tagRomanceI Love You

I Love You

bySean Renaud©

Valentine's Day had long since became a day that Trish hated. Ten years as a single woman had simply given her a dislike of the day when every single person it seemed had a date and got gifts. She didn't need to do more than turn her head to the left to see that Karrin had gotten flowers, actually multiple sets from the men interested in her and Nikki had a box of chocolates. There was only one woman who didn't have anything on her desk taking up space while she tried to find ways to waste the rest of the day away and she hated it more than she could say.

"So what are you going to do for V-Day?" Karrin asked. She wasn't really dressed for work. The skirt she was wearing only barely covered her hips and it made it instantly obvious that if she was wearing anything beneath the skirt it was just a thong.

"Oh me and John are going to the movies. Not that I really think we'll be seeing much of the Musketeer." Nikki responded. She just a bit more appropriately dressed. Sure her dress went most of the way down to her knees but the cut of the neckline was close enough to her naval that if she managed to take a deep enough breath she'd reveal a little more than was usually considered appropriate.

"Well that puts your man a bit above mine for romance." Karrin responded with a sultry smile. "The only thing I'm really expecting from Chris is a good and deep dicking." The caramel hued beauty deliberately crossed her legs causing the skirt to ride up even farther. "Not that I'm complaining or anything just it wouldn't hurt if he decided to try and earn it for once like your man is going to do." Trish closed her eyes for a moment trying her best to focus on the work in front of her only there wasn't a lot of work for her and it was particularly hard with her eyes closed. It was just that as she listened to her co-workers it made her that much more upset about the holiday. Everybody had plans, every single person. Except her. Her plans for the night boiled down to seeing if she could get enough rum in her to completely forget that the night had happened in the first place. The only thing she wanted was for the day to be over.

A handsome young man stepped into the office. He was dressed in a black button up shirt and a pair of slacks that did a rather good job of showing off his well formed backside. "Is there a Trish here?" The man asked opening a box and pulling out a large bouquet of flowers. One of the workers pointed the man towards Trish who could only stand in place awestruck. There wasn't anybody who was supposed to be thinking of her on Valentines day. No boyfriend not even anybody who was flirting with her. "Are you Trish?" She nodded dumbly as the flowers were set in front of her. "Have a good day ma'am." The delivery man said before stepping out.

"Who are those from?" Karrin asked admiring the impressive array of flowers Trish had gotten. "Someone must think you're special."

"Very special." Nikki added taking a longing glance at the flowers. "I didn't even know you had a boyfriend."

"I don't." Trish responded staring at the flowers. It didn't make any sense.

"Then who?" Karrin started.

"Sent them?" Nikki completed.

Trish wished she wasn't being honest when she responded. "I don't know." She wished she knew who had bothered to think of her but honestly she couldn't think of anybody who might care enough to have sent her flowers.

Nikki paused for a second realizing that Trish wasn't faking her surprise. "Well whoever he is he loves you. Assuming he's not a crazy stalker you make sure you fuck his brains out sugar cube."

"Yeah this guy. . .he kinda earned it even if he wants to fuck you in an uncomfortably place." Karrin replied.

"Thanks girls." Trish responded picking up the flowers. Before she could say anything else several alarms went off. It was time to go home. "Whichever one of you sent these thank you." Trish said lifting the vase and starting walk out. She intentionally ignored the denials of her co-workers. There wasn't anybody else who could have sent them.

It was less than an hour for her to drive home. It was as always simply uneventful. The only surprise came when she got to her front door and found a sign. It simply read "Turn Around." And Trish did. She didn't see him before his lips hit hers and his arms wrapped around her waist pulling her up against him. There was a moment when she considered fighting him but that faded almost immediately.

"Who?" She tried to form actual words when their lips broke but she was less interested in an answer than she was in fumbling her key into the lock and getting both of them into her apartment. "Are you?"

"You really don't know?" Trish opened her eyes and for a moment she felt bad that she hadn't figured out who he was sooner. Mark had been her neighbor for almost five years and he'd been her classmate since before she could remember. He'd always followed her around leaving embarrassing notes on her desk and occasionally speaking to her. It wasn't until right then that she noticed that at some point in the last two decades he'd grown from an awkward little boy into a rather attractive man. He certainly had well developed abs that she didn't mind feeling pressed up against her stomach. "It's fine." He replied pulling her shirt up over her head and tossing aside.

It didn't make sense how well he knew her place and at the moment it didn't matter as the two of them shed clothing on the way to her bedroom. The only thing that actually mattered was the fact that when the two of them became one Trish had to stifle a scream. It wasn't like anything she could remember. It wasn't that Mark was particularly talented it was just that he was sincere. He meant it and somehow that meant the world to her when she looked over his shoulder and saw the flowers resting on her dresser. "Please I need to hear it."

"I love you." Mark replied.

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