I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 05


"So what?" She asked and shrugged her shoulders, "I don't care." she added.

"You don't what?" he screamed at her as he approached her, his hands in tight fists at his sides. He remembered the fear that had been in her eyes as he got closer to her. Up until that day, he had never laid hands on a woman and had to force himself to walk away after that first punch.

He looked over at her again and wished that he could get rid of her without losing the money but it was impossible because of the way her father had set up the trust fund. If she died, he wouldn't see a penny of it, part of it would go to her father's college alma mater, part of it to some charity that Marji supported and the rest of it to the Jewish Hospital. Those little pieces of information she divulged after he tried to force her to sign her money over to him.

Over the years whenever Marji talked about leaving him, all he had to do was hit her a few times and mention Naomi. "She's how old now?" he would ask and Marji would fall into line like a good little Jew. He wasn't worried about her telling anyone, she would be too afraid and ashamed to admit that her husband hit her and was an anti-Semite amongst other things... his secret was safe with her.

Marji fixed his plate, sat it in front of him and hurried away. She didn't want to give him any reason to call her names or to hit her. She knew that he was going to one of his meetings and entertained the idea of leaving him for what had to be the thousandth time over the past ten years. She never did simply because she knew that he would have someone kill her niece. She had actually considered suicide and had planned it out until he informed her that if she left him in any manner, he would kill Naomi and whatever family members that he could find...

Then there was the matter of the money, he made her add his name to the account. If she took any extra money out, he would know. In order to have just a little money in case the opportunity came or she became brave enough to tell her family, she began to cut back on her personal expenses. Instead of going to the hairdressers every week, she went three times a month and so far, he hadn't noticed. She started buying the least expensive bath oils and soaps and that escaped him as well. Had they been sleeping together he might have noticed but for now, at least she was safe. Hiding the money became another issue. If he caught her with it, he would beat her and take the money to use on the whores that she knew he slept with or he would add it to the money that he was steadily taking from the accounts.

The only place that she could think of was the chest that was given to her years ago. One night when he was gone to one of his meetings, she emptied the chest and put the money in the bottom in a small purse that had once belonged to the same grandmother who had given her the chest. She wasn't sure of how much money she actually had because she would always just grab for the purse, put the money in and lock the chest back up.

An hour later, he was gone and Marji let out a sigh of relief and prayed that he wouldn't come back.


The drive home was quiet. Each of them was glad that the day was over and Patricia was glad that she had a few days before she had to return to school. All of them were looking forward to spring break especially Kenji and Joel. Their schoolwork had almost doubled and both of them were looking forward not only to the break but also for a chance to get ahead in their studies. Of the two of them, Kenji was by far in better shape mainly because of all of the reading that he had done over the years and so far, everything had been little more than a review.

One of the things that Kenji wanted to do was to take Patricia and the children up to Manzanar, the other thing was to teach her how to drive. As of yet he hadn't mentioned either thing to her figuring he would wait until spring break to say anything. All he wanted to do now was to get home, see their children, have dinner and make love to Patricia after the children were in bed.

Unfortunately, he had to study first but the good thing was that Patricia didn't have to be up early the next morning and he could do with just a few hours of sleep. Kenji reached over and took the hand closest to him, gave it a gentle squeeze and a caress to make his wants and needs known. Patricia looked over at him, smiled and returned the squeeze as she wondered just how late he and Joel would have to be up. She squirmed in her seat as she envisioned being in bed with Kenji and of the things that he would do to her.

Patricia glanced back at Joel and smiled at him. He was such a sweet man and deserved to be happy with someone. She only hoped that whoever it was, that she would appreciate him for what he was and be deserving of him. Joel caught her looking at him and smiled back, Kenji was one lucky man.


Abby had dinner almost ready when they got home. Ralph and Marie rushed to the door to greet them with Ralph taking Joel's bag as soon as he saw them. "I want a son." he thought to himself as he watched Ralph take his bag to the library. He picked Marie up after she greeted her parents and kissed her cheek, "I want one of you too." He murmured as he hugged her.

