tagIllustratedI Remember Bethany Ch. 06

I Remember Bethany Ch. 06


(Or Beth and Billy make a porno)

Because of the snow, Jimmy kept the bar closed on Friday. However, Denver snowstorms often have a limited shelf life and after a sunny Saturday, the roads were relatively clear, Jimmy called everyone and we reopened on Saturday. Most of the crowd had been off on Friday and were looking to party on Saturday Night.

Beth brought Billy in with her to the bar. He looked happy but very tired while Beth looked Radiant but was walking slightly bowlegged and she confessed that she was having trouble sitting down when she brought me my drink. Billy told me that they had spent all of Friday in bed and had only gotten up Saturday for a romp in the snow and Billy's first snowball fight.

I noticed that Billy couldn't seem to take his eyes off Beth and every time she looked at him she smiled and blushed. When Beth took a break, I joined them. "Beth, Billy: even though I don't like to make snap judgements about relationships, it's clear to me that you two are meant for each other and that I am very happy for both of you. I don't want either of you to feel uncomfortable around me, so I hereby renounce any sexual claim that I may have had on you, Beth." to Billy I said "You have my best wishes and always remember to cherish and take care your woman because she's worth it."

For the rest of that spring their life seemed to be bliss with Billy doing well in his paramedic courses even though I had to help him in anatomy and physiology and how to use algebra to titrate dosage with pain meds. Beth was teaching him French and on the weekends she introduced him to the Denver art and museum world.

A week or two before I left for Walter Reed I found Beth really mad and I feared that they had a fight.

Beth responded "Oh no, it's not Billy; it's my ex-fiancee. I just got these... and she handed me a sheaf of poorly focused 4 X 5 photos of her fiance in various sex positions with two women in a seedy motel room. The clothes scattered across the floor identified the women as Australian nurses from what I could tell. The back of the photos showed a stamp from a developer in Sidney.

The note with the photos read: "Memories, mate from your Aussie Amazons."

Beth was close to tears "Did he do this to taunt me? I thought I was over him but this still hurts!"

I asked to see the package that they came in and she handed me a tattered shipping envelope that was stamped and over-stamped with mailroom routing marks from one one firebase to another across Viet Nam and finally to Beth's address in Denver.

I laughed "The dumb cluck left your address as his home of record and the mail clerks got tired of trying to track him down and just sent it to you. I still have some friends in Infantry Branch who can find out his next stateside duty station and I can get them to ship this to his next post. He didn't mean to hurt you but it was still thoughtless."

Another thought came to me " You know that the best form of revenge is living well. Why don't you show him you're over him by sending him some pictures of what you and Billy have been up to? I'll be glad to take pictures." My ulterior motive was to try out my brand new Ashki Pentax 35 mm SLR and I wouldn't mind watching Billy and Beth have sex again. I had a friend who did portrait photography as a sideline and I figured that I could borrow his lighting and reflector setup. I could get the film at a discount and develop and print the photos at the base craft shop.

Beth thought for a moment "I think that's a great idea, let's talk to Billy about it."

Surprisingly, Billy was camera shy. "I dunno Uncle George. I'm not sure that I can perform in front of a camera. I used to belong to a camera club in high school, why don't you let me take the pictures?"

I responded "Billy, you're Beth's lover now and you should be the one making love to her in the photographs. What are you worried about? You'll have a mask. Besides, it's my Pentax and I want to take the pictures. "

This absurd conversation went on until Beth spoke up. "I think both of you should take pictures. George, you can take some glamor shots of me in my new underwear and if Billy still wants to take pictures, then you can fill in for him in front of the camera. After all you were my first black lover and I know that Billy's not jealous of you. However, I would appreciate it if both of you would participate in my revenge. My fiance had two women and I can't let him outdo me."

After that, Billy and I couldn't think of anything to say so I started to get everything ready for the shoot. My wife had already taken the girls back East to look for housing and schools. I was left behind to finish cleaning up the place prior to Base Housing inspection. After I got it cleaned up and re-painted white, I stripped the Living room and draped a couch with a white blanket and set up the lighting and reflectors. I taped the drapes so that the bright lights wouldn't attract the neighbor's (or the MP's) attention.

