I Love This Bar


I was sitting at a slot machine on the end of an isle, mindlessly pressing the buttons and watching the reels spin. A small commotion to my left pulled my attention away from the machine.

I almost dropped the drink I was sipping from when I seen the small group of people heading toward the escalator, and who that group was surrounding. Quickly cashing out and gathering my belongings, I headed after them.

My heart was pounding as I straightened my jean mini skirt and walked towards the escalator. My mind was racing. All of my fantasies were flashing before my eyes. It was time to make at least one of those fantasies come true ...

My hand was trembling slightly as I set some money on the bar and motioned for the bartender to come over. As the bartender approached, my eyes scanned the crowd. 'What can I get you?' he asked.

'A Sex on The Beach, please' I yelled over the noise of the bar. He smiled and turned to make my drink.

With trembling fingers, I lit a cigarette. Exhaling slowly to try to calm my nerves, I watched the bartender return with a foot tall plastic cup in the shape of a guitar. He set it on the bar in front of me with a smile and said, 'Enjoy.'

'Is He here?' I asked.

Placing his hands on the bar and leaning towards me, he responded, 'Well, if you mean 'The owner' of this place, yes he's here tonight. He's in the back.'

Running my fingers through my long, brown hair and tilting my head a bit, I asked with a seductive smile, 'Any way you can get me back there to meet him?'

I watched his eyes move downwards from my face to rest on my chest. Knowing that the tight spaghetti strap camisole top I was wearing was showing him the swell of my breasts, I straightened on the barstool and grabbed my drink. I held it in front of me as I played with the straw with my tongue before wrapping my lips around it to suck in the sweet fluid. I watched him staring at my mouth as I drank.

When I set the drink back on the bar, I leaned forward slightly and looked up at him with questioning eyes and a smile.

He glanced around before responding, 'Sit tight and don't go anywhere. I'll see what I can do.'

I watched him say something to another bartender, then go out the side opening of the bar and walk across the crowd of people and tables towards the stage. He disappeared through a door next to the stage and my heart was pounding with anticipation.

I snuffed out my cigarette then picked up my drink, sucking half of it down waiting for him to emerge again.

After what seemed like an eternity, the bartender finally reappeared from the door. I watched him walk through the crowd, stopping occasionally to greet and shake hands with the customers. Finally returning behind the bar, he stood with his back to me. He turned with another guitar shaped drink and headed towards me. As he set the drink on the bar in front of me, he leaned over to say in my ear, 'It's a strong possibility. You'll just have to wait and see.'

He stood up straight extending his hand as he said, 'By the way, I'm Tony and your drinks are on the house tonight.'

I shook his hand and smiled as I responded, 'Thanks Tony. I'm Dawn.'

I quickly finished my first drink, then as I grabbed the fresh one I said with a wink, 'And Tony, I'll wait all night if I have to.'

Tony smiled at that, then asked 'So where are you from, Dawn?'

'Chicago,' I answered before taking the straw into my mouth and sucking down more of the sweet drink.

'Well, welcome to Harrah's Las Vegas Dawn. How long are you staying? Who are you here with?' he asked.

'I'm here with a few friends until Monday,' I told him.

As the night went on, Tony occasionally left me to take care of other patrons at the bar, periodically returning to me with a fresh drink and idle chit-chat. I listened to the music, occasionally standing up to dance when one of my favorite songs came on, and periodically turning down propositions from guys asking me to sit with them.

After awhile, the music went dead and the overhead lights flickered. The crowd went wild as we heard the first strums of the guitar. Then His voice ...

'We got winners, we got losers ... chain smokers and boozers .... And we got yuppies and we got bikers ... we got thirsty hitchhikers ... '

My heart was pounding with excitement. I stood up and began yelling, whistling and singing along. My eyes never left him as he continued to sing. I could swear that he looked directly at me several times, giving me that beautiful, sexy smile of his. Oh my God, I was in love with his mouth!

After singing several songs, he thanked the crowd and exited the stage. Giddy with excitement, and perhaps the several drinks I had consumed, I returned to my barstool. I looked over at Tony, who was on the phone, and he turned and smiled at me.

After hanging up the phone, Tony headed towards me. He leaned over the bar and asked, 'So, are you ready to meet Him?'

Stunned, and suddenly nervous, I responded, 'Abso-fuckin-lutely!'

