tagSci-Fi & FantasyI Was Born This Way Ch. 01

I Was Born This Way Ch. 01


I've always been one to see the logic of things, but for some reason recently...I haven't been able to do so. Hi, my name is Elizabeth, Lizzy for short. I'm 27 years old and have just received my doctorate's in chemistry. That's right I'm a bonifide scientist. I just moved to New York about three months ago from Atlanta and I'm loving it so far. The company paid for my relocation and even set me up with a nice little condo in the city of Manhattan, but...my nights are lonely and I have no one to talk to when I get home. I just sit at my computer, playing video games until I can't keep my eyes open and I drag myself to my bedroom and pass out until seven the next morning...what a boring life.

About a month ago, all of that changed, word on the grapevine was that I was getting a new neighbor. It was a Friday afternoon and I only had to work half a day, so I took my time and went to my favorite herb shop, bought some dried lavender and gardenia, honey, milk, and sage brought it all home and decided to give myself a spa day. When I got home I saw movers bringing in boxes, but really didn't bother to find out who it was or where they were going, I was on a mission. I realized that I needed to get out this weekend. I fumbled with the keys but managed to get into the door, kicked off my heels as I walked through the door and put my items on the island in the kitchen. I rushed into my room and through to my bathroom and turned on the water and set the temperature in my garden tub and began to fill it with steamy water. I ran back into my kitchen and grabbed the lavender and gardenia and sprinkled them into the water. I then took the milk, honey, and sage and mixed them into a paste for my hair. I wanted to look good when I went to the poetry spot. As the water ran, I checked myself in the mirror and thought about what I was going to wear, I stared at my chocolate complexion and thought to myself...earth tones.

I walked into the bathroom to check the water and it was the right height. I gently washed my waist length curly hair and then put the paste on it and covered it with a shower cap before I got in the bath. I reached for my remote to my Bose stereo and put on some Sarah Vaughan, leaned back in the tub and allowed the aromatherapy to commence. The lavender and gardenia soothed the week of work tension away as I breathed in the fragrance The water caressed my skin as the I reached for my special body oil. I drizzled a little into the water and felt the magic...you see this oil had this relaxing affects that nothing else could conjure. I felt my muscles relax and I drifted off for a little while.

When I came to, the water was cool and it was six o'clock, I had just enough time to shower off and jump into my clothes and I didn't even know what I was going to wear. So, as I drained the water I cut on the shower and grabbed a bar of my French seaweed soap and began to wash the rest of the week off of me. The soap felt extra comforting on my skin this evening and I didn't know why, but I continued to wash. As I slid the soap up and down my body I felt to see if I needed to touch up my wax and found that I still as smooth as a baby's bottom. I slid the soap down to my pussy to feel and see if I needed to touch up there and nope...it was still smooth and slick. I jumped out of the shower after rinsing and looked in my closet. There was this nice black, red, yellow, and green wrap dress that fit my six feet tall frame and hugged all my 215 pounds of curves just right. I had gotten a pedicure the day before so my french tip toes were looking right and my fresh manicure was on point. I really don't wear make-up but decided to put on a little red eye shadow and shiny lip gloss. I decided that I would perform so I didn't want to wash out completely on stage. I had to hurry and get there because sign up started at 8:30 and looking at the clock it was already 7:45. I looked at my hair, I wanted to rock some flat twists but I didn't have time for it so I snatched up the head dress that went with the dress and wrapped my hair up it in. I then slipped on my black sandals and looked at myself in the mirror. I turned to make sure that everything was in place and that the dress wasn't too revealing...I wanted to be stared at, not stop traffic. I looked at the time and it was 8:00. I needed to hurry up so I snatched up my keys and purse, checked the lights and alarm system and jetted out of the door.

I've been to this place before, it was nice like your classic poetry stage that you'd see on TV shows like Def Poet's and places like that. You had the center stage and tables surrounding. The stage itself was big enough for a nice little band and a singer. I talked to the manager the first time I'd come here and he said that on Fridays it was spoken word open mic and on Saturdays they had musical open mic where those that were trying to get heard could come with their bands, if they had one, and performed for the regulars. You had the poetry, hip hoppers that came on Fridays and the grown and sexy jazz heads show up on Saturdays. I was impressed...you see I'm both a poetry hip hopper and a grown and sexy jazz head, so this was beginning to be my spot on the weekends.

