tagSci-Fi & FantasyI Love You FCSK 12712

I Love You FCSK 12712


There'd been so much advance hype and so many press releases about SUS's new Model K Female Sexual Companion that most of the press covering Slixpo 27 practically had their reviews written before the show even opened. So when SUS failed to deliver due to "last minute glitches", the reporters and e-media people milling around the empty SUS stage were not a happy bunch. Deadlines would be missed, stories would have to be rewritten, and video clips reshot to fill in the empty space that had been set aside for the breathless reviews of the no-show SUS "Karen".

As the reigning Godzilla of the entire consumer robotics market, SUS was already a tempting target for anyone with a grudge against the simulant industry, and that included just about everybody. There was certainly no love lost between SUS and Bram North. He didn't like their arrogance, he didn't like their huge market share, and he especially didn't like the way they jerked around the press, favoring sympathetic reporters with hot scoops while freezing out those who had given them bad reviews. Despite his personal feelings, he'd always been reasonably soft on SUS since that's where the news was, but this time he found himself wondering whether it might not be time to give the anti-robotics/anti-SUS crowd a little more media attention.

So this fiasco didn't do much to improve SUS's already fragile relationship with the e-consumer press, who now had to spend their nights actually writing stories instead of being entertained and fed by the various big money vendors who sought their favor. And Bram, one of the most influential members of the press, was very much peeved by the time he finally got back home, beat and worn out, and just waiting to get to his word processor.

He keyed his lock, walked into his unit and stopped.

There was an angel lying on his sofa. Possibly the sexiest, most beautiful angel he had ever seen in his life. She literally took his breath away.

He knew immediately she could only be a Model K.

She wore a black pleather mini-skirt, and an iridescent liquid silver top that did wonderful things for her breasts. Her hair was reddish blonde and there was a lot of it, tumbling and rolling around an angelic face. No one wore their hair that long any more. He knew immediately that she could only be a Model K.

"Oh Mr. North," she breathed when he walked in. She jumped to her feet and stood primly by the sofa. As primly as a woman built like her could stand. "I'm so glad to see you! I've been so lonely waiting for you! May I take your bags?"

Her eyes were large and shockingly blue, and it was only the slightly saucy puffiness of her red lips that kept her from being cloyingly pretty. As it was her face made him want to push something between those lips. Which, after all, was the whole idea with a gynoid robot.

"How'd you get in here?" he asked her.

Her face melted, her shoulders sagged. "I hope you won't be too angry, but I was afraid to wait for you down in the lobby. I managed to convince the super to let me in."

She noticed the suspicion in his eyes and added, "I couldn't just wait in the lobby, Mr. North. Everyone was looking at me!"

He looked her quickly up and down. The curves of her legs, as long and sinuous as the lines of a Sahara sand dune, the oasis of her hips, the succulent promise of her ripe breasts, all topped by that angelic and yet knowing face. She had some of the leggy exuberance of a young philly, and some of the confidant sexiness of the seasoned courtesan.

"Yeah." he said. "I bet they did."

"Oh, I am sorry. How rude of me. I haven't even introduced myself." she blushed slightly, a charming touch, then her eyes took on a glassy appearance. She stood up straight, in an attitude that reminded him of the earlier E models, and with a perfect public-relations smile said:

"I'm FCSKI2712GG000882AD model K, popularly known as a 'Karen', the latest Female Companion, sexual: model K gynoid from Simulations Unlimited Systems International. I'm programmed with the latest SUS updated proprietary Sexware version 16.6 and BrainStem Incorporated's state-of-the-art Analog Human Autonomy Simulation package developed under exclusive contract to SUS, and I'm the first commercially available sexual companion to use SUS's revolutionary new fully-integrated Cloned-Interface Wetware that makes me all but indistinguishable from a real human female. I'm just so real, you won't believe it!

"SUS' revolutionary technology" she went on, "has at last produced a sexual companion so real, so lifelike, that you can be proud to take her anywhere and who can still fulfill any and all of your sexual desires no matter how extreme. SUS's Cloned-Interface Wetware technology and Biomimetic Servomechanics—both are registered trademarks of SUS incorporated--assure that I'll give decades of dependable service with a minimum of maintenance or product downtime.

