tagFirst TimeI Take Emily out to the Ball Game

I Take Emily out to the Ball Game


Hello, Ladies. If you live in the San Jose, CA area and you want me to do the same things with you, as the narrator did with Emily, whether you are a virgin or not, see my profile and contact me. The opinions expressed by the narrator are mine.

Emily is a 19 year old freshman at the local university, and a young woman of principles. When she was very young, she resolved that she would not be cheap and would save her virginity until the right man came around. So far she has succeeded, but it hasn't been easy. Emily is a mix of various ethnicities, including mostly Hispanic, and is very beautiful, with warm brown eyes, a clear light brown complexion and soft dark brown hair to her shoulders. She is 5 and a half feet tall with a sexy, voluptuous figure.

Young men who know her fantasize about her womanly curves while they masturbate but before they do that, they try to experience those womanly curves. Emily has always had plenty of boyfriends and they have always pressured her for sex but so far they have all struck out and her cherry is intact.

That also hasn't been easy because Emily has a strong sex drive herself, and even gets wet reading romance novels. She relieves herself by playing with her clit and her nipples which are all very sensitive, considering that, until recently, she had no real sexual experience. This is also what she has done after being dropped off by a frustrated boyfriend. Masturbation is a poor substitute for actual sexual activity but Emily made do with it.

About a month ago, she and Jen, her close friend, went to a porno movie.

There Emily saw women having their pussies eaten by men. This fascinated her and she saw this as being much better than masturbation but she didn't know what to do about it. Her boyfriend might be willing to do it but his finger could tear her hymen just as well as his cock and he would certainly want to go a lot further. She discussed the situation with a counselor at her college and, fortunately for Emily and for me, the counselor was one of my former lady friends, and she saw me as the solution. The counselor knew that I could safely eat Emily's pussy better than anyone, give her the complete experience, and ask for nothing more. They contacted me and I was agreeable, even within the limitations. Emily had long had a fantasy of meeting a stranger and having sex with him at a sporting event, and that would be the way we would do it.

It was on a Friday night that we went to the local ball park to watch the minor league team that plays there. This was an important game and if the locals won, they would be in first place and would clinch a spot in the playoffs. I bought two grandstand tickets, gave her one and told her that I would go in and she should follow in about ten minutes. When she came in she asked me if the seat next to me was taken and we otherwise acted as if we were strangers.

Emily had worn shorts and a light jacket to the ball park on this warm night and now she took off her jacket. Underneath it she was wearing just a tight-fitting t-shirt, and she was not wearing a bra. She turned to ask me a question but I didn't hear because I was looking at her succulent breasts and her dark nipples, which were clearly visible through the skimpy fabric.

Then she partly stood up and pretended to stumble and pressed those gorgeous titties against my bare arm. The other men around us were trying, without success, to avoid looking at Emily's gorgeous body and I could imagine them thinking what a lucky dog I was.

I went along with the plan, and later I pointed out something at home plate, with my arm pressed against her breasts. Emily leaned forward to get a better look, which gave me a much better feel of her nipples. When she asked me a question, she looked at me with her beautiful eyes and her hand on my thigh. When I answered her questions, my hand was on her thigh.

People around us, who saw the way we were carrying on, thought we were strangers and wondered why we didn't head for a motel, especially since the home team was losing by ten runs by the time the game only half over.

We stayed because we had to wait until most people were gone, and by the ninth inning, that was the situation. I had really enjoyed taking Emily out to the ball game, and showing her off to the crowd. I had bought her some peanuts and Crackerjack and asked her what time she had to leave. "I don't care if I ever get back", she said. We rooted for the home team and they didn't win, which was a shame. In the last inning, the last batter swung and missed three times, one, two, three strikes. "You're Out!", bellowed the umpire, and that was the old ball game. Emily put her jacket back on and we got out of our seats to pretend to leave. Before we went anywhere else, we went to the refreshment stand and bought two large soft drinks because we were both thirsty and we would be getting thirstier.

Under the grandstand is a place where tarpaulins are stored. They are intended to be used to protect the infield when games are delayed because of rain but they hadn't been used for over a week. All the ground crew and other employees were busy on the field and cleaning up the stands and we had this part of the park to ourselves. The field lights were still on and enough light came through openings in the grandstand that we could see each other with no problems. We had to whisper, but there was almost no chance of our being disturbed. The tarpaulins were in soft, loose rolls and one of them was thicker than the others. Emily's ass could rest on that thicker one, and her pussy would be presented to my mouth almost as well as on a pillow on a bed.

Emily removed her jacket again and I pulled her t-shirt off, so her beautiful titties bounced free. They were a lovely soft brown, with big dark nipples and looked even better than they had looked when enclosed in her t-shirt. I started to lick one of them and it felt even better to my tongue than it had felt on my arm or looked to my eyes. Emily put one of her hands under either of her luscious mounds and served them to me, moving each in its turn to my mouth for the pleasure of both of us because, while my tongue was relishing Emily's beautiful mammaries, she was immensely enjoying the feel of my tongue on her sensitive, virginal nipples. "Take off my shorts and panties", she told me. "Before they get all wet.

