tagLoving WivesI Love Sex With Much Older Men

I Love Sex With Much Older Men


My name is Susan and I am 23 years old. I am a real blond - my hair on my head is very blond but the hair over my pussy is quite dark by comparison. A number of people have seen my pubic hair and immediately claim I am not a natural blond! Too bad for them! I am quite tall - 6'9" and I usually wear shoes with plenty of heel on them. My legs are very long and, although they are not the best shaped legs in the world, they are reasonably shapely and men seem to like them, especially when they are wrapped around them! My breasts are quite reasonable - quite firm but at the same time they have a natural bounce when I walk even with a bra on. My waist is slim and my backside is quite attractive so you can see I am not too bad a package!

Early last year I married Bob! He is a very nice, kind man who would do anything for me without question. Bob is 12 years older than me - I love older men! I love him and would never leave him but I have this strange notion that no one man will ever be able to satisfy me. Of course I don't know if that is true but I get enough sex from Bob to keep me happy all the time. Bob is a manger for a large investment firm and I work for a firm of stockbrokers. It is my job to run the office and keep the records of share transactions in order. Of course we have computers and the like to keep the records but it is still necessary for me to run the office. The firm isn't very big but we do a lot of business. The present two brokers have been around for many years and have a very loyal clientele who trust them implicitly.

I am a bit of a flirt! I love to wear revealing clothes and make sure men can look at me and see my charms. So far there has been a bit of touching but nothing serious and after all I love being touched up so long as the men behave themselves. Usually the men in the other sharebroking offices whom I come in contact with are content to feel up my breasts and on a rare occasion I might get a squeeze on the bum but no one has yet grabbed my pussy. I get quite a kick out of wearing a loose dress with no belt and then, if I am not wearing a bra, I will lean over in front of any man I like and let him look down my front. With a bit of luck they will see right through to my panties and of course looking at my tits on the way down.

Before I married Bob, I had had quite a few sexual experiences with young men I knew and on one occasion I went home from a party with a nice chap together with his friend and girlfriend. We went to Brian's flat and immediately his friend and girl went into the bedroom where we could hear them fucking. I wasn't sure if I wanted Brian to fuck me but I thought I would see what happened during the late evening. It was about 11pm before Brian started kissing me. Soon he had my dress undone as far as it would go and he played with my tits. He sucked my nipples and made me very excited. Because of my excited state I didn't object when he ran his hand up my leg and into my panties. He recognized this as a go-ahead signal and, after touching my cunt for a few moments, he pulled my panties off completely and laid me back on the lounge.

He cock was reasonably large and he immediately stuck it into my mouth for a good suck! Unfortunately I don't like uncircumcised cocks and didn't want to suck him but he insisted and it wasn't long before he shot a load of cum into my mouth. I quickly swallowed and, although I am not particularly fond of cum, I always let anyone who wants to cum in my mouth, to do so. I feel it is the least I can do for a man. Anyway after a bit more playing around with my body and his cock, it was hard enough to fuck me. I spread my legs on the lounge and he stuck his cock into my cunt! I don't always cum when I am being fucked! Sometimes I do but I would rather cum from being played with (my clit of course) and always request any men who have fucked me to play afterwards. This time, however, something turned me on more than usual and just as he shot his load of cum into my body I came too!

We were still lying naked on the lounge when Kim and Josie came into the room from the bedroom. They were not dressed either although Josie had a blouse tied around her shoulders but was naked otherwise. Kim was sporting a huge hardon and as he walked around his cock was sticking out in front of him. He walked over to me and stuck his cock in my mouth. I looked at Brian to see if he would object but he just grinned at me and walked over to Josie and proceeded to fuck her while she was bent over the table. Kim soon pulled his cock out of my mouth (I could taste Josie's cunt on his cock) and moved between my legs and stuck his cock in me! We fucked and I was very surprised when I came again. Twice in one night - that was pretty good for me! I now had two loads of cum in my cunt and a trip to the bathroom removed at least some of that! I then left the boys and drove to my home feeling very satisfied!

