If The Price Is Right


As we studied each other, I began to observe a hint of a slit, a touch of pink underneath her covering. Feeling movement between my legs, I suspected my soldier was saluting her breath-taking beauty, but I refused to waste a single second by looking away from Liz. My heart hammered at my rib cage, my lungs seemed determined to demonstrate just how much air they could inhale at one time. Yet I wasn't alone, even with my eyes riveted to Liz's most feminine attribute, I could see her belly rise and fall from her breathing.

Distracted as I was, I knew Liz was giving me well more than the agreed two minutes. When her hands began to move, my instant reaction was nonetheless to think, "Oh God, not already." Maintaining my unblinking attention was greatly rewarded. Instead of bending from the waist to reach her bottoms, Liz squatted, lowering her entire body.

By the time her fingers touched the waistband, her knees had spread wider, and with her butt near the floor, I was finally able to glimpse EVERYTHING between her legs. A line of bright pink clearly peeked through her dark bush; I saw things that I didn't know the names for.

Looking calm as you please, she drew the bottoms up, then headed out my door.

"Liz, I can't say just now much beyond thank you. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"I'll close your door. As soon as I get to my room, we'll both be doing the same thing."

If Liz had turned around, she'd have seen me grab my shaft, then seen sperm erupting from me. Before I could even grab a tissue, I was deep into an orgasm so potent that I couldn't hold myself upright. The way my body jerked, an observer might have thought I was being electrocuted. I was so incredibly innocent, I'd never imagined that my sister ever fondled herself. The image, the concept, of her playing with her pussy, perhaps at that very instant, kept my balls pumping and my penis waving for far longer than I'd ever experienced. The faint awareness that she'd confided that revelation after seeing my penis only added fuel to my enflamed brain.

Chapter 4

I didn't get out of bed until lunchtime on Saturday. My poor pud was sore from self-abuse. I had a date Saturday night. Thank goodness we went to a school play, I was so distracted I wouldn't have been good company. As usual, I did wonder about my date's body, but my mind kept drifting back to Liz.

Liz had been dating for two years longer than I had, and more frequently. How far she had gone with those boys became a new angst for me to fret over.

While trying to watch the play, images of Liz's beaver would crowd out the dialog. I wondered if her breasts still looked the same as they had two years ago when she'd displayed them for me.

Then, as images of Liz's body would fill my head, all I'd seen would be pushed aside by wondering what I hadn't been able to see. It was only when Liz had squatted down to grab her bottoms that I gotten a hint of just how much of her anatomy had been obscured by her pubic hair, how much I'd missed by her having stood erect for all but a second.

By Sunday, when I was finally able to speak with Liz, my head was spinning. Foremost on my mind was telling Liz how attractive I thought she was. There was no way she couldn't know she was a desirable, sexy girl, yet I swear she blushed at my compliments.

Even though there was more on my mind, more I wanted to say, the words wouldn't come. Liz sensed I was beating around the bush about something, she prodded me to spill my guts and be done with it.

After a few deep breaths and a couple false starts, I managed to outline my fascination with her, confiding how I'd think about wanting to see her naked even when I was out with a girl a liked. Finally, I confessed to my now overwhelming desire to really see everything between her legs. At last I was able to blurt out that I was desperate to learn what a girl really looked like. "I want you show me everything, to teach me about a girl's body... down there."

Instead of any of the things I was mentally expecting, Liz calmly said. "Twenty Dollars."

* * * * *

Thanks to a Manhattan doctor who'd heard about the big Walleyes in our lake, I earned the next extra $20 and a bit more during a school holiday 4 days later. Good thing, I'd been ready to dip into my savings, which I very much didn't want to do. I was committed to having a nest egg by the time I graduated high school.

I traded in the dog-eared 5's plus one of the ratty looking 10's I been paid for my day on the lake, for a crisp new $20.

A bespectacled Jackson was into Liz's hands that very night. Since our folks were planning to visit close friends Sunday afternoon for a small birthday party, we agreed upon that time for my 'lesson'.

Chapter 5

Just hearing the engine start in Dad's Dodge Saturday afternoon was enough to set my heart racing. They were finally on their way to a party at the Dobson's. Soon Liz should be coming to my room.