Gladly, I hastened to comply, unbuttoning her shorts and pulling off them and her bikini panties. The heavenly aroma of Emily's pussy, which had started to secrete her juices, was amazing. I was eager to devour all the juices there but first I concentrated on her lovely bosom. I told her to lie back. Then I moved up next to her beautiful, naked body, cupped her gorgeous titties in either of my hands and continued licking the delectable nipples, using broad strokes because they felt so good on my tongue. I licked one, then the other, then went back to the first one and sucked it into my mouth. My lips made a seal around the soft, silky skin and I sucked on the delightful globe while my tongue caressed the nipple. Emily must have been really horny because, besides lubricating, her pussy was already humping into the air and I hadn't even started eating it yet. I decided to leave her beautiful titties for now, and eat her pussy to bring her to her first climax, then go through the whole production for her second climax. I wanted her to really enjoy herself and, of course, I wanted to enjoy myself also so I told Emily what I had in mind. She was more than willing.

This was all new to Emily so I instructed her on what to do. What she had seen in the movie wasn't much help because the movie makers are more concerned in showing the action than they are in the pleasure of the participants, so they pose the actors in strange ways. I had Emily lie on her back with her ass on the tallest roll of canvas, and then raise her legs. I placed my shoulders against her beautiful thighs, and wrapped my arms around them so my fingers could spread her pussy lips if needed. Being a virgin, her lips were very tight and I had to be careful I didn't hurt her in any way. I first pleasured myself by breathing deeply of the marvelous aroma of her pussy, the combination of her free-flowing juices and the natural musky perfume of her body. That natural aroma is far sexier than any perfume or scent a woman can ever buy. I licked all the juices from her vagina and the surrounding area, being careful not to penetrate that adorable hole. They were even more of a pleasure to my tongue than they had been to my nose.

Usually I separate a woman's pussy lips with my tongue to lick the surfaces between them but Emily's virginal lips were so tight that I had to carefully pull them open with my fingers. My touch to her very sensitive private parts caused more humping of her pussy into my face and more lubricating of her pussy. She had started to moan now, and was really enjoying herself. I was really enjoying myself also as my fingers held her outer lip back, and I licked the inner surface. It was unusually soft and smooth and delicious.

"Oh, George. George. That's so good. Keep doing that." That was Emily's plea as I slowly licked the surface of her pussy lip from her crotch to her mons, covering all of the surface many times over. By the time I kissed her mons, Emily's ass was bouncing off the rolled up tarpaulin as she jammed her pussy into my face and her hips were swiveling, thrusting her legs over my shoulders like pistons. Although there was still a lot of pussy-eating to do, Emily was ready to cum for the first time, and experience her first real climax.

I carefully licked all the fresh juices off her pussy, being careful not to penetrate her vagina. Then I started probing the area between that sweet love hole and her virginal clit. After a minute of this, Emily's hips and ass and pussy became more active so I clamped my lips over her clit and started sucking on that charming love button, and probing its engorged sides and tip with my tongue. After a few minutes of this, Emily started to cum although she probably wasn't really aware of it, and all her actions were instinctive or reflexive. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face into her pussy and her legs squeezed my head. My face was a prisoner of her pussy but it certainly didn't want to escape as her legs swung back and forth. I kept sucking and licking her clit as she continued cumming. When Emily climaxed, her back arched as her heels dug into my back and her ass lifted off the canvas, then she sagged back down and lay, panting and purring on the rolls of tarpaulins. I licked all the fresh juices off her pussy than leaned beck to await her reaction.

"Oh, my God. George! That was wonderful. I've never felt anything like that. The girls in the movie never did either."

"That was your first real climax. Getting yourself off with you fingers is better than nothing but my tongue or anybody's tongue is a lot better.

Porno movies are made for men and a lot of men just want to get their own kicks or have the guy on the screen do it for them, so they never take long enough for the girls to get off, so they have to fake it. I'm glad you liked it because the next one will be even better because I will take longer."

"I don't see how it can be better", said Emily, but she got herself into position with her ass on top of the largest roll of tarpaulin and prepared to find out.

I wanted us to go through the whole process this time so I again lay down beside her and started licking her precious nipples. Holding one of her gorgeous globes in either hand, I licked the nipples with broad strokes, and gently massaged them, switching back and forth from one luscious titty to the other. The stadium lights went out then, but the moon was full that night and enough moonlight and starlight filtered through the grandstand for us to see well enough. My hands and my mouth knew Emily's beautiful, sexy body well enough by then anyhow, and there was even less chance of our being discovered with the maintenance workers gone. Usually, I also enjoy looking at a pussy before I start eating it, and I would miss that, but eating Emily's luscious pussy again would be an immense pleasure, even if I couldn't see it. I would also miss seeing her pussy humping into my face but I would be able to feel it fucking my face and that is even nicer.

