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I Wanna Watch


When my wife Casey got home from work, my buddy Rick and I were watching the game. "Is that all you guys do, watch basketball?" Casey said.

"Nah. Sometimes we watch hockey."

"And we watch football or baseball when it's those seasons," Rick added.

"Funny. Very funny." Casey bent and gave me a kiss. "Missed you, Bert."

"Missed you too."

"Don't I get a kiss?" Rick whined.

"Sorry. I save my kisses for one man only." To prove the point, Casey kissed me again, this time with tongue. "Mmm. That's what I'm talking about. I'm going to get out of this damn uniform. Be right back. Don't let anyone score any whatevers without me."

"Baskets," Rick and I said at the same time.


With Casey out of the room, Rick groaned. "Man, do you have any clue how lucky you are to have that fine piece?"

"Watch it. That's my wife you're talking about." I liked that Rick was so into her, though. That just proved how hot she was. "Besides, you had a chance to pick up a wife. You blew it."

"She wanted kids right off. I wanted to have some fun for a while first. But shit, single life hasn't been much fun lately. I haven't gotten laid in months."

"That chick at the loading dock wants you."

He whacked my arm. "That chick at the loading dock's seventy frigging years old! She wants anyone who's breathing."

"Yeah, so you qualify."

"Shut up, asshole."

I knew what Rick was going through. Till I'd met Casey, I'd been lucky to get laid once a month. Then, one night at a bar, I'd picked her up and we'd been together ever since. It had been quick; we'd moved in together two months after we met, and had married three months after that. It had only been a few weeks since the wedding.

Some guys were possessive of their wives. Not me. I loved seeing Casey flirt with other guys, and the thought of them wanting her usually made me so hard it hurt. It was cool with me that Rick was turned on by her. In fact...

"Hey, man, you want her?"

That got his attention away from the game. "Say what?"

"Casey. You want her? I bet I could get her to fuck you."

"Dude, she's your wife."

"Yep, and your my buddy. Us guys have to help each other out. Think about it. Her legs wrapped around you while your dick's getting an all-over massage." I didn't know how Rick was reacting, but my dick was sure hard thinking about it.

"Holy fuck." Rick slouched in his seat. "If you're serious..."

"Serious as a heart attack. I want to see Casey getting fucked, you want to fuck someone, it all works out."

"Then let's go for it."

"Just let me take care of it. She probably won't go along with it if we just up and ask her, but I think I know a way."

"Hey, whatever you want to do. It's your wife."

"What are you guys talking about?" Casey returned to the room wearing the tight tank top and short-shorts she preferred when lounging around the house. They showed off her round tits and their eraser-sized nips, along with her tight little ass, perfectly.

For a second, I thought Rick's tongue was going to roll out like one of those cartoon things when the wolf sees a hot chick. He'd been around a couple times when Casey'd been dressed like this, but apparently it meant more to him now that he thought he might get a chance to get into her. "Um, nice outfit, Casey," he finally stammered.

"Way to recover," I muttered.

Casey grinned and shook her ass. "Glad you like it, Ricky."

"Hey, Case, come here a sec." I patted my lap. "Have a seat."

She giggled and planted herself on my thighs. Old One-eye definitely perked up at that, and I figured Rick's probably did too. She leaned in and licked my lips. "What do you want, baby?"

"I want to have some fun." Rubbing her thigh, I nibbled one earlobe. That always sent her over the edge. "I'm fucking horny as hell seeing you in those skimpy jammies of yours."

"Uh huh." Casey squeezed my dick. "I see how horny you are. But what about poor Rick here?"

"He likes to watch; I don't think he'll mind. Will you, buddy?" I winked at him to let him know this was part of my plan.

He played along. "Nope, don't mind a bit, as long as you don't mind me jacking off to it."

Casey's face went red, but all she said was, "If Bert doesn't mind, I don't mind."

"I don't mind a bit. Why would I mind showing off my hot little wife? Why don't you get those shorts off, babe, and bend over the stool there? You know I like to take you from behind."

She didn't look too sure about stripping in front of Rick, but after a second she stood up and did what I said. She looked absolutely adorable bent over the stool, with her ass sticking up and her pussy lips peeking out from between her legs. "I'm ready for you, baby."

"So I see. Close your eyes, honey."

She didn't even ask why, just closed them. I nodded to Rick, who took out his dick and stood behind my wife. He looked at me like he was asking if I was sure; when I nodded, he pushed into her.

"Mmm, honey, you feel so thick tonight!" Casey said.

That made me feel a little shitty, but after all, Rick's cock was thicker than mine. Just not as long. "Glad you like it."

"It feels so good. I'm all filled up."

She sure was. Rick started pounding in and out of her, and I had to take out my own dick so I could stroke it. Watching someone else's cock sliding into my wife's wet pussy was fucking hot!

Casey was getting into it for sure. She gasped and moaned while he pumped her. Rick was making his fair share of noise too. I decided not to bother keeping my mouth shut anymore.

I stood in front of Casey and said, "Open your eyes, babe."

When she did, her eyes went wide. "What the fuck?" She tried to look over her shoulder. "Rick's fucking me?"

"Sure am," Rick said. "And you're so damn tight, Case. You're an awesome fuck."

Casey's eyes shot lasers at me. "You fucking asshole! How could you let your friend fuck me without asking me first?"

"Because I figured you'd say no, but I also figured you'd like it." I kept jerking off while I talked; I was getting even more turned on by Casey's reaction. So was Rick, I guessed, since he didn't miss a beat. "You do seem to like it. You've sure been loud enough about it."

"But you didn't ask me! This is fucking rape!"

"Then stop him."

But she didn't, of course. She was getting off on this as much as Rick and I were. She just felt like she had to play faithful wifey.

"God, you're a lucky son of a bitch, Bert," Rick grunted. "Casey's got a fucking incredible pussy. I could fuck her all day."

"The hell you could!" Casey snapped. "Oh, shit. Fuck! Bert, I fucking hate you! Fuck!"

I knew my wife well enough to know she was coming. She always dropped the f-bomb a few times during an orgasm. Her pussy usually got tighter too, which seemed to be the case this time, since Rick groaned out something I couldn't understand and pulled out to shoot his wad on Casey's back and ass.

Fuck. My best buddy just came all over my wife. That was all it took for me to shoot my wad too, right onto Casey's face.


But she didn't seem to mind, since at least I'd missed her eyes. She reached up and wiped off a fingerful of my cum, then stuck her finger in her mouth. "Guess that turned you on, huh, Bert?"

"Sure did. I'll get you a towel."

"Yeah. That would be appreciated."

When I came out of the bathroom, Casey was still draped over the stool. Rick was back on the couch watching the game. I wiped the gunk off Casey's face then tossed the towel to Rick. "Clean up after yourself, you dink."

"Sorry." Rick got up and wiped off Casey's ass, then took the towel back to the bathroom. "Casey, thanks. I was getting so horny I thought I was going to explode."

"Thank your buddy here, since he decided to let you play with his toy." Casey stood up and grabbed her shorts. "Guess I'd better take a shower. And no one better get any ideas about joining me, got it?"

"Got it," Rick and I chorused.

"Good." She stalked toward the bathroom, shaking that ass of hers. At the door, she turned and grinned. "Next time, Bert, just tell me you want me to relieve your friend's hornies. And there fucking well better be a next time." She went into the bathroom and slammed the door.

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