Ice Racer


Author's Note: This story contains, heterosexual intercourse, lesbian interplay and group sex FFM. Thanks to deathlynx for looking out for errors and helping me fix them. If there are more, the fault lies with me. Enjoy and please leave a comment, this is my first Science Fiction story, though I have Fantasy ones in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category on Lit. ~ Thanks, Red.

Ice leaned against the building that stood opposite of Hannagan's tavern. The streets were quiet; that was typical for a Tuesday night. Ice was glad for it. The less people littering the area meant they could be in and out of the village, back on the Tricutter, and off of Aekl-Ajinh Delta I, before any of Mael's goons knew they were there. He pulled his weapon from his holster, turned the settings up and waited for his two business partners to appear.

Inside the bar, Cerise was ready to pull the blood plugs on Maelstrom, but she knew if she did that,then their fee would not be collected. They needed the deadly Swampdroid alive, incapacitated was fine, but dead was not an option, and thus she continued to let the alien run his cold metal hand up and down her thigh as he licked his way around her partner's neck. She opened her legs wider, knowing Mael would take the invitation and roll with it. He didn't disappoint the redhead. His cold fingers slid into her pussy and his digit began to spin deep inside her sex.

Cerise shifted against his palm and began to rethink purchasing discarded droid parts for her personal enjoyment. "Nice baby," she moaned into his cybernetic ear and flicked her tongue across the steel lobe. Cerise probably could have gotten more into her role as seductress if she were where Tina was. . .on the opposite side of their mark. Tina got the pleasure of working with the human side of Mael; she'd won the toss. "I think we should take this outside. . .maybe back to your place?" Cerise moved one of her hands down Mael's shirt, eventually sneaking her finger inside, to flick one of his tender nipples. She tugged on the flesh, wondering what human had died in order for Mael to wear their skin as his trophy.

"Oh, that sounds perrrrfect," Tina's voice drew out the sensual word as she sucked on the droid's neck. She knew Cerise was only mildly enjoying herself. Tina however, was very excited. Mael was a handsome Swampdroid and since she was playing with the human tissue side, she could ignore his metal arm, and fingers. Her palm slipped to his crotch and she pushed down on the fabric. A sigh of relief escaped her, but to Mael, it was a breathy whisper of arousal coating his ear. For Tina though, it was knowing his cock was also one of the human elements he'd stolen. She loved winning the bets, then again most of the time she used her double-sided coin and Cerise was none the wiser.

"I think I know just the place," Maelstrom said against Tina's neck. He nuzzled her brunette locks and tugged on her ear lobe, before pulling his spinning digit from Cerise's pussy and then offering it up to Tina as it rotated in a much slower motion.

Tina winked at both the Swampdroid and her friend, before taking Mael's cold wrist and lowering her mouth over his juice-covered appendage. She moaned as well as any actress could moan when they were trying to convince their audience they were full of lustful need. She didn't mind sucking Cerise honey, in fact she knew she'd be down there as soon as this job was over and they were back on Tricutter.

The group of three rose from the corner table where Cerise had dragged Mael earlier. They stumbled their way to the bar's door; Mael's hands wrapped around each woman's waist. Cerise eyed Tina, who shot her a look back, both confirming what the other knew; neither was wasted, but had portrayed drunken sluts in order to boast his confidence.

"Which way baby?" Tina asked, once they were outside and the moonlight from the moons of Aekl-Ajinh Delta I shone down on them. Mael turned his two willing sluts toward the alley; he was rock hard and needed some relief before he took them back to his shuttle and showed them just how wicked he truly was. He'd been dodging the law for a couple months now. His stop on the sparsely populated planet, was supposed to be for refueling, but he'd seen the two women eyeing him up one side and down the other, so he knew he had to stop and play. He ordered a twelve hour recreation leave for himself and his crew, all except Spider, who would man the ship and keep an eye out for anyone trying to be a hero and bring the criminals to justice.

"Right here," he growled low in Tina's ear, pulling on the tender lobe and then sliding his lips down to suckle on the pulse that beat beneath her skin. He felt the brunette rub her body against his as she pressed herself further into his hard steel and flesh-covered skeleton. His back hit the adobe wall of the bar and he watched Tina slowly slide down to her knees. One of his hands came to rest in her thick brown hair, while the other wrapped around the back of Cerise's scalp and dragged her to his lips. He covered her mouth with his and moaned in pleasure as he felt Tina's hot breath against his cock. "Yeah bitch. Suck it. Matter of fact," he looked at Cerise, "you get down there and help her."

