tagLoving WivesI Want You....

I Want You....


I want you....

I need you....

I crave you.....

My body yearns for you....

I'm extremely horny. I have you on my mind and soon you'll be in my sights. Tonight we'll do more than just eat, shower, and go to bed my love. Tonight you will unleash that monster deep inside your soul. Tonight pure carnal pleasure will overtake us.

Why you ask my love?

Simple.....I want you.

I hear you pull into our driveway. It excites me to know that the man I call my king, my Daddy, my husband is home. Come sit down next to me Daddy and let me help you undress a little as you speak on your long day. Oh you like my dress? Thank you my love. It's a little snug around my hips but it shows off my curves and legs just how you like my dresses to do. I'm glad you like it baby. Now, let's get that suit off of you. I want to see your gorgeous, tattoo laden milk chocolate arms, broad shoulders and beautifully chiseled chest and abs. Let's take your hair out of that pony tail I want to see it fall. I love your long hair. It's incredibly curly, soft and luxurious. There that's much better I want you to be comfortable Daddy.

I know you're hungry Daddy so come into the kitchen and we'll eat dinner. I look back at you as we walk in and I'm stunned by your beauty. Your brown eyes captivate me and your smile makes me weak. I love when you wrap your arms around me just to hold me close so I feel your raging bulge against my ass. Yes Daddy I am your bad girl and you are my bad boy. I have prepared a beautiful meal for us my King; perfectly cooked bacon wrapped filet mingons, roasted fingerling potatoes and a green goddess salad. I'm happy you enjoyed your dinner. I enjoy cooking for you my King. I hope you saved room for dessert my love.

Off to our bedroom we go Daddy. Tonight I as your wife will entertain and entice you my love. I will bring out that monster in you. Tonight you will be nothing less than animalistic with me. Come here baby, come dance with me. I want you to feel my ass grind against you as we dance. You are so damn sexy! I can't get enough of you. You're an addiction that I don't ever want help for. I love how your fingers trace my curves as we dance together.

I feel so beautiful in your arms. Your flawless 6'3 235lb frame is orgasmic to me. It engulfs my curvy 5'9 frame. I can feel you slowly dragging your fingers up the top of my thighs. Daddy you insist on teasing me by slowly hiking my dress up and placing sweet kisses on my neck. You're starting to reveal that I'm not wearing any panties. Higher and higher you pull my dress up. I continue to slowly grind my body into you until you pull it completely off. I love feeling my naked body against you. This is why I love to dance with you. You make me feel and be so naughty.

I think we should continue this in the shower. Let's go get wet Daddy. Step into this shower and bring that sexy body to me. My caramel skin shines against yours. I love seeing the water just glisten on you. My King you are gorgeously flawless. I want to feel your lips against mine. Taste me as I taste you. As we explore each other's lips I want you to let your hands explore my body.

Yes Daddy! Touch me! Drive me crazy! I love when your hands go across my breasts. Play with them Daddy. They want you just as bad as I do. Tease them baby. Make my nipples harden at your touch. Give it to me Daddy! I want more! I need it! I need you! You hear the desperation in my voice Daddy. Please take me! Yes Daddy! Pick me up and wrap my legs around your waist! Rub my ass as you suck on my nipples. Mmmm! Just like that! Bury you face between my breasts! Make me crazy Daddy! My body aches for you. My pussy calls for you. Taste me Daddy! Soothe the rage in between legs!

Yes go lower! Put my legs over your shoulders. I want to feel your lips on my clit. Yes! Yes! Yes! Daddy! Just like that! Eat my pussy Daddy! Yes! Lick my clit! Eat me out Daddy! Please give it to me! I love it like this! I love the feeling of you eating me out while the hot water rains down on us. Your strong arms tighten around my thighs as your tongue dives deeper inside me. My body begins to tremble as you work my pussy over. I look down to marvel at the sight of my King below me. I love seeing that dragon tattoo on your back as I watch you eat me out. You dive deeper inside me causing me to start clawing our shower wall. You are relentless with my pussy. I try to ride your tongue twisting my body as I do.