Beth and Billy arrived and I welcomed them in. Beth was in a plain housedress that buttoned up the front and was carrying her heels and a makeup kit. She went into the bathroom to get ready while Billy helped me to get ready and check the light levels. He was fascinated with the Single Lens Reflex camera and the thru the lens light meter because it was so much easier than the cameras he had learned on. He especially liked the high quality macro lens I was using.

When Beth came out of the bathroom, she was still in the housedress but she had hose and open toe high heels with ankle straps. We sat down to share a joint and a drink to calm the jitters. I kidded Beth about her 'take me home and fuck me shoes'. She replied "Well, I should hope so!" and we all laughed.

With the lights on, the room had started to heat up and Beth said "It's too hot for this dress." and stood up to unbutton it and place it across the chair. She stood there, dressed in heels, thigh-highs, garter belt, push-up open cup bra and a grin as we both stared in appreciation. "My ex is going to be so sorry. You guys should strip down too so that I won't feel uncomfortable."

After Billy and I got down to our boxers, I started to put Beth in some of my favorite Bettie Paige poses until I needed to change film and she said "I'm starting to feel like I could use some company, won't one of you join me?" I could tell she was aroused by the flush of her cheeks and the gleam from the lights on her lower lips.

I looked at Billy and he said "You go ahead, give me a chance with the Pentax." I was still nervous about getting started up again with Beth but by then my cock was doing the thinking for both of us so I handed the camera to Billy and put on the black mask. When I stepped up beside her, she smiled up so sweetly at me that my heart jumped and so did my dick. Beth grinned as she turned to face me as if we were dance pardners and looking down at my shorts, said "I see someone is happy to see me. You haven't been with your wife for a couple of weeks now, have you? " and reached into my boxers to fish out my old 'nine-iron'. I responded by grabbing her butt and my fingers slipped into her nethers to find that she was moist and flowing. "Hey!" she laughed and turned to see if Billy was photographing my fingers between her cheeks. Of course he was and he was already down on one knee focusing on her backside with the rangefinder.

Beth responded by playfully hiding behind me and I grabbed her hands and pulled them around to return them to what she had been doing earlier. She used one hand to cradle my jewels and the other to slowly manipulate my half staff ebony shaft. Billy said "That's a great contrast shot; hold it while I focus and set the aperture." Meanwhile, I had pulled her close with one arm while I slipped the other arm between us and my finger into her wet and silken folds.

"You heard the man, hold still." as I worked my finger into her and she jumped and twitched.

"Hold still yourself." as she started jerking my rapidly hardening 'nine iron' until I was 'standing to attention'. I turned to face her and we slipped into a passionate kiss. Gradually I worked my way with lips and tongue down her neck, shoulders, chest and belly. When I got to her silken thighs and started into her forest of soft curls, I pushed her back to the arm of the couch and lifted her leg so that I could have better access to her sweet lagoon of mystery.

Beth responded " Oh god, that's nice; you should teach this to Billy." "Billy, are you paying attention here?"

I joined in "Billy, don't let any one tell you different. Real men eat pussy. And take it from one who knows, this is one of the sweetest pussies in the world."

Beth began to shiver and moan. "Oh ...OH...Yes...YES! That's so good!" I could tell that she was excited to be the center of attention and the delicious taboo of recording her hitherto secret desires and sexuality had her trembling at the brink. It didn't take long before she was pulling he back of my head into her juncture and bucking against my pressing lips and tongue. When I finally touched the tip of my little finger to her rosebud, she cried "Uh...uh...ah...ah..AAAAAH!" and drenched my mustache before she looked down into my eyes with a look of pure lust.

I stood up with the tip of my rigid John Thomas dragging up her thigh and across her heaving abdomen to come to rest just below her sternum. Beth looked up into my eyes with her face scarlet from her recent orgasm. Silently and trembling, she sank down from her perch on the arm of the couch to kneel between my feet and take me into her beautiful lips and wet warm mouth. Her eyes never left mine as she licked and sucked while she fondled my testes. When she reached between my legs to pull my buttocks towards her face I cradled her cheeks in my hands. Her eyes closed and she swallowed me to the root. She held my phallus so long and so deep in her throat that I feared for her breath and I pulled back and she inhaled as she opened her eyes briefly and then sank her lips back to my sac. I could feel her tongue on my balls and her throat repeatedly contract and convulse as it attempted to swallow my glans.

