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Trisha's head was spinning. The last thing she remembered she was on her way home from work when suddenly everything just went blurry. Still trying to find her bearings she knew she was in unfamiliar surroundings. As far as she could make out she was in some sort of workshop. There were some tables and figures and also a large television screen of some sorts but her vision was still too fuzzy to see anything clearly. She tried to sit up to get a better view but couldn't, her wrists and ankles had been shackled to the table. This wasn't her main concern though as she the realisation hit her that she was naked, not only that but she felt something pressing against her pussy. The shock of this caused her mind to clarify almost instantaneously and the full scale of her predicament hit her. She was indeed bound naked to a worktable and there was some large device by her feet from which protruded a phallus shaped shaft, which extended to the entrance of her pussy. Despite her limited movement she tried to maneuver herself away from the invasive probe. However it was also strapped to her waist securely, no matter how she altered her position, it maintained its ominous stance at the gate to her sex. Upon conceding that her struggle was futile, Trisha lay back dejectedly. It was then she noticed that she had company.

Scanning the room she now realised that some of the figures she had previously seen were in fact other girls, three to be precise. They all seemed to be going through the same processes that Trisha had: unfamiliar surroundings, inability to move, unexplained nakedness and connection to a weird device of some kind. The only differences were the devices themselves, each was different. Two of the girls had been secured to their contraption in a standing position whereas the third was, like Trisha, shackled horizontally to a table, except this girl was bound face down. At the feet of the lying girl was a device similar to Trisha's own, the difference being its positioning. The shaft was pressed against the entrance to her asshole as opposed to her pussy. Noticing this made Trisha almost feel lucky about her predicament but the moment soon passed and her eyes moved onto the two standing girls.

They were not 'fitted' with the same contraption that Trisha and the first girl had. Instead they seemed to be wearing smaller less intimidating devices; one was wearing what appeared to be a mechanical bra, a device that struck Trisha as more odd than sinister. The fourth girl's situation was similar, no daunting invasive shaft threatening her most private regions but instead just some contraption over her mouth and neck. Sure they looked uncomfortable, but Trisha would have happily swapped places with either of these two girls. Finally someone spoke:

"Hey," called out the girl with the ass device. "You ok?"

"Yeah, I think so," replied Trisha, "How did we get here?"

"Nobody has a fucking clue," responded the girl with the mechanical bra. "We all just woke up here. The name's Samantha, what's yours?"


"And I'm Jade," responded the ass girl. "We don't know the name of her over there because whatever that thing in her mouth is, it's stopping her from talking. You seemed to be in your own little world over there, we thought you were ignoring us for some reason."

"Oh sorry," stumbled Trisha, "I just, well I don't understand what is going on here."

"You and us both," cut in Samantha, "I was just getting ready to go college when all of a sudden I black out and wind up here."

"Can you see any way out?" asked Jade.

"No I can hardly move, and this machine is really making me nervous." Replied Trisha.

"Try having it attached to your ass, then you can talk about nervous." Retorted Jade, half-joking half-serious.

"Can we skip the 'my toy's better than your toy crap' and try to find a way out of here please." Said Samantha, unamused.

"Sorry," began Trisha, "we're just trying t..."

The girls' conversation was cut short sounds of distortion coming from the television monitor across from them. Nobody knew what was going on but they were all positive that they were about to receive more information.

The video screen flickered into life; a strange figure appeared on the screen. It was a puppet. As the flickering died down the head slowly span around to face the screen, it was a Barbie doll; or at least a homemade version of one. The girls looked at this in bemusement not knowing quite what to think. Then it began to speak, the voice had been heavily disguised but the puppet spoke clearly:

"Hello girls, I want to play a game."

"But first, why don't I help you all get acquainted with each other? Hello Trisha, while other workingwomen broke through traditional glass ceilings to achieve success in the accounting world you decided to take the easy option. Not content to put in the dedication required to earn partnership you used your relationship with a senior partner to catapult your way to the top above more deserving applicants. Women like you make sure that females in the work place will never be given the respect they deserve. You could have been a success off your own back but instead to chose to find success lying on your back and so you find yourself here."