I can feel my juices flowing. They're about to release just for you Daddy. I can't hold it in much longer! Yes! Suck my clit into your mouth while you finger me! It's coming Daddy! My orgasm is about to make me explode. Do it Daddy! Make scream baby! Oh God! I'm gonna cum Daddy! I—I—Yes!!! Oh my God!!! I'm cumming! My pussy is flooding your face and mouth with my nectar. My body is shaking from the massive orgasm you've just given me. My legs are weak all thanks to you. You finally release me letting me fall into your arms. I gaze into and get lost in your beautiful dark brown eyes. You are a King but not just any King. No my love you're my King. You give me all I need all that I want. Your lips are hypnotic; they're soft and forever kissable.

Once again our lips meet. As they interlock our tongues wrestle one another. I need this my love. I need you. As our kiss is broken, you help me to my feet just to put me face first into our shower wall. You aren't done with me are you my King? No you aren't not by a long shot. I can feel your hands squeeze, rub, pinch and spread my ass cheeks apart. I feel my body begin to tremble at your touch again. I feel your tender kisses on my ass. The anticipation of what you're about to do to me is driving me insane. You replace your lips with your tongue which sends me into sweet heaven.

I love feeling your tongue lick my crinkled hole. You're so good at teasing me Daddy. I see you love to make me moan for you. Yes! Fuck my ass with your tongue! I love feeling it slide in and out my ass just like that! You've always liked how I wiggle my ass for you. You are insatiable Daddy! Yes! Yes! Yes! More! I beg you to give me more! My King I'm on fire! Your touch takes me higher! Make me louder please! I continue to claw at our shower wall as you torture me ever so sweetly. You know how to make me weak my King. I can't stand much more of this my love. I feel my orgasm is about to overtake me again. Make me scream! I need you baby! Yesssss Daddy! I'm cumming again! I feel my juices run down my legs. I feel your lips and tongue on my thighs lapping up the remainder of my juices. Oh my God! My King! Thank you so much my love! I needed that!

Now it's time for me your Queen to return the favor.

After finally showering together we head back to our bedroom. Dear God! You look irresistible in just your towel. Come to me baby. I love to watch you walk my love. The moonlight shines so perfectly on you. Come lay down on the bed we share. Let me dry you off and put on your lotion. I slowly rub lotion all over you. I place my focus mainly on your back, legs, arms and chest. Now that you're skin has been properly moisturized, I can get down to the matter at hand. I can now please my King. I'm mesmerized by you my love. I say it to you all the time yes. Yet and still, I don't think you understand the magnitude of my undying devotion to you.

Nevertheless, it is time for me to prove why I am your Queen.

I gaze at the work of art that is your body. Every bit of you turns me on Daddy. The one thing that turns me on the most about you is your rock hard dick. My pussy always gets wet for your 10.5 inches of pure power. Many a night you've made me tap out because of the unrelenting pounding you'd give my pussy. But, before I can dive for your epicenter I must adorn your body with sweet kisses just like you do me. Starting with your lips I slowly work my way down. I take my time kissing and sucking on your neck. Why? Because I know that's what you like Daddy. I kiss down your collar bone and all across your pretty chest. I love listening to you moan Daddy. Your voice sends me into a trance. Yes, Daddy I hear you I know what you want but you must understand I will be taking my time.

My plan is to torture you as sweetly and slowly as you've done to me tonight. Down your chest I go sucking on your nipples for a few moments. I continue downward until I reach your abs. I take my time and every inch of your 12 pack. I can feel your hands on my shoulders. Yes Daddy I know you want to go lower but I won't. I continue kissing on your abs. I hear the desperation in your breathing and voice. You want it badly don't you Daddy? You are so sexy when you're totally aroused baby. Now it's time to start the show. I've finally arrived to my sweet destination. I am now face to face with your pretty penis. Your manly scent is intoxicating my love. I watch your close your eyes and bite your bottom lip as I take you into my mouth. I taste your sweet pre cum as I start moving my head up and down. I hear you Daddy. Does it feel good baby? Do you like it Daddy? It's good to you isn't baby? Yes that's what I thought.