"My simulated skin is a product of SUS' advanced bionic research with incorporates…"

"Okay. Save it sweetheart." Bram said throwing his keys on his desk. "I've been listening to this crap all week."

"Oh." she said dropping her eyes in disappointment. "I'm sorry, Mr. North. I know it must have been a great disappointment when I was unable to make my debut as planned, and SUS and I both would like to offer our most sincere apologies for any trouble or distress this might have caused you."

She brightened and said "And as a token of our concern, SUS—and I myself-- would like you to have full use of me for a week, so that you may take full of advantage of me and my many features in any way you wish before writing your product review."

She spread her arms, showing herself off, and then said in a confidential whisper. "SUS would also like to offer you special terms on a longer term lease following the initial break-in period, in return for special promotional considerations, of course."

"Of course." he said.

Well, that was nice. This was the only way he'd ever get his hands on a Karen, given the astonishing market price. But he was still not totally appeased. He knew he was basically being bribed, bought off. Just like SUS.

At the same time he had to admit she was just stunning. And she simply could not be more lifelike. As one of the top industry reviewers, he certainly owed it to his subscribers to check this model out most thoroughly. It was his job.

He popped a Calmdown and a Mello into his mouth to rid himself of the travel jitters and washed them down with a gulp of water from a bottle that had been on his desk since he left for the show. Water doesn't spoil, he thought.

"Looks like your boss is pulling out all the stops for this one, huh?" he said. "She seems to be running a little scared after that little Slixpo screw-up."

"We do apologize for our inability to be at the show, very deeply. But I don't understand." she said, furrowing her pretty brow. "You're my boss, Mr. North, as I explained."

"Right." he said. "No, I mean your hotshot wonder-kid VP of marketing, Ms Shay Gowandus. This doesn't look good for her. Her first project and she fucks it up royally."

"Mr. North," she said, "you know how the industry is. Sometimes these things are unavoidable. The important thing is that we are here together, now, and I'm willing to do anything I can to make it up to you. Anything."

She sat down, clasped her hands together and leaned towards him.

"Let's be frank, Mr. North. We know that you are not SUS's biggest supporter. If anything, you seem to be in our critic's camps. We know that you tend to favor our competitor, the people at Genista, for whom we have only the profoundest respect. We only ask that you give us a chance to show you what we can do—what I can do—before you evaluate the latest line of sexual surrogate gynoids. Just give us—me—a chance."

She fixed her blue eyes on him, deep with sincerity and vulnerability.

"That's all we ask, Mr. North. That's all."

Well that was pretty impressive, he thought. And well done. Had her eyes teared up? Or was it does with variable refractors in her lenses? SUS had the know-how to use either. Maybe both.

It was true that Bram had an irrational fondness for Genista. In technology they were probably the equal if not the better of SUS. But they were a small outfit, run by academics, and they just didn't have the organizational muscle SUS had and actually hadn't released a new product in years and years. Still, for some reason her couldn't put his finger on he always rooted for them, and always took their side against their mighty competitor.

She suddenly brightened and sat up. "I almost forgot," she said, "Ms. Gowandus asked me to personally give you this hand-written note."

That was good; simulating a lapse of memory in a robot. Very cute. Very SUS.

Bram raised his eyebrows as he opened it. A hand-written note was a rarity these days, especially from the VP of marketing at SUS. Gowandus must really have her tit in a vice over the fuck up and the bad publicity this was going to cause SUS.

"Dear Mr. North," the note read, "Maybe we're a day late, but we're not a dollar short! I urge you to check out our new model and then write your review! The FCSK 'Karen' is everything you've heard and much more! She's loaded with all the new SUS features and features SUS' new Fully Integrated Wetware® and Bio-Servo Flashback® micro circuitry. See if she isn't the sweetest sexual surrogate you've ever tried! You won't be disappointed! Then when you come back down from cloud 9 I'll buy you lunch and you can tell me how great she was! All the best, Shay Gowandus, VP Marketing, SUS, Inc."

Very nice. Ms Gowandus hasn't seen fit to so much as grant an interview in the seven months she'd been VP and now she was going to buy him lunch.

The Karen waiting politely while Bran finished reading the note and threw it on the desk. Then, she cocked her head at him. "May I just add that SUS is the world's leader in android and gynoid…"

"'…technology for home and industry.'" they finished in unison.

