tagRomanceI Miss You

I Miss You


I miss you. I know that sounds crazy. We've only been together a couple of weeks, but we've known each other for a few years. It just took us a while to act on the feelings we've both had for some time. You were with Barbie and I was with Jerk, both of us bored, but unable, it seemed, to do anything about it until a few months ago.

I finally told Jerk it wasn't working out. He never stimulated me much mentally and the sex had become bland and routine. It was over when he stopped pretending to care that I hadn't cum. There was nothing left. I'd rather spend the night with a good book than try to engage him in conversation and I can make myself cum harder than he ever could.

But you. I tried hard to suppress my attraction to you. You knew Jerk through work and we found ourselves at the same gatherings. Your wit and intellect are what hooked me to start. And your smile. You come to life when you smile and when you'd lock onto me with your eyes as we talked; everything else became just a quiet buzz.

I looked forward to the happy hours and other gatherings that might afford me some time with you, though I couldn't understand why you were with Barbie. Okay, she was gorgeous and stylish, with flawless makeup and hair, but other than that, she was just so ordinary. Average intellect. Attuned to what's popular, without much in the way of original thoughts. But, no criticizing here. After all, look who I was with.

I can't stop thinking about the last time we were together. Things were getting very hot and I knew that soon we'd be taking it to the next level. You seemed to instinctively know all of the right places to touch me. Tangled there on the couch, our legs intertwined, I could feel your hard, hard cock pressing into my thigh through your jeans. I'd slipped off your shirt and you, mine. You were so cute, fumbling with my bra.

"What is this, armor?" you laughed.

"A necessary evil," I replied, helping you unclasp the last of the four hooks.

Then slowly, oh so slowly, you peeled my bra off, setting my large breasts free. Running your hands lightly down my arms and softly probing my mouth with your tongue, you grasped my elbows and raised my arms. You then took both of my hands in one of yours, pinning them gently above my head. Your free hand trailed back down the length of my arm, your fingers grazing the side of my breast and just underneath, sending electric jolts straight to my clitoris.

God, how did you know? I moaned and hooked one of my legs around you, pulling you tighter to me. Oh, the feel of your skin on mine, I moaned again and heard you take a sharp breath as you ground yourself harder against me.

"God damn it!" you grumbled as your cell phone rang for the sixth time that night. You sighed and pressed your forehead to my chest and said, "I'm so sorry. I better check this."

You sighed again, heavily, when you saw the text message you'd just received. Then you dialed the phone and said to someone unknown, "This had better be an emergency."

And then you were gone. The system install wasn't going well and you needed to fly out to the client site to try to straighten things out. And even though you've called regularly, I miss you. I am so drawn to you and there are so many things I want to do to you, to your mind, to your body.

Since you left, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. When I got home tonight, I ran a hot bath with scented oil. I stretched out in the large garden tub and stroked my clit, slipping a finger slowly in and out of my pussy. I pictured you, kissing me, touching me with your large, strong hands. With my other hand, I cupped my left breast, kneading my erect nipple with my fingers and thumb.

With the heat, the aroma and lubrication of the bath oil, I came quietly, eyes shut tight, arching my back against the porcelain. It wasn't a mind blowing orgasm, but I was sated and allowed myself a few minutes to bask in that sensation before toweling off.

I put on some soft, worn, cotton pajama shorts and a t-shirt and resigned myself to the evening ahead. I fixed a simple supper of chicken and vegetables and ate it mindlessly while pouring over deposition transcripts in preparation for an upcoming trial.

And here I still sit, armed with a highlighter, reading through page after page of testimony and not really absorbing any of it.

The phone rings and gives me a start. I can't help but smile when I see it's your cell number calling.

"Hey, how are you?" I say.

"Exhausted, annoyed," you reply. "What are you doing? Have you eaten?"

"Yeah. I had a bite earlier and I'm just going over some depositions."

"Well, damn."

"Why? What's the matter?" I ask.

"I was hoping you would get something to eat with me."

"You're back?" My heart skips a beat and I smile wider.

"I just got in," you say. "I may have to go back in a few days. The client's still a bit pissed, but we've gotten most of it straightened out."