It was possible he realized. He could become a husband, a father and a physician. He was becoming someone that a woman could be proud to say that he was her husband. Joel set Marie on her feet and went to help Abby finish dinner so that Kenji and Patricia could have a few minutes alone with each other and the children. He wondered for not the first time if he was in the way and decided to talk to Kenji about it later but in the meantime, he would continue to enjoy the feeling of belonging.

Dinner was a noisy affair with Marie repeating the alphabet taught to her by none other than her big brother. She was a pretty little girl who would grow up to be a beautiful woman. Her dark almond shaped eyes sparkled as she recited the alphabet with a few mistakes that Ralph gently and quietly corrected. She stood up and took a bow when everyone applauded, her curly pigtails almost touching the floor because she bowed so low.

"Well done pretty one!" Kenji complimented before he turned to Ralph, and well done to you too, you are a good and patient teacher."

"Thank you papa." they replied in unison.

"Yes," Patricia agreed, "very well done! In addition, because you both did such a good job, you can stay up fifteen minutes later.

Ralph grinned in excitement. These times didn't happen often but when they did, it made him very happy. An extra fifteen minutes meant an extra bedtime story or two if he chose the right ones and it also meant more time with his papa.

Patricia knew this and wasn't hurt by it. It was only fair that Ralph would want the extra time with Kenji, so would Marie for that matter. She would use the time to get their bedclothes and bathes ready and then get ready for Kenji. She helped Abby clean up the dishes while Joel and Kenji read to the children.

"How are you doing?" she asked as Abby put away the leftovers.

"I miss him." she replied softly.

Patricia stopped what she was doing and hugged her. They all still missed the sometimes-grouchy older man and always would. She was glad that Joel was still spending some time at the house even though Abby said that she didn't need him to.

"What can we do to help?" Patricia asked.

"Exactly what you're doing." Abby replied as she wiped the tears away from her eyes. "Just keep moving forward with your goals and don't let anything or anyone stop you. It's what Ralph would want."

"I promise." Patricia replied.

As of yet she still hadn't told Kenji that she wanted to study neurology as opposed to obstetrics. What she didn't know was if the change in study was even a possibility. Why she hadn't said anything yet, she didn't know except that she knew that he was looking forward to them practicing together and she didn't want to disappoint him. The other issue was that more schooling would be involved and she wanted another baby, something else that they hadn't talked about mainly because Kenji had another three and a half years of school to complete and then he had his residency and then he had to get his practice started....

"I have something for you, it's from Ralph." Abby was saying. "I'll give it to you before I leave."

"Ok," Patricia replied wondering what it could be.

Abby left soon after the kitchen was cleaned, kissing Patricia, the children and Kenji and bid Joel goodnight before leaving

"I can come over later." Joel said hugging her.

"I'm fine! So stay here and I promise to call you if I need anything." Abby replied.

Nothing that Joel said could change her mind. On her way out, she took a large envelope out of her purse and laid it on the living room table.

"That's for you and Patricia" she said to Kenji before she walked out.

That envelope was a reminder to her that she needed to make sure that her own affairs were in order. For the most part, she felt fine and she intended to watch Kenji and then Patricia graduate from college. She might have to be carried in but damn it! She was going to be there not just for herself but for Ralph as well.


The children were in bed leaving the three adults alone.

"Joel, why don't we get started on our studies?" Kenji asked.

That was Patricia's cue to start getting ready. The envelope lay forgotten on the living room table as Kenji, Joel headed toward the library, and Patricia went upstairs to take a shower and to insert the diaphragm. Afterwards she would read some more of the novel that she had been slowly making her way through.

Both men watched Patricia walk up the stairs before they went to the library.

"There is someone for you." Kenji said as they sat down.

"What?" Joel asked his heart pounding.

"There is someone for you and you will be as happy with her as I am with my kirei."