I finally pulled my liquid coated member from her mouth with a small trail of saliva from her lips as she rose to sit and then lay down on the couch pulling me towards her center. Her face and chest were flushed as she spread her silk sheathed thighs to reveal the moist dark curls framing her red, swollen labia and shining clitoris. As I saw her look at Billy, her expression was a mixture of embarrassment, lust and supplication as she pulled my cock towards her crotch. I glanced back at Billy only to see a big grin on his face and a thumbs-up sign. Her eyes closed in pleasure as I entered her hot channel and she sighed "Il est bon de vous sentir à l'intérieur de moi de nouveau George." I leaned back to watch my cock move in and out of her coral lips as I worked my hips back and forth.

"Beth, that is so hot! Uncle George, could you spread her thighs a little?" Billy asked "Beth, could you touch your breasts and pinch your nipples? Great!"

Beth was both embarrassed and excited by this lewd behavior and I could feel her tremble as I lightly brushed her hot button with a wet thumb. She began to jerk and buck while her eyes rolled and her head flopped back and forth as she began to come again and pulled me down on top of her to pound her into sweet oblivion while she murmured "Je vous aime. j'aime votre grand coc noir. J'aime votre grand coq noir enterré dans mon petit minet chaud. Oui ... oh, oui, oui ... oui... OouhAAA!"She clutched at my back as her vagina spasmed and gushed around my ebony piston. When she finally opened her eyes, she began to laugh.

I followed her gaze to find my nephew operating my camera with one hand while he stroked himself with the other."Billy, if you drop that camera, so help me, you'll be sorry you even got up this morning."

"Sorry, uncle George, I'll be more careful, you just keep fucking my beautiful girlfriend."He replied with a grin.

Beth looked up at me, her lust filled eyes laughing."You heard the man, fuck me. Fuck me hard uncle George, mon grand amant noir. Uh...Uh...UH! Fuck me...Fuck meeee! Oh...OH...OHHH mon amour! oui, oui ...OUI! You're gonna make me...I'm gonna...help me...I'm...I'm...a...a...aggAAAIN!"

I followed her orgasm with my own as I spasmed and slammed myself into her hot wet pudding with a loud smacking and liquid sucking sound and the smell of our sex filled the air. Beth clutched at my butt cheeks as I buried my nine iron as deep as I could with a roar and emptied at least two weeks of sperm into her hot clutching vessel. She pulled me into a hungry kiss as her vaginal walls continued to milk me dry. She then looked up at Billy with a sweet smile of deep and lustful contentment.

Billy responded with a big smile of his own and stepped around to the front of the couch with a huge dome in the front of his shorts. "Is that a gun in there or are you just glad to see me?"Beth broke into a grin as she reached up to stroke him appreciatively before pulling down his now tight boxers.

I disengaged and rose up to take back the SLR and hand the mask to Billy. As I pulled out of Beth, I left a trail of pearly essence leaking from her now gleaming and distended violet labia and I thought to myself "_How beautiful that is; it looks just like some exotic flower_."

Meanwhile, Beth had dislodged Billy from his boxers and was in the middle of her sword swallowing act with Billy's monster eleven inches. Once again, I was amazed to watch it slide down her gullet. I saw her eyes roll back in pleasure while her vagina repeatedly clenched and expelled some of my spend to drip down onto the blanket below her cheeks. When she finally pulled his turgid and glistening member from her beautiful, saliva ringed lips, she looked as proud and happy as any angler with a trophy fish on display.

Her face flush, Beth looked up at Billy "Lover, are you ready for me now? Cause I think your Uncle just got me warmed up and ready for you."She rose up to kneel with her back to him and offer up the twin perfect globes of her rosy rump to her beau to appreciate and fondle. I was standing in front of her photographing while Billy rubbed himself between her wet pink cheeks and lubricated himself with Beth's and my essence. Her gaze fell on my own lust slimed organ and she smiled and reached out to pull me forward and clean me with her mouth and tongue. When she was finished, she licked her lips and gave me a friendly little pat. "You see George, you taught me well about cleaning up my lovers; thank you for my wonderful education."

