tagIncest/TabooI Took Mom to a Whorehouse

I Took Mom to a Whorehouse


Mom and I were all smiles as we waved at each other across the crowded waiting room. Terrified of flying, she had refused my offer to buy her a plane ticket and had made the long trip by bus to celebrate her fiftieth birthday with me. We exchanged a loving embrace and a kiss on the cheek. As I drove back to my apartment, I ignored her rambling conversation and thought about the past two years that had been so unlucky for both of us.

My father had abandoned her two years before in favor of a younger woman. It was a terrible blow to her ego. She had been devoted to him and had worked tirelessly to make a beautiful home for him. At least he had been generous in the property settlement and had left her financially secure.

I had also had my share of bad luck. My boyfriend of many years had suddenly packed his bags and moved out without even the courtesy of an explanation. That had been a bitter pill to swallow, but I had gotten over it.

Over dinner that evening, Mom and I caught up on all the latest gossip. We eventually got around to our love lives. She was disappointed that I hadn't found a new "significant other". "What about you, Mom?" I asked. "Are you seeing anyone?" She shook her head and tried to change the subject.

"Mom, you are a beautiful woman. You shouldn't spend the rest of your life alone. What do you do about sex?"

"Oh, I'm not beautiful. Pretty, perhaps. I've had men come on to me, but I don't want the aggravation. I like living alone. And as far as the sex goes, I have a box of toys that satisfy me better than any man ever has."

I'm not a psychologist, but I thought I knew why Mom did not want a relationship: she feared another rejection. That night I lay in bed and thought about ways that I might get her interested in men again. Her room was next to mine. I pressed my ear to the wall and heard her soft moans and sighs as she masturbated. Then it suddenly came to me. My birthday present to my mother would be a man!

Shortly after my breakup with my boyfriend, I had discovered a place that I referred to as "The Magic Kingdom". I had wanted an evening of hot, sweaty sex without any possibility of emotional attachment. A girlfriend of mine had given me the phone number and address of a male whorehouse. The ten college boys who operated the business catered only to women and dates were by appointment only. The rates were steep but satisfaction was guaranteed. They promised to suck and fuck until the customer was satisfied. If they failed, the session was free of charge. During my three visits, I was treated to more orgasms than my ex-boyfriend had given me in three months.

I did not tell Mom what I had planned for her because I was certain that she would refuse to go to a whorehouse. The next morning, I immediately called and made appointments for us. In the afternoon, I took her shopping and bought a whole new outfit for her. She wanted something conservative, but I insisted that she get something sexy. She finally gave in. Her new outfit took ten years off of her looks.

Our next stop was the beauty shop, where I ordered Mom a new hairstyle and a complete makeover. By the time we sat down to a nice dinner in the best restaurant in town, Mom looked like a new woman. I wanted to get her loosened up, so I insisted on an after-dinner drink at the bar.

"Dear, I can always tell when you are up to something," she said. "Where are you taking me next?"

"Don't worry, Mom. You are going to love it. And I think it is just what the doctor ordered."

The whorehouse was located in a large, run-down mansion in what had once been the most exclusive section of the city. I parked in the parking lot and led Mom to the front door, which was opened by an attractive young woman. Several of the men had beautiful young girlfriends who helped out. They served drinks and were available for threesomes or lesbian twosomes. She led us to a plush livingroom and told us to make ourselves comfortable.

I had managed to get three stiff drinks into Mom and the side effects were beginning to show. "Now you must tell me what you are up to," she said. Her eyes were a little glassy and her speech was slurred. Before I had a chance to answer, seven naked men walked into the room. I had hoped to get there early enough to have our pick of all ten, but three had already been taken. No harm had been done. We still had some fine choices. I had fucked three of them and could vouch for their lovemaking skill and stamina.

Mom nearly fell off the couch when she saw those handsome studs displaying their beautiful erections. All of them had at least eight inches of pussy-plunger sticking out from their bellies. "OH, MY GOD!" Mom exclaimed. "WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS?