As I entered the front door Jose was the first person I saw. He was the one that had the sign up sheet. He looked up at me and smiled. Jose was so handsome, only thing was he was so short. He was about 5'8, caramel complexion, dimples, nice build. You can tell his Cuban heritage from jump, he also had a very good sense of humor. I think he has a crush on me, but it could be just my imagination. He waved for me to come closer and I started towards him. I saw the clip board in his hand which made me move quicker because as I looked at my watch it said 8:29 and he was strict about late comers. I waved my 15 dollars in the air and he started towards me, "You almost didn't make it mama." he said with a Latin accent when he reached me.

"I know sweetie, I lost track of time. Do you have a spot left? Please say you do."

"I told you I got you the last time you were here and you asked. Put your money away, this one is on the house. We gotta see if you got skillz, if you don't, then this one is on me and the crowd will let you know if you can hack it."

"What are the rules."

"Ummm...let me see. No touching the audience and they won't touch you and no stealing other people's shit. Got me?"

"Yeah, bae. I gotcha. So, when am I on?"

"Well, I got you in the middle so you can get a feel for the crowd, I'll let you know when you're almost up, kay???"

"Thanks bae...you're the man."

"As long as I'm your man, we're koo'"

"Whateva boy, quit playin. Who's at the bar?"

"Gretchen...you wanna drink?"

"Just some water right now...I'm nervous right now."

"Don't be nervous mama, I'm sure you'll do fine. Let me go get your water and head on stage, we're about to start. Chin up mama."

Jose moved through the crowd like a pro. I've always meant to ask how did he do that and if he could teach me. I looked around and spotted a two seater near the back corner so I could collect my thoughts. Before I could get to it a couple snatched it. I began scanning for another spot. Nothing was available. I looked around and saw this gentleman sitting at a table alone. He was a cutie, not overly cute but at the same time not plain looking either. I desperately needed a seat so I worked up my nerves and I walked over to him. Before I could reach him a woman grabbed the seat in front of him and I slowly backed away hoping that he didn't see me. As I was about to walk off I heard, "Would like to have a seat?" His voice rumbled in my tummy and my breath caught in my throat. I turned ready to decline when I saw it was him.

"Ummm, I don't know --"

"Look, this woman is really bothering me, and I kinda told her that you were my fiancee. Help a brotha out, please?"

"Well...as long as it'll get me a seat, I'm game."

"Okay, hug me so it'll look real." He grabbed me and wrapped his arms around my waist, "Oh, by the way, my name is Donny."


I wondered how tall he was because I was right at his shoulder and I knew that I was tall for a woman. He felt so good, and his was so warm against me. My knees almost buckled. He guided me to the table where the other lady sat, "Ummm, Michelle I would like you to meet my fiancee, Lizzy."

The woman looked me up and down and there was venom in her eyes, "So, you are engaged. Huh, dick probably wasn't that good anyway."

She stomped off into the crowd. I giggled into my hand, "Wow, is that all it takes nowadays? I thought I was gonna have to fight for that chair."

"Me too. Have a seat, Lizzy, right?"

"Yeah. It's short for Elizabeth."

"Who would have guessed?"

"Don't be an ass."

"Oh, and she curses. Wow. I like that. Anyway, I've only seen you around here a couple of times. Are you from around here?"

"Nah, I live in Manhattan. I just come here every now and again. I like to explore things."

"So, do I. So, you like spoken word, I see."

"Yeah I do. I'm performing tonight."

"Oh really??? So am -"

Before he could finish there was a semi-loud scream from the sound system and a loud voice boomed, "Mic check, one, two, three. Mic check. Can you hear me? Koo'. Welcome everyone to Free Mic Fridays, I'm your MC Jose and tonight we have a hot line up for you. You know how we do. WHAT IS THIS?"

"THE MOST DEF STAGE ON THE BLOCK!!!" the audience shouted back.




"ON AND ON TIL THE BREAK OF DAWN!!!" the audience applauded with cheers. I laughed after answering along and clapped as I saw my friend on stage. As I sat down a waitress brought me a bottle of water and I thanked her. As I looked up at the stage, Jose locked eyes with me and blew me a kiss which made me laugh and blow one back.

"We got a full roster tonight. We got some old school and some new school, we got regulars and new jacks and this is where it all starts. So, without further or do let's get on with the first poet."

