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If at First...


(Possibly the longest story I have written. Thanks to all who helped me by reading it and giving me feedback. I owe you all a ton of kisses.)


Corey walked up the stairs as he readied himself for the night of dancing he promised his lover that night. He arrived at her room and glanced in as Sylvia stood there, just as she finished lacing her boots up to her knees, nothing else hiding her porcelain skin from his view. As Corey neared closer to her, Sylvia tensed slightly before he planted a few kisses along her neck as his hands reach around her waist He pulled her closer as he looked on the bed and saw the beautiful slinky black dress soon to adorn her form. As Corey noticed the lack of chest coverings on the bed, he nodded at her before he told her two simple words.

"No panties."

This shocked Sylvia slightly, but she realized that he had more sneaky ideas in mind as the dress fell upon her erect nipples and began to cover her form. As she reached back behind her to pull the zippered edges closed, she could feel Corey still in the room just watching her. She walked over to her vanity mirror to secretly check herself out in the mirror as she took her small hands to raise her long brown hair to give her ideas while he watched. It also gave her the chance to check out what her lover wore.

She could see the black dress shirt he wore and the way his hair was cut short from the haircut he received earlier that day in preparation for that night. Corey wore a dark pair of slacks accented with a small silver buckle from the black belt he wore. She thought to himself that he was definitely in the clothes to party with her friends in.

He was looking on gladly as she started putting her hair up to expose her neck the way he liked. Corey knew from previous experiences that her neck was a strong erotic point on her. He was holding himself back as his desires wanted him to nibble on her exposed neck again and wrap his arms around her before just mauling her onto her bed. In his heart he knew that Sylvia wanted to go out and enjoy a night dancing and hanging out with her friends. It was the least he could do since her beloved was overseas for a few months and he came to visit. All Corey wanted was her happiness and as she finally decided on how her hair would be, he mentally prepared himself for that night.

They walked down the stairs towards the front door as she held his hand. It was a firm grasp, not the dainty hold that one would expect from a woman of that size. Her small less than six foot frame did a divine job of holding the beautiful natural assets she had been blessed with. She felt a little self conscious about not wearing undergarments under the sparkled black dress she wore nor did she comprehend the reason why he insisted on wearing her black high heeled boots although they were her favorite footwear for going out. She left that night in his hands since Corey was the guest for that week long visit. Sylvia had helped him so much already in exploring himself in ways he couldn't at home. Just the freedom to have an afternoon romantic snog fest or to allow himself to be secured to her headboard had loosened him up in so many ways from the uptight Yank he used to be. Even though Sylvia had not had intercourse with him, she felt closer to him than just a few days prior. It was getting harder for her to hold herself back from fucking this American rotten at every opportunity.

Corey slid into the back of the taxi as she looked at him so calm at that point. As the driver drove towards the club they would be meeting her friends at that night, Sylvia could feel his breath on her neck and her insides begin to melt from the attention. As his hand slid down her exposed arm, she was imagining nothing around them except his lips on her neck and his hand on her arm.She moaned softly as he opened his lips and allowed an open mouth kiss to cover the nape of her neck. He too could feel her begin to melt under his touch and although his mind was telling him to wait, his loins desired to do more.

A gentle cough from the cab driver alerted them to their arrival to the club. As he paid the driver, she slid closer to him as they opened the door and exited towards the open doors. There before them was the club she loved to dance at. It had been four months since she was there and she felt a slight pit in her stomach as she remembered the last time was with her husband.How she wished at that moment that it was both Corey and her husband there to dance with her. He could sense her apprehension as he stood there with her, not feeling comfortable in highly social situations like that. As they walked slowly forward, she heard the sounds of her friends laughing. She turned her head and walked over and began to get involved in their conversation as Corey stood there quietly. It wasn't until she introduced her girls to him that he spoke quietly and shyly.