"It's a whorehouse, Mom. Now take your pick. It's on me. You can even have two men if you like."

"Oh, I couldn't. I just couldn't. It's wicked."

"Mom, you are a healthy woman. You need a man. Now pick one of them. When it's over you will feel much better."

As soon as the fellows heard that we were mother and daughter, they offered to do us for half price providing it was done in the same room. At first, Mom flatly refused to do any such thing, but when I told her how much money I would save, she said, "I'll think about it." I was elated. When I was a child, she always gave in after using that phrase.

I walked over to a stud named Chad who had once serviced me tirelessly with his ten-inch prong. "I recommend this one, Mom," I said, as I balanced his throbbing tool on my palm. My mother's jaw dropped and her beautiful blue eyes widened. "Do you mean to tell me that he has fucked...uh...I mean had sex with you?" She really was shocked. "Yes, Mother, and he did an outstanding job. He really tuned my engine."

I figured that if I could get Mom into the whorehouse and let her get a look at the whores, she wouldn't be able to resist the temptation. "Well, all right then," she said. "I'll do it. After all, I'm not getting any younger." My strategy had worked. She even agreed to share a room!

I picked a stud named Peter equipped with a rugged-looking eight-inch prick. I had never had him and was eager for something new. After I took care of the finances, the men offered us their arms and led us toward the room. What a sight it must have been! Two fully-dressed women on the arms of two naked men with bobbing erections.

Once in the room, Chad asked, "May we undress you ladies?" Without waiting for an answer, he unzipped Mom's new dress and slipped it off of her shoulders. "This is just like opening a Christmas package," Chad said. Mom beamed at him. "What a sweet thing to say," she said.

I watched as my mother's naked body came into view. She had put on a few pounds and her big breasts sagged slightly but she was still a very sexy woman. I doubt that many men would have kicked her out of bed. Chad fondled her tits, then slipped his hand down her body and squeezed her pussy. He put his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her down onto her knees, then he stuck his ten-inch cock into her mouth. I had never been able to picture my mother giving head, but then I knew that she didn't look any different from any other slut down on her knees to a man.

Peter put me on my knees beside Mom and guided his burning poker between my lips. A fever raged in the bulbous head. I carefully examined his cock with my lips. Unlike Chad's smooth cock, Peter's was covered with dark blue veins. I glanced over at Mom and saw her fondling Chad's big ball-bag with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. Chad looked over at me and said, "Your mother really knows how to blow."

I enjoy the taste of cum, and was trying to suck some out of my man. Then it dawned on me that we were there to have Mom serviced. I had paid those two studs a lot of money to make her happy, and they weren't earning it. "Hey, Mom, it should be the other way around," I said. "They should go down on us."

I flopped down on the bed and motioned Peter to me. Mom hesitated for a moment and then followed my lead. Peter went right for my big tits while Chad went for Mom's tits. The two men had apparently decided to play follow-the-leader. Chad sucked hungrily on Mom's big, brown nipples while Peter sucked on mine. I could almost read Mom's mind by looking at her blushing face. She was thinking, "What have I been missing these past two years?"

The boys went lower and were soon munching our pussies. "How is he, Mom?" I asked. I could tell by the look on her face that she loved what Chad was doing to her. "I had forgotten how good this feels. Your father stopped doing this to me years before we broke up."

Peter was doing a fine job on my pussy. His long tongue explored every nook and cranny between my clit and my ass-hole. I knew that Mom was close to orgasm when she began to moan and grind her cunt against Chad's mouth. "Chad, you had better make my mother cum if you expect a tip," I warned. Then Peter's tongue found my sweet spot and I went off like the Fourth of July. Mom began wailing as Chad's tongue pulled her trigger. My mother and I were cumming at the same time!