Minutes later, Liz sauntered into my bedroom. Though she only wore a white blouse and jeans, the way they hugged her form made Liz look sexy as hell. From my prone position on my bed where I'd been dreaming about her, I snapped into a sitting position, silently awaiting her directions.

Before I could ask what I should do, her hands went to her waist. Unsnapping the brass button above her fly, her right hand then pulled the zipped down. For a few moments her arms hung by her sides, allowing me a peek at the shiny white panty material now visible where the flaps fell apart. Following that pause, she worked the jeans off her hips until they fell in a pool around her ankles.

"Stand up so I can lay on your bed." came Liz's softly spoken request.

Standing, Liz moved past me, moving my pillow near the middle of my bed. Turning to her, I watched every motion has she lay down with her head on my pillow and her body towards the foot of the bed. By pulling her knees up, she was able to fit entirely on the lower half of the bed.

"Move down to the foot of the bed so you can see... what you wanted."

In a flash, I stood at the end of the bed, staring down at her panty-clad groin.

"I'd like you to take off your pants so I have something to look at while I'm lying here, it'll make me feel a little less like a piece of meat."

My pants practically flew off my body. As I reached for my bulging Fruit of The Looms, Liz spoke. "Take your time, let's do it together."

The moment I began to lower my underwear, Liz lifted her hips allowing her panties to slide over her buns. Keeping her legs pressed together, she squirmed until they were past her knees. Releasing the silky garment, it fell to the floor. Slowly Liz spread her knees, revealing herself completely.

My penis bounced along with my heat beats as I stared at Liz's fantastic pussy. Having given me a few seconds to mutely stare, Liz asked, "What do you want to know?"

"I... I... want to see you, I... want to know about you... there."

Gently her hands moved her pubic hair one way then another; she helped me view her vaginal lips. Unconsciously, I crept forward until my shins pressed against the bottom on the bed. I was towering over Liz, standing between her widely parted knees.

"It would be OK if you want to touch yourself while you look. In a moment, I'll show you how I give myself pleasure."

Gripping my shaft, my fist slowly moved in the universal, piston like fashion of masturbation.

Placing a hand on either side of her crease, Liz lectured to me using gentle tones. " When I get... aroused, my lips grow puffy and very warm. Officially they're called labia majora. They swell until they look like little hills, normally they're sort of flat. Opening herself so I could see between her lips, the moist pink flesh drew my eyes like iron to a magnet.

"I have... hidden parts that stay covered unless my body is... preparing for... sex. Then it gets slippery in there, so... skin can slide around OK."

Her fingers glided to the lower end of her crease.

"These delicate inner lips swell and open pretty far as I... a girl gets more ready. Doctors call them labia minora. Normally they cover and protect the place where a man... would go... when a girl was ready for him. You may not be able to see the... opening, but..."

Following a long pause, Liz wormed her middle finger inside herself.

By testicles began to earnestly tighten, clear fluid flowed freely from my tip.

"My finger is in my vagina. While it can feel incredible... to a girl, to have a man inside... there. Up here is very, very important for a girl to... enjoy sex."

While the free hand spread the folds apart, Liz withdrew her finger, moving that hand up to toy with the pink thing that looked like a little finger.

"This is my clitoris. If I'd been a boy it would've developed into a penis. For a girl, it becomes a little tube filled with very sensitive rod. When it gets moved around or rubbed just right, it makes... a girl feel so good I... she could scream from the pleasure. This is what I do when I'm trying to... when I'm almost..."

The hand she'd held her folds open with moved up to her right breast, she fondled her mound through her blouse and bra. But the middle fingers of her other hand were soon massaging directly on top of her plump clitoris. She began slowly, but in under a minute, Liz's fingers were a blur.

Before the minute was half over, my shoulders hunched forward, my chin fell, my mouth gaped, and my knees bent. As my body had absorbed Liz's precious sights and unsuspected aromas, the tingling moved from feeling really good, to REALLY good, to fabulous, to heavenly, to ecstasy, then far beyond.

I'd felt my sperm being readied, then pushing though my tubes, then, as I stared at Liz's frigging fingers, sperm shot out of me. The first bolt went as far as her breasts. Thick ropes of semen steadily erupted from my drenched tip. As the strength of my ejaculation gradually weakened, I left a trail of puddles down her torso, over bare the bare tummy, onto her dark fur and flying hand. By the time I'd finished, droplets were scattered over both inner thighs and exposed buns below her pussy.