"I'm really not dressed to go out, but if you want to come over, I'll fix you something to eat and you can tell me all about it."

"I'd love that," you say.

"When can I expect you?"

I give myself a quick appraisal. Well, I'm clean and shaved. I should have enough time to change my clothes and put on a bit of makeup before you get here.

"Two minutes," you reply. "I'm downstairs in your parking lot."

I'm both thrilled and nervous. You've caught me off guard and while I feel a bit vulnerable, you chose to come here. I'm flush with excitement as you knock on my door.

I invite you in and you pause to kiss my cheek and run a hand along my side. I start to apologize for being under-dressed as I close the door behind you, but when I turn around, I find you just inches from me, grinning, eyeing me up and down.

"What?" I say defensively.

"You look adorable," you grin wider.

I'm pleased by your attention, but I'm also acutely aware of how little I'm wearing. I'm sure my nipples are quite visible through my t-shirt. And, I'm sure you've noticed. We stand there in the hall for a moment, saying nothing.

To break the tension, I say, "Oh, so you're hungry?" I move past you towards the kitchen and you follow. "I've got some leftover chicken. I could fix you..."

"I have a confession to make," you interrupt, grinning sheepishly. "I'm not hungry. I came straight here from the airport. I didn't want to go home and think about work all night long, and I, um, well..." you pause, "I had to see you."

I smile and go to you. Raising myself on my toes and wrapping my arms around your neck and shoulders, I lightly brush my lips over yours before leaning in to kiss you fully. I wrap my fingers in your hair and pull you into a long, deep kiss that reignites my desire from earlier this evening.

"I'm glad you called," I smile. "Come on, come relax."

We move into the living room and you ask if I have anything to drink. I retrieve two glasses and some brandy. I sit on the couch, part my legs and pat the space between them.

"Come here," I say, patting the cushion again, "Do you want a massage?"

You sit on the floor in the space between my legs with your back towards me and I start at your shoulders, kneading your muscles, applying steady, firm pressure. You are still wearing a dress shirt and it bunches under my hands. When I ask why, you explain that you wanted to get home as soon as possible. There was a spot available on the next flight, so you didn't bother changing.

"So your bags are in your car?" I ask.


"Well, why don't you go get them and change clothes?" I suggest. "Because this," I explain, tugging at the collar of your shirt, "will not do."

You return in a few minutes, bag in hand, and I tell you to feel free to put on some PJs because, after all, I'm in mine.

I'm pleased that you've changed into a t-shirt and some sweats, which are much less restrictive than jeans or khakis. I wonder what kind of, if any, underwear you have on. I'm not wearing any panties and the soft cotton shorts I'm wearing feel very nice against my neatly trimmed pussy.

You sip some brandy and settle back down in front of me. I'm warm from the brandy, but the heat building in my abdomen is entirely from you. I want to taste you, to feel you all around me, but I return to my task, placing my thumbs at the base of your neck and working the knots in deep slow circles. You sigh and I feel the tension in your muscles drain a bit.

With my hands on either side of your neck, I delicately drag my fingernails up your neck to the base of your skull and then run my fingers through your hair to your temples and gently rub them. Your head tilts slightly back and I can see that your eyes are closed and you're smiling.

My fingers trail down your jaw to your neck and then back up your neck again. Your breathing quickens and encourages me to continue. I lean in to kiss your neck, then slowly run the tip of my tongue up its length and firmly bite you.

You gasp, arch your back and quickly turn around, raising yourself to kiss me hard. My pussy is throbbing and my nipples, taut. I feel your hard cock against me and the neediness of your kiss makes me wetter.

I break the kiss, take your hand and silently lead you to my bedroom. Dimming the lights, I walk you to the base of my bed, wrap my arms around you and kiss you deeply.

"Do you trust me?" I ask.


"Then take off your clothes and lie down."

You can't hide the surprise and shock in your face and that rouses the animal side of me. A smile plays at the corner of your mouth as you take off your shirt and ask me if I'll do the same.

"Just do as I say," I reply.

Without breaking eye contact, you slide your pants down and step out of them. I look at your hard cock as you sit down on the bed and then ease yourself back so you are lying down. There is some pre-cum gleaming on the tip of it and my hunger grows. You must be around 7 inches, which is just perfect.