They all entered the club and as Corey relegated himself to waiter and security guard, the girls began to cut the rug and dance like crazy. He watched as Sylvia was smiling again enjoying the dancing and glasses of wine he brought her. As the night wore on, she gradually encouraged him to go on the floor with him and attempt to dance. It was then his turn to be self conscious as he felt like the elephant trapped in the room full of glass with his clumsy dance moves. All it took was one look from her to help him feel more at ease. As the night went on, he even was given the chance to dance with her girlfriends to get to know them better before her small hands would grab him back to herself.

The cab arrived to take them back to her house as her friends were already escorted back to their vehicles by him. Sylvia watched as this gentle soul walked back after the last of her buddies was driving away and noticed his face was down. When prodded, Corey revealed how he didn't want that night to end because of how free he felt and how much fun they were having. As he held the door to allow her to enter first, his hand softly touched her rear and rubbed it through the fabric of her dress, shocking her slightly in a good way. As he entered the cab, the driver started to drive as they snuggled closer and began to whisper among themselves.

It wasn't long until Sylvia began to breathe heavy again as his hand again fell to her arm and his mouth secured itself on the nape of her neck. She allowed a moan to again fall from her lips as his other hand reached around and softly grazed the side of her breast. She looked at Corey, her eyes slightly glazed over as his lips then touched hers and their tongues began to slide along each other. Her arms circled his shoulders as his encircled around his. Their kisses became more passionate, more heated as they started to steam up the back windows of the cab.

The driver did his best to ignore them as he drove towards her home. He could hear the sounds of their kisses as he kept his gaze forward, keeping his eyes on the road covered with the sudden downpour that started. He could see the lights bouncing off the sheets of raindrops as he started to turn on his radio to drown out the sounds of the couple in the backseat.

She felt herself begin to lose her control as she kept forcibly kissing him, showing him how much she needed his touch, how much she wanted him as much as he could give her. Her mouth secured on the nape on his neck as he cried softly. She was attacking him like a freed wild creature just showing him her emotions as they flowed through her mouth, her hands and her eyes. He looked down on her and noticed the beads of sweat forming on the exposed skin of her breasts as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt to run her hands through his chest hair. In her mind, she needed him there and then.

The cab driver announced that they were there. As Sylvia slowly climbed off of his lap, the anger was visible in her eyes of that interruption. As she slowly opened the door and ran into the house, Corey paid off the driver and ran in afterwards. He could hear the splashing water as the cab drove off quickly.

As he entered the house, Corey could hear her sobbing in the other room. He quickly walked towards her and saw how she sat on the couch. He quickly ran to the kitchen and fetched the tissues that were on the dispenser as she sat there, hands over her eyes as she sobbed. As he set them next to her on the coffee table, he walked over and began to set a fire in the fireplace. As his hands worked hard to get the fire to blaze, Sylvia raised her head from her hands and watched how he worked on this menial of tasks.

He turned slowly to see the trail of tears down her face as he thought about what caused her to cry like she did. He slowly turned towards her and grabbed a throw blanket from a nearby chair to cover her bare shoulders to help her maintain her warmth.

Sylvia appreciated this attention as he went into the kitchen to make some warm cider to drink. As he brought in the mugs of warm liquid, she smiled in the fire light. He set down the cup before her and began asking about her welfare. She started to talk about her husband and how much she missed him. How much she missed his touch and the way they seduced each other. He sat there quietly listening as she kept emptying her soul to him. Her eyes began to glaze over again as she told him how much she missed his firm grip on her and his knowledge of her weak spots. Corey listened more as she told him how much she had to hold back and how that night was the first time she allowed her passions to be released. She also asked him for forgiveness as she didn't want to use him as her husband's substitute.

He rose to his feet and knelt before her. Corey calmly told her that she was lovely and that it was all right, especially with all the different experiences she had helped with the past couple days. He then kissed her forehead and bid her good night as he started to climb the stairs to the guest room before her gentle voice called out to him. He turned to see her stand where she sat.

