tagIncest/TabooI Talked My Sister Into It

I Talked My Sister Into It


I'm a forty nine year old man. I have recently discovered I like to read incest stories. I have a forty two year old sister. I've never thought about fucking her. I do now. After some great stories I've read I have to figure out some way to fuck my sister.

This is not one of those stories where I just show her my cock and she jumps on it. I have to figure out how to do it to her without totally freaking her out. Some of the stories I've read has given me a few ideas.

My sister, Kay lives in Arizona. I live in Indiana. She is married. I've never seen her naked. I saw a tit once about four years ago when she bent over to give me a can of beer. She was wearing a two piece bathing suit and the top was a little loose. I just saw one tit and that was in less than two seconds.

I want to see more and do all kind of things to her. She's about five foot two inches, slim, with small tits. I called her and asked her if she would like to come to Indiana and visit our mother. She hates to fly so I offered to fly down, and then rent a car and drive back. My idea is to stay in a hotel for two nights. Now during the drive to Indiana I'm going to think of some way to get the conversion topic on incest. That's where some of the stories I've read comes in. She agreed and we set a date.

When I flew down my sister and her husband picked me up. She wasn't wearing a blouse I could see in or a short skirt I could look up, like in the stories. She was wearing shorts (nice legs) and sleeveless shirt. I was going to stay there for about a day then both of us would head back to Indiana.

She was packed and ready to go by the time I came back with the rental car. Again she was wearing shorts with another sleeveless top. I could tell she was wearing a bra. During the first four or five hours we didn't talk about anything important. I was waiting for her to run out of things to talk about. After about thirty minutes of silence, I said.

"Let's play a game."

"What kind of a game," she asked.

"Oh, I don't know, what if, game."

"Ok, she answered. "I'll go first" Now in some of the stories I've read she'd just right about now come out and say something like, "If you could fuck anybody in the world, who would, you fuck?" That didn't happen.

"What if you were stranded on an island and you only had enough battery power to call one person. Who would you call?

"The Coast Guard," I answered. But this gave me an idea.

"OK, my turn. Let's say I was stranded on an island with you and another woman."

She was listening. "There was only enough food for just two of us. The only way to survive would be to kill one of you."

"That's easy bro. I'm your sister you would have to kill the other woman."

I smiled and looked at her. "Not so fast sis. I have to think this out. If I killed her, just you and I would be left. Man can't live by food alone."

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it," I answered. Her eyes got real big. "You're not saying what I think your saying."

I looked at her. If I kill you, I still have food and sex."

"I'm your sister!"

"I have my needs. Food would not be enough."

"So the only way I can survive on an island with you is to have sex with you?"

"Hey, I wouldn't have a problem with that," I said. "It's just sex. I have needs and wouldn't you have needs?"

"I don't know," she answered. I guess so. It's just I have never thought of you in that way."

"Why not. I'm a good looking man, ain't I?"

"Yea but putting your dick in me? I not so sure about that."

I noticed she didn't say, "have sex with me, she said putting your dick in me." This just might work."

"Look, I think you are very good looking. You take care of yourself, I love you so why would it be so wrong?"

"It's incest."

"Big deal, I answered "Sex is sex and as you said it, I wouldn't mind putting my dick in you."

"If we were on an island," she answered.

"Sure an island, "I said, chickening out. Danm.

"Hell no sis, given half the chance, I'd do you."

"Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not sure I could."

I thought to myself, "She didn't freak out, and she didn't say no."

The rest of the drive was quiet. I was still thinking about having sex with her. I don't know what she was thinking. "It's time to find a hotel," I told her.

We found a hotel and unpacked the car. I sat down and turned on the TV.

"You been awful quiet, what are you thinking about?" I asked her.

"What do you think?"

"The incest thing?" I asked.

"Yea, I know it should bother me that you want to have sex with me, but for some reason I don't think it does."

This got my hopes up. "I think about it all of the time," I lied. (It only started when I started reading these stories) "Does that mean maybe," She cut me off.

"Don't get ahead of yourself big brother, I just said you got me to thinking about it"

This was going much better that I thought it would. If I handle this just right, maybe I'll really get to fuck the shit out of her. "I'm going to take a shower," she said breaking my train of thought. I watched her gather up her stuff to take in the bathroom. She started walking in. I got brave. "Hey sis let me just see your tits."

"No, "she answered and went into the bathroom. I signed and started watching TV. I only been watching it for about two minutes when I heard Kay.

I turned around and look at her. She was still wearing her clothes.

"What," I asked.

She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and raised it up. She then pulled it down and ran into the bathroom.

"I just saw both of my sister's tits." I thought to myself. "It was fast but she came out and showed them to me." Then another thought occurred to me. "She had to have planned this out. She was wearing a bra. She had taken off the bra, put her shirt back on then flashed me. If I'm careful I still think I'm going to get to fuck her."

She came out wearing shorts that tied on top and a t-shirt. "Your turn."

I went into the bathroom. I took off all of my clothes. I was about to pull off my underwear when I got a thought. I walked out of the bathroom. Sis was lying on her bed. "Hey sis," I said to get her attention. When she looked at me I pulled the front of my underwear down and showed her my dick. Just a quick look like she did me. As I ran back into the bathroom all I heard her say was,"Oh my god." I noticed she looked and didn't turn away. Now I'm not one of those guys in the stories that has a dick so big that no woman could resist, but I'm not small either. It's about average in length but it is kinda fat. My wife says because its fat, it really fills her up.

I took my shower and jacked off thinking about my sisters tits. If I get the chance to do her, I want it to last.

When I came back in the room, she was in her bed reading. She looked up and just smiled at me. I crawled in my bed and pulled up the light covers. I kept looking at Kay.

"Well?" I said.

"Well what?" she answered.

"Is that it? You showed me yours and I showed you mind?"

She had her legs under the covers with her book between them. She laid the book down. I watched her take a hold of her cover. She then pull the cover from her legs. She didn't have on her shorts any more. Her knees were still up and I could see her pussy. It was shaved. She pulled the cover back over her.

"That's the best pussy I have ever seen. Why did you cover it back up?"

"I'm still not sure if we should take this any further." She said.

"Ok, how about this. We just fool around a little and see where it takes us. That couldn't hurt, could it," I asked her.

I waited for her answer. She didn't say anything for a full minute. She looked at me finally and said. "Your bed or mine."

If you like this story and want me to continue, just let me know.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/08/18

lets hear the rest of the story!

I would like to hear more. Please continue.

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by Alex Bellig02/03/18

Continue please

After so many years, we still waiting to see the continuation.

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by Anonymous02/02/18

When I was young

I remember when I was very little, my older sister used to bath me. She used to wash my dick, rub it until I get an erection and then suck on it. I don't think I ever came at the time.
It used to feelmore...

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by Anonymous01/11/18

Hey Anonymous

You think you know everything, right? WRONG.
If you were so good you would not be reading this to start with so STFU and go away.
Nobody wants to hear your drivel.
and Yes, I have a login but I'm onmore...

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by Anonymous01/05/18


The only reason you losers dream about this shit is that you are too lonely to even get a decent fuck from anyone!

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