Joel realized what had just happened. Kenji in a very non-threatening way had just told him that he was very aware of his feelings for Patricia and he had not missed the "my Kirei."

This seemed to be as good a time as any to talk about the possibility of his moving out.

"I think that you're right." Joel replied letting Kenji know that he was not a threat to his and Patricia's marriage. "I was actually thinking about the possibility that I might find someone and have children of my own." he added.

Kenji smiled at him, the smile reaching his eyes. He was glad that Joel caught his meaning without him having to be blunt.

"I was also thinking about something else." Joel said.

"What is that?" Kenji asked.

"I was thinking about finding my own place or renting a room from Abby if she'd let me."

Kenji didn't say anything as Joel continued.

"You, Patricia and everyone else have been so good to me but I think that you and Patricia want and need your privacy back."

Now that Joel understood about Patricia, Kenji didn't see a real need for Joel to leave but he understood. The only real issue that he saw was that the children had come to love Joel and would miss him horribly. They hadn't quite gotten over the loss of Ralph and if Joel left....

"Joel, I understand and respect your decision but could I ask a favor of you?"

"Anything!" Joel exclaimed happy to be able to do something for Kenji.

"Could you wait to move until the semester is over? It will give us time to acclimate the children to the idea and it will give you some time to find a suitable place if Abby declines your offer."

Joel gave it some thought. "I can do that and I'll talk to Abby about renting from her in a few days." he replied.


It was just past ten when Kenji decided that he had studied enough. He bid Joel a goodnight, went to the kitchen and filled two glasses with water to take upstairs with him. As he walked through the living room, he saw the envelope that Abby left and wondered about it. It would wait he decided as he climbed the stairs where Patricia was waiting for him.

The door to their room opened as soon as he reached it telling Kenji that Patricia had been waiting for him. He sat the glasses of water on the dresser and reached for her. He inhaled the scent of the only perfume that she ever used although she had others. This one was the scent of the very first bottle of perfume that he bought for her and whenever she wore it, he remembered the day that she first wore it. It smelled of flowers and as if it had been created just for her.


"Talk later." she interrupted as she pulled him further into the room by the buckle of his belt.

Kenji looked down at her, smiled and took a heavy breast in each hand gently kneading it as he allowed himself to be led toward the bed. Patricia had the belt undone by the time they reached the bed, his slacks were unbuttoned, unzipped and down over his hips by the time she had him turned around and sitting on the bed. His cock jerked in anticipation of what was about to happen. It had been several weeks since he had the pleasure of feeling her mouth on him and since he had last tasted her.

It was a reminder that they had to take care of each other and not fall into the pattern of making love quickly and falling asleep. No matter what else was happening around them, they couldn't ignore the physical part of their lives any more than they could afford to ignore the emotional part of it, to do so would only invite trouble and plenty of that was coming without them adding to it.

Kenji gasped as Patricia took the head of his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. His hips involuntarily jerked forward in an attempt to push his member further into her mouth. Instead of teasing him, Patricia took more of him in which surprised him because part of the pleasure for her was hearing him say her name as he begged her to end it and then in the next breath beg her to slow down because he wanted the torture to last.

"Kirei... not... yet... please..." he begged as he felt the telltale signs of his impending release start at his toes and begin to make their way up his feet. If she stopped now.... "Kirei!" he called out again wanting but not wanting her to stop.

Patricia knew by the way his cock was throbbing that they were approaching the point of no return and stopped much to Kenji's relief and frustration. She waited several minutes until his breathing slowed before starting again but this time she didn't stop even though he begged her to. It had been far too long since she cared for him like this and she vowed that it wouldn't be so long the next time.

She felt his hands on her head and felt him gently hold it still as he gently but firmly slid in and out of her mouth speaking in Japanese between the moans of pleasure. She had missed this, missed hearing those words that she knew were words of love mixed in with words of pleasure. She had never asked him what the words meant because it didn't matter and they added something to their lovemaking.

