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I Was The Trailer Park Saviour


This is a true story which happened some years back. At the time I was 57 years old and my wife a year younger and we were enjoying a leisurely holiday moving from park to park, renting trailers as we went, just enjoying the scenery at each city. We had been at this particular park for 2 months and were considering moving on somewhere else but hadn't made up our minds where to go next. My wife had involved herself in some of the park activities, particularly in the handicraft groups, whereas I preferred to rest on a folding lounge chair outside the trailer or sometimes inside playing patience. I am very easy going and it doesn't take much to keep me happy. So long as my wife comes back at mealtimes and gets me something to eat she can do what ever she likes and she usually does.

Anyway our rental trailer was very nicely situated amid some very shady trees and I thought it was the pick of the spots and I was reluctant to leave here. I had made friends with lots of the campers around us and there was always someone to talk to if I felt like some company.

On this particular day I was resting on my lounge watching a very pretty woman who was staying in the trailer behind ours as she was hanging out some washing on a make-shift line strung between some trees. She was very pretty indeed and she was wearing a very short skirt and a blouse which was hanging down but not reaching the top of her skirt so she was showing some lovely skin. As she stretched up to reach the line so her blouse rode up and I could see a lot more skin but not up far enough to see her breasts. I didn't think she was wearing a bra but just enjoyed watching the skin appearing with each upward stretch. At one stage she turned with her back to me and when she bent over to take something out of her basket her blouse hung down from her body and I could see both of her breasts swinging beautifully from her body. She was very pretty and I was quite sad when she finished hanging out the washing and returned to the trailer. I still had that vision of her breasts in my mind after she had gone.

About 20 minutes later her husband came out of the trailer and walked off towards the park entrance which was adjacent to where I was lying comfortably. He was away for about 30 minutes and came back with a man who seemed to be very edgy and reluctant to walk into the trailer with him. This struck me as strange. They were both in the trailer for perhaps 3 minutes before the husband came out and walked off towards the entrance leaving the man in the trailer with his wife. This man came out perhaps 20 minutes later and I really didn't think very much about it. Some 35 minutes later the husband returned with a different man and they entered the trailer and again the husband left after a short time leaving the man inside with his wife! Now I was taking a bit of notice and began timing what was going on. I said it doesn't take much to keep me happy.

During the rest of the day up until 6pm, the husband had brought back no less than 9 men who each stayed for about 15 - 20 minutes and then left. This had really got my curiosity into full swing. I alternated lying in my lounge and sitting at our window over the table in our trailer where I was playing patience. I had a pad and pencil with me and kept jotting down the times and duration of each visit!

My wife came back for our evening meal and after that she told me she was going to the picture night and asked me to accompany her but I feigned a headache and remained in the trailer watching the carry-on in the next trailer. It continued after the evening meal right up until 11pm when the last of the men was escorted to the trailer. It was also the time my wife returned to our trailer and we climbed into our bed. I was still very curious about the happenings in the next trailer and I also had the vision of those lovely breasts hanging down under the blouse so I reached over, placed my hand between my wife's legs and touched her clit. She is very hard to arouse but tonight she seemed receptive and spread her legs for me to touch her further. We are a bit too old for too much shagging around and we content ourselves when we have sex for my wife to lie on her back with her leg nearest to me lifted up in the air. I then slide down until I am practically at right angles to her body and I slide up between her legs until my cock can slip into her cunt. She has had three children and certainly isn't tight anymore but she is quite capable of holding me firmly into her body as she brings her leg down over my back and so we fuck! In this position I can easily play with her clit and can usually bring her off at the same time I shoot my load into her cunt. She always complains I cum too much and leave her all sloppy and wet but she doesn't stop me from fucking her. This night I kept thinking of those lovely breasts as I fucked my wife.

Next morning my wife went off after breakfast and I took up my position on the lounge. The same proceedings as yesterday started about 9.30am. There was a continual stream of men brought to the trailer by the husband and left there while he went off again. Gee, my curiosity was getting to me. I watched this scene until about 3pm when I called out to the husband as he was leaving the trailer again. We had waved to each other for several days and he seemed friendly enough and this time he walked over to me and we chatted for a few minutes, mainly about the weather. I wasn't sure how to broach the subject of what was going on in the next trailer but eventually I saw an opening and asked him if he had lots of friends as there seemed to be a lot of his friends visiting the trailer. His friendly expression changed and looked quite worried but sat down next to me in the spare chair and started to tell me all about it!