Just then Billy began to insert himself into Beth and she closed her eyes under arched brows and groaned loudly before biting her lip and burying her reddened face into the blanket as he worked his massive tool into her hot lower passage. As he rocked his hips back and forth against her moist, silk clad thighs, she hooked her open toed shoes around the back of his knees and looked up over her shoulder, lost in lust, as he pressed down into her. "Oh god, Billy...you're so big...it feels so good. Give it to me, mon amour,...uh...give me...uh...your...uh...big...uh...black...uh...cock...UH! Oh...that's good...oh...oh...oooh! Beth was both panting and whimpering in thrall to the pleasure she felt from Billy's member and quickly began to orgasm. "

Of course, Billy was just getting warmed up. Excited by the rogering I had just given Beth and her cries he really started pounding his massive thighs against her flanks. They were both panting and moaning in their joint passion. The slapping of their sweat slick thighs and Beth's urging Billy to fuck her harder and faster along with the fresh smell of sex filled the room. Billy put his large hands to her shoulders and Beth clasped his hips and they would alternate between fast shallow strokes and deep long thrusts into her depths. The positive displacement of his massive piston along with her ecstatic emissions were visible in shining rivulets down both of their legs. Billy pulled her close and put his arms around her and his hands to cup her small soft breasts and pinch her prominent sensitive nipples. Billy's brow furrowed and he buried his face in her hair. Beth's face, neck and chest turned scarlet and her keening joined his roar as she clutched his clenching buttocks to pull him close to her backside and quivering rosy. nylon-clad thighs.

Their fierce carnal embrace turned tender as she turned her head for a long sweet soul kiss and her bra was discarded because it had come off in the middle of everything. His thick black python gradually withdrew from the depths of the glistening, ringlet framed, orchid of her sex followed by a torrent of pearl which fell to the blanket below. I asked the blissful couple to pose for a post-coital portrait and then Beth bent to clean her lover's love-foam coated equipment with mouth and tongue before I declared an intermission and turned down the bright lights and opened a chilled bottle of champagne that Beth and Billy brought over.

We shared another joint with flutes of champagne after washing and drying off the sweat. Beth gave Billy a significant glance before she spoke with a grin"We have something to announce and to celebrate. Billy has asked me to marry him and tonight I am accepting his offer so this is a both a farewell party for you and an engagement party for us."

I replied "I'm very happy for both of you and I wish you the best of everything!"and we all clinked our flutes in a toast. "Have you spoken with your families yet?"

"No, you're the first to know, Uncle George."Beth answered with a grin.

Then it hit me how our relationship had shifted. I had gone from an older trusted friend to an adulterous lover back to friend and now I was a relative. And the weirdest part was that we were all sitting on the same couch we had all just fucked on and Beth's garter belt, hose and heels were the only clothing any of us was wearing.

Beth discerned my inner thoughts. "And don't worry, this is the last time we're doing anything like this, even though the pleasure I feel is heavenly, I don't think that I am cut out to be a wanton woman. The fact that I have allowed myself this wonderful indulgence is a measure of my love for you and is intended as a farewell present and an end to my single life."And she kissed me tenderly and said "Thank you George for everything."

Billy chimed in "Uncle George, this is also to thank you for introducing me to the most wonderful woman in the world."

I don't think I ever felt more special or a greater love for Beth or Billy than I did at that time. But then the Sargent and Uncle kicked in and I had to council them to be careful in how they broke the news to their families. Interracial relationships were rare and marriages were even rarer. Not too many families, black or white were open to race mixing back then no matter which way you looked at it. I also cautioned them to put off the wedding until Billy came back from Viet Nam. I had seen way too many early marriages break up during deployment due to changes in both husband and wife during wartime. They would be better off starting fresh after they were reunited. They hesitatingly agreed and we finished the joint and our glasses of bubbly.

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