Tony laughed and said, 'Ok, follow me.'

He went out the side of the bar and I walked over to him. When I reached him, he took my hand and led me through the crowd towards the side of the stage. Tony led me through the door, then down a hallway. We passed several people, Tony smiling and saying quick hellos to them.

When we approached a closed door, Tony stopped and said, 'Ok, this is it.' He tapped softly on the door, then pushed it open. He led me into a large room that was beautifully furnished with couches, love seats, chairs and a bar. I looked around at all of the people in the room. They were either standing around or sitting talking in small groups.

Then I spotted Him. He was sitting on a love seat with his feet up on a coffee table chatting with a guy sitting on the couch angled from the loveseat.

'Oh my God, it's Toby Keith!' I thought to myself. I was trembling with excitement, and Tony squeezed my hand, pulling me closer towards Toby.

As we approached, Toby looked up at us and Tony said, 'Hi Toby, this is the girl that requested to meet you.'

Toby smiled at me as he placed his feet on the floor and stood up. He extended his hand towards me and said, 'Hi Dawn. I heard that you're a big fan of mine.'

So many thoughts ran through my mind as I shook his hand. I stared at that mouth of his that I was in love with and instantly imagined sucking on those lips. I know that I had a huge smile on my face as I nervously said, 'Hi'.

Still holding my hand, Toby smiled and said, 'Please sit and talk to me.' He guided me to the love seat and we sat next to each other. I looked up at Tony and mouthed a silent 'Thank you' before he turned and left the room.

Toby asked someone to get me a drink, then introduced me to a few people that were nearby.

As we sat idly chatting about music and concerts, I nervously crossed my legs. Immediately realizing that my mini skirt was riding up my thigh, I placed my hand at the hem holding it in place.

I noticed Toby's eyes traveling from my strappy high-heeled shoe, up my bare leg to rest on my thigh a moment before looking into my eyes with a smile.

His eyes never leaving mine, he reached over and placed his hand just above my knee. I instantly felt a jolt of electricity scorch through my body. A quick intake of breath and my pulse was racing. I also felt the instant wetness between my legs, reflexively squeezing them together tightly. Hoping that he didn't take that as rejection, I smiled at him and relaxed my thighs.

His hand lingered a moment before he released my knee and stood up. 'Excuse me,' he said loudly over the noise of the chatter and music. 'Can I get a little privacy?'

As everybody began exiting the room, I uncrossed my legs, and reached for my drink that was on the coffee table. My glass was half empty by the time the door was closed and we were alone.

He headed toward the bar and said, 'Let me make you another drink.'

I finished my drink as he headed over to me and set my fresh drink on the coffee table in front of me. He sat next to me again on the love seat, turned towards me and softly asked, 'Are you comfortable? Can I get you anything else?'

I leaned back, spreading my legs slightly and responded, 'I'm fine, thank you. Everything is perfect.'

We stared at each other for a few moments before he placed his hand on my thigh. His fingers curled slightly as he softly squeezed the inside of my thigh and he said, 'Tell me what you're thinking right now.'

I felt my face flush and my heartbeat quicken as I answered breathlessly, 'The same thought I've had since I walked in the door'.

Gently squeezing my thigh, he encouraged 'Tell me'.

I slowly licked my lips, hesitantly whispering, 'I've been imagining myself kissing and sucking your lips.'

He smiled that sexy smile of his and asked, 'What's been stopping you?'

He leaned slightly towards me, prompting me to lean towards him. My hands gently went to each side of his head as I moved my mouth closer to his. I stared into his eyes as I covered his mouth with mine. Tentatively at first, I gently kissed him. Pulling slightly away, I stuck out my tongue to trace his lips, then softly sucked his lower lip between mine.

Eyes closed now, I continued softly sucking on his lip, my tongue occasionally circling the outside of his mouth. I felt his hand slowly sliding up the inside of my thigh. I pulled my mouth from his as we looked into each other's eyes.

His hand rested on my thigh, at the hem of my skirt. His other hand wrapped around my shoulders pulling me to his chest as his mouth covered mine in a passionate kiss. His tongue separated my lips, plunging into my mouth. I opened my mouth allowing entry for our tongues to dance.