I pull my t-shirt off slowly as you watch. Then I unhook my bra, slide it down from my shoulders and toss it aside. I place my hands on the bed, one on each side of you, and then my knees, one between your parted legs and the other on the outside. I slowly crawl my way up your body, my hard nipples grazing the soft flesh of your inner thighs as I go.

Your cock twitches and strains as I work myself over your hips and up your chest until my mouth is on yours. I run my tongue over your lips and gently bite them. Slipping my arms under yours, I press myself against you, enjoying the feeling of your skin on mine. You take my breasts in your hands and run your thumbs over my hard nipples.

"That feels so good," I moan. I kiss my way from your jaw to your ear and whisper, "Just relax now."

I push myself up so I am sitting on you, bracing my hands on your chest, straddling your hips. You are so hard and there is only a thin layer of cotton between your cock and my pussy. I rest a bit more of my weight against you and grind my swollen clit against your shaft. My shorts are drenched. I'm so wet and I know you can feel the heat coming from my cunt as you raise your hips against me.

I really want to fuck you, but I know you need something else tonight. You need release, both physically and mentally.

Raising my hands, I shake my long hair free from the knot I've tied it into and lean against you so it is splayed across your flesh. Then I begin to move down your body, my long soft hair, tickling your chest, your stomach, your penis.

My mouth is just at your knees now and I bend and part your legs a bit more. Then I lick the inside of your leg where your thigh meets your knee. With my lips parted and just barely connecting with your skin, my warm breath against your flesh, I trace my way up your leg to your scrotum.

I pause, mouth open, my breath warm and moist against you, reach up and run my fingernails down the sides of your rib cage and abdomen. I give your balls a quick lick with my tongue as you claw at the covers.

I know what you are anticipating, but I have other plans for you.

Your legs are spread wide and I'm kneeling between them. I lean forward and brush my hair one last time up your thighs, over your balls and your cock. Your moans distract me...god, I want to fuck you so hard, but more so, I want you to relax and stay here close to me.

I push my shorts off and straddle your leg, pressing my slick clit against it as I bring myself up over your crotch and press your cock between my breasts. And then I begin to move slowly, deliberately, rubbing my wet clit against your leg, swallowing your hard cock with my tits. I look up to meet your eyes.

"Do you like that?" I purr.

"Oh, god yes," you answer gruffly.

I'm going to cum soon, so I pause and reposition my hands tightly against your hips and use my arms to tighten the grip my breasts have on your hot, hard cock. You groan and I increase the pressure and my strides. The head of your cock emerges from my cleavage with each thrust of my body against yours and I lick the slit of its head each time it pokes through.

You open and close your eyes as you look down at me, fucking you. You claw harder at the covers and the lust in your eyes as you lock onto mine sends me over the edge. I am cumming and I fuck you hard with my tits, pressing them together against your hard cock. I can feel your thighs tense and you let out a deep growl as your cock spurts hot, hot cum between my tits.

My pussy is drenched against your leg and my vagina is contracting wildly. You feel so fucking good...

Both of our bodies start to relax and I rest my weight against you, my head on your stomach, breathing deeply, satisfied.

After some time I pull myself away from you and tell you I'll be right back and not to move.

"Yes, ma'am," you reply and another wave of pleasure washes over me. I go to the bathroom to clean myself up a bit and then I get a thick, soft cloth and run it under the hot water.

When I return, you are spread out on the bed, eyes closed, smiling and looking like you haven't a care in the world. Your eyes open when you hear me come in. I drape the hot, wet cloth over your groin and clean you up.

"That feels nice," you sigh.

I give you a quick kiss and then snuggle myself up against you. You are so warm, so inviting. I could stay like this forever.

You roll over on top of me and begin to kiss your way down to my pussy, but I stop you and pull you up until your lips meet mine.

"That was wonderful," I say, kissing you softly. "You need to rest now."

"But what about you?" you ask, tracing a finger over my still semi-erect nipples.

"I'm good," I say, "and, you'll have plenty of opportunities to return the favor."

Holding each other, we drift off to a deep sleep.

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