She asked him if it was all right if she slept in the same bed as he that night. He walked back down the stairs and walked over to where the fireplace was to extinguish the flames. He then put forth his hand to take hers into it as they walked to her room in order to sleep. He slowly undid the shirt she unbuttoned partially earlier while she slipped out of her dress and started to untie her boots. He knelt before her and started to unlace them for her as she looked on smiling. He detected the scent of her arousal, but chose to ignore it so he could concentrate on helping her relax. As Sylvia lay back on the bed, he started having erotic thoughts on what she could do from that position. It took every ounce of control he could muster to ensure he didn't try what he wanted to do at that moment.

She watched as he slowly removed his dress shirt and began to undo the belt on his slacks. Even under cover of darkness, she could see the telltale sign of his arousal by the tent formed in the boxers he wore. There was a part of her that wanted so much to grab him, throw him on the bed and screw him until he fell into deep slumber. Yet she could tell Corey was holding back due to his desire not to hurt her. As he slipped into bed next to her, she could feel the tenseness emanating from him and the conflict knowing that his feelings were in warfare within him over what he should do. As she began to hear him snoring quietly, she understood that she had a ton of making up to do the next day.

The sounds of birds chirping aroused Corey from slumber as he looked towards the open window. A slightly cool breeze waltzed in from outside partially chilling him on his exposed toes peeking from the blanket. He leaned over and could see the spot barren next to him where Sylvia slept the night before. He slowly began to remember the previous night. He remembered the cab ride where he began to feel her unbridled passions locked away for a long time since the departure of her beloved to war. He remembered her tears as she cried over the betrayal she felt allowing herself to release said passions on this friend she invited over for visiting with. He could remember how he held back when the scent of her arousal was inviting him in for one night of lust and iniquity and how he felt it his duty to deny himself this simplest of desires. He rolled over and over within his own cerebellum whether his actions were the wisest or if he went too far into allowing her to wallow in the depression his manly advances had caused. Slowly, he could smell the aroma of apple wood and warm coffee billowing from beyond the closed door hiding him from whatever his fate was to be.

Warily, he slid out of the bed and grabbed a blue bathrobe that was one of her presents to him when he first arrived knowing that he loved that color and it would make him more comfortable first thing in the morning. As he tied the belt securing it to his otherwise under clothed form, he slowly padded his way to the door and opened it as a soldier preparing for an ambush. He attempted to walk down the small hallway and down the stairs towards the kitchen in case he attempted to speak and disrespected his hostess again. This changed when he arrived at the table and saw the sight before him.

There stood the hostess, Sylvia before him. Her hair of brown was behind her head to frame her porcelain face with the widest of smiles. She wore a black apron that was lightly frilled with white fringe along the edges and no design where her stomach was. As she turned towards him, he could see the apron had a slanted front, like a v-neck blouse that revealed more of her sensuous cleavage. Oh the weakness he felt at that moment looking at her and the impure thoughts that began to overtake his mind as he saw her. A glance down her beautiful legs revealed that she secured a pair of heels along her feet putting any cheesy French maid costume from the internet's erotic costume collections to shame. As she walked over closer, he was unsure of what to say or how to approach. He was as a virgin about to confront his first experience, unsure of his movements, unsure of what to say almost stuttering both in speech and mind.

Her words were both blessing and calming to him as she began to speak of this hero's breakfast for her hero from last night. She began to say more as he looked before him and saw the bread and jam and scrambled eggs and bacon before him with orange juice in a carafe waiting to be devoured by him. As he looked at her again in wonder, she blushed slightly realizing that her desire to recompense from the previous night might have overwhelmed her shy friend slightly. As she turned to fetch the coffee pot, he could see the dark colored boy shorts and the really tiny tank top she wore under her apron. His judgment failed when he whistled at her.

She turned slowly to see the embarrassed grin on his face as the laughter began to form within her stomach and rose through her chest to explode out of her mouth as his laughter began to join hers. This was silly, both of them thought. Yet here both of them were laughing at the predicament they found themselves in. There he sat at breakfast oogling the beautiful woman he had been with for the previous week even though parts of him were unsure if said admiration of her form was a legitimate hobby to take part in while she stood there wearing next to nothing to be more comfortable around the man she almost had the most passionate sex with the previous night since her husband left for service. The humor in the situation was overcoming the tenseness.