The men didn't even give us a chance to rest. They knew from experience that they could probably get us multi-orgasmic if they plowed us immediately. Peter mounted me and shoved his sturdy cock into my wet pussy. My impatient mother grabbed Chad's weapon and stuffed it in. When Chad had fucked me, he had given me such unbearable pleasure that I had passed out. As I watched his round ass twisting and turning I knew what Mom was feeling. Peter's style was a little different, but he was every bit as good.

We had been at it for about fifteen minutes when I opened my eyes and got a shock. Mom had somehow wrestled Chad onto his back and was riding him like a cowgirl riding a horse. What a beautiful sight it was! Her big tits flopped in his face until he grabbed one and stuffed the nipple in his mouth. She had a corner of a pillow in her own mouth to muffle her screams.

When Mom's orgasm subsided, Chad said, "Hey, I have a great idea." He rolled my limp mother over to face the ceiling then worked his cock back into her from the rear. "Now come and lay face-down on her," he said to me. "Peter can get on top and fuck you from the rear. If we can bring our cocks and cunts together, we'll each be fucking the other three. Pete and I have done it before, and, believe me, there's nothing like it."

"But she's my mother," I said. "I could never fuck my own mother."

"Look how sexy she is," Peter coaxed. "Aren't you curious about how a woman's body would feel against yours? Come on, I know you want to fuck her."

Mom didn't say anything as I approached the bed. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing softly as she rested between orgasms. I lowered my naked body onto hers. Her soft, cool tits and belly felt so good against my hot flesh. Peter didn't want to give me a chance to change my mind. He quickly mounted and shoved his cock into me. Chad had been right. Even before we started grinding together, it felt good to have our genitals pressed together. Mom's thick bush tickled my shaved cunt. As Chad fucked her, the underside of his cock rubbed against the underside of his friend's cock and against Mom's clit.

Mom's pelvis began to buck and roll as she was overcome with lust. Her soft moans grew progressively louder. "I've never felt anything this good before," she gasped. With a little practice, we moved with more finesse. I ground my clit in circles around Mom's. It was then that I knew why I had such a large clit - I had inherited it from her. I swung my tits back and forth across hers to tease her hard nipples. We all started to cum at the same time. Our lovers were shooting streams of lava into our pussies. Mom came with such intensity that she fainted.

Chad and Peter switched partners and ate each other's cum out of us. Peter didn't care that my mother was in a daze as he shoveled out Chad's cream with his tongue. "Yum-yum, that's good," Chad said as he gobbled Peter's gravy out of my tingling quim.

Both men were soon ready for more action. Chad straddled my chest and fucked between my tits for a few minutes before stuffing his still wet cock in my mouth. As I struggled to suck his huge organ, I watched out of the corner of my eyes as Peter did the same to Mom. "Oh, baby," Peter moaned. "I want to feed you some of my special sauce." Mom spit his cock out long enough to say, "All right, but you must promise to give me a good fucking afterward." An instant later she retched as his load gushed down her throat.

I had become so aroused by everything that was happening that I needed a cock in my pussy and the sooner the better. I pushed Chad off of me and came up onto all fours. I was like a bitch in heat as I arched my back and offered myself to my stud. He drove his cock into me with such force that it took my breath away. Mom let out a yelp as her lover drove his ramrod into her barrel. Watching Mom getting fucked was like looking in a mirror. She and I bore a strong resemblance and had often been mistaken for sisters. That, combined with being fucked in the same position and at the same tempo, made for a mirror image.

"Oh, Mom, I feel like such a slut when I get fucked in this position," I said.

"That's because this is the way animals fuck, dear. This was your father's favorite position back when we were fucking. You were probably conceived this way. I caught him fucking his secretary in this position."

After the brief exchange, we stopped talking and concentrated on the sensations emanating from our tormented cunts. I came so hard that I fainted for a few seconds. From seemingly far away, I heard my mother's screams as she was overcome by orgasmic ecstasy. "STICK IT IN MY ASS!" someone said in a hoarse voice. Then I realized the someone was me. Chad had fucked me before, but never in the ass. His fucker was so big that I risked injury if he sodomized me.