"You, along with the others, have had an experimental formula injected into your bloodstream, do not worry, the drug will become harmless in about three hours; however, until then any sexual stimulation, like say a mechanical vibrator entering the vagina will cause a permanent behavioral transformation in which sex becomes the primary motivation. Traits such as intelligence, self-respect and common sense will be replaced with vanity, lustfulness and a need to be satisfied. You will in essence become the whore you assumed to get your 'well-earned' partnership."

"Hello Jade, you have also risen to the top of your field, a high flying lawyer at one of the city's premier firms and unlike Trisha, your promotions have all been thoroughly deserved. However that is not why you are here. In your success you have forgotten just how chauvinistic the occupational world still is. You look down on the women who work as secretaries and assistants to make a living because they could not achieve what you have. You do not accept that they are still doing their job the best they can and so you do not appreciate the talent, which you have. You have spent your career being an ass to the women around you who try to earn a living and so now you must overcome the device pressed against your asshole."

"Hello Samantha, although still just a student, the world could have been your oyster. You had the looks and the brains yet sadly you chose only to utilize the former. Entering University on a full scholarship you could have dazzled professors with your wit and intellect but instead you chose to wow them with short skirts and low cut tops. You only chose classes with young male lecturers and made sure to position yourself front row centre. Indeed you did everything in your power to attain the top grade; that is everything except studying. Knowing that a well timed flash of breast was just as effective to pass a class as a groundbreaking research paper, you have wasted your student years in bars and clubs relying on the lusts of men to get you through. Well now those tits you have used so many times to your advantage could become your downfall."

"And last but not least, hello Michelle, a reporter for a sleazy tabloid your lifeblood is spreading evil rumours about those more successful than yourself. 'Never let the truth get in the way of a good story,' isn't that the reporters' motto? And you certainly have never been deterred by trivial things like truth and honesty, have you Michelle? You speak poison, and then transfer it into print for all to see. Well today your words will do no harm, the device you are wearing will see to that. And trust me, for the time being, you really do not want to be playing kiss and tell."

"So, now that you have all been introduced we shall move onto the game. The rules are simple; at five o'clock the devices you are wearing will activate and you will lose. All you need to do to in is remove the device and walk you the door before your time is up. Each device is fitted with a digital lock, you just need the code, do not try to remove the device by force! The code is the same for all the devices but beware, a wrong entry will automatically trigger the device and that player will lose. To win the game you will all need to work together; you have more in common than you might think. You just may need to move heaven and Earth to discover what that common factor is. You have three hours. Let the games begin!"


With that the video ended and the room was momentarily gripped in a stunned quiet. Looking at each other, nobody seemed to know what to say until Samantha broke the silence:

"Well that's just bullshit!"

"Please just calmed down," suggested Trisha, "We need to focus on trying to get out of here."

"Well I'm sorry but in case you didn't notice, none of us can fucking move! How are we supposed to get out of here?"

As that moment, as if on cue, the cuffs holding down the girls' wrists all snapped open allowing for some albeit limited movement. Trisha rubbed her newly freed wrists in relief:

"Well, at least now we have some chance of getting out of here."

"Are you fucking serious!?" reacted Samantha, "You're telling me you are actually going to play this pervert's game?"

"It's not like we have a choice." chimed in Jade.

"Oh we have a choice," retaliated Samantha, "You don't honestly believe all that crap about drugs and formulas do you? Fuck! You're meant to be educated for Christ's sake. This is just some sick freak's idea of a turn on. You see there's a camera there? He's filming us. Well I'm not gonna sit here and let some piece of shit get his sexual kicks from me, I'm getting this thing off of me."

"I don't think you should be doing that." urged Trisha, "He said not to remove the device."