He's so hard Daddy. I love the raw manly taste of you. I love feeling the veins against my tongue as I guide my head up and down. It's getting stiffer in my mouth as I suck on it with a little more speed Daddy. You love hearing me sucking and slurping on it don't you Daddy? It drives you insane doesn't it? I feel your hands on my neck guiding my head faster up and down your dick. Your orgasm is building I see. I stop sucking you off long enough to let my mouth play with your balls. Sucking, kissing and licking them feverishly, letting them plop in and out my mouth before I return to sucking your shaft.

Yes I hear you Daddy. I know you're about to cum. I want my King to cum for me. I see it on your face my King your orgasm is reaching its peak. Yet, something's holding you back from cumming for me. What is it Daddy? You don't have to hold back my King. Never mind I know what it is. You want me to take your dick deep in my mouth don't you? You want your cum to coat the back of my throat. Consider it done my King. Watch me closely as I take it extremely deep into my mouth baby. Yes that's it Daddy! Call my name as you cum in my mouth. I want to hear that sexy baritone of yours. Let it all out Daddy don't hold back. Empty your balls in my mouth my love. There that's much better Daddy. Don't you feel better now? I hope I haven't worn you out my love because our night of passion is far from over.

I could lay here in your arms for an eternity. I love how you hold me tight when we're going to sleep. I always feel safe in your arms. Before we get to the main event of the evening; I just want to lay here and listen to you breathe Daddy. I want to let my hands rub your chest as I get lost in your eyes and smile. I love listening to your heartbeat baby. I adore when you kiss my forehead Daddy. I love that you aren't afraid to be very affectionate with me. I love your lips Daddy! Kiss me! Let your lips intertwine with mine. Yes Daddy be forceful! Shove that soft wet tongue in my mouth! There he is! There's that monster! Take me Daddy! My body is yours to do with as you please! I love it when you get rough and nasty with me! I want you to grab me, throw me around then fuck me senseless! Yes Daddy! Yes! Grab my hips and force me on top of you!

Yes my King! Grab my hair as you suck on my neck! I love it Daddy! Yes! Wrap those beautiful arms around me! Make me grind my pussy against your dick. You're such a nasty man! I want you to fuck me now Daddy! Make me tap out! Mmmm! Yes Daddy! Slide it in! I want to feel it against my sweet walls! Ooooh! He's so damn big Daddy! Fuck me please! Fuck me hard! Yes Daddy just like that! Make me ride that fat dick! Ohhhh Jesus yessss!! Fuck me Daddy! Make my ass clap as I bounce up and down on your dick Daddy! Give it to me Daddy! 10.5 inches of raw monstrous power are stretching my pussy out! Give it to me! Fuck me Daddy! I need you! I love that animalistic look in your eyes! Take me Daddy! Yes! Fill my pussy up with that monster dick! Grab my hips Daddy! Make me ride you! I want you to make me scream so bad!

I need this! I need you! My body is aching for you! I feel it Daddy! I feel my orgasm rising! You feel so good inside me! Oh God! I feel it my King! I'm about to cum and it's all for you! I-I—Yes! I'm cumming and it's just for you my King! God I love to ride you. We're not done are we Daddy? No we aren't! That look in your eyes is so seductively evil Daddy. I go to kiss you but you have other plans for me. Instead of kissing me; you throw me down pinning me between you and the mattress. You are a man possessed! The anticipation of what you're about to do drives me wild. Oooh yess!! Bite my neck! Leave bite marks wherever you please my love. I love seeing you salivate over my breasts. Do they tease you Daddy? You want them don't you? Take them baby. Devour my lovelies as only you can.

I love feeling your warm and wet mouth engulf my nipples as you taste each of my breasts. I want more Daddy! Please don't stop! My body is yours for the taking! Mmmm! Yes! Go lower! I want you to eat my swollen yet well fucked pussy! Please Daddy! I want it so bad! Oh God yes! Feast on my treasure! Make me tremble at your touch! My God! Your tongue Daddy! Devour me please! Yes! Just like that! Jesus yes! Wrap my legs around your neck! Ohhhh yessss! Your tongue feels like heaven to my clit! Good God! Yes Daddy more please! Wrap those beautiful arms around my thighs as your mouth drives me insane! Oh dearest loving God I can't get enough! I feel it Daddy! I'm about to explode once again all thanks to you! Here it comes my King! Ohhhh my sweet Lord! I'm cumming baby! Oh my God! I don't think I can go anymore! You have worn me the hell out!