By the time my spewing finished, I was hunched over like a ninety-year old man, but my eyes remained fixed on Liz's pussy. Liz reached an orgasm during the time I was making a mess on her incredible body. I don't recall even thinking of any words for the climax I witnessed, but I instinctively understood that her hips jumping, her visible lower buns clenching tight, her fingers achieving a blinding speed, all together they meant my sexy sister had experienced the female version of what I was feeling.

I guess I knew that sex was supposed to feel good to a girl, but it was major revelation that it could be the intense pleasure I observed. Even in the throes of bliss, unable to stand erect, I still watched closely as her fingers gradually slowed, watched until they finally stopped. By then I was on my knees, holding my shrunken penis, breathing like a bellows.

When at last she composed herself sufficiently, Liz rolled off the bed. Picking up her jeans and panties, she walked towards the door. As she passed me, Liz stopped for a second. I tried to look up to her face, but my eyes couldn't rise above her sodden pussy, now mere inches from my face. I managed to rasp out "You are the most amazing... " before my voice betrayed me.

Tenderly, Liz ran her fingers through my hair from my forehead to the back of my neck before walking out my door for the bathroom.

Falling towards my bed, I nonetheless managed to watch her gorgeous buns sway where they peeked out beneath her curved shirttail until the bathroom door closed behind her.

Chapter 6

I briefly left my room a couple times later that day, once for a quick sandwich and a couple times for a pee and a drink. But other than telling Mom that I'd eaten a bite just before they got home, I was too emotionally and physically drained to see anyone.

Even though I resumed dating the following weekend, I couldn't get Liz out of my head. While more curious than ever about whatever girl I was out with, Liz's body became my Holy Grail.

Roughly three weeks after my 'plumbing lesson', I asked Liz to join me for an evening walk. That wasn't an unheard of event, as we'd matured, we would share a walk once or so a month. Maybe she guessed I had something on my mind, Liz spoke nary a word as we strolled.

Finally, the words gelled in my head. "Liz, a like a lot of girls around here, but you are the woman that attracts me the most. There is something about you that makes you... more special than I can describe. I've thought about this a dozen times each day since you... taught me about... biology. Liz, guess it's obvious I'm still a... I've never... Liz, will you teach me the rest?"

Her pace never varied as we continued our walk. Reaching the huge elm that marked a mile from home, we turned as usual. A few steps later, she took my hand, but remained silent as we strode on. There wasn't a thing I could think of worth saying. My head swan with hopes and fears. She hadn't said a word, but she hadn't yelled, or flat out said 'no'.

As we reached the front door, as I turned the knob to open it for Liz, as she stepped in ahead of me, I heard "One Hundred Dollars." Never turning back to me. Liz went up to her room.

Liz was long gone before I managed to stagger up to my room. Anyone seeing me lying still on my bed with my eyes closed would have assumed I was at rest. Yet inside my stomach churned, my heart pounded, and brain crackled with activity.

When I heard "One Hundred Dollars", for the tiniest fraction of a fraction of a second, my shocked mind tried to form "You rotten whore..." but I cut that notion down in mid-thought. Reigning in my runaway head, I forced myself to think.

Who is obsessed with whom? I had no concept of how unappealing my requests might be to Liz. Maybe she totally hated those show-and-don't-tell sessions. Maybe she thought I was pathetic, or worse. Everything we'd done had happened after a lot of me hounding her. Maybe, maybe, maybe... And let's face it, if she'd just said, "Ya wanna screw me? Sure, no problem. Let's go do it." Wouldn't I be tempted to call her a slut in anger some day?

Eventually, I got past the wondering and doubts that were on the verge of making me a complete lunatic. Forcing myself to comprehend the awesome reality that I was only $100 away from losing my virginity, with the girl I wanted more than any other, allowed my thinking to finally straighten out, plus other things.

School was about to let out. I could make a lot more money during the Summer, naturally. But to clear a C-note, plus sticking to my savings goal, meant I'd have to bust my hump like never before. I'd sworn years ago to have a stash so I could start a business when I graduated; I HAD to follow my plan.