Emily has such beautiful titties and the nipples are so big and sensitive that I was really enjoying myself. After I had licked them thoroughly and she was purring happily, I clamped my lips on one of them and sucked it into my mouth. With my lips forming a seal, I sucked on that succulent mound, and my tongue continued to caress the nipple and trace her areola. My hands continued to gently massage both her twin beauties while my mouth switched back and forth, sucking and licking. Emily's fragrant juices were being secreted by her vagina and I could smell their delightful aroma and even see them shining in the moonsight as they trickled up from her tight pussy. Her titties were so beautiful and felt so good in my mouth that I almost hated to leave them but I knew her pussy would be even better, and it awaited my attentions.

I licked my way down her soft belly to her downy pubic hair, then got up and moved over till I was between her legs again, with my arms curled around her thighs. After savoring the delightful aroma of Emily's lovely pussy again, I cautiously opened her pussy lips with my fingers and licked off the fragrant juices that had collected. They were as delicious as I had known they would be. With my tongue, I cautiously probed the lower edge of her sweet love hole, being careful not to enter that precious place. Very carefully, I pulled the outer pussy lips back with my fingers and started licking the surface of her inner lip. Emily was purring louder and I could feel her pussy humping against my face. Usually, when I eat a pussy it

pleasures all my senses. Although I couldn't see well, especially with my face up against Emily's delectable pussy, my other senses derived enough pleasure to make up for it.

From the bottom of her inner lip, my tongue delicately licked the surface, probing into the seam with the outer lip. I moved my tongue slowly, being sure to cover the entire surface, all the way to her clit hood, avoiding the clit because I wanted to take a long time before Emily started cumming. She was purring and cooing by the time I reached her clit hood but I didn't care if we got a little noisy because there was nobody around to hear us. I licked my tongue over both sides of her adorable clit hood several times, lightly stimulating her cute love button, but not too much yet. That would come later. By the time I was ready to move on, Emily was whimpering, and soon she would be moaning. Her pussy was humping even stronger and the feel of its soft moistness thrusting into my face was even more pleasurable in the dark.

I sucked the fresh juices out of Emily's vagina, being careful not to penetrate her, then I gently pulled back the outer pussy lip on the other side and started to lick the surface of the inner lip. I had just touched the soft, smooth, surface of that lip when Emily's hips started swiveling under me and her legs were thrusting across my shoulders. Again, I licked slowly, covering the entire surface many times with my tongue. While I licked, I probed the seam with the outer lip and gently licked the inner surface of that lip. Again, my tongue licked and probed all the way to the clit hood, and by the time I reached there, Emily was moaning ecstatically.

"Oh, my God, George. This is even better", she managed to say between her gasps and moans.

I knew she was ready to cum but I wanted to prolong it for a while, because I was having so much fun eating Emily's pussy and because I am aware that cumming is even better after it has been delayer. Since I was right at her clit hood, I licked the hood a few times, then curled my tongue under it and licked the adorable love button itself. Emily went wild, thrashing around and jamming her pussy into my face even harder, while her legs were moving back and forth on either side of my head like pistons. I knew the time was right so I sucked her precious clit into my mouth and held it there with my lips, and caressed its engorged sides and top with my tongue. Emily continued thrashing about and it felt like she was trying to wrap her pussy around my face. Her legs continued to piston beside my head until she let out an ecstatic howl and her hands jammed my face into her pussy. With her hands pressing on the back of my head and her pussy jamming itself into my face, it felt like she was trying to smother me, which would be a good way to go. Emily's hips continued to swivel but since her legs were squeezing my head, and her heels were dug into my back, she just swung her legs back and forth. "Ahhhhhh", Emily continued to howl, and I was glad we were alone in the ballpark. She continued cumming until finally she climaxed with a great spasm, arching her back, and squeezing my head even tighter with her hands and her thighs. When she finished, her arms spread out at her sides and her legs relaxed. One of them fell off my shoulder and the other remained draped across my back.

I removed my mouth from her clit and devoured the feast of Emily's fresh cum juices, some of the best I have ever tasted. After a few minutes Emily spoke. "You were right. I don't know how you did it but that was even better than the first one. I feel so weak, we may have to sleep here tonight."

"Well, there is no hurry. You said a while ago that you don't care if you ever get back."

"I hope you didn't ruin it for me with other guys. I don't think anybody can do for me what you just did."

"The right guy will come along and if he doesn't eat your pussy, he's not the right guy. I really enjoyed tonight too, and we can get together again but the next time, let's use either your bed or mine. This is fun but a bed is better."

"Okay, George. I will give you a call when I am horny again."

Some people might think I am weird, eating a pussy and not doing any fucking or anything else. Those people are wrong. Emily's pussy is the youngest and the tenderest one I have ever eaten, and I had a marvelous time. I'm not some horny teenager who has to fuck everything in sight, but the next time we get together, I am going to try to make it the day after I see one of my other lady friends.

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by Anonymous02/04/18

Love your licking

I wish I lived close enough that you could come suck on my clit. I’d let you - I’d beg you to bite my button.
Thank you for making my fingers sticky - I’m sucking them for you...

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