She moaned when the first taste of him touched her tongue. Kenji had released her head allowing her to take him as deep into her mouth as she could without gagging. His hands however hadn't left her face. He cupped her cheeks and stroked them with his thumbs while still murmuring softly in Japanese. Patricia sucked and licked until he was dry and whimpering for her. Without hesitating, she stripped off her nightgown and got onto the bed with him. This was one of her favorite parts. The closeness that they always experienced after making love had always been a high point for her.

As soon as she was close enough, Kenji grabbed her and kissed her not caring that he had just come in her mouth. He moved his lips all over her face, kissing her eyes, nose and cheeks until he found her lips again taking in her breath as he kissed her.

Gently he took her arms, raised them over her head, and held them in place as he looked into her dark eyes. "You are my kirei forever." he murmured as he kissed her again and kissed her chest. For a brief second Patricia wondered what happened that he said that, in all of the times that they made love, he had never said anything like it.

"I know." she replied and then moaned as he took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck with the strong pulls that made the fluid that was accumulating between her legs run out of her and onto the bed.

Kenji released her arms and kissed his way down her body stopping to worship the belly that had carried their two children. As of yet he hadn't touched the part of her that he wanted so desperately to taste. He could smell her and knew how wet she was. All thoughts of teasing her as she had teased him flew out of his head the second he took his first taste of her in weeks.

He could hear her crying between the moans of pleasure, she had missed this part of their lovemaking too. Unable to hold off any longer, Kenji lapped at Patricia until he was sated and then latched onto her clit and began to suck, nibble and lick until she came crying out for him.

As her orgasm waned, he stayed where he was, his tongue still pressed against her clit which was throbbing like a heart beat. He gave it a soft kiss, got to his knees, positioned his now erect cock at her vaginal entrance and slid in. Once in as far as he could go, Kenji paused and closed his eyes before beginning to pump slowly and deliberately in and out of her. He opened his eyes to see Patricia staring up at him with a questioning look in her eyes. He smiled down at her and began to pump in earnest. A minute later, he collapsed on top of her crushing her to him with an intensity that startled her.

"Kenji?" she asked when they caught their breaths and she was securely in his arms, "what's going on and don't say nothing."


"No you don't, talk to me." she urged.

She listened without interrupting as he told her about his concerns about her safety and finally Joel and his feelings for her.

"Joel? Me?" she asked shocked not addressing the safety issue.

"Why are you so surprised?" Kenji asked, "You are beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and a woman that any man would be proud to have by his side as I am."

"But... I didn't know... you have to know that I love you and wouldn't dream of doing anything like that with anyone and I don't care who it is!"

"I know that Kirei and what happened a little while ago was just a little insecurity on my part." Kenji replied.

"Insecure? You?"

Kenji gave her a small smile, "Yes kirei I do have insecurities."

"I don't know what to say to that except that if they're regarding me and another man you have nothing to worry about." she replied kissing his chest.

"Patricia, something is going to happen. I don't know when, how or who but that is where most of my insecurity lies, I am afraid that something is going to happen to you."

The fact that he called her by her given name frightened her more than anything else that he could have said. It meant that he was frightened for her.

"Like what?" she asked.

"I don't know but please be careful."

They talked for the rest of the night about anything and everything. It reminded them of the days before they had children and before they started school. They found that talking went a long way toward alleviating but not erasing any anxieties about her safety.

"I vote that we do this once a week." Patricia said as she snuggled closer into Kenji's body.

"I would like to make an amendment to that." he replied as he kissed her head. "I think that we need to take thirty minutes out of each evening to talk and once a week we spend at least one evening a week in bed just as we did last evening.

That issue decided, they slept for an hour before Kenji had to be up to get ready for school. Patricia was going to have a relatively easy day because her parents were coming over to spend the day with her and the children. She still hadn't told Kenji about the possible change in her plans but decided that it could wait until another time.

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