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If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them


"Rachel, I think I will just call it a day and go home." I told my secretary.

"Don't forget to call your wife before you go home. She said to make sure I told you to call."

"Thanks I will call her from the phone in the truck."

I knew it was Ann's day off from work. Since I would be home in ten minutes, I decided not to call and drive on home. Arriving at home, I noticed Ann's car was in the driveway. Rachel said she was adamant about me calling her. Why? I knew Ann might be cheating on me. I had found what some women called a fuck bag in her car. It contained condoms, a vibrator, bra, thong, panties, address book, shoes, a change of clothes, make up, wipes, and other female articles.

Parking my truck, I went into the house. Ann was not in the den or the kitchen. I heard water running in the shower and figured she was in the bathroom. I noticed that she had not made the bed up today. The bed spread was on the floor and the quilt and blanket almost on the floor. Then I saw what looked like semen and hair on the sheets. Touching the dampness, it was still wet. Had Ann had a man in our bedroom before I came home? Was this the reason she wanted me to call home before I left the office?

I heard the shower being turned off, so I left the bedroom and went to the den. Picking up the newspaper I began to read the sports page. Had I just missed Ann and her lover fucking in our bedroom? That stain had not come from Ann alone. Sure she had vibrators and played with them a lot. That was a man's semen and it was still wet.

"Hi honey." Ann said as she came into the den.

"I told Rachel to tell you to call me before you came home."

"She told me but I decided to wait until I got home to find out what you wanted."

"Its nothing Phillip, I thought I was out of milk but we have enough until tomorrow."

"So how was your day?" I said.

"It was good, I took care of some things that needed to be done."

"I'll be right back, I have to go get dressed. You know I have that meeting at seven that I have to go to. I should be home after its over with." she said.

"What meeting?" I asked.

"The band meeting. Being president I have to be there to call the meeting to order and preside over it. It usually runs about two hours or so." She said.

She left and went to our bedroom. About thirty minutes later she reappeared in the den. After seven years of marriage she still looked hot and sexy.

"Your supper is in the oven, I baked a casserole, your favorite. I should be home around nine or ten. Sometimes these meetings last forever." She said.

She came over to my chair and I got up and kissed her. We said our byes and she left. As soon as I heard her leave, I went to our bedroom. The bed was made up. I found the others sheets being washed in the washing machine.

I heard the phone ringing and I answered it.

"Hi Phillip, this is Charlotte, your next door neighbor."

"Hi Charlotte, I haven't seen you outside this week at all."

"I have been keeping my eyes open like you asked me to." She said.

"Good, was there a man at the house this afternoon?"

"There was a man at your house. If you had been ten minutes earlier, he would have still been there when you got home."

"Who was it, do you know?" I asked.

" Yes,I know who the man is."

"Why don't we meet somewhere and you can tell me what you know." I asked.

"Meet me at Serenity Cove in thirty minutes.

"I will be there."

Charlotte's was a good neighbor to have. She had mentioned to me that Ann was wild and that she thought Ann might be cheating on me. I had told her to keep her eyes and ears open and to let me know what she had seen or heard.

Charlotte was divorced and had no children at home. She is about 5'-7" tall, slim waist and nice ass. Nice set of tits to go along with her hot body. There's has been many times that I would watch Charlotte as she mowed her grass and did yard work wearing a bikini. I would like