Cerise smiled and ran her tongue across his lips. "Okay baby." She reached down and circled his stolen, skin-covered rod and stroked it. Her brown eyes stayed locked on Mael's. She watched his human one flutter closed, while his cybernetic one began to dilate. She moved her other hand up to his head and began to rub the smooth metal scalp. Cerise heard the sounds of Tina's slurping as she enveloped the velvet sack of Mael's steel balls.

"Ladies, mind if I interrupt?"

Maelstrom's eyelid lifted and both orbs focused on the voice that came from the alley entrance. Cerise and Tina both dropped back, leaving a stunned, annoyed and angry Maelstrom standing against the wall. "You son of a . . ."

"Maelstrom you're under arrest. The government of Nefuo Theta has commissioned me to bring you in. Preferably alive, but that depends on you; Doesn't it?"

Mael growled as he lifted his hand and pulled a weapon from inside his jacket. Tina pulled a gun from her boot and fired; its magnetic stream slammed into Mael's hand, rendering the mechanical appendage useless. He stared in disbelief at the two women he had discarded so easily as cheap whores. His attention was brought back to the bounty hunter as a volley of piercing magnetic darts were driven into his chest.

Ice watched the light slowly dim from Mael's eye, just before the lid closed on the other. "You girls okay?" he asked, as he walked toward the now disabled droid.

"No, I am not okay!" Tina yelled, sliding her gun back into her boot. "I sucked that things balls! Where the fuck were you? What took you so long?" She spit into the alley and glared back at her partner, who was pulling a chip from Mael's head and sliding it into his pocket. "You're sure that'll keep him shut down?" she asked as she moved closer to the now, seemingly harmless, frozen droid.

"Yeah. He's nothing, but a big metal statue without this motion chip. He's turned off . . . Baby," Ice said the endearment using Mael's voice; the knack for imitating voices was something he had perfected since he was a young kid.

Tina rolled her eyes and slapped his tattoo-covered arm. "If you ever call me baby with that voice again. . ."

"So; what took you so long?" Cerise asked, joining the other two, with her hands resting on both hips.

"I was enjoying the show," Ice admitted with a smile. "I figured he outta have one last suck before he was dismantled and sold for parts."

Cerise chuckled and lifted the droid's arm. "This is the only part I would want." She twirled the now useless finger, remembering how good it had felt twirling inside her.

"I've got all you need right here, doll," Ice said, planting a kiss on the redhead's moist lips. He pulled away when he felt her leaning into the kiss. "Later. Right now we need to get metal cock on the ship and get out of here before his crew starts wondering where he is. Any of them inside?" he asked.

"A few, but none of the hard core ones. Why? You want to try and get greedy? You know what happens when you get greedy." Cerise said as she pulled out a control pad from her boot and pressed various commands into the screen.

"I'm not greedy. Just curious who all was in there. . .and if they were worth our time."

Tina chuckled. "We were seen leaving with him. So whose going back in for seconds? You?"

Ice laughed, but declined their invitation. "What's the ETA on the ship?"

"I'd say. . .right about. . .now." Cerise grinned as the Tricutter hovered in front of the alley and slowly set itself down.

Ice grabbed the hand that Cerise had been entranced with and twisted it off. "For you, doll," he said, tossing it back to her. She squealed in delight before heading to the ship and returning with a dolly. "We best hurry; the ship isn't as silent as she used to be. You really should replace that right engine coil."

"It takes money," Ice muttered as he pushed the dolly under Mael's feet and then wrapped several magnetic cords around his legs, waist, and torso. He then secured the Swampdroid's arms with the same material. "Let's go."

Ice pushed the dolly forward; Tina and Cerise followed him up the plank and into the ship. Cerise was taking her place at the helm before the door even closed. "I wish they were all that easy," she said as they lifted off and began to drift upwards into the sky.

"Easy? You didn't have to suck his balls!" Tina hissed and headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth and her tongue.

