tagIncest/TabooIbiza Ch. 02: Music and Trance

Ibiza Ch. 02: Music and Trance


Foreplay: This is the second and final part of 'Ibiza', which tells of Ben, a shy, introverted teenager and Rosie, his big sister, who are on holiday together. A spark of sexual interest between them develops into a growing flame. Ben is beginning to discover what a pleasure sex can be. I've recapped some of the details further down this page.


There seemed to be a slow procession of people walking along the beach towards the nudist part.

"Hi Trish, it's Ben. I'm just walking towards the beach bar."

"Oh hi Ben," sang Trish into her phone, "That's great. Listen, wait by the bar. We've moved further away than usual, where it's a bit quieter."

She met me there, totally naked. I'd noticed the night before that she was shorter than Rosie but stood alone, rather than in the busy nightclub, it was more noticeable. Petite, slim and trim with short brunette hair, small breasts, well trimmed but not hairless pubes (an upturned narrow triangle pointing down to bare lips) and quite short, slim legs. Her tight butt was in exact proportion to the rest of her. She seemed the youngest of the group, possibly the same age as me but maybe slightly older. I wasn't sure. I'd brought my phone and a few euros, a towel and sun specs. That's all I needed.

"Hi, Ben. We're glad you came. I wanted to introduce you to my friends."

We walked a short way from the bar, then towards the back of the beach away from the busy water's edge. One by one, Trish introduced her friends. They were all without exception beautiful but each in their own way. I must admit though that most girls and women on that beach totally naked were worth a second, third or tenth look.

"We got you a sun lounger in the hope you'd turn up."

"Thanks." I noticed I was at the end, next to Trish.

"So," started Trish as I began to remove the few clothes I wore, "How come you're on holiday with your sister. Does she need a minder?"

"No. She broke up with her boyfriend who was supposed to be coming here with her. She'd paid the deposit for him but he turned out to be a rogue, giving her nothing. Then she found out he'd been cheating on her." I went on to explain that Rosie would have lost a lot of money and asked me if I'd take over the booking.

"So you saved her £500. You must really love your sister."

"We used to fight a lot, but now we get on really well." I filled Trish in on all the background, omitting the times Rosie had humiliated me. I guess I wanted to get it out of my system but not just then.

"I think you're fantastic," said Trish. She leaned over and kissed me, but not in a sexual way. Then for no reason at all she changed the subject. "You really need some good suntan oil, otherwise you'll be sore and sorry tomorrow." I didn't recognise the brand name on the bottle. "It's a local one. I always buy a local brand as the Spanish know exactly what's best. Here, let me put it on."

"I'm hot just walking down here," I said, trying to defer any embarrassment on the nudist beach. I just didn't want a stonking erection that everyone could see, "I'd prefer a dip in the sea first."

Did anyone ever tell you how fantastic it feels, walking along a beach with a light cooling breeze blowing against your meat and two veg? Or how good it feels with the waves gently lapping against your balls. I began to stiffen very quickly, something that Trish also noticed. She licked her lips.

"Come," she said, leading me further in and away from a few other bathers, "I'd like some of that. I've seen others, but I've never had chance." She hooked her hands around my neck and lifted herself up. "I want you inside me."

Thoughts of safe sex went straight to my brain. Trish would be on the pill, surely, but what about Rosie? Of course, I must have hesitated too long.

"Don't worry, Ben. It's OK. Kiss me and any others will just assume we're a young couple."

Inexperienced as I was, it was awkward but Trish seemed to aware of the problem and helped a lot. Somehow I was finally tightly inside her, our movements with the waves making it pleasurable to both of us. To be honest I much preferred Rosie's kisses. Trish's small breasts pressed against me and must admit I came very quickly, again caused by my lack of experience. This was sex in Ibiza, no love just lust. We swam around for a while, finally returning to our sun loungers. Concerned that some might realise what we'd been doing, I looked around. It didn't seem like we'd had an audience; everyone was just soaking up the sun.

Now I accepted Trish's insistence that my skin needed protection from the strong sun's rays. I couldn't really see why my prize manhood needed extra attention, but Trish insisted it should have 4 coats of a very nice sun oil. It was as if she was worshipping something that had a mind if its own, standing firmly to attention as it should when being tenderly massaged by a woman.

We laid awhile, talking about everything and nothing. A few weeks ago I would have shunned the idea of even phoning her, let alone meeting up and allowing her to fuck me.