He first asked if he could talk to me confidentially and of course, being much older than he, I told him I thought he would want to talk to me so go ahead. He was 27 and his wife Felicity was 25 and they had been married for 3 years. They had found it very hard to get work and the job he had been working at for the last 3 months had just folded and they were desperately short of money. He needed money to pay for the trailer hire, they were practically out of food and his car had no gas in it and he didn't have the money to pay for it. He told me he knew his present employer would pay him some money he was entitled to within a month but that wasn't going to help them at the moment. He then hung his head and told me Felicity had suggested the only way they would get out of the predicament would be for him to bring men along to the trailer and she would fuck them and they could use the money to get out of the trouble. They desperately wanted to leave this city and travel to her parent's city where he was assured he would get work. He was so embarrassed he hardly wanted to talk about it but I encouraged him to continue. He told me they were still $600 short and his lovely wife was starting to complain she was getting sore and wouldn't fuck any more men that afternoon. He hung his head when he told me she had been fucked by 22 men and she would have to be fucked by at least 12 more men before they could clear their debts. I felt so sorry for this man and also for his lovely wife. I hadn't actually met her but had seen her lots of times especially when she was hanging out the washing.

I did some very quick calculations in my head and realized he was letting his wife be fucked for about $50 each time. This seemed a terrific bargain from the men's point of view but he was obviously selling her very short because I thought she was worth much more than that! I told him I had been very desperate on lots of occasions particularly when we were raising our children but I had never even thought of using my wife to earn the money. He was very ashamed but told me they were absolutely desperate and just didn't know what else to do. He certainly couldn't get money from his or her parents but he knew it would all be right once they reached their new destination.

We had been chatting for some time and now there was a long silence between us. I felt we were close now because he had confided in me so I asked him if Felicity was in the habit of fucking around. He was quite indignant and told me Felicity had only been fucked twice by the same man long before they married and she certainly hadn't ever played up since then. He told me he loved his wife and this was really hurting him - he was a failure because he couldn't provide for his wife and she was degrading herself by allowing these men to fuck her to help him out of his predicament. I asked him where he was getting the men from and he told me he went to all the bars nearby and talked to the men there and collected their money before taking them to the trailer to fuck his wife. I asked him if they were only to fuck Felicity once but he told me there was more of a time limit on the men and if they could manage a second time then that was to their benefit - but it certainly wasn't good for Felicity.

Again there was a long silence before he hung his head and said, almost in a whisper "I don't suppose you would be prepared to fuck Felicity for $50 would you?" I immediately replied "No, I certainly wouldn't - not because I don't think it would be great but more that I would never take advantage of a man and his wife with problems like you have now. However let me think about this for a little while and I may be able to help you but there isn't any promise I can help."

He asked me if I wanted him to go away for a while but I said, "Just sit there and let me think for 10 minutes - try to relax and get a grip on yourself!" The silence while I was thinking was overpowering because I could see the tension on my friend's face. I kept thinking of those beautiful breasts I had seen for even just that short while and how much I would love to fuck this woman but that wouldn't be right. I wasn't that I hadn't cheated on my wife before - she knew I had fucked quite a lot of women since we had married. This was always only when for some reason or other she refused to let me fuck her and I sort of had her blessing to look for it elsewhere.

My wife and I are retired and have been for several years and I had a very successful business long before selling out. We did have plenty of money and, in fact, we always carried a few thousand with us when we traveled as it saved us on bank charges and the bother of finding a bank when we moved about.

I looked this man right in the eye and said, "I do believe I understand the trouble you are having and also I understand just how this is ripping you and your lovely wife apart. She is making such a huge sacrifice for you it is obvious you must treat her very kindly and look after her in future. I am not a man of infinite means but I would be prepared to give you $1,000 to get you out of your trouble now and to help you get a fresh start. There are no strings attached to this money. I will give it to you if you will just promise me you will leave without subjecting your wife to any more of this dreadful indignity of having sex with these strangers. Would you be prepared to leave tomorrow morning and promise to make a new start and look after your lovely wife properly?"

He just stared at me in wonderment. He said, "Why on earth would you want to give me money - you don't even know me - why would you give me money and not make further demands on Felicity? If you are serious, and I think you must be, I will solemnly swear I will always look after Felicity and never bring up the subject of what she has done again. Do you really mean what you said?"

With that I told him to wait while I went into the trailer and collected $1,000 which I took out and gave to him and then shook his hand and wished him well. He was absolutely stunned but took the money anyway. He then said, "There must be something I can do for you in return for this amazing generosity. What can I do to say thanks?"

I took a deep breath and then said, "Well, I said I wouldn't impose anything on you or Felicity but if you insist on something, then I am a bit of a pervert and perhaps you would let me talk to Felicity. Also perhaps you might allow me to look at her lovely breasts because I did get a quick glance at them while she was hanging out the washing!" He shook my hand again and told me to follow him to their trailer.

He walked into the trailer and asked me to follow him inside. As soon as we entered the trailer, Felicity who was dressed in only a very light housecoat stood up and pulled the housecoat back off her shoulders and dropped it onto the floor and stood there in front of me in all her naked glory! She had obviously assumed her husband had brought another customer!

Quickly her husband started to explain that I wasn't a customer but a very good friend from the next trailer who was helping them. In the meantime I had slipped behind her and picked up her housecoat and wrapped it around her shoulders and she pulled it closed in front of her. She couldn't believe what her husband was saying and turned to me and asked me if it was true that I was giving them some money? I smiled and told her it was true and she could relax - she wouldn't have to sell her body any more to raise money. Spontaneously she stepped over to me and kissed me passionately on the lips in grateful thanks. She was also crying gently with relief! She was a very pretty girl and certainly deserved to be treated better than this.