Hey, if I could just make an extra $10 each week, in ten weeks I could be in heaven. With my thinking becoming more logical, I knew having Liz initiate me was worth a king's ransom. Whatever I had to do, I would. Having Liz was worth any sacrifice. Let's face it, could ten times that amount ever buy something that would mean as much to me? No way!

So now I had a plan. My first decision was to stop pushing the vision of Liz, on my bed, with her legs spread, out of my mind! For now I'd drop my drawers and masturbate like crazy. Later I could list all the ways I could think up to generate extra income.

Chapter 7

I won't bore you by listing all the hump-busting jobs I took on, but most of it was work with a capital W. Twelve weeks is what it took me. There was a two-week stretch where it rained damned near every day. Yet the day arrived when I came home from the bank with a mint condition bill sporting Mr. Franklin's likeness. As I drew the old fashioned looking specs on him, I tried to remember... hadn't he invented bifocals or something to do with glasses?

After a shower, dressing, and generally doing everything I could to make myself as presentable as possible, my 100 clams and I traveled to Liz's closed door. You might think I wouldn't be nervous, but I was, tremendously. Even my knock on the door sounded nervous to me.

"Come in." was my cue.

Stepping in, I spied Liz on the old easy chair she used for most of her reading. Kneeling beside the chair, I clutched her left hand, opened her fingers until her palm was flat, then carefully laid the decorated $100 face up.

Her expression flickered, I knew the tiny glassed I'd drawn had registered, we hadn't spoken a word about our conversation of three months ago. But I knew this was a lot bigger deal than asking to see "boobies", I was paying her to take my cherry. My conscience compelled me to speak.

"Liz, guess I'm worried that you might have thought I'd never want you enough to actually earn this money. I need you to know that I want you more than anything. But I can't tell you how much I adore you, then push you into something you weren't... "

When I paused, searching for words, Liz ended my stumbling offer to renege with a simple, soft-spoken "When?"

"Well... there's girl stuff I'm mostly in the dark about. Guess, I'm pretty much ready all the time, so maybe you should just let me know when it's good for you."

A sweet smile spread across her face, her voice was warm, "I'll let you know. It was nice the way you asked."

Leaning in, I did something I hadn't done in ages. I kissed Liz, almost full on the mouth. Gently, her lips pursed slightly, returning my kiss. Never imagining this far ahead, having no further idea of what to do or say, I stood, turned, then beat a hasty retreat to my room where I spent all night dreaming of a day to come.

Chapter 8

Though outside it was a cool, dreary, rainy late August night, I was as bright and cheery as I'd ever felt. Our folks had just left for the VFW Hall in Plainfield. Following a fund raising dinner, they'd be staying for speeches and schmoozing with local political wannabes. Since the drive alone would be nearly an hour each way, they clearly would be out until the wee hours.

Three days earlier, Liz had casually mentioned that this evening would be a good time to conclude out business. She was as poised as if she'd been suggesting it would be a nice night to help me balance my checkbook. Who knows, maybe it meant little more to her. It sure meant a hell-of-a lot to me.

No start time having been mentioned, and me being too nervous to press for particulars, I'd merely showered and spiffed up before the folks departed. Having changed into nice pants and a pressed shirt, I waited expectantly in my room for events to unfold.

Time distorted so badly for me that each minute dragged by with a painful slowness. I'd left my door open, choosing to read a new science fiction book by Isaac Asimov about robots. I'd just accepted the fact that no matter how many times I'd read page 1, tonight I wasn't going to remember what it said.

Mercifully, as I flipped the paperback into my headboard, a lovely Liz wearing a simple, but delightful frock appeared in my doorway. I arose from the bed a bit too fast. Desperate to appear grown up, calm, and collected, my voice betrayed my true anxiety when it croaked, "Come in, please."

Probably a girl could have told you every detail about the pattern and shade of her dress, I only recall it showed her marvelous figure, was a light color, and had some kind of flower pattern. My hyperactive male brain was too busy trying to see the female form within the dress for much else to register. Still, it was her face and eyes that consistently held my gaze.

As usual, I could gauge little from her slight smile or her few words. Since I was obviously glued to my spot, Liz strolled over to me. Before I had time to wonder what to do, she turned halfway around saying, "unzip me."

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