tagSci-Fi & FantasyI Wish You Were Here

I Wish You Were Here


There are some terms I use in this story that do not explain themselves. One is Molecular Scramble Rounds. I define this as a round that rearranges the molecular structure of an object, often turning it from solid to liquid or vice versa. Second is the term jelly. It's defined as Kiti's version of vaginal fluid. It's still a liquid but is like jelly in spots.

The monster stood in front of me. He had a man's shape but his skin was blue with orange and red specks. His eyes were yellow with sideways slits for irises. His hair was thin, smooth appendages, the same color of his skin, covering his entire head. He was also completely nude.

Besides being terrified and aroused at the same time, I pulled my gun, Aimless One. I had it loaded with Molecular Scramble rounds and I had a feeling I would need them. He looked confused at my action, but spoke; "do you mean to harm me?" His voice seemed like six, all-talking in a different tone.

"Depends. What are your intentions here?" I answered calmly.

"I am simply looking for some company. You have caught me off guard. You are not human, yes?"

"What about it? Neither are you."

"Your blood sings a human and alien tune. Why do you hide what you really look like?"

"Because I can. Who...no ...what are you?"

He takes a step forward and expressively says, "A being from another world. The final sight that drives men into madness. A vision of depravity. I am Cthulhu." At that last word, a drop of screaming terror hit my stomach. He continued, "And I have chosen you as my next mate." I felt my nipples harden and my jelly move. Yet, I was so scared.

Then, his bare penis twitched and his nostrils flared. I squeezed my thighs together and brought my gun up. He put out his hand and said, all of the voices deeper, "You crave what you share blood with. This is your last chance to come with me willingly. "My mind wrapped around my options several times. Then I said, "I must stay to defend my people." I was shaking.

He looked confused and then his eyes started turning orange. It only made my jelly move more. "Your people. The humans you cannot breed with. That will never accept you for what you are. That will never love you like I can." He said with spite in his voice.

My thoughts were, 'How does he know? I wish Bob were here.'

I saw his hands twitch and appendages heading toward me. They caught me before I could fire one shot. They knocked Aimless One out of my hand and wrapped around me. Next thing I knew, my body pressed against his. I felt hem place an arm around my waist and a hand on the back of my neck. My eyelids got heavy and I lost all my strength. I heard an alien voice whisper, "You will be mine," and blacked out.


I woke up to the sound of ocean waves. A sound I had only ever heard in a recording before. I sat up and looked around. The room was a huge cave, obviously underwater from the sounds above me, the water to the far left of me and the array of colors on the walls. The cave also muffled all sound and there was very little natural light. I stood, feeling chilly.

After a few minutes of looking around, I heard a sound from the water. I watched as human Cthulhu rose from the liquid, wet and still nude. I felt another rush of arousal hit me. He looked at me and his nostrils flared. I searched for my guns, both on my person and around me. He interrupted my search by saying, "I removed all metal objects from your body. Again, you need not worry. I will not harm you." My thought pattern resembled, 'Great, I'm unarmed, alone, and turned on. This is going to be fun.' What was usually plan D in my battle plans moved to plan A, which produced, "Can we please talk about this first?" I felt like an idiot, asking a horny elder god to reconsider whatever he had planned for me, but I was desperate.

He took a step forward and said, "Why do you fear me?" I would have been a hypocrite if I had said, 'You're big ugly and an elder god! Duh!' so, I was honest instead.

"Do you expect me to stay here with and produce offspring?" He sighed and answered,

"You will be bound to me by loyalty alone. You will not worship another. And I want offspring, yes." Well, one out of two wasn't bad.

The next thing I said came out rough; "Will you...fuck me as you are now?"

He looked confused and said, "Fuck. I do not understand this human word."

I was shaking, "Breed."

A grin appeared on his lips and he moved toward me. He reached for my face caressed my jaw and said, "Do you desire me?" I realized just then he was about a foot taller than I was and his skin was cool to the touch. My jelly moved again. I don't know what it was about him that turned me on so much. He leaned in toward me with his nostrils flared and with his eyes closed. Then I got a whiff of his scent. It was similar to the smell men produce when hard; musty but sweet, but his was stronger and slightly more pleasant to the nose. My jelly was forming a puddle in my pants. He said, his voice lower and slightly deeper, "To answer your question, yes, I will...fuck you in this form if you wish it. And if you would want me to ...fuck in my other form I shall oblige that as well." I bit my lip and paused to think. He stared at me, "I am fascinated by your human habits," he touched my lip, "and your use of human words."

Trying to regain my control, I took a step back and shook my head. As my head cleared, I got bold. "Look Mr. Elder God, I may be unarmed but I am not defenseless. I will not bend to your will simply because you are Cthulhu." Of course, he being Cthulhu would be reason enough for any human to bend to his will, however I am not human. I crossed my arms.