"Get a fucking clue! Fuck. There is no magic whore drug or whatever you are worrying about. This pervert just doesn't want us ruining his little fetish game. So you girls can just play with your little sex toys all you want but I am outta here."

Samantha began to pull at the mechanical bra, her fingers searching for a way to remove it but without success. Frustration began to get the better of her and she began to tug with more and more force in an attempt to prise the devise from her chest but it would not budge. Suddenly the device began to hum and whir into life...

"I think you just made it mad." said Jade.

"For the last time just shut the fu..."

But Samantha did not finish her sentence, for now the device had kicked into life. The mechanical fingers began to rub and massage her breasts while small thimble-like metal hubs over her nipples started to emit tiny pulses of energy, which caused Samantha's entire body to shudder. She could feel herself becoming lightheaded as the sensations in her nipples ripped through her body like a thousand mini electrical storms. All her previous panic and defiance was being replaced by a rampant sense of lust and sexual hunger. The Device was rapidly sending her hurtling towards ecstasy and she loved it; her mind just flittered away in the clouds, leaving her body to embrace the delicious pleasure coursing through her blood. The pulses were becoming more frequent and intense. Samantha began to moan with pleasure as wave after wave of delight washed over her. The fingers too were relentless, rubbing and squeezing her soft supple flesh causing her to emit a girly giggle of approval

The others could only stare as they watched their cellmate give in to the device. Only moments ago she had been the most determined of them all to break out of her bonds. But now she was just a mass of moans and giggles. A slave to the machine, which was turning her into the living sex toy they saw before them. Then Samantha finally hit orgasm and the girls watched dumbstruck as her body buckled and screamed in pleasure. Samantha's eyes just glazed over from the bolts of sexual lightning shooting through her lust-ridden frame.

As the final ripples of ecstasy radiated from Samantha's body, the device wound down to a halt. However when she finally came to her senses she was not the same girl that had caused it to activate.

"That was fun." she chirped looking other to the other girls. "I feel so much better now, I feel sexy."

"Samantha?" began Trisha, "What hap..."

"Call me Sammy, Sammy is much sexier than Samantha. It sounds peppy."

"Uh...Ok, Sammy, what has happened to you? Are you Ok?"

"I feel great," Sammy replied in a voice that could only be described as bubbly. "I've never been happier. My head no longer hurts from thinking; it is light and fluffy. I love this game."

"Oh shit!" cried Jade, "The stuff on that tape was real! We have got to get out of here. It's already two-thirty!"

"But what can we do?" replied Trisha, "The code to these machines could be anything. We've already lost Samantha and Michelle can't exactly help us, with that thing in her mouth. Where do we start?" "Pretty," cooed Sammy distantly.

"Please Sammy," pleaded Trisha, "We need to think of how to get out of here so we really don't need you distracting us."

"I'm sorry," replied Sammy apologetically. "It's just... it's so pretty."

"Ok What?" snapped Jade, "What is pretty?"

"The angel."

"What do you mean the angel?"

"There's a pretty angel picture above you." said Sammy pointing.

"She's right!" exclaimed Trisha. "There is! There's something written there too but I can't make it out from here. Can you read it?"

Jade's predicament made it very difficult to see what was written above her, but with great care not to set off the device waiting ominously at her asshole, she slowly strained her neck upwards in an attempt to see the writing above her. She was in some discomfort but was able to make out what was written.

"It says: Miss Pinocchio learns." She told the others.

"Miss Pinocchio learns?" repeated Trisha, but what does it mean?"

"I have no idea," replied Jade, dejectedly. "There must be more to the message."

"Wait a minute!" sparked Trisha, "The tape it said something about Heaven and Earth. The angel must be heaven, so we've just got to look for Earth. There has to be some writing on the floor somewhere."

"There!" shouted Jade. "By your head, on the floor, there's another picture. It's a person. That must be where the rest of the message is! I can't see from here though, you're gonna have to try and look."