He husband showed her the $1,000 and her eyes opened so wide I thought she would burst an eyeball. She kissed me again and kept saying thanks. Her husband then told her I had seen her hanging out the washing and had caught a glimpse of her breasts, and as a form of repayment for the money I would like to have a proper look at them. He hastened to add I didn't want to take advantage of her and there wouldn't be any sex involved. She came over to me and kissed me again - I was beginning to like this thanking business! She then said, "Of course you can look at my breasts. I am afraid they are a little bruised after all the men have been handling them and they are rather sore but certainly you can look and feel. I told her I only wanted to look so without any hesitation she slipped her housecoat off again and dropped it to the floor. She looked particularly lovely standing there naked and because the trailer was very light and airy I was able to see every part of her gorgeous body. She was very close to me so she stepped back a little bit so I could see all of her body. She even parted her legs so I could see more closely her pubic area - her lovely dark triangle of thick hair and her cunt lips below. The insides of her thighs were chafed where she had been fucked and her cunt lips looked red and swollen but she was a lovely woman standing there in front of me! I can tell you I would have loved to fuck her myself but that would have been wrong!

The next 45 minutes were the most enjoyable I could remember. Felicity sat on the table still completely naked facing me while I was sitting on a chair in front of her. She wasn't the slightest bit embarrassed showing me her whole body and talking about what had happened when the men had come in to fuck her. She was obviously very tired and sore but she showed no sign of that and just kept on showing me her body and talking. He husband had left us alone and gone through to the bedroom and was lying on the bed not even watching us. She kept moving her legs apart and showed me her whole pubic area. There was obvious soreness where everything seemed to be rubbed but she never complained. She told me how some of the men were prepared to use condoms but most of them fucked her bareback and shot their loads up into her body. She told me they had purchased a box of 100 condoms with the last of their money in the hope all the men would use them but it didn't work out like that. She wasn't embarrassed telling me how she had used a bowl of water and a cloth to wash herself 'down there' after each man but she knew she was risking disease but they were desperate and she had to take her chances.

I was not, of course, only looking at her lovely pubic area. I spent a lot of the time looking at her lovely breasts. They were so shapely and well formed I was in heaven just looking. She told me one nipple was very sore because one of the men had bitten her hard and drew some blood. I think that worried her more than getting fucked. She took my hand and placed it on her breasts and helped me feel them. She also placed one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and the feeling for me was wonderful. She told me she had showered since the last man had fucked her so she was clean now and would I like to suck her nipple. I protested a bit but she leaned forward and placed her nipple in my mouth. I sucked it for several minutes and I was getting an erection so I thought I had better stop. She had a slightly distant look on her face when I stopped sucking her nipple and I think I had aroused her a lot. She told me it felt very good as I was sucking her and she almost came. I was thrilled.

It was getting time for me to go because my wife would be returning soon. When I told he I was leaving she did one last thing for me. She laid back on the table having first grabbed my hand. She then spread her legs as wide apart as she possibly could and pulled me down close to her cunt! She was spread beautifully and I was very aroused just looking at her. She then pulled my head down gently until my lips were touching her cunt lips and I licked her cunt and her clit. I knew she was aroused but decided discretion was the better part of valor so I thanked her and headed for the door. As I reached the door she called me back and asked me my name. When I told her she wrote it down on a piece of paper. She also asked me my home address and although I hesitated giving it to her I told her where we lived. With that and a quick kiss I left.

Once I was back in the trailer I knew I had to do something with my cock! It was so big and stiff I just didn't know what to do with it. I decided to jerk it off thinking of Felicity but believe it or not at that moment my wife came back to the trailer. I grabbed her and kissed her and told her I loved her! She laughed and asked me if I had a conscience but I told her I could get aroused just thinking of her and told her I wanted to fuck her right away. For once she said yes and headed for the bedroom. She was naked in no time and so was I and we soon had my terribly hard cock well and truly up inside her cunt as far as it was possible to go! As I fucked her she started to cum too and this was unusual but I wasn't complaining. I was thinking about Felicity as I shot my load deep inside her body! When we rolled apart she asked me who I was thinking about when I was fucking her and I truthfully said it was Felicity, the girl in the next trailer. I suddenly thought of her willingness and asked her who she was thinking of and she replied, "Well, if you must know it was the gym instructor, Curtis, he is a real hunk and I would have loved him to be the one fucking me! So there!"

We toured around the country for the next 5 months before we finally headed home to see how things were going there. Imagine my surprise when I opened one of the many letters and inside was a check for $1,000 with a short note from Felicity thanking me for my kindness. She briefly told how her husband had found employment and was doing very well. They had put down a deposit on their new home and were managing their finances very well. She also added a note they were starting a family now and it looked as though their future would be bright. She also added there was no return address on the letter so I couldn't send the check back - they wanted to make sure they repaid my kindness. They also said they would never forget my help!

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