At first, he looked confused then he grinned, "I am not a good being to play cat and mouse with, Kitiarthu."

'How did he know my name?' I got mad, "Get out of my head. Now." It was a command. I closed my mind, making it like a brick wall.

He spoke condescendingly, "You are brave and arrogant."

'Idiot!' I screamed a t myself. "I've killed a god before. Don't think I can't do it again." I said getting angrier.

"Are you trying to threaten me, Kitiarthu?" He asked his expression placid. I was silent but retained my bold expression. "I do not take well to being threatened, mortal." The last word came out a sneer. His eyes were turning red. "If you are so capable, let's see it. Fight." That was a command. I got into a fighting stance. I kept my mind blank. He charges me. I simply timed myself correctly and pounce off his shoulder, landing in the pool of water. It was pitch black so I did a temperature scan and headed for the exit. I heard a roar as I left the underwater caves. From there, I headed straight. I heard strange ripping noises from behind me as I headed up. 'Gawd, faster. Swim Faster!' I felt the other particles in the water stick to my lungs as I breathed it in.

Finally, my feet touched bottom, which was almost like quicksand. I managed to make it out of the water, coughing the entire time. The scenery was unearthly outside. Everything was off color; the sky was solid and amber orange. The dirt under me was obsidian black, and the water a dull gray. I saw several creatures around, but ignored them. In front of me was a forest of leafless trees. Considering my options, I headed for them. When I got closer, I realized they were a swirl of blues in color. I didn't make it too far, however, before the ground shaking beneath me brought me to my knees. I turned around to see the water foam and rupture, with it came the other form of Cthulhu. His appearance was indescribable. I felt my chest cramp and stomach quell. He was at least ten feet tall, with reddish orange skin, four limbs and what looked like a squid for a head. He also had shriveled bat-like wings. His yellow eyes locked on me and his bird-like feet swiftly stomped across the water. For the first time in my life, I was scared enough to cry and beg for mercy. I stood there frozen and transfixed by the monstrous form above me.

He got down on his hands and leveled his eyes above mine. The curtain of tentacles that was his mouth was before me. He said, his voice loud enough to shake me as he spoke, "No so brave now mortal. Give me one good reason not to end your life." I was shaking so hard and could hear my own heartbeat. My eyes were wet, as were my legs. My head was spinning with fear. I calmed myself slowly and steadily, hoping he would sense this.

I reached out tentatively for the nearest tentacle. When I touched it, it wrapped around me causing me to jump. I calmed my nerves and thought, 'It's like they have a mind of their own'. Another one, slower, reached for my touch. I felt his eyes on me the entire time. The first one was caressing between my legs and I slowly licked the other. It reacted by slowly coercing itself between my teeth. It was completely smooth, moderately thin and had a slightly salty taste. More of the tentacles followed suit wrapping around my legs, arms and torso. The one in my mouth proceeded to throat-fuck me as two others kneaded my breasts.

After a few minutes of this, all of the appendages let me go. Thin streams of saliva flowed down them as the Elder god said, "Take off your clothes." I hesitated then took off my jacket. I followed with my mud-covered boots and socks. One of his clean appendages helped me with my blouse and pants. Two peeled my skintight armor off as I unzipped it. I saw his eyes run over my body but unlike most women, I didn't cover myself up. My hologram was beautiful, admittedly.

Then I felt the curtain engulf my naked body. My heartbeat quadrupled in pace. All I could see were slime covered orange appendages. And soon I felt those things tightly encircle my neck, waist and each of my legs. My feet left the ground. I closed my lips around the appendage in my mouth. At first, it squirmed to get deeper into my throat but I clamped down on it and wrapped my tongue around it. It writhed as I teased it with my tongue. Then it squeezed past my tonsils deep into my throat. It took a moment for my throat to get used to the intrusion and not a moment later the appendage started sliding in and out of it. My lungs burned with the effort to breathe in rhythm. My attention focused on an immense sensation coming from my nipples. Two other appendages were rubbing them rather vigorously and yet another rubbed my mound.

The one at my mound slowly coerced itself between my now puffy pussy lips. Even though the tentacle wasn't nearly as wide as a human penis, I felt my throat vibrate in an effort to moan and my eyes roll back into my head. The appendage inside my cunt began to squirm and writhe hitting my spot and causing me to moan louder. As if it weren't enough already, a tentacle curled around my exposed clit causing me to tense. The tentacles on each end of me began pumping so rapidly it only took me a few more seconds to explode. A tentacle left my throat to allow me to scream. I felt my body tense and jelly squirt out of me.