Ice laughed as he moved through the ship, pushing his bounty in front of him. Eventually, he had Maelstrom locked up and was on his way to take possession of the helm. Tina had gotten on deck before him, already settled into her seat and buckled up. He regained control from Cerise and soon Tricutter was shooting out of Aekl-Ajinh Delta I's atmosphere and back into the dark abyss of space.

Ultimately, the ship was set on auto-pilot and Ice was unstrapping himself. "I'm off to shower, ladies. What's for supper tonight, Cerise?"

She lifted a brow. "Tea and me."

He snickered, walked over and again claimed her lips. "Sounds filling."

"Get a room," Tina muttered, her own face growing bright as she witnessed the couple locking lips and dual a battle of tongue and teeth.

Ice finished sucking on Cerise's slim muscle, then moved over to Tina. He cupped the back of her head, tipped it back and pushed his way into her willing mouth. They danced viciously, each one dragging their wet tool across the other with hungry growls leaving their lungs. When he pulled back, both were breathless. "Only if you'll join us." He winked and then walked away, his arousal obvious by the thick bulge that had suddenly sprung up behind his tight form fitting slacks.

Ten minutes later, Ice was naked and enjoying the heat of a sonic shower. "I'll be happy when we get home and can take real showers," a voice said upon entering the room where Ice was standing naked.

He opened his eyes, pushed the stall door open and watched Tina undress. "Me too."

She slipped in next to him and pulled the slender aluminum door closed behind her. "Mind sharing?" she asked.

"Not with you." His hands slipped to her hips and dragged her against him. Their lips touched; their tongues tasted. Tina slid her hands up his chest and around his neck. Her fingers stroked at the bare scalp and she wondered, just like she often did, what her lover, friend, and Captain would look like with a full head of hair. In the end though, she knew it made no difference, she liked him just the way he was, shaved and well hung.

Ice trailed his lips across her jaw, nipping her flesh and then nuzzling her hair. "Sorry you had to suck metal head's balls." He tugged on her ear lope before tracing the shape of its delicate curve. He felt her nails drag slowly down his arms. She shuddered as his warm breath caressed her skin; his tongue skated across her shoulder, slipping down to follow the path of her collarbone.

"You can make it up to me," Tina whispered, bending her head to take a bite of Ice's broad shoulder.

"How's that?" He captured one of her breasts in his hand and began to knead the round globe. His tongue trailed a path across her chest, lavishing just the tops of her bosom. He loved how her firm breast fit in his hand. Both women were unique and Ice saw the erotism in their uniqueness. Cerise was busty; Her breasts overflowing his large hands, where Tina's were what some men called a perfect fistful.

Tina grinned as she ran her fingers over Ice's bare head. "Lower baby. I'm sure you'll think of a way."

Ice chuckled; his other hand slipped down to skim across her stomach. He continued holding her tit, letting his warm breath hover over the ridged areola. His tongue flicked the hard gem, that jutted out, begging for his attention. "I've got an idea."

"Yeah? I knew you were quick."

"Not that quick," Ice chuckled. He rose up and turned just enough that he could adjust the settings on the sonic shower. The temperature of the heat that had been filling the air, dropped drastically and Tina shivered. Ice winked. His hands resumed their wandering as did his mouth. He slowly walked her back to the starboard wall of the shower. The palm, pressed against her stomach, traveled lower. His fingernails grazed the top of her trimmed bush and his tongue swept back and forth against her nipple.

"That's what I like about you," Tina hissed. She felt the wall against her back and bent her knees to help support her and keep her balanced. "You're always so thorough."

He tugged her tit with his teeth and then released it. Ice watched the bounce of her globe out of the corner of his eye as he licked his way over to the other jewel. Two of his fingers slid between her slick pussy lips. She moaned and spread her legs wider. "You're always so willing." Ice slid his fingers back to the top of her sex, toyed with her clit and then pushed his way back down the juice-coated path. He felt her hands pushing at his shoulders.

The pearl in his mouth, grew harder. He sucked and bit down on the tender morsel, letting it pop free, only to be captured again. The only free hand he had moved to slide around and toy with the crack of Tina's ass. "See," she groaned, relaxing her tight entrance so he could tease it, "thorough."