Anyway I later married Bob and we settled in to married life quite easily. As I said, Bob would do anything for me. He was always worried I would leave him but I tried to reassure him I wouldn't do that ever! Bob was terribly frightened I would let someone fuck me and he didn't want to share me with anyone!

The incident which I want to tell you about happened almost on our second anniversary of our marriage. It was a Christmas Party for all the people who worked at the stock exchange for the year! Because there are always a lot of people at these parties the spouses or partners are not invited and Bob was very disappointed that he couldn't go with me. He was particularly disappointed because he always thought some of the men at the party would get frisky and take advantage of me! He was so worried he arranged to meet me after the party and to take me home! It wasn't that he didn't trust me - rather he wanted to make sure he knew what was happening to me.

Anyway I took my party dress to work so that I could change and go directly to the party without having to go home to change. I only had to walk a couple of blocks to get to the exchange building where the party was being held. The party dress I had chosen was really a bit revealing but I wanted to give myself a bit of a thrill turning on some of the men who would be there. I was a very unseasonably warm afternoon and evening and certainly coats were not necessary. Anyway Bob was to pick me up after the party anyway so I wouldn't get cold. This dress was really a sunfrock; not necessarily the best choice for time of year but it certainly wasn't cold so I thought my choice was a good one. The dress had just two straps over the shoulders and then hung right down almost to my knees. It had a low neckline with a zip front which went all the way down to below my navel! The only other items I as wearing were my shoes (with high heels, of course) and my rather small panties! The dress was of some sort of cotton material and certainly not see-through. It was only when I bent over in front of anyone that the dress became revealing.

Anyway once I arrived at the party which was in full swing, I circulated around amongst the men flirting outrageously with them. There were only about 10 women at the party because there were not very many women working in the business. The men must have numbered about 60 or more although many of them were much older - even a couple in their 70's. Almost all of the men were dears, particularly the older men - and they made a great deal of fuss of me. Anyway I circulated around the younger men and there was a deal of kissing and a lot of feeling me up as I moved around but nothing serious. A couple of the men playfully tried to undo the zip on the front of my dress but succeeded in only getting it undone down to my breasts before I managed to stop them. When I was in a bit of a corner of the big room, one of the younger men held me tight and reached around behind me and pulled my dress up so that he could get his hand into my panties at the back. All he succeeded in doing was to feel my bum and run his finger down my ass crack, but he didn't do anything more.

It was while I was being felt up by a couple of the men that one of the older men who was a senior partner in the exchange came over and reprimanded the men for taking advantage of me! I grinned and told him I was quite O.K. but he insisted in taking my arm and walking me over to a group of men his own age. He must have been about 68 or 70 but a very sprightly man for his age. He kept me with these older men for about 15 minutes until he told me he had enjoyed my company and had better let me go back to the younger men or they would be complaining! He did say, however, that he want me to come back to him in about 45 minutes because he had something he wanted to show me and it was important! I agreed to come back to him and then moved off to the younger group.

I should tell you the party is held in the very old exchange building which must be about 80 years old! A new exchange building is on the drawing board and should be started next year. As I moved back to the younger set they immediately asked me if the old bastard had felt me up like this, as one of the men playfully grabbed my breast and squeezed it. I told him that wasn't the case but wondered if they thought I had been grabbed anywhere else! This opened the floodgate and I was grabbed quickly by a couple of the men who also felt up my tits and also managed to get a hand between my legs before I told them to stop! Everyone was in a frisky mood and the drinks were flowing freely.

When the 45 minutes were up, I left the younger men and moved over to my friend, Mr. Porter. He was much older than the rest and it seemed only right I should only use the Mr. title for him. When he had brought me another drink - that was about 7 I had drunk already - he asked me to come with him because he wanted to show me something special. We walked around to the very ancient elevator which should have been replaced years ago but which was still in use.

