tagGroup SexIce Breaking Session At Office

Ice Breaking Session At Office


First of all, I would like to introduce myself as Fahim (23 years old). Right after the end of my university, I got a job where my immediate colleagues in my department were girls.

There were 3 in number and all of them were senior to me. In terms of age the chronological order of my female colleagues: Ishrat 27 years of medium complexion (34-26-36), Riya 26 years of medium complexion (34-24-32) and Anika 25 years of fair complexion (36-32-38).

Since joining, I was put under strict supervision, where even my smallest mistakes were treated with the harshest words. Thus, being new in the corporate world, I felt dejected about my treatment. However, it all changed that during that weekend office...

When I entered the building, it was completely deserted except for the guards. I deduced that the only management in the building would be the ones in my department. As I slowly got in – dread worked inside me, as I was pretty unhappy of coming to office on a non-work day.

As I got inside our department, I saw a grin on the face of Riya. As I sat down, I checked on the expressions of all. Something was off! But, I couldn't quite understand. Normally, these girls were rude to me at all times. However, something was different that day.

Ishrat came up to me and told me that we will be meeting in the conference room. So, I picked up my work utensils and went over to the room. After all of us were in there, Anika locked the door.

Being the senior most, Ishrat said, "thanks everyone for coming on a weekend!" I replied, "sure, anytime." The others started to grin. Ishrat looked at me and with a foxy look announced, "Purpose of today is your ice breaking session, Fahim. This is where you have to do everything as we say." I was confused and blurted out, "That means no work for today??" Ishrat looked at me and told me," don't you worry dear; you have a lot to do!"

With that, all 3 of them got up from their chairs and were coming towards me. They stopped once they were near me. I was feeling awkward at their unusual behaviour. Then Riya said, "Take your jeans off." I was dumbfounded. What the fuck? What did they just ask me to do?

"What do you mean?" I asked, panicked. "We want to see you naked!" laughed Anika. "I don't know what to do, and I am a virgin!" I blurted out. At that, all the 3 girls started to laugh. "Awesome! Now, we can teach this kid our ways" said Ishrat.

I didn't move an inch. Anika, getting impatient at my behaviour told, "In that case, I will strip you." – And did just that. She opened the front button of my jeans and unzipped my pants. They looked at my red underwear and started to laugh. I was ashamed and blushed. I was helpless against these girls.

In no time my jeans was stripped off my body along with my red underwear – to reveal my 1-inch soft cock and a shaved groin. "OMG, he has such a small one!" said Riya and was laughing at my insignificance. Ishrat said, "not to worry, it should grow more," and ordered Anika to give it a nice wet suck.

Anika sat down on her knees and touched my cock. A jolt of hotness passed through my body as I could feel my cock responding to the situation. Initially, she mocked the 1-inch size of my cock but slowly realized that it was growing. Not wasting any time, she gave my head a lick and took the whole cock in.

The warmth of her mouth was something I have never experienced before. The liquids inside Anika's mouth were giving me a feeling too involuntary helpless where my body literally surrendered to her. In no time, I was at my maximum length of 5 inches. As I was feeling my orgasm nearing, she stopped and let everyone see my cock.

Ishrat appreciated, "not bad. We can make do." She grabbed hold of my cock and started to jerk me. The pleasure returned and I my orgasm was nearing.

In the meantime, Riya unbuttoned my shirt and started to pinch and twist my nipples, with the most senior department colleague was giving me the best hand job ever. Never being in a predicament such as this one, my cock couldn't take the torture and let my body to a massive orgasm. All the sperm fell to the floor and to my shock; both Riya and Anika got on their knees and licked the sperm from the floor. To make matters even weirder, Ishrat put her mouth on my cock and sucked out all the residual sperm from my cock.

After eating all my sperm, all 3 of them looked at me and smiled. "Welcome of the team!" said Ishrat. "I guess you can expect what we require from you in the near future, Fahim," winked Riya and came forward and kissed the head of my cock. Ishrat concluded the session for today and asked us to return to our weekends. It was the first such experience among us 4 and definitely not the last.

As I moved towards the exit, Anika got hold of my shoulder and turned me towards her. She took my hand and placed it over her huge boobs. Oh man, it was the best feeling in the world. I took this opportunity to squeeze her tits and she let out a nice moan.

"I think I am going to need a moment with Fahim," she told the other two and took me back to the conference room. "Anika, you slut! Bitch, learn to control," said Riya as both laughed and left the office.

Once in the room, Anika lifted her T-shirt and her dark-blue colored bra to show me her hanging melons. I was paralysed at the sight of the big tits, where the dark brown nipples were enclosed by huge areolas. She pulled down her jeans and I got to see her shaved pussy (she wasn't wearing any panties).

Anika told me to insert a finger inside her pussy. Never having done it, I was confused about where to put it in. She took my middle finger of left hand and guided me to her womanhood and placed my thumb on her clitoris.

My finger slid in easily and was engulfed by the pussy. She motioned me to lick the nipples of her right tit and placed my right hand on the other one.

I understood and sucked in the nipple as I squeezed with the other one. I was pinching, biting, fingering and scratching her sexual parts in perfect synchronization as she let out animalistic moans. I kept on doing this for nearly a minute when I felt her vaginal walls squeezing my finger. I increased the speed of my work and with a violet moan, she came.

My finger was all glistening with her pussy goo. Curious, I took the finger and licked it off. She looked at me and said, "I like you." She got up and kissed me on my lips. She dressed up and we exited the office together.

Kindly provide your feedback. They are vital in motivating me to proceed with more stories. Thanks!

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