After a few moments, he pulled his mouth from mine. He stood up, grabbing my hands and pulling me with him. Standing together, he placed his hands on my hips and pulled me into another passionate kiss. His hands slid down to cup my ass cheeks, pressing me against him. I slid my hands up his chest, over his shoulders, then behind his neck and pulled his head towards me. Our tongues were dueling taking turns in each other's mouths as we pressed against each other.

He pulled his mouth from mine as asked breathlessly, 'Tell me what you're thinking now.'

I lowered my head, feeling my face flush again, looking at our chests pressed together. He moved one of his hands from my ass, cupping my chin to force my eyes to meet his and said, 'Tell me.'

A bit shy, I huskily said, 'Well, I was thinking that your lips are not the only thing that I've fantasized about sucking.'

He smiled down at me, and then released my chin as he pulled me tight against him. I felt his bulge press against my stomach and I suddenly felt dizzy and weak in the knees. He whispered against the top of my head, 'I would love that.'

Suddenly the nervousness was gone. Confidence and passion overtook me as I pulled away from him and lowered my hands to his belt buckle. I smiled up at him as I unfastened his belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. I slid my hands around his waist, under his jeans grabbing his ass and pulling him tight against me. I arched my back a bit and pressed against him as I cupped his ass cheeks.

I gradually slid my hands to the waistband of his jeans and pulled them down his thighs. Pulling away from him slightly, I looked down between us to see the bulge in his boxers. My hand moved towards him, softly caressing his cock through the thin fabric. I heard his quick intake of breath as my hand made contact, then he moaned softly as I continued to gently stroke his cock.

I smiled up at him, watching the emotions cross his face. I couldn't resist kissing him again as my hands moved to the waistband of his boxers and tugged them down. I felt his hard cock spring free between us as I removed my mouth from his.

I placed my hands on his shoulders, turning him then pushing him down onto the love seat. He sat there with his jeans and boxers wrapped around his ankles looking up at me.

Staring at that sexy smile of his, I stood between his legs smiling down at him. He began to reach up towards me and I pushed his hand away, letting him know who was in control. I stood there a moment before kneeling down in front of him. As I did this, I placed my hands on his bare thighs and began caressing them. I twisted my wrists so that my fingers were curling and caressing the inside of his thighs, slowly moving closer to his erect cock that stood pointing towards me. I licked my lips in anticipation, slightly leaning closer towards the head of his cock.

I slid my right hand up his thigh, then wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock, gently squeezing. I watched him as he closed his eyes and let out a soft, slow moan. My hand slid slowly up his shaft, then slowly back down. Gently squeezing with each stroke, I continued sliding up and down his hardness.

After a few moments, I held my hand still at the base of his cock and waited for him to open his eyes. As he opened his eyes, slightly glazed over, I moved my mouth closer to the head of his cock. Stretching and flattening out my tongue, I licked the head of his cock as if taking a lick of a lollipop. I stared into his eyes as he watched me continue to lick the head of his cock.

I pointed my tongue as I traced around the ridge of his cock head, swirling around and around occasionally probing the little slit at the tip of his cock.

I slid my hand up his hard shaft as my lips sucked him into my mouth. I felt him slightly buck his hips as my tongue flattened against the underside of this cock while I took him deeper into my mouth. I moved my hand back down to the base of his cock as my lips followed.

Closing my eyes to savor the sensations I was feeling, I moved my mouth up and down his hardness, taking him deeper with each stroke and gradually increasing my pace. I moved my left hand to his hip as my right hand lowered from the base of his cock to curl my fingers around and gently squeeze his full balls.

His hands were on each side of my head, his fingers tangled in my hair gently moving with me as I bobbed up and down his cock. After a few minutes, I heard him moan loudly as his fingers gripped my head to pull me away from him.

Breathlessly, and through swollen lips, I told him 'It's ok, I want to.'

Pulling me up with him, he pushed me back and stood up holding me in front of him. He slid his hands up my arms to my shoulders and slid the spaghetti straps of my top down my arms exposing my bare breasts.

I pulled my arms free of the straps as he bent over, lowering his head and covered my erect nipple with his mouth. His hands slid my top down to my waist then held me by my hips. My hands grasped his shoulders as I arched my back while he sucked my nipple into his mouth. His tongue was swirling my nipple inside his mouth as he pulled my hips tighter against him.