When the elevator arrived we entered and he pressed the button for the top floor of this 9 floor building. I was holding my glass in one hand and he simply passed me his glass and asked me to hold it for him. Without suspecting a thing, I just took his glass and now my both hands were full. He moved over in front of me, with the ease of an expert, he grabbed the zip on the front of my dress and pulled it right down as far as it would go! He surprised me by his quickness and I didn't have time to do anything before he pulled my dress apart, slipped the straps over my shoulders and down my arms, over the glasses and dropped the dress onto the floor of the elevator!

All I was wearing was my panties and I hadn't said a word! Mr. Porter then quickly slipped his hands into the top of my very tiny panties and pulled them down with one easy stroke! These were around my feet and, because it had all happened so quickly, I just stood there looking at him. As the elevator stopped at the 9th floor, he pulled me out into the dark, large room pausing only to reach back and pick up my dress and panties from the floor! He then led me, without saying a word, to a table which was in the center of the room. He moved me up to the table and, facing the table, he pushed me forward over it. As I leant over I placed the glasses on the table but before I could turn around or say anything, I felt a bare hard cock pressing into my backside! Mr. Porter had undone his pants and dropped them to the floor and was holding his stiff cock up against my behind!

Before I could protest he gently kicked my feet apart so that my feet were wide apart and then he reached between my legs from the back and felt me up. He played with my cunt for just a few seconds while he held me down over the table with his other hand. Quick as a flash he had his hard cock pressing against the lips of my cunt and with a gentle shove he entered me! I could only say, "Mr. Porter, what are you doing to me?" He replied, "Susan, I have wanted to fuck you ever since I met you and now I am getting my wish! Don't struggle and I won't hurt you at all!" Quite to the contrary I wasn't struggling at all in fact I was enjoying being fucked by him! I certainly didn't think he would be able to even fuck as his age but he was definitely proving me very wrong right now. He fucked me hard and long and eventually he came shooting his load of cum right up into my cunt! It all happened so quickly I was just starting to catch up when he came! He kept his cock in me for a few moments before withdrawing but still holding me over the table!

He whispered in my ear, as he bent over my body, that I had been a bit of a tease during the party and a few of the older men had become very excited with me! He told me it wasn't fair to tease older men if I wasn't going to do something about it and he would help me to do that. Just at that time I felt another hard cock enter my cunt! I thought at first it was Mr. Porter fucking me again but soon realized it was another man altogether and I was being fucked very hard by him. He didn't take long to cum either and also shot his load up into my cunt. By now, Mr. Porter was holding me down gently on the table and he was joined by this other man who had just fucked me. They then threw my dress over my head so that I couldn't see what was happening as I felt hands on my legs and running up until they were near my cunt. These hands also held my feet apart so that I couldn't close my legs and thus protect my cunt from attack. Again I was penetrated and fucked again. In all, I was fucked 9 times by these men and I knew they were all of the older age group who had been watching me at the party. They were also playing with my tits even though they were being pressed firmly onto the table. My body was being stroked by several men at the same time and I was getting very excited.

One of the men altered the dress over my head so that it now only covered my head and eyes but left the rest of my face free. A man moved up onto the table and I felt his cock pressing my lips. I opened my mouth and could immediately taste my cunt on his cock. I continued to suck him until he came in my mouth. I was still being fucked from the rear at the same time.

For the first time since I reached the room I started to collect my thoughts. My cunt felt as if it was on fire! Not from all the pounding it was getting but from the heat of my excitement. This was something I have always dreamed about - getting fucked by a group of older men. Ever since I was a school girl I have always had this dream that I would get together with an older man and have great sex with him. Little did I know tonight would be the night!

When the last of the men had fucked me and I had just about sucked all of their cocks, they stepped back and let me get up from the table. I was a little stiff because of the time I had laid across the table but I felt really good and my excitement showed with the flush of my face and the cum running down my legs from my overflowing cunt. At first the men began to apologize for what they had done to me but I soon dismissed that thought and thanked them all for making my night! I then told them about my dream and how they had made it come true. I was so excited I moved around amongst them, still naked, and kissed them all. Of course they all felt me up but no one felt my cunt - it was still dripping from all the cum they had deposited in me.