But that doesn't matter to you does baby? We finish when you say we are finished. Very well my dear we shall continue. You look so damn beautiful with my juices on your face. That look of hunger in your eyes is intoxicating. I know what my King wants. Take it my love. Take the treasure that belongs to you. I just adore your dominant yet loving ways. I love feeling you between my legs. Looking at you lick my juices off your sweet lips puts me in a trance. Are you ready Daddy? Because Lord knows I am! I want you inside me now! But you decide to torture me ever so sweetly instead.

You begin kissing your way up my body. Mmmm! My King why must you tease me so? I know why! You're my King that's why you do this to me. Slowly you kiss and lick my breasts. You savor them like they're the last thing you'll ever have in life. You suck on my nipples like a newborn does to their mother. As you do I run my fingers through your beautiful curly hair. My ever so gorgeous black King you treat me like I'm a black Goddess. Your lips make it back to my neck and collarbone. I love it when you run your tongue along my collarbone, stopping only to place sweet little kisses on my neck every so often. Finally our lips meet and engulf one another once again. Your sweet sensuous kiss overpowers me. You break our kiss because now it's time for the main event of our night. In one fell swoop you grab and spread my legs apart because now is the time where you'll truly take me.

I feel the head of your monster slip inside me. You close your eyes and surge inside my wet snatch causing me to scream. Yes! Take me baby! Fuck me into a sweet oblivion! Pound my pussy like you never have baby! Ohhhh God! Yes!! I wanted this so fucking bad! Make me cum baby! Fuck me please!!! You feel so good inside me! I love hearing the sound my juices make as you pound me senseless! Over and over again you invade my epicenter, not caring if you tear my vaginal walls apart. What most would see as rape I see as sweet love from you to me my King. You slide all the way inside me then pull out completely and slam back inside me. I can't enough! More baby please! Don't stop fucking me!

Yes Daddy!! Flip me over and fuck my ass with the same raw power that you use on my pussy! I love it when you tongue and finger my ass before you fuck it. Mmmmmm! Do it to me Daddy! Drive me fucking insane! Spread my ass cheeks apart and drive your tongue inside my ass! Make me grab our sheets and bite the pillow in front of me. Ooooh I feel your wet warm tongue inside me! Yes Daddy! I love you my King! Keep going baby! Yes! Slide your fingers inside my ass! Mmmm! Leave teeth marks on my ass as you finger fuck my ass! I love that like you wouldn't imagine! I love to feel your fingers twist and pump in and out of my ass. Damn it feels so good! Fuck my ass Daddy! Please put me out my misery Daddy! Jesus! Yes!! Line that fat mushroom head of yours with my crinkled hole!

The anticipation of what you're about to do makes me shiver. That's when it happens. That's when you push your dick deep into my ass and you begin fucking me shitless. In and out you pound my ass without any regard as to whether it hurts me or not. I love it when you do that Daddy! You fuck with this relentless power. Yes Daddy!!! That's it! Just like that! Fuck me hard! Make my pussy soaking wet baby! This is what I live for! Yessss! Make me scream Daddy! Fuck me baby! Grab my hair as you fuck me Daddy! I don't care how much it hurts me I just want to feel you fucking me. I can tell you're close to cumming because your pace quickens.

Cum for me baby! Flood my ass with your sweet hot seed. Yes that's it my King! Call my name Daddy! I know you're close my love so don't hold back, let it all out Daddy. Mmmmmm! You're gonna make me cum as well baby! Yes I'm so close baby. Just like you I need that one thrust to push me over the edge. That's when it finally happens . You pull all the way out then grab my hips and plunge back in so deep we both holler to the heavens as we cum.

Yes! I needed this! Thank you so much Daddy! I've had so many body rattling orgasms tonight all because of you. I feel your cum deep in my ass as you pull out exhausted from our main event of the evening. I can't move because I'm feeling the aftershock of our last orgasm. So you scoop me up into your arms and hold me close as drift off into sleep.

Goodnight Daddy. I love you.....

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