The afternoon went quickly. All too soon I had to return to the hotel as I had the sole key. My encounter with Trish lasted only that day. Her plane back to England flew at 09.15 the following morning. I didn't feel any love for Trish; it was purely sex, but that didn't stop the guilt feelings that I'd let my sister down or that I'd cheated on her.

Rosie was in a fantastic mood when she got back from shopping and she didn't even grumble about the lukewarm overcooked food in the hotel restaurant. We went to our usual bars, karaoke being a favourite. If my sister could sing as good as she could fuck then Ibiza would have a new singing sensation.

There was some conversation going on during the evening about the hypnotist show. I couldn't hear much of what was said, but Rosie seemed to be quite animated, obviously having enjoyed her hyper cum during the act and much of what had happened afterwards. I didn't know how much she'd told the others!

She was still talking about it (through a little incoherent from the alcohol) when we got back to our room. All modesty seemed to have gone, with no attempt to cover herself up as she got changed for bed.

We were both laid naked, in our separate beds, lights off, talking.

"Ben, do you think you could talk to me like Rocky did?" Rosie asked, though her speech was still slurred.

"I don't know what you mean."

"Yvonne was saying anybody can hypnotise people if they know what to say."

I laughed. "I work in a fuckin' warehouse, I help stock up the store. I'm shy, haven't a clue what to say to anyone a lot of the time."

"But Ben, you talk to me OK," Rosie persevered, "And what happened on that stage blew my mind."

"So you're asking me to hypnotise you, my sister? What would happen if I got some bright idea to make you do something gross? Besides, you're drunk."

"I'm serious. When Rocky made me cum ... sorry, when your touches made me cum, it was like the best it's ever felt."

"It wasn't me, it was what Rocky told you would happen."

"But Ben, surely you can remember what Rocky said to me."

"Rosie, I can't hypnotise you even if I wanted to, and I don't."

In the half-light from outside, coming through the thin curtain, I saw Rosie move over to my bed. She pulled the covers back and I thought she wanted to cuddle again. Instead she took me in her mouth, her warm wet lips swiftly making me fully hard. She began to kiss my erection, easing my foreskin fully back with her lips.

"What does it take for me to persuade you to try?" she asked, then blowing the wetness her mouth had created. The cooling effect of this was another new sensation to me, no doubt practised on several of her ex's.

"No, Rosie. What if mom found out?"

"She won't."

"What if it didn't work, or if it went wrong? No, Rosie."

Rosie didn't speak for a long while. Her mouth, I suppose, gave me an idea of what it was like to be slowly brought up to a state of heightened arousal, a state of utter bliss, where nothing in the world mattered, where the only thing that did matter was, oh my god, what my sex nerves were experiencing right now.

I came, in Rosie's mouth. I came and I came and I came. Utter bliss, shooting upwards in to that warm wetness that enclosed me, shooting my cum until there wasn't a single drop of cum left inside me.

Rosie swallowed every last drop before she spoke again. "Will that convince you I'm serious?"

"I'll give it a try, but I don't know how or where I'll learn."

"Yvonne says there's lots of helpful stuff on the 'net. Don't tell her this, but I guess if you can get it to work with me, she seems eager for you to try it on her."

"You mean you've already discussed this with her."

"We talked over lunch today."

"And you said you'd ask me?"

"Don't worry, Yvonne won't tell anyone."

"But you told her how good it felt when you were hypnotised?"

"I didn't need to. She could tell." Rosie was lost in thought for a few moments. "Do you need more convincing?" she asked me. "I think you do."

Once more her warm, wet mouth enclosed me. After a while I once again became pleasantly hard. Rosie was tireless and I just knew she wouldn't stop until I came again. She didn't waste a drop. We spoon cuddled until we fell asleep.

The following morning Rosie supplied the ever hungry coin slot of the PC in the hotel reception with a succession of euros. The overpriced printer spewed forth enough reading material to at least get me started. I practised speaking in the quiet confident tones that, the scripts said, would work well.

I could remember enough of what Rocky had said to pair the two together. Two days of hard work and I had some limited success with Rosie, though this was partly due, I thought, to her willingness to be hypnotised.

I couldn't remember anything about the hand clasp, but on the 'net there was something about concentrating on an object.