The men, mostly fully dressed by now, sat around the room and talked to me. I asked them all their ages wanting to congratulate them on their prowess and I was surprised to learn they were aged between 68 for the youngest and 78 for the oldest so this team of older men had more than satisfied this 23 year old girl!

As we were all talking I was moving around amongst the men and kissing and talking to them. I could see they were beginning to get a bit excited again so I asked them if any of them would be able to go another round with me! To my surprise, four of the men told me they had good hard cocks again and would love to fuck me again. I was all for it so I moved over to the table again and then asked them how they wanted to fuck me! The choice finally came down to me lying on the table and I was fucked by the four of them missionary position which is one of my favorites! When I was standing up, bent over the table, the cum in my cunt tended to run out. Now that I am in the missionary position the cum is retained in my cunt and it wasn't until they had finished fucking me that the cum ran out as I stood up. They all took great delight watching the cum running out of me as I stood in front of them with my legs wide apart! I loved all the attention. I was on top of the world at that moment and wouldn't come down for some time.

The only request I made of these older men was that they should keep quiet about what had happened on the 9th floor! I told them quite frankly I was thrilled to be part of what had happened but I certainly didn't want it to become general knowledge. At the same time I offered to fuck any of them in the future if they could arranged suitable accommodation for us to fuck! They all agreed to silence and so I slowly redressed myself, did my hair the best I could. I left my panties off so the they wouldn't be stained by the cum which was still running out of me and I caught another later elevator down to the area where I could safely go to the bathroom and clean myself up. My only concern now was what I would tell Bob. He would have a fit if he knew I had been fucked by all of the older men so I resolved not to tell him anything about it. Fortunately the men hadn't done anything silly like biting by nipples or leaving love bites on my body so there wouldn't be any obvious signs I had been fucked! I would, of course, have to make love to Bob when we got home but that would be easy provided I could remove all of the cum from my cunt before I left the building. Once I felt I was cleaned up as well as possible I left the party at the agreed time and met my Bob in the street outside! He greeted me happily and was obviously pleased to see me and to know that I hadn't gone off with anyone else! As soon as I was in the car he began kissing me but he couldn't taste any of the cum in my mouth because I had taken the precaution of swallowing some scotch before I left the party!

Bob is a bit of a crafty old bugger and he ran his hand up my leg until he reached my panties! I think he was grateful I was still wearing them and he didn't try to finger me inside my panties. I was pleased he hadn't touched my cunt because I was sure I hadn't removed all of the cum from it! We talked about the party on the way home and he was interested to learn what some of the men had said to me but I certainly didn't tell him about the younger men feeling me up nor the older men and their gangbang! As soon as we reached home I told him I wanted to have a shower and quickly slipped under the water and washed myself as thoroughly as possible. Bob had gone to bed and so, once I was dry, I ran naked into the bedroom and slipped into the bed alongside Bob. As soon as I hit the bed he turned over and grabbed me and began kissing me! He was very excited and soon had my cunt in his hand and then my clit. I was very turned on from my previous sex experiences so I needed very little encouragement from Bob to be ready for a good fuck!

Well, fuck we did and I thoroughly enjoyed the event! It was, of course, made much more exciting because of all the sex I had had before I came home. As soon as we had both cum we rolled over and went to sleep!

Bob never learned about my experiences with the older men! Months after the party I was contacted my Mr. Porter who told me he had reserved a room at a motel for us and hoped I would be able to meet him at the room that evening. I was happy to go with him and rang Bob to tell him I would be late home that evening but I would be home as soon as I could. I met Mr. Porter at the motel and we fucked twice within 2 hours before he announced he was exhausted and wouldn't be able to do me any more that evening! I was very happy and then went home after thanking him sincerely! I also fucked several of the other older men after this but Bob never learned about my affairs. I really love older men and at times I wish Bob was about 30 or 40 years older so that I could fuck him like the other older men but he isn't so I am happy to keep on with him knowing that later in life he will become much older and make me happy!

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