tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Wasn't as Clever as I Thought

I Wasn't as Clever as I Thought


I wasn't as clever as I thought!

I had done it! This was the third time in 5 days, it was Friday afternoon about 2:00pm, I had just got back to my car, my pussy was on fire, my nipples were like bottle corks, never had they been harder, my stomach was churning, the thrill was overwhelming me, my legs were weak with excitement.

I had taken a late lunch to complete my submission to my desires, I couldn't contain my self any longer I had to do it, and I had done, as I sat in the drivers seat an orgasm washed through me, Oooh so beautiful, I rested my head on the steering wheel while I recovered from my mission, juice was leaking from me.

I am Andrea Walling, 38 years old, divorced, managing director in a wholesale company, 2 children, both in college, have my own swanky apartment, live the life, drive a nice Merc and no money worries, my life was perfect, I had got rid of my worthless dead beat husband 4 years ago.

I am good looking, cute rather than beautiful, 5ft7" tall, good full figure, dress expensively, long auburn hair that today was up in a pony tail.

I have boyfriends, no one serious, if I want sex, I can get it, no problem, I don't want a man permanently in my life right at this time.

Now, as I sat in my car getting over my orgasm, and blood rush, at accomplishing my deed these 3 times in one week.

I had gone to the same store, Mon, Wed, and today Friday, and shoplifted small item of make up and jewellery, nothing really expensive, I could afford to buy them tenfold, but nothing could compare to the thrill of what I was doing, it was almost better than being fucked by a prick for real.

As I sat there looking at myself in my mirror checking my make up before I returned to work with my prizes, I was congratulating myself at my prowess and ingenuity at what I was doing, and changing my wet panties for fresh ones.

That's when my world fell in, the passenger door opened and a young man of about 18 or 19 got in my car, I immediately reached for my pepper spray, but he dived across me and told me to sit still, that I wasn't in danger, that he had something that belonged to me, and was of immense value, this calmed me, and I asked him what it was.

He had with him what transpired to be a portable DVD player; he handed it to me and told me to watch it.

It started off by proving what was to be the aisles of the store I had stolen from, the date and time (today's) was in the bottom corner.

Then the camera zoomed in on someone, it was me! It clearly showed me slipping items into my pockets, on 4 different occasions, I was aghast, I had been caught and trapped, I was in really serious trouble and I knew it.

He interrupted my thoughts by saying, 'I've got DVDs of you on Mon and Wed as well, doing the same thing Mrs Walling, Andrea!'

'Hand me the items from your pockets now!' He ordered.

I did as told, my brain was refusing to work, all I could think to myself was, you've been caught, this is prison, loss of job, livelihood, life, friends, everything!

'Oh my God,' I whispered, 'what have I done, what am I going to do?'

I was in tears now, my life as I knew it, was over!

'What do you think I ought to do with these DVDs Andrea Mmmm?'

'These are copies by the way, you can keep them, I have the originals,' he said.

That's when my senses returned, he was offering me a way out, to get off the hook, my life could be saved, and he could save it.

'What do you want for them er? What is your name?' I asked.

'It's Jon,' he replied.

'Okay Jon, I said, 'what do you want for them? I have money, I will pay you for them, just tell me what you want, and I will never ever repeat this I promise.'

'Right oh,' he replied.

'Tell me where you live I will be around to your home at 8:00 tonight, have a "gift" ready for me, and make sure its what I want, or else!'

I protested about giving him my address, but as he said, I didn't really have a choice, if I wanted this to go away.

I reluctantly gave it to him, he left me the copy DVDs, and then he was gone.

I called the office and told them I was unwell, and went home, I was shattered, morally and physically, how stupid could I have been?

Where was this going to end?

I got home, went and soaked in the bath for an hour or more, and I actually fell asleep on the sofa, such was my trauma.

As the afternoon wore on, I did a little bit of planning, I couldn't tape or record what was to happen, but I did have my agile mind.

I worked out a price; I figured 10 grand would be about the proper offer, because I was sure such a sum he would never have seen, but it would not be my opening offer.

I dressed appropriately for such a meeting, demurely, had my hair down and brushed, light make up, but with a power suit too, I wanted him to understand that he was dealing with someone who was in control of her life, although I didn't feel that way right then.

