart with her wild movements, and I wanted to loose all that I had to, including my virginity at the alter of this voluptuous teacher.

She finally cried yes fuck me hard, and as if on the cue, I started to cum. It was a moment of discovery, when I felt the whole world bursting around me, with me shooting as if forever into her. She peaked around the same time, and then slumped closer to me, hugging me tight and hurting my back with her sharp nails. This pain was the reward of my lost virginity, and I felt as if I owned her now. I kissed her hard on the mouth, sucking and biting her lips and she responded by thrusting her tongue into my mouth and sucking me harder. I loved those moments of satisfying passion.

After a while, she got up and without looking back went to her bedroom. I heard her scream, you finger fucking slut, you too were peeping. She was shouting at her niece, who was watching the whole show of sucking and fucking, and stimulating herself with her fingers apparently. I did not know what to do, being caught in the act the second time. Now did it mean more trouble or more pleasures... Anyway, the Queen said, let me sleep now, I shall settle this in the morning.

I left her place early next morning to make it to the college in time. But I knew that my heart and cock will always be with my Queen. There was another matter to settle too. Would I ever get to lay her niece, with her watching the live fuck show. Such details must be left for confessions later. I was relishing my newly lost virginity at last...

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