Trisha tried to twist her body round to see what was written on the floor but she could not turn far enough; the device kept obstructing her movement and she was too scared to risk aggravating it. Instead, she carefully began to arch her back in order to be able to face the ground. The mechanical vibrator pressed against her exposed pussy but there was room to lever herself into position. After much maneuvering her body had formed a perfect bridge posture and she was able to view the image on the ground. It quickly became apparent that it was intended for her to be positioned this way, as the writing was the correct way up for her to read clearly:

"Lying is fun," read out a perplexed Trisha. "I don't understand.

"It's a meaningless as the angel message." agreed Jade, "What the hell does it mean? Miss Pinocchio learns lying is fun. It's..."

A computerised voice cut off Jade's train of thought: "'Miss Pinocchio learns lying is fun.' video commencing." With that the TV screen turned itself on...


Mandy awoke to find herself naked and strapped to a chair. She had no idea where she was but judging from the room she was in, it was a place she did not want to be. Surveying her surroundings she could see a device situated below a television monitor on the other side of the room; she began to worry. Her left hand had sensors attached to her fingers, which led to a small machine on the table next to her. She tried to see whether she could move only to discover that save the ability to look around the room she was completely immobile.

"Hello?" She called out, "Is anybody there?

At that the video screen flickered into life to show the Barbie puppet figure and the voice began:

"Hello Mandy, I'd like to play a game."

"Ever since you were a young girl you dreamed of becoming an actress. You felt you were made for Hollywood and nobody could tell you different. Your parents spent a fortune on acting classes and did all they could to encourage you in your dream. After finishing drama school you moved to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune but soon found that Hollywood is a hard business, isn't it Mandy. Rejection after rejection came and your dream was being shattered, That didn't phase you though did it Mandy? Because you were a born actress; you weren't going to let a few setbacks ruin what you'd worked all your life to become. Some actresses spend years in Hollywood before they get their big break. Sadly you couldn't wait years and so you took the easy way out: the casting couch. In exchange for your pride and self-respect you got your first step into Hollywood. How proud your parents were when they told found out you had gotten a minor role in the next Hollywood blockbuster. If only they knew that it wasn't your acting skill that got you there. How would they feel then?"

"Well, today you get the chance to prove yourself as an actress. The role of an actress is to make a role her own; to make an audience believe you are the character you are playing. The machine connected to your fingers is a lie detector like those used by the police force. Contrary to what some believe, lie detectors are not infallible, they can be deceived. When this message ends a collection of phrases will appear on this screen, just like an autocue. You will have ten seconds to read out what each statement says. Any actress worth their salt should easily be able to fool this machine into believing the lies you will say."

"The chair you are attached to is connected to a set of tracks on the floor. These tracks are six metres long and end by the exit door to your right. For every lie the machine believes, a green light will flash and the chair will move one metre towards the door. If you manage to make it the whole six metres, your bonds will unlock and you will be free to walk out the door. However, you will have noticed the device in front of you. It is a sybian; a mechanical fucking machine. that device is also set on tracks. The tip of the sybian is positioned exactly five metres from the entrance to your cunt. Each time you are caught telling a lie, a red light will flash and the tip will extend an extra metre in length, like a mechanical Pinocchio's nose. After five incorrect answers the tip of the device will be touching your pussy. At this point one more bad lie will cause the machine to activate and you will find that in the future you may well prefer the casting couch more than the movie roles."

"Let the games begin..."

With that the video screen went blue and the first phrase appeared. A counter began timing down from ten, Mandy had no choice but to try and take part. She read the first line:

"My name is Angela," She stated as calmly as she could manage.

The lie detector sprang to life and to Mandy's relief the light flashed green. A motor started below her and the chair slowly moved towards the door. After one metre it ground to a halt and the next statement appeared:

"I am nineteen years old." She read this time with a little more confidence.

Again the green light shone and the chair edged another metre to the door, filling Mandy's heart with a sense of optimism that she may make it out unscathed. She was almost looking forward to her next line:

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