"See this shiny, new euro coin, Rosie?" It was in the centre of my right palm. She nodded. "Watch it carefully and see how looking at the bright metal is making your eyes tired, but you must relax and look at it."

OK, that's how it began. I read the induction, got her to focus and it seemed as if Rosie was starting to follow the commands, "Deeper down, fully relaxed," when I suddenly sneezed, the kind of sneeze that comes so quick you're hopeless trying to stop it. That ruined the whole thing.

"Sorry, Ben," said my favourite sister, "I felt myself drifting off and it was really good but I guess you need more practice."

We were in our room after dinner. Although every bar was open, Rosie wanted me to try out what I'd learned. Strike that, my only sister had insisted I try it out 'before she'd chance to get tanked up on cheap cocktails.' She tugged her tee-shirt over her head, although it didn't initially make any difference. Her nipples had been hard in anticipation of the hypno tryout and had poked like coat pegs through her top. The real difference came when she removed mine and we kissed, bare skin to bare skin.

"Uhhh?" was my only utterance before her lips - her soft, moist, luscious lips clamped firmly on to mine.

"Mmmm! was Rosie's reply as my own mouth allowed her, as before, to take full control. I was learning, at hyper speed pace, to follow her teaching. The fantastic intimacy of my bare chest against her breasts was beyond description. It felt good, erotic, natural and just for those moments we could have been Adam and Eve, kissing for that very first time in the hotel Eden.

Rosie broke away only long enough to ask me to roll my palm over and around a nipple. It was hard, pointy, full both of blood and of intense feelings. It pushed against my palm as if to confirm that it appreciated the attention and the pleasure it brought. Never breaking away from the kiss, Rosie moved my hand away and under her skirt, leaving my fingers, without any need for request, to move inside her panties. I now knew that the slippery wetness meant Rosie was well aroused and seeking more.

Her panties were tight against her sex and in my innocence I struggled to move inside.

"Mmmm nnn!" came more from her throat than her mouth, still locked on to mine, and her hands went under her skirt to push her panties down. "MMMM NNN!" came the noise again as if impatience had crept in. She moved my hands to where hers had been, imploring me by gestures to help her pull them down.

Once freed down her legs she kicked the restricting panties off, opened her legs wider and left me to take the hint. Her clit was engorged and super sensitive again. Her kiss became urgent, pressing her mouth hard against mine. My fingers worked overtime, brushing her clit, dipping inside her then returning to her clit.

"Mmmm nnn, mmmm, mmmmm," bite, ouch as her jaw involuntarily contracted. Her whole body shuddered as she hit a huge climax. Her jaw eased again, her mouth relaxed and temporarily satisfied Rosie pulled my fingers away from her sex. We stood, still kissing, for nigh on five minutes I'd say before she pulled away.

"Now fuck me, hard and fast," big sister commanded.

I was in no mood to decline. I was beginning to enjoy what billions of people had been doing for centuries. This was different though. Rosie wanted what she called 'doggie'. It would be easier for me, she said, and allow me more control. Awkward as ever to begin with, I enjoyed both what I was feeling and what I was seeing; Rosie's butt and her tits moving in the same rhythm as our fucking. I came quickly but my sister took much longer.

"Rub me," she had said several times, "Rub me fast."

It was much later that we met up with the others.


The following day was back to normal; breakfast, beer, pool, beer, beach, beer, dinner, beer, karaoke, beer, sleep. The wind got up later in the evening, which is nothing new on that Mediterranean island. Although there were no storm clouds, no thunder, no lightening, there was enough wind for Rosie to get upset. Our twin beds were pushed together.

"I really don't want to disturb you," explained Rosie, though it was no explanation at all. We talked for an hour, heart to heart. Although Rosie ran hot and cold all through the holiday, she confessed, "I'm really glad you came with me - not just for the money but as a companion and," her throat choked up, "As a lover."

"But I'm your brother and, up to a day or two ago, a virgin. I didn't know how to kiss, let alone have sex. It should be me thanking you."

Rosie moved across to my side of the now connected beds. It was more than warm enough to sleep naked and even the first touch of skin against skin caused me to swell. Rosie seemed not to notice, but she was hungry for a kiss.

"You ARE my lover and it will stay that way. You've gone out of your way to please me, you've fucked me in a way that's given me great pleasure, you're a great kisser, and your," she touched me, then searched for an appropriate word, "Your ... equipment ... is better than any girl could ever hope for. I would be proud, yes proud, to be the one to teach you all you need to know."