He chuckled and created a wet path with his tongue that traveled from between her breasts, down her torso and then across her stomach. His fingers continued to play her. He pushed nectar from her slit down to the tender flesh that separated her pussy and her tight hole. Eventually, he dragged her honey back and covered his finger tip and her anus with juice. Ice settled on his knees, flicked his tongue over her hard clit and pushed his face into her soft, trimmed fur. At the same time he pressed his finger into her ass and screwed the thick digit to the left, then the right.

Tina moaned, tilted her head back and threw her hips forward as she bent her knees, lowering herself even more onto his invading fingers. She felt his tongue bathing her; his long digits drove their way deeper into her holes. Two fucked her pussy; slow; while one played a quicker melody in her ass.

Ice swallowed the ever flowing honey that he coaxed from Tina's sex. He licked his way up and down her slit, toyed with the hard strip of flesh and whispered perverse words over heated skin. Her muscles clenched tight around his invading weapons; both her pussy and her ass kept him locked in a vise. He knew she was close to coming; he lowered his head further, bit down on her puffy lip and then dragged his nails down the sides of her fleshy surfaces. Her come exploded into his thirsty and eager mouth.

"Ice!" Tina's voice ricochet off the walls and she thrust herself deeper down into his mouth. She shuddered violently. His finger easing its way from her ass, brought another wave of come from deep within her. A whimper and a moan followed her climax as did a series of tender licks and suckles from her Captain's mouth.

She watched with a glazed expression as he worked his way back up her body, flicking her skin with his tongue. Ice covered her mouth with his, delivering a gift to her parched throat. Tina drank the mouth full of juice he'd saved of her. Ice then turned her around, gripped his cock and lined it up with her pussy. She placed her hands on the wall, thrust her ass back and waited for the penetration of his cock slamming into her. Tina didn't have to wait long.

Ice pushed his way into her slippery home. The head of his cock sliding against her thick walls and nestling itself as far as it could. He held himself still, letting her pussy clench and relax, stroke and milk his cock. One of his hands moved her long brunette curls out of the way; twisting them in his fist, he turned her head, leaving her neck exposed for his perusal. "You're so fucking hot, babe," he growled low and then took a bite of the pulse that tormented him. He drew the skin in, sucked hard on the delicate flesh, before drawing his cock out, and keeping himself poised at her entrance.

Tina gasped. The sound, proving to Ice, that she wanted him buried inside her again. He slammed himself back into her sweetness. His mouth traveled from her neck to her shoulder. He swept back up and tugged on her ear, buried his nose into her hair, and reached around to begin a new assault on her already tender clit.

Faster he drove into her, drawing himself out and plunging back in while he rubbed, pulled, and twisted her hard nub. His tongue continued to sweep up and down the veins of her neck, teasing the flesh, making the woman beneath him squirm. "Tell me what you want," he demanded, never easing up on his driving force.

"You. . .ohh fuck Ice. . . I want you to come baby. . ."

He chuckled and gave a final thrust, that had his balls tightening, and his come flying out, to coat with her juice-laden cunt. His jaw tightened. His eyes glazed and his head fell to her shoulder as he held himself still. His cock pumped its fluids into her slick home. Her nectar covered his dick, the steamy fluids slid down seeking freedom, and settled in the crevices of his balls and around the coarse hairs of his sex.

Tina felt him slip out of her. She turned and sealed their fucking with a kiss. She reached behind him and increased the temperature of the sonic shower and soon both were helping each other lift or spread all intimate areas to the cleansing, yet dry bath.

After the shower, both walked to their quarters. Ice stepped into his and quickly donned a pair of clean slacks, and white shirt. The logo from alien rock group had long ago faded, but he still found the worn fabric comfortable. Out of instinct, he slipped a small electronic phaser into his boot and headed back to the helm. "Lost the bet again, huh?" he asked, taking the command from Cerise.

She glared at him, a small frown planted on her pink hued lips. "Yes. Damn slut is too fucking lucky."

Ice smirked, knowing the truth behind Tina's luck. He licked his lips. "She tastes good too."

Cerise stuck her tongue out, but quickly agreed. Tina rejoined them; her slacks hugged her long legs and round hips. The t-shirt she wore was sleeveless and the collar's self-made slit exposed her small cleavage. Ice admired his two partners as he leaned back in his seat, enjoying the serenity that surrounded him. They'd been through several missions together and after the first three months of heated glances, he'd taken both to bed at the same time. . .they'd been fuck buddies ever since. He loved his life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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