At 8:10 the door bell rang, I went to meet my blackmailer, he was dressed in clean, but tatty jeans, a polo shirt, he looked clean and tidy, I was glad about that because I didn't want a dirty smell in my home after he had gone.

I knew his name was Jon, and that he worked the tills at the store, where I actually had an account!

He had checked out my legal purchases many times, what I hadn't known was, he also worked part time in security, on overtime, and he had seen me previously stealing items, and had made sure he was in the control room to trap me on tape, and it would seem very successfully.

He was 19, looked like any normal lad, reasonably good looking I suppose, not my type though, I was a lot older and more mature. And he probably had girlfriends etc.

I invited him into my sitting room, where he immediately went to the TV and loaded a new disc, this is Monday's,' he said.

'Please, I don't want to see it,' I protested.

'Okay,' he replied, and released it.

'What do you want from me Jon?' I inquired; I used his name to show him I wanted this to be friendly.

'Got a drink for me Andrea?' was his reply, 'G&T?'

This irked me, I didn't really like the familiarity too much, but I tried not to show it, I got him his drink, and he said, 'get one for your self honey, you look like you need one.'

I did, but didn't really want it.

'Now,' he said, 'what are we going to do about your er indiscretions Andrea?'

'I will pay you 5 grand for the original DVDs Jon, how about that?' I said hopefully.

'Mmmm that's nice,' he said, 'but no cigar Andrea.'

'7500 then,' I offered.

'Nah,' was his indifferent response.

'Jon please,' I said, 'that's a lot of money.'

'Not to you Andrea, I'll bet.'

'This has to be my final offer Jon, 10 grand, I have no more.'

'But Andrea,' he replied, 'you have a lot more to offer me, don't you?'

'What Jon? What else can I offer you now?' I replied he was standing in the centre of the room, as if he belonged there.

'Well,' he said, as he approached me, 'you have these, and this,' and he nipped my nipples between his fingers and thumbs, then reached down and cupped my pussy before I could react and jump away.

'Get out of my home now! How dare you, get out!' I yelled at him.

He just smiled at me, and said. 'Are you sure that's what you want me to do Andrea?'

'If you do, I will leave right now, and tomorrow the police will be here at your door instead of me.'

He walked towards the door to leave, and all I could do was stop him, 'Jon please, can we talk about this?' I was no longer in any control, in fact when I thought about it, I had no control what so ever, my life was in his hands.

'We can talk Andrea, of course we can, as long as you realise, that any agreement we arrive at, will be my agreement and not yours, do you understand where you are now babe?'

'Yes Jon, I think I do,' I said weakly.

It wasn't money he was after, it was me, he wanted to get me into bed, and I couldn't think of a single thing to change the upcoming situation, I was lost.

'How old are you my baby?' He asked me.

My God, I thought, he is calling me his baby?

'I have just had my 38th birthday,' I said.

'Wonderful, just wonderful,' he beamed at me.

'Come here Andrea,' it wasn't a request, it was an instruction.

I knew now my fate was sealed, but I still had to get out of this predicament.

I went to him, and stood in front of him, 'you smell beautiful; you really are beautiful Andrea, so lovely, so soft and sexy.'

I had to thank him, his words were kind.

He reached out and squeezed both my nipples through my blouse, twiddled them, which I love, then I realised to my astonishment, they were already as hard as rocks!

I was so surprised at their sensitivity, I moaned quietly.

I couldn't be turned on, it wasn't right, but I was.

He closed the gap between us, took me in his arms, and kissed me.

I couldn't respond, I just couldn't, he was blackmailing me into sex, I had to defy him, and I did, until he dropped one hand, cupped and rubbed my pussy, and I just mewled right into his mouth!

'I just know we are going to get on just fine Andrea, you and me, aren't we honey? He asked me.

What could I do but reply, 'yes!'

I made one last futile attempt to salvage things, I said to him, 'Oh Jon, please don't do this, let me pay you, please?'

Another rub of my pussy put that plea onto the back burner, I knew it now, he wanted me, he was intent on getting me, he had got me, and he was having me, no contest now!

'Come on baby, take me to bed,' he whispered.