He let me go putting me on my feet. Then I heard him grunt and his body began to shrink. Within half a minute, he was the smaller more human form. He furrowed his brow and his skin changed color to the milky peach of a human's. He grew nails and hair on his legs. His eyes morphed into the visage of baby blues. In less than a minute, he changed from the most frightening thing I had ever seen to one of the most beautiful. His hair even changed to a sandy blond mop. My jelly didn't move; it flowed. It felt like a dam had broken inside me. I tried to hide the thin streams coming down my legs by closing them. 'He is just like me...' I thought as I squirmed. I saw him look down at my now shaking legs. He came face to face with me and ran his tongue along my lips. He bent down, putting himself eye-level with my crotch. He caressed my left thigh then gripped it. He lifted my leg to place it on his shoulder, revealing my hairless mound and everything underneath to him.

However, he started outwards, lapping at the stream toward my knee, and worked his way in, following that stream up the inside of my thigh. I cupped my hand under his chin, and pleaded, "Please, I like what you naturally look like." He ignored me and buried his face between my legs. His hand clutched my left ass cheek at the same time. He began by running his tongue over my fully protruding clit. He flicked and circled it, causing me to shudder and cry out. I immediately felt myself edging toward another orgasm. He rubbed my clit with a finger causing me to shudder more and moan again. I felt myself build towards that orgasm faster, and the heat rush toward my midsection. My voice went a pitch higher and he stopped. His tongue moved down and circled my urethra. It felt strange at first but then started to be pleasing. Noticing my lower, slower moans, he proceeded downward, to the lips of my pussy. He licked their edges, slowly deliberately. He ran his finger along my slit and excruciatingly slow, slid his finger within. At first, he just pushed in and out and then felt around my inner walls. He grazed my spot, causing me to yelp. His finger hovered there for a moment and then wiggled a little, producing a brand new variety of sensations. I arched and moaned laboriously. I felt my pussy tighten as my nerves prepared for another onslaught. My thighs clenched close as my pussy convulsed in agonizing pleasure. I felt myself shake to the core as I tried to calm myself again.

He stopped very suddenly and stood. Only then did I notice that his cock was standing straight up. I found the finger that was inside me and licked it cleaned. His irises shrank and his dick twitched. I dropped to my knees and rubbed his throbbing penis with my hands a little first. I stroked the top of his head with my tongue as he stroked the top of mine in adoration. In a few moments, it was saliva covered and I was licking the underneath. He rubbed my lower lip with his thumb and opened my teeth with it. He put his hand behind my head and made my lips touch the base in one swift movement. I felt the rush of air leave my nose and saliva leak out of the corner of my mouth. I swallowed and hummed to stimulate him. He grunted as I bobbed on him, progressively speeding up.

Fortunately, it didn't take him long to expand and contract. I felt his cum slide down my throat and flood up my nose. He grunted loudly and released me. He moved behind me and pushed me down on my hands. He leaned down to put his chin on my shoulder. He fumbled with my left nipple as he whispered strangely calm, "Now am I worthy to see what you really look like, Kitiarthu?" My eyes widened, hung my head and didn't reply. After a few moments, he snarled, "Fine." I felt him position his cockhead against my cunt as he straightened himself. He placed a hand on my ribs and another on my hip. In one swift motion, he impaled me to the hilt. I yelped, only realizing how large he was. He proceeded to pound me, each time hitting my cervix, causing spasms of pain to flood my lower back and hips. I yelped and hissed in agony as he only pushed harder and deeper. I felt salty liquid fill my eyes and bit my hand to stop my screams. I could hear the squishing and slurping sounds my cunt made in protest to his treatment. He pulled my hair, forcing my head up and arm down.

In reaction I pleaded, "Please, stop." he pulled out of me, causing a plop sound. He quickly rubbed my pussy, coating his hand in my jelly.

His hand trailed up my crevice, coating my asshole, and fingered a bit. He positioned his dickhead against and firmly held me in place with his hands. He slowly pushed with his hips, stretching my sphincter with equal pace. I let out a dry-throated moan and squirmed. He tightened his grip on me and hilted me with a sudden force that shook my entire body. The pain was beyond screams or words; a single tear fell down my cheek. He slowly thrusted in and out of me. He kept this pace and pain slowly turned to pleasure. I could feel his cock brushing against the sensitive skin within and my sphincter moving with his meat. The friction began to feel like the build to an orgasm. He reached around, began to stroke, and squeeze my clit. The effect was immediate, the shaking and moaning. He began to thrust faster and kept on with my clit.

And then the orgasm hit me. I moaned, and fluid gushed out of me. My whole body was hyper-sensitized and I shook profusely. He held me still with his hands again and sped up his anal fucking. It didn't take him long at this point, before I felt his meat convulse and his sticky fluid coat my insides. He thrusted a few more times and groaned. His dick shrank and he sat back. I laid down. He was panting and I was breathing hard so we took a moment to calm down. He laid down next to me and asked, "Am I worthy now? Please show me the beauty underneath the mask." I hesitated then I deactivated the hologram.

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