It wasn't long til both sat down and began enjoying the fruits of her morning labors as they began laughing over the different things happening that morning. Soon, the abdomens of both were filled and they began to clean up when her hands found his neck and began to rub it slightly in a massaging manner. He sat there enjoying the treatment for a minute before she leaned down and kissed the spot she rubbed before whispering in his ear how the breakfast was the beginning of his hero's day and how she was going to surprise him with more later. As she rose to finish placing the dishes in the dishwasher, he watched as the boy short covered rear of hers swayed slightly while she bent over. His mind was already contemplating what he wanted to do to her as she rose to look at his goofy grin mid thought.

Sylvia then told Corey how that day was going to be slightly different since she had a chat to perform with her husband on the computer and that her friends would be taking him out for a day of sight seeing and shopping. He looked at her partially surprised since he didn't think about the fact that her outfit could have possibly been designed with her husband in mind. Politeness and respect for her decision kept him from asking this question since he didn't know as yet what surprises or ideas she was planning for him. As he slowly walked back up the stairs, Sylvia yelled up that he should wear a nice pair of shorts with a polo considering the warmth coming in from the sun by that time. As Corey went back to the guest room, he saw in his closet an outfit Sylvia picked out for him. A baby blue polo with a pair of khaki colored cargo shorts. As he showered, he debated within himself if he should release some of the tension that remained from the night before. This question was quickly answered when Sylvia walked into his bathroom and dropped off a towel, reminding him that the girls would be there in fifteen minutes and he had to hurry. Sylvia stole a glance at Corey's member through the curtain although the designs partially hid it from her total view. In her mind, she wished she could jump in the shower with him, bend down to both knees and worship it the way she wanted to at that moment. She could feel her insides begin to flutter as she excused herself and get back to where the chat would happen in the study.

It wasn't long before Corey was downstairs as the doorbell rang. He took it upon herself to open it and saw three of the girls from the previous night waiting.

Jasmine was to his left. Corey could tell that she recently had her black hair highlighted slightly and that her lips were a burgundy color with the lip gloss she wore. Jasmine's petite frame was enclosed in a white sundress with flower accents. Corey could tell her natural breasts were as petite as she was, but she had a wide smile.

Harley was in the middle. From what Sylvia talked about her, he could tell that Harley was definitely the wild child of the group. Her bleach blond hair hung low to her shoulders as her t-shirt advertising the same motorcycle company poked out towards him effectively showing off her doubly delightful chest. She wore a pair of cut off jean shorts that looked a little small to hide her hips.

Melody was to his right. Her super curly red hair was framing her pale face as she shyly smiled at Corey. She wore a conservative light pink polo that effectively shielded her breast dimensions from Corey's gaze. A pair of khaki Capri pants completed her ensemble.

It was at that moment that Sylvia walked down and saw her friends. A shriek of joy or two later, Corey could hear the girls commenting on the sexiness of Sylvia's outfit. Jasmine blurted out that her hubby was gonna love the view, catching Corey by surprise before he saw Sylvia's blushing face. Apparently, Jasmine's outburst revealed Sylvia's plan for her hubby and the ulterior motive for his sightseeing tour. Corey understood. He remembered that she hadn't seen him or felt his touch in four months and that the conversation was needful.

As the girls grabbed Corey by his hands and dragged them to Jasmine's convertible, Sylvia felt badly about releasing her charge to the wolves like she did. She knew how playful her friend's could be and although she had no doubt of Corey's tolerance, she had less confidence in her friends. After all, Sylvia knew that Jasmine and Harley's husbands were with hers and that Melody's husband has not been with it as far as the sexual fire is concerned. The worries disappeared as she heard her husband's voice on her earphones. As she turned on the web cam, she could hear the whistles from her husband as he salivated at the outfit she wore for him.

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