All I could say now was, 'yes okay Jon, this way.'

By the time we got there, which took a little time because he never left me alone, I was kissed, twiddled, and rubbed, I was getting turned on, I think that at the back of my mind, I was being blackmailed, I was a helpless woman about to be ravished by a young man, someone I didn't know, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, no one could help me.

As we walked into the spare bedroom, he stopped me, 'not here Andrea, this isn't your bedroom, we have to be one, and so it's your private domain from now on okay?'

From now on? 'Please, not there, I will do as you say, but please not in there.'

His answer was to direct me physically to my bedroom.

We entered, and he put his arms around me from my back, rubbed my breasts, and said, 'now Andrea, do you agree you have no option but submit to me, or your ass will be cooked.'

'Yes,' I realised any hope of retrieving the situation, was now gone.

Surprisingly, he was tender towards me, he said, 'I don't like doing this Andrea, but having you for a lover would be any young mans dream, I cannot possibly let this opportunity go by, I hope you understand honey.'

'But Jon,' I whispered, 'this is legally wrong, you know that don't you.'

'Yes, I do,' he said, 'but what you have done is wrong too, isn't it, stealing from the store?'

I could only nod my head, as he twiddled my sticky out rock hard nipples.

With that, he undressed, got on the bed, 'come on then Andrea, get on with it, I have a lot to learn, you have a lot to teach me, and I have a lot of fun and pleasure to go through, and on top of that, I am going to pleasure you too, you may not think so, but I promise you, you will be willing me on very soon baby, now get your kit off and do me, you young boy loving slut!'

I was appalled to be called a slut, but inexplicably it also turned me on even more, to be treated, and talked to in this way.

I looked down at him, and saw a pretty impressive body, a woman can look at any man and appraise him in seconds, and I did this, his cock was hard, and lay almost on his tight stomach, and God help me, I was impressed, I couldn't believe I was beginning to feel the tautness in the pit of my stomach that I experience when I am becoming aroused by a man, in this case a young boy.

I did as bid, I undressed slowly, and got on the bed, I kneeled next to my blackmailer, and soon to be conqueror, reached out and took his cock into my hand, I started moving it up and down in my hand, I soon moved myself closer, and then I was lying down near him with my head on his stomach, staring at the purple mushroom head my right hand was gliding over.

I know I should have tried to be more resistant, but I was getting more and more turned on, much to my chagrin, I knew it was game over when, before I realised what I was doing, I kissed it, then licked it, then sucked it, it slipped into my waiting mouth like it had been sculpted to fit it, it felt like the most natural thing in the world for me to be doing, and I started to give him my best ever blow job, he came in about 2 minutes, I sucked it all down.

Slowly and gently I lessened my sucking until I stopped, but never let it out of my mouth at all, I stroked his balls, caressed them, gently squeezed them, and after a minute or two I clamped my lips tight around his prick, and it started hardening into my mouth again.

He gripped at my nipples, and pulled me up to him, he wanted just to kiss me so I responded by kissing him right back, then he lifted me over him and told me to put him in me.

I raised myself over him, I was in heat, but I still didn't want this to go this far, but there was nothing I could do at this moment to stop it.

I reached between us, took hold of his stiff ready cock, and slid myself down over it, it was a fairly tight fit because I don't get to have sex that often, but it went right in, with a downward push from me, as I was already slick, slippy and hot for the cock on its inevitable way in to me.

It overcame me then, what little personal control I had over myself went in that instant, I raised myself up and down and charged at the orgasmic bliss that was heading my way, I leaned forward to kiss him, it was a passionate lovers kiss, for the man/boy that was taking me helplessly to heaven.

A few seconds later I was over the edge of happiness falling into that crashing feeling an orgasm does to me, I cried out, moaned, grunted, shuddered, gripped him with my pulsating pussy, oh boy this was good, better than I had had for a long time, this was a real woman's, man generated, shot through my body, astronomical orgasm, I just collapsed on my tormentor, he had won, that's for sure.

I lay on him for along time, I think, while I recovered, I raised myself up eventually to look at him, he had his hands clasped behind his head, and he was smiling at me, with a look of what seemed to be happiness, and some relief, that now I had been brought to this orgasm, he would no longer have any trouble from me.