His mouth released my breast as his hand slid up to cup it, before moving his mouth to my other nipple. I gripped his shoulders, moaning as his hand and mouth tortured my breasts.

He slid his hands down my sides, resting on my hips for a moment before reaching between us to unfasten the button of my skirt. He slid the zipper down, then curled his fingers into my waistband before sliding my skirt from my hips. His hands moved up to cup my breasts as I felt my skirt slide down my legs to fall at my feet. He gently massaged my breasts, his mouth alternating from one nipple to another.

He removed his hands from my breasts and slid both his hands behind me as he lowered me onto the coffee table until I was lying down. He used his knees to spread my legs as he lowered me. Kneeling between my spread legs, his mouth still sucking my breast, I felt his fingers hook into the waistband of my panties before pulling them down my thighs. He moved backwards a bit so that he could bring my knees together to slide my panties down my legs and off my feet. His hands cupped the back of my knees pulling them apart so that he could position himself between my legs again.

He slid both hands up to caress my breasts, as his mouth continued the assault on my nipple. Not knowing when he lost his hat, I realized that my fingers were entwined in his blonde curls pulling his face tight to my breast.

He pulled his mouth from my breast, then slid his lips towards my stomach. His tongue traced circles and swirls, occasionally kissing and gently sucking my skin.

His hands slid down my sides, softly squeezing my hips. As his lips reached my pelvic bone, he lifted his head, his hands moved to my thighs and gently pulled them further apart.

When I realized that he wasn't moving, I opened my eyes and lifted my head to look down my body at him. He was kneeling between my legs, his mouth hovering close to my wet slit, smiling back at me.

I watched as he stretched out his tongue, his fingers pulling my folds apart as his flat tongue licked the length of my slit. My head fell back and my hips bucked with the sudden sensation.

He continued licking the length of my wetness in long, slow swipes. I felt his fingers gently pull my wet lips apart, as his tongue gently probed inside of me. He began slowly thrusting his tongue in and out of me, gently circling and caressing the inside of my pussy with each inward stroke.

My fingers curled in his hair encouraging and guiding his head. My whole body was on fire, my arms and legs tingled with the quickly approaching orgasm. He pulled his tongue from me, to be instantly replaced with his finger. As his finger began slowly exploring the inside of me, his lips moved to my neglected clit.

As he sucked my clit into his mouth, I felt my orgasm course through my body. I gripped his head and let out a small scream as I felt my pussy contract around his finger. He continued slowly thrusting his finger in and out of me and his mouth and tongue played with my clit until the contractions of my pussy subsided.

His mouth and fingers lingered for a few moments before he pulled away from me. Struggling to sit, I held his shoulders and leaned down to cover his mouth with mine. I felt my wet pussy press against his stomach as his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me tight against him.

His mouth opened against mine as I thrust my tongue inside and tasted my juices. He was sitting on his heels, as he pulled me down onto his lap. I began grinding against him, pressing his hardness against his stomach.

I kept my mouth on his as I leaned back a bit to reach between us and unbuttoned his shirt. I slid my hands up his bare chest, massaging his shoulders as I pushed his shirt down his arms.

As he moved his hands from my hips to free his arms from his shirt, I lifted my ass back to the coffee table and pushed his shoulders onto the loveseat. I pulled my lips from his mouth and began trailing kisses down his neck to his chest. I stuck my tongue out and began swirling around his nipple. As his nipple hardened, I sucked it into my mouth and heard him moan.

After a few moments, I moved my mouth to his other neglected nipple and gave it the same treatment while my hands moved over his arms and shoulders. 'Oh, baby,' he said huskily as he reached for my nipples and began gently squeezing, pulling and rolling them between his thumbs and fingers.

I moaned against his chest before pulling my mouth from his nipple and sat up on the coffee table. I looked down at him lying against the loveseat, still sitting on his heels. My feet were on the floor on each side of his lap. I spread my legs and ran my hands across my breasts, then slid them down my stomach. I spread my legs further as I slid my fingers across my wet slit as I whispered, 'See what you do to me?'

I pulled my wet finger to my mouth, sucking it in and moaning as my other hand continued caressing my wet pussy lips. He lifted his ass off his heels to kneel in front of me. Then placing his hands on the coffee table on each side of my legs, he pushed me and the table away from him.

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