tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersI Really Don't Know Ch. 01

I Really Don't Know Ch. 01


Chapter 1

My girlfriend of 5 years, the woman I love dearly, it's like she's a different person now. Well ... she sort of is. This all started about a week ago, she happened across an ancient artifact. And somehow, against all reality, it had a genie in it – a magical creature whose purpose is to grant wishes - One that would appear and grant her wishes as long as it was involved with sex then disappear. We've been having sex for 3 years, and I felt that things were great between us, but ... now things are very different. When she discovered the genie she kept him hidden from me. She called me up when I was at work Friday, today, and told me that she needs to talk to me and she has a big surprise for me. Sara ... Sara was always a big girl and I loved her, she was fairly chunky but had small breasts and she was beautiful to me, I loved every bit of her. I was heavy too.

Sara came over and dressed up in a heavy bath robe. She stood next to me, then unveiled her new body to me. She's taller than before almost as tall as me, she shrunk her waist from a size 16 to a size 2, now she has big DD breasts (she was an A cup) with large areolas and nipples. I stood there as she threw the robe aside and stood there, legs parted with a smile on her face. I was beyond shocked, that's when she showed me her genie, he appeared out of a purple cloud. She looked to him... I thought she would just make me skinnier.

She wished for "I want him to be more fuckable. Shorter than me, but a real babe, I want average to less than average breasts on him, a tight little pussy. Long flowing brown hair. I want that thing I talked to you about." She winks at him.

Sara "Oh, I almost forgot. I wish for you to make him my submissive little bitch." She said with a devilish grin. The genie responded with.

"As you wish Master." Before I could respond.my body shrunk and compressed, my clothes falling off, revealing the changes it made to me. My body hair fell off, I grew average B breasts, my penis shrunk to only an inch or two (why not just get rid of it?). I 'grew' a vagina, where my testicles used to be as they disappeared. As the genie finished he disappeared leaving Sara standing there looking very smug, and the biggest shock of all, an 8 inch flaccid penis dangling between her legs.

Me "W, what did you do to yourself? To me? Why?"

Sara "This is what I've always wanted. I love you to pieces, but I'm truthfully a lesbian. I hated my body for what it was ... I loved you and your body but ... I love your mind so much I couldn't lose you, so ... I changed you into a woman." She comes over to me, my eyes meeting her at her neck from the difference in height. She's about ... 6 foot 1 and I'm like 5 foot 4. Sara runs her fingers lovingly through my long hair.

Me "... ok ... but why did you wish for me to be a submissive little bitch? Why do you have that massive cock? I might have been able to live with being a woman, but... Babe... I don't know, this is too much!" She smiles at me, then firmly grabs my hair.

Sara "This is why!" She pulls on my head forcing me down to my knees. My hair tugging at my scalp. She loosens up a little and her cock catches my gaze, I become fixated on her cock as it begins to rise and engorge. She's turned on... she was always a horny girl, and I liked that, especially since we were both in our late 20's when we met. But her new body looks younger, as does mine.

Sara "over the years, even recently ... sorry ... I've fucked girls with dildo's and strap-ons and got fucked back, sure it feels great but it's not real, I couldn't feel anything through it, and it couldn't do what I really wanted it to do ... cum." It begins to get veiny, and pulse with her heartbeat. She loosens her grip a little more, putting her free hand on my shoulder, rubbing it.

Sara "So I thought long about this. What I really wanted, what I wanted out of life ... and if I wanted to stay with you. The thought of losing you was too much to bear. So ... I figured you would respond much better as a woman than if you were still a man. So ... I wanted you as a woman so we can have sex." Sara moves off my shoulder to grab and squeeze her large breast.

Sara "And as for this ... I wished for a massive meaty member, one covered in veins, huge balls loaded with sweet sticky cum. And the best part of all..." It begins to stand up, it's so big.

Sara "It's tied it to my libido. So I can cum again and again, unlike a man's cock - after it cums once it's useless for a day." I watch in shock as it stiffens up even more, growing out. She starts pulling me closer to it, I smell the usual scent of an aroused dick.

Sara "I wanted a cock so big, that I could make you scream and orgasm with every thrust. Balls so big that I could fill your mouth with my lovely seed again and again. I spent hours going over what I wanted, writing it down the changing it." She pulls my head forward, meeting my lips to her cock.

Sara "I did everything to make you and me happier than we ever could be with our old bodies. But, as a safety precaution, I had the genie make it so I couldn't hurt you with my big cock. Now, your body will adapt to the size, no tearing, no bruises, only pleasure. Your mouth ... your pussy ... and ... your ass." She slides both her hands behind my head and pulls me forward, parting my lips, her member pushes my teeth apart and it fills my mouth.

"Oh, mmm. That's nice Ashley." She renamed me to Ashley, yay ( :( ). Sara grabs my hair tight and pulls me more to her, pushing her big hard cock into my throat. I can still breathe, it's a little labored but I thought it would choke me for sure.

Sara "Mmm, I never thought it would feel this good. Having a nice hard cock being sucked by my little bitch. You ... Mmm ... you know why I wanted a little bitch?" I find myself moaning as I suck on her dick. Which I do find repulsing and at the same time I ... want to, or at least my body wants to.

Sara "You will do as I say. Mmm. You'll get on your knees and suck me off with nothing but a wink and a nod. You, my love, will swallow my load, suck the cum right out of me and love it. I'll can slap your ass, shove a finger in your little cunt, and have you moan as we are out in public. I can use and abuse you, and you'll come back for more. And at the end of the day, I'll hold you close, cuddle, and love you with all my heart." I start to get into it more, sucking harder and faster, taking what I can and using my hand to pleasure the base of the shaft and her large balls. Sara lets go of my head, caressing her breasts harder, loving every second of my cocksucking.

Sara "Oh fuck baby. Mmm, so good! Ahh! I'm going to cum." Her cock tenses up and her balls retract. Her cock expands and settles in a rhythmic motion, like a wave as her load is pumped into my throat, straight into my stomach. Each spurt pushes on her cock which pushes my mouth open even more, straining my jaw. Almost a dozen massive spurts of cum spew into my belly, there's so much is pushing my stomach out making me look a bit fat, or a bit pregnant. She pulls her cock out and a glob of her seed lands on my tongue. It's salty, thick like semi cured jello, but ... it's not too bad. I'm still really un-nerved by the whole experience so far. Sara blinks a few times, getting her eyes to focus after her first manly orgasm.

Sara "Mmm ya. That was so good!"

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