And if that were his thoughts, then he was right, any man/boy that can do this to me, was going to be rewarded and not monetarily either, but with loving response's from a happy satisfied woman.

I nuzzled into his neck, and whispered a heartfelt, 'Wow!' to him, he put his arms around me, hugged me, and told me I was fantastic, that this had been the best day of his life, and would never ever think any different.

I stretched out my legs and just lay on him, the next thing I knew I was waking up in the darkness, I looked at the clock, it was 2:00am, I was laid with my head on Jon's shoulder, he was on his back snoring softly, I pulled up the covers, wrapped myself around him and went back to sleep, a very happy woman.

As the morning sun woke me, I looked at him, he was awake and looking at me with a smile on his lips, we made love again, but this time it was a real 2 way thing, I gave myself completely, and as I was more experienced than him, I began to teach him how to love me, while making sure he shot as much cum as I could get out of him.

Around 10:00 I went and made us breakfast, we ate it in bed, because he told me we weren't getting up yet, as he wanted to "play" a lot more, I laughed at this statement, but was also happily pleased he really wanted me as much as this.

He asked me what my plans were for the weekend, I told him I had decided to have a quiet weekend on my own, but do a little work on Sunday morning, 'good,' he said, 'because I'm not going anywhere until work on Monday morning, okay?'

'Yes, that sounds good to me Jon, but can I ask you something first please?'

'Sure,' he replied, 'ask away.'

'Am I still being blackmailed?'

'Don't know what you are talking about Mrs Walling, I'm here at your invitation, aren't I?' He laughed.

'Yes Jon, you are, and you can come here anytime, and as often as you want baby.'

'Thought so,' he said, 'now get on your knees woman, I have an arse to fuck, I hope you want it, because you are going to get it okay!'

'Oh Jon, please be gentle with me, I'm really not used to that,' I pleaded.

'You'll get used to it honey, I'll be in there quite regularly, I promise.' He told me.

And that's when I got my first arse fuck in about 10 years, it hurt like hell, and as he reached under me, tickled my clit, and tweaked my nipples, I orgasmed again in record time, he shot a bucket load of cum into me, and he told me, I was his now.

I had to admit to myself, that I had been blackmailed, taken, abused, and raped, but I was seriously happy at what had happened, and didn't want this to stop any time soon, but I also knew that at 19, he wouldn't want to stay with me forever.

We spent the rest of the weekend fucking, he never stopped, he was in me, on me, over me day and night, it was fantastic, but come Monday morning, I could hardly walk, people at work asked me what was wrong, I told them I had tripped and fell at home, but I was okay, and boy was I okay!

I had left him in bed, after making his breakfast, gave him a loving blowjob as he ate it, which was funny as he tried to eat, I was gobbling his wonderful cock, there were beans and bits of egg and bacon flying all over the place.

He moved in with me after talking to his parents, but he didn't tell them about me, apart from he had met a girl, who shopped in the store and that we were a serious item, I loved that.

After we had been together for about 2 months, a married friend of mine found out about it, and wanted to share with me, it wasn't to be a regular thing as she was happily married with kids, but her husband couldn't satisfy her.

If I didn't agree, she intimated my secret would find it's way around the office.

I had to tell Jon, who agreed to make her happy, and did, for the next 6 months, it didn't happen very often, and I know that when he fucked her arse, he really ripped into her, she would leave sometimes in tears, I didn't know he was punishing her for blackmailing me, but we ended up a few times all in the same bed, fucking each other.

Until Jon got fed up with her, and said he just wanted me, so he borrowed a camera from work, fixed it up in our bedroom and filmed himself fucking her rotten, he had her screaming for it, when she left he handed it to her, said to watch it, and then call him.

She did so, and said it was the most erotic thing she had ever seen, and wanted to come round to watch it together, he told her that if she ever came round, or threatened me in anyway again, her husband would be watching the same DVD, we never heard a thing ever again.

Jon left me 10 months after that, I knew he would one day, and I accepted it with sadness, but now I satisfy myself with young men, all nationalities, and all colours, I love being fucked senseless by a virile powerful boy cock.

And by the way, I have never shoplifted again.

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