Oh heavens, my sister's hormones seemed be controlling her mouth. "Don't talk any more," I implored her. We kissed again. We kissed and explored each others' bodies. The badly fitting, thin curtains, let in enough of the hotel's floodlight to see, but I didn't need to see Rosie to feel her heat, to feel her very feminine shape, to smell the scent of a woman, to touch her breasts - her nipples firmly aroused, to hug her close to me, to lower my hands down her spine, her ample butt cheeks, to delve under them and into her love cave. It was easy to dip my fingers there and move my lubricated fingertips to gently coax her clit into making her confident that I loved her. This was no longer lust, it was love.

At home it had seemed that every time Rosie touched me she would be on top. We rarely touched other than in a wrestling clinch. Now though I rolled over her, laughing as this didn't immediately work. Although our beds were together Rosie was somehow in the middle - where the two mattresses met. A moment later she was on my bed with me on top, the thin duvet thrown off. Now there was nothing to restrict Rosie parting her legs to allow me access. I entered slowly and carefully, wanting to do it myself without any help.

I must have pushed too hard, for Rosie flinched, unused to my girth she said later. Then the gutter language started ... language I'd never heard before:

"Harder Ben, fuck me, ram your massive cock inside me, hurt me Ben, make me fucking pay for all the times I've hurt you. Make me your fucking bitch, yes, stuff me hard, fast, make me cum, fill me with your jizz."

She pulled my head down and kissed me hard, bit my lip, clamped her legs around me and kept me inside her. "I want to feel you fill up my cunt till I can't take it anymore. Bite me Ben, bite my tits, make me remember you've fucked my hole."

Then she let her clamped legs go. She let me free to thrust in and out, encouraging me to fuck her as fast and as deep as I could. And then, and then ... her back arched, her whole body shuddered, her cunt muscles contracted as a huge climax exploded within her, making my own orgasm come, pumping time and time again into her love cave. I'd read the stories, watched my porn videos carefully hidden from mom; this was a REAL climax, not staged, not faked. She had climaxed for me, with no help. I had made her come.

We slept as before, as if joined together, spooned to prove to ourselves we were one; brother and sister yes, but lovers. When morning came we were still there, me awake but my wonderful, beautiful sexy sister still asleep. Gently moving out of the bed, lest I should wake her, I showered, refreshed for a new day.

Rosie had just woken as I came out if the bathroom, a wonderful smile on her face. She got up, kissed me with that sleep-stale, alcohol-stale breath. I didn't care.

"Thank you," she simply said, then stepped into the bathroom, pissed noisily, farted and took her own shower.

It was later that day when Yvonne showed Rosie her phone. There was a video of most of Rocky's act. Yvonne had seen a girl in the club filming the show and had been trying to find her. Nothing was mentioned about the video being a training aid for me and the girl's boyfriend had bluetooth copied it to Yvonne's phone. OK, the quality sure wasn't HD, but it was clear enough to see and hear. Somehow I managed to copy it again to my own phone.

Back in our room, I'd brought some headphones with me on holiday, so I could listen to music during the flights. Rosie immediately borrowed them and ran the video. Within moments she was in trance again and it took me a few attempts to snap her out of it.

Yvonne's jaw dropped, "Hell, this hypno stuff is powerful - even second-hand," she said.

Rosie smiled, stretched her arms and yawned, "It's a fantastic feeling. Can you write down what he says?" Then as an afterthought, "Pretty please." Just for once my sister wasn't treating me like something stuck under her shoe.

"We've got the rest of the week to go," I replied, "Plenty of time."

"Ben," asked Yvonne, "When you get it to work, can you try it on me?"

"Even the sexy stuff?" I was really pushing it, no longer the shy me. I smiled and winked, eyebrows raised.

"Well, that's up to you. I mean if Rosie approves then I'm all for it."

Rosie gave it the nod, I told them, "You two go to the karaoke bar while I watch the video. I'll follow later."

My eyes started to tire and I yawned several times. It was nothing to do with the hypnosis, even though I'd been watching for over an hour. I'd taken in most of how Rocky worked and I was sure I could improve over the last session with my sister. I left the hotel to catch up with the rest of the group at the karaoke bar we all favoured. Even though most couldn't sing, it was a good laugh and the drinks were cheap.

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