"So, is that your boyfriend?" that voice grabbed my attention.

"No, I just met him maybe a few weeks ago when I stumbled onto this place. He's kool peoples."

"Oh...kool. So Miss Lizzy, tell me about you."

I pulled my chair closer to the table as the poet on stage faded to the background, "Well, Donny, what would you like to know? I mean I do better when I'm asked questions, you know."

"Well, let's start with the basics, where are you from? How old are you? Are you single? Do you have any kids? What do you do?"

"Well, to answer those...I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm 27 years old, yes I am single with no kids, and I'm a chemist."

"Are you serious? You're a chemist?"

"Yeah, I work for a pharmaceutical company right here."

"So, you..."

"I help develop medicines. Or at least that's what I'm leading to, right now, because I'm new to the company they really want me to get the hang of all the paper work first before I get in a lab."

"Oh, I see. So, you're a lacky right now."

"Ha ha, very funny. Anyway, what about you? How old are you? Are you single? Do you have any kids? And what is your occupation?"

"Well, I'm 26, I'm very single. Was married at one time, but that didn't work out. I have one child, a daughter, that's my angel...my heart. Right now, I do construction work. I'm not looking to do that for the rest of my life. I want to be a recording artist, but right now that has to take a back seat. I'll do anything for my baby."

As he spoke I could do nothing but listen to his voice and look into his slanted green eyes. I took in his super chocolate skin, long dreads and luscious lips. I wondered what he tasted like. I mean I wanted to kiss him so badly. I didn't realize how fine this dude was.

"Why are you staring at me like you want to eat me?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"I asked you where did you go to school."

"Oh! Ummm...I went to Georgia Tech."

"You're a Yellow Jacket!"

"Yeah...don't tell me you're a UGA fan?"

"Nah, ma. I think intellect is sexy as hell." he licked his lips with a gleam in his eye.

"Is that your way of saying you think I'm sexy?"


All of a sudden I heard Jose say, "Next up is Devine Dialect." I looked up and then realized that Donny was getting up.

"That's me. Let me know what you think, aiight?"

"OMG, you're Devine Dialect?"

"Yeah...I'll be right back." He stood up and put on a smile and walked to the stage. He gave Jose love when he got on stage and then the lights dimmed. Then the spot light came on. He opened his mouth and began to speak:

Our love is like no other.

Communication without speaking, transfer of emotion, knowing what we want without asking.

See, as I open my eyes and see your face, my life becomes easier to bare.

Knowing that I make you happy makes my soul smile.

Our love's so strong we make it do what we want.

Because I feel you, breathe you, see you, smell you, and oh God taste you...every drop you have to offer.

Our love brings life and death.

No one realizes that our love is immortal, dating back to Romeo & Juliette, Antony & Cleopatra, Tristan & Isolde; dating back to Adam & Eve,

Starting on a journey, on a path finding each other.

Getting strong and stronger as the years go by, even as our bodies die our love lives on transferring to other bodies being reborn over and over, a never ending cycle of love getting stronger and stronger getting deeper and deeper until we'll just be...love.

Right now we're the next chapter, the next link in this ongoing saga of love.

Because our love is like no other.

Communication without speaking...

As he continued the audience roared. That was a famous piece for everyone and for some reason this time when he recited his piece his eyes were on me the whole time. As I watched mesmerized, Jose tapped me on the shoulder, "What's good ma?"

"Shit...everything. Wait...am I up next?"

"Nah, Mamita. You're up in about two more people. So, ummm...is Mr. Devine keeping you company?" He had a little jealous glint in his eye.

"A little. I had to scare off some chick in order to get a seat. That's all it is...why? Are you jealous, papi?"

"Oooo, I love it when you call me Papi. But, no...you're too tall for me."

"Good...because I was about to say you're too short for me."

"Oh? I thought you were going to say that I'm the right height."

"Right height for what?"

"So, how did I do?" Donny said approaching the table smooth as silk.

"You did great." I said as I averted my attention back to him.

"You know you did great. The crowd loves you man. I gotta get back on stage."

Jose turned and looked at me, blew me another kiss and jumped on stage, "Give it up for Mr. Devine Dialect one more time! Our next poet -"

"I gotta get myself prepared, I go up in a few."

"Really? Think of me when you're up there...I was thinking of you."

