tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Took a Chance

I Took a Chance


I was standing in the line at the liquor store when she walked in, wearing black from head to foot, short skirt, mid calf boots and a light jacket. I checked her out in the stored mirrors as she shopped around and I waited in line. She must have found what she wanted because she was soon standing right behind me with a bottle of wine in her hands.

I turned and smiled at her as my eyes took a tour. "Hi," I said as my eyes finally met hers and a smile worked its way across my face.

She smiled back at me and returned my smile and my short greeting. It was my turn to pay for the scotch in my hands so I turned and started chatting with the salesman, who was checking her out as much as I was. Soon I had paid my money and I picked up the brown bag with the liquid muscle relaxer/pain pills, and left the store, still thinking of how hot she looked and how I wished it was me she was going home too.

On a whim I sat in my car until she left the store. She eyed me as I sat in my car. I had plenty of time to have already left and she knew it. As she walked by she dipped her head and tried not to make any more eye contact than she already had when she left the store and looked straight at me looking straight at her. She walked up to a Ford 250 and began to fumble for her keys as I drove slowly forward. I pulled around the truck to where my side of the car faced where she was trying to get into her truck. She looked up nervously.

"Hey, I am not going to try and pick you up or anything like that," I said, not knowing where I got this kind of courage; after all the scotch was still sealed. "I just had an idea that might make the both of our evenings just a little more exciting if you would go along with me."

She eyed me with no words. I did not know if she was listening because of interest or if she was about to start screaming rape.

"I am going home to my wife in a moment, and you are apparently going to meet someone special also. I was just thinking that if we were both just a little brazen, it might make our evening just a tad more exciting.

She never said a word, but continued to stare at me, and I took this as a good sign. Feeling just a little more emboldened, I continued with the thought that had got me turned on enough to try something either so hot, or so stupid.

"I know by now you must think I am a crazy pervert, but I just want both of us to go home to our spouses or significant others and have a great evening." She was still there and not screaming. "Would you please take off your panties and give them too me?"

There, I had said it. If she was going to call the cops on me it would now. To my relief she did not reach for her phone. A few awkward moments passed and just as I was about to give up and drive away, she reached her hands up under her dress and began sliding her panties off of her slender legs. I got only a small glimpse of her thighs as she was careful not to raise her skirt to high. She stepped out of a small black thong and held them out to me with just two fingers.

"These cost me a lot of money for such a small amount of cloth. I expect them back." I was almost too stunned to answer her. Here was a beautiful young woman, twenty years my junior, standing in a darkened parking lot dangling her panties in front of me and telling me to return them after tonight.

"And just how would I get them back to you," I asked in disbelief.

"Just one moment," she said as she turned and began to climb in the cab of her truck. The step was so high I got a very nice view of her upper thigh and then she stood on the step and bent very far over into the cab of the truck as if looking for something. I could just make out her pussy lips in the dark. She was shaven, something that I just love. She shuffled around inside her truck for a few moments and then turned to me and stepped down, exposing herself to me in grand fashion. She strutted up to my window and gave me her card.

"I expect to get my panties back from you, very soon," she said with her hot sultry voice doing a number on me. My cock was doing its best to straighten itself up and present itself fully, but it was bent and hurting instead. I reached down and made the needed adjustment.

"I see your plan is working out for you." She paused a moment before starting to talk again. "If you reach up under my skirt, you can check out for yourself what it is doing for me."

She moved very close to my car and opened the door. She stepped so close no one could possibly see what was happening. I felt as though I was in a dream. My hand moved slowly towards her skirt giving her time to step away if she wanted. Instead she moved even closer. My hand inched its way under her short skirt, following the curve of her thigh. As I moved higher and higher I could feel her heat on my fingers increasing. As I reached her lower lips I could already tell she was moist. My fingers easily slid into her awaiting folds. For a few moments we both stood in silence with two of my fingers just inside her pussy lips.

I slid my middle finger in deeper. She moaned and pushed herself forward. I slid the digit in and out for a few moments, then, she pulled away.

"Bring them back to me," she said as she handed me a card. She turned and started back to her truck. She gave me quite a show as she slowly worked her way into the high stepped vehicle. When she was in she closed the door and buckled her seatbelt as if nothing had happened.

She rolled her window down and looked me in the eye. "Go home and fuck your wife silly, and be sure to bring my panties back to me ASAP. I paid a lot of money for those and I want them back. See you soon, you horny old man," she laughed as she started her pickup. "I am looking forward to our next meeting."

I was stunned. I sat there slack jawed for a moment as she drove away. I looked down and realized she had given me her business card. I knew the wife was going to get a good fucking tonight because I was more worked up than I had been in years, especially since I knew I had a very beautiful young ladies pantie in my hand, and I had to return them.

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