The big bulb of Chad's cock pressed firmly against my anus. "Slide back on it, baby," he said. I tried to relax the muscles in my ass as I pressed back against my lover. I felt my rim stretching to the breaking point. Chad's head suddenly popped into my bowel. It hurt so good!

"My God, how do you do it, dear?" Mom asked. "He would split me in two."

"Why don't you try it, Mom? It feels wonderful."

"It has been years since I took it in the ass. I don't think I can manage it now." She thought about it for a few minutes and then said, "Okay, Peter, give it to me, but go slow." Peter pulled his cock from her pussy and lined it up with her ass. My mother's beautiful face reflected a variety of emotions as Peter sodomized her. I saw fear, apprehension, pain, shock, and finally, relief. "Oh, my God, it does feel good," she said. "It's so much different than being fucked in the pussy."

The boys buggered us for twenty minutes or so. Chad reached around and used one hand on my tits and the other on my pussy. I think it was his skillful fingers more than anything else that made me cum. Peter smiled as he stared down at his big cock sliding in and out of my mother's rump. Her ass was a little broader than mine but still very beautiful. Peter made it even more so by writing his initials on it with cum. When I asked Mom how many orgasms she had had, she refused to say. "It's very embarrassing," she said.

By then, the boys had fulfilled their part of the contract. They had given Mom and I more orgasms than any woman has a right to expect. But they weren't finished yet. They decided that they wanted to give my mother a very special birthday present - her first double-penetration fuck. When they suggested it, she flatly refused. "I could never do anything like that!"

I tried to persuade her. "Oh, come on, Mom. Chad has already been in your pussy and Peter has been in your ass. Can you imagine how good it will feel with both of them in you at the same time."

"Well, it would be something to tell my girlfriends back in Queens about. I bet none of them have done it. I'll think about it." My heart pounded with excitement when I heard that. The boys rubbed her tits and pussy to get her worked up. Twenty minutes of that and she was rearing to go. Eager to play a part in the historic event, I rushed forward to hold Chad's cock straight up. "Come and slide down on it, Mom," I said. She squatted over the whore and planted her hands on his hairy chest for balance. I watched with fascination as Mom's bushy beaver swallowed up the egg-sized head of Chad's cock. I gasped when most of the shaft disappeared into the same canal that I had emerged from thirty years before. As soon as they were mated, Mom fell forward and smothered her lover with her big tits.

Peter went forward and drew a bead on Mom's ass-hole. I held her butt-cheeks apart and watched as his streamlined torpedo slid smoothly into her tube. Mom grimaced and sucked in her breath as her ass was violated for a second time. What a glorious sight it was! Mom was older than her two lovers combined. I cursed myself for not bringing a camera. I could have taken pictures for her to show her friends.

I didn't have to ask Mom if she was enjoying it. Her face was a picture of rapture. I strummed my pussy lips as though they were guitar strings. When Mom shouted that she was cumming, I frantically fingered my clit in an attempt to cum at the same time. A strong orgasm of cataclysmic proportions rippled up and down my body. My mother came with such intensity that she fainted again. Chad and Peter continued to fuck her until they came a minute later.

While Mom slept off her orgasm, I made arrangements with Chad and Peter to reserve the whorehouse on the last day of her visit. When the big day arrived, I dropped Mom off and told her to have a good time. When I picked her up the next morning, one look at her pretty face and I knew she had the time of her life. As I drove her to the bus station, I asked her how many of the men she had had. She refused to say but I found out later that all ten had fucked her. I poured her on the bus and she fell asleep as soon as she took her seat.

Mom calls every week now to tell me about her lovers. She goes into great detail, describing their cocks, the positions they used, and how many times they came. She even brought two of her lovers together for a threesome. I really brought my mother out of her shell - maybe a little too far out!

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