"Does that line work on all the girls?"

"I don't think so, but I'm not worried about them. I want it to work on you."
"Anyway...I need to concentrate and remember my shit."

"Aiight mama, you got it."

"Thank you." I sat at the table and went over my piece in my head. I knew I had to make an impression and after what I'd seen, I needed to be damn good. Right when I decided what piece I heard Jose's voice, "Now...we have a new jack comin to the stage. All the way from Atlanta, GA show ya love for Ms. Black Phoenix!"

I looked back at Donny, "Let me know what you think."

"I sure will."

I stepped on stage and grabbed the mic and put it on its stand, it squeaked. "Sorry. What's good Brooklyn. I'm a newbie and I would like for you to bare with me."

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth:

"I can never forget the way you make me feel.

Biting my lip as I close my eyes...

Flashbacks are a bitch.

Breathing hard as my skin tingles remembering the touch of your lips...tongue.

Oh shit...no...don't stop."

I slid my hands down my sides and across my tummy, closing my eyes and moaned,

"Can't sit still as the wave migrate to my center...

Precipitation and swollen members being caressed by phantom fingers...lips...tongue.

Oh shit...no...don't stop."

I ran one hand down my neck and the other began to lift the hem of my dress,

"Sweat beads run down my spine, as my temperature rises

Goose bumps appear as I feel you enter me

Reminiscing how you'd palm my hips as you dive in.

Portals assaulted by invisible lips...tongue.

Ooooo shit...right there...don't stop."

I ran my hands to my head dress and unraveled it letting my hair cascade over my shoulders, closed my eyes and pretend that I having an orgasm by throwing my head back and cried out the last line of that stanza.

"Riding was never my forte

But you encouraged me to start small

Graduating from your lips...tongue

Oooooo shit....please...don't stop.

Unable to control myself as my thighs rub themselves

Causing friction as I imagine the position

Remembering you lovingly massaging them

As you devour me whole with your fingers...lips...tongue

Oooooo God....please...don't stop."

Tasting me on your lips as I kiss you

Feeling your breath on my ear

As you whisper to me

Are you ready for round two.

Mmmmm yeah...no...I won't stop."

I caressed the mic as if I was about to suck on it and my eyes locked with Donny's as I said the next stanza,

"The taste of you on my lips

The way you fill my mouth

I long to taste you

But watching you watching me as I take you with my lips...tongue.

Mmmmm yeah...nah...I can't stop

Getting wetter as I feel you getting harder

Your breathing changing and my mouth waters

As I devour you with my finger...lips...tongue.

Mmmmm yeah...fuck it...don't make me stop.

Skin hot and flushed as you grit your teeth

Closing your eye as you push me away

Regaining your composure

But then you ask me

Are you ready for round three?"

I lifted my dress up to my thighs and begin to do a slow wine as I finished out,

"Ooooo God...here we go...but don't stop.

My back arches as you fill me up

My chambers pulsate

Convulse with the memory of you

But not only about your fingers...lips...tongue

Ooooooo shit....right there...don't stop.

I can't take this shit

I need you right here right now

I can't stop it from taking over me

But in a second its gone...damn.

Flashbacks are a bitch."

I looked up at the audience, dropped my dress, hung my head and walked off stage. When my toes touched the floor the audience went into an up roar. Women were giving other women dap, while men were smiling and giving dap to other men. There were a lot of "I know that's right." and "Got Damn!" that shouted out from the crowd. As I walked back to my seat men tried to get my attention, but my focus was on the dread head that was sitting at my table with a satisfied, shocked looked on his face. I blushed.

"Got damn!!!!" Jose stammered on stage with mic in hand, "I think I need some ice because Mamita set it off. Every woman in here is about to get bend ova the table on that one!!! You need to come back...for real ma. I like that shit, turn me on!"

I looked over my shoulder at Jose as he blew me a kiss. I gave him my seductive eyes and winked then blew him a kiss. He stammered back as if he was hit with a bullet and grabbed his heart, "That woman's got a hold on me...she's muy caliente!"

I laughed as I walked back to my seat and looked at Donny. His eyes were on fire. All of a sudden I felt like a perfect steak on a platter waiting to be devoured.

"So you like my-"

"We need to go...now."


"Your place or mine? I'm not gonna lie girl...I got ideas in my head of things I wanna do to you."

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