"I know, sweetheart, I know." he said wearily. "Spare me the slogans."

But SUS and Ms Gowandus weren't his problems. He suddenly remembered that he was standing in the presence of the FCSK12712, a very hot piece of simware that the world had been anticipating for years now, and that he was one of the first people outside of SUS' development labs to see her. His professional interest took over and he looked at her.

"So you're the twelve-seven-twelve." he said looking her over. "The 'Karen'."

"Yes." she said sweetly." But you can call me whatever you want. My default name is Brianna Jessica Suskind, but for you I'll be anyone you want."

He liked the old-fashioned sound of her multi-syllabic name. "No, that's fine. I'll just call you Brie. You know what your nickname in the press is though?"

"The Fucksuck twelve-seven-twelve?" she asked.

"That's right." he said. "Or just the fucksuck."

"Yes," she said, "I don't much care for it. I don't think it does me justice. I'm so much more than that."

He nodded in sympathy. He liked the look in her eyes. She really did look alive, alert and intelligent, and eager to please. And of course, absolutely gorgeous. He forgot his weariness in his sudden curiosity.

"Well, let's have a look at you, Brie." he said.

She squirmed in delight. "Would you like to access my manual?" she asked.

"No, no. Not now. Maybe later. For now just let me look you over."

She stood up as he approached the couch and looked at him levelly. Desire showed in her eyes and on her lips, and her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, but Bram looked at her clinically.

He did take note of her breasts. It was common knowledge in the gynoid business that the first thing men looked at were the breasts. and incredible amounts of work and research had gone into making the breasts as perfect and pleasing as market research could demand. Since the Model D, breast size had been made user-adjustable, but still the models coming off the line were preset to a size and profile carefully selected to appeal to the typical buyer. "Sell 'em the tits and they'll buy the ass." was the industry dictum.

Brie's breasts were full and slightly oversized compared to the previous Model J, slightly higher and more youthful. The fabric of her blouse was not stretched too tight as had been the case in the Model F, giving her an overall 'cheap' look, but rather hung from her breasts in graceful folds. It was a nice touch, and fitting in such a high-end model.

He stood close to her and sniffed.

She smelled like a healthy girl who knew how to wear perfume. None of that crude silicon oil smell or hints of ozone that had plagued earlier models, no off-gassing from the synthetic skin. Of course, so much of the K was cloned tissue, she could hardly be considered synthetic.

Bram took her hand and looked at it. It was perfect. The FCSH he'd had before had hand problems, mainly with the nails and nail beds and the veining on the back of the hand. The H's also had unusually smooth knuckles; a minor point, but one he'd noticed. But Brie's hand looked absolutely perfect. The lines on her palm, her fingerprints, Very nicely done. The palm had the right degree of transparency and was warm without being sticky at all. It was also wonderfully soft, and the way her fingers curled as they relaxed while he inspected her was charming.

"My nails really grow, if that's what you're wondering." she said.

"Do they?" he asked absently.

He turned her hand over and pinched the skin on the back.

"Ouch!" she cried.

"Sorry, sweetheart. Just wanted to see the resilience." It was perfect.

He checked her hairline to see how the hair was attached. It looked real. He took a handful and crushed it in his hand, then pulled.

"Ow!" she cried. "My hair's real too."

She rubbed her head but then raised her face and leaned towards him, pressing the wonderful globes of her breasts into his arm and said softly, "I like it when you do that. I really like it when you treat me that way."

"Mmm." he said. "I'll bet you do. Does your hair grow too?"

"Of course." she said, and then made a little face. "It's all cloned tissue. But don't you like it this way? Is it too long? The wrong color? I can always change it if you'd like."

"No, it's fine. It's very nice." he said. "Look up, sweetheart."

She rolled her eyes up and Bram pulled her lower eyelid down. The lower lid was fully vasculated and moist, and the skin elasticity was perfect as far as he could tell. There was no tell-tale eye-tremble as had been the case in the G model, the unfortunate "Shaky Sally".

He tilted her head back and looked up her nose and she giggled. He could see the tiny hairs that lined the nostrils. The room light through the skin was just the right shade of salmon pink, just like in a real human. Beautiful work, he thought, just beautiful.

"Open your mouth, dear." he said. They often cut costs in the molars, which were hardly ever seen anyhow. But hers were as real as any he'd ever seen, Her saliva was odorless, and the gum margins were pink, healthy and perfect. The papillae in the center of her tongue were slightly erect, as if she'd eaten something sweet. No trace of post-nasal drip. They must have changed the location of the naso-bucal mucus generator

He held her head in his hands, felt the articulation of her jaw, the synthetic bones, and the tested the texture of the chemotropic elastomer that formed the muscles of her face. They felt like flesh. He stuck his nose into her open mouth and inhaled deeply.

She smelled like sweet clover with just a hint of anise. Absolutely no solvent smell, no off-gassing, nor did her breath have that unmistakable non-human quality that seemed like it would be a permanent defect in gynoids.

He let go of her head and stepped back, and she swallowed quickly and said, "Sorry. No one's ever done that to me before. You startled me."

"How long is your tongue, Brie?" he asked. The Models G and H had been given extra long tongues for sexual purposes, but consumers complained that it was too disconcerting to suddenly have their gynoids wrap their tongues entirely around their penises or force them deep down their throats. It was only a detail, but one of those details that provoked some interest in the press. No one knew what kind of tongue SUS would give the Model K.

"Please, Mr. North. I'd rather not show you here." she said shyly.

"Why not?" he asked.

She shrugged and Bram noticed how well she blushed. "Are you embarrassed?" he asked. Even her exposed chest grew pinkish.

"Well…yes, I suppose I am."

Bram laughed with disbelief. "Embarrassed! I'll be damned! You're even blushing! Christ they're good! They've really done a beautiful job on you, Brie. You're just perfect."

He reached out and cupped one of her breasts. The weight, the warmth, the resilience, was exactly as it should be. But then SUS had perfected breasts way back in the C model, so that was no surprise. What was a surprise was the way Brie twisted slightly and pressed herself into his hand, opening her lips in pleasure.

"Mmm," she breathed, "I love when you touch me. I just love it!"

He laughed at himself. He was getting hard. That's how good she was.

"Turn around, love. Let's see your control panel."

She turned around and pulled her hair away from her neck and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. North, but I don't have a control panel."


"I'm sorry. I have no user-serviceable parts inside, so a panel isn't necessary. All adjustments and customizations can be made by voice. Would you like to make them now? I'm so anxious to be just the girl you want. It will only take a moment."

"No, no." he said. "Not now. You're fine now, Brie. You're very lovely."

"Thank you, Mr. North."

"Bram, please." he said.

She smiled, "Bram. Thank you. That is so sweet of you to say."

She dropped her hair and took a step close to him. "I know you must be tired Bram, but isn't there anything I can do for you? Can I make you a drink, or get you a joint? Maybe draw you a bath? Or perhaps you'd just like a whole-body massage? I'm a very good masseuse, skilled in all types of touch therapy."

"You tempt me, Brie. You really tempt me."

She smiled with pleasure and looked at him with blue eyes that glittered like sapphires. "Good. I'm glad. Because just looking at you makes me want to be bad. Very, very bad."

In spite of himself Bram laughed in embarrassment. She was incredibly good, just perfect, standing there looking at him from under her wild fall of hair, hunching her shoulders together as if she had chills in a gesture that showed off her cleavage. He noticed that the peaks of her nipples were visible beneath her liquid silver top.

"Okay, Brie." he said, dropping down onto the sofa. "Let's see how bad you can be."

"Oh yes!" she said.

She quickly turned down the lights and lit some candles, then opened the drapes over the front window so that they could see the lights of the city spread out before them.

"You don't mind?" she asked. "It's so romantic."

"I don't mind."

She turned to him with an expression of tender concern.

"Bram, darling?" she asked.

He looked at her.

"I hate to bother you, but we really should do some presets, just so we'll both get the most out of this. You could certainly choose all defaults, but I do have some new features that should be addressed."

"Okay." he said. "Shoot. What new features?"

"Erotic lactation for one."

"That's right. I'd heard about that." he said. "What are the options?"

"Off, on arousal or on climax."

"On arousal" he said.

"Female ejaculation?" she asked.


"Then I have two hundred and fifty six programmable personality-physical emulation routines, one hundred of which have been factory programmed for your convenience. You may choose from film and music stars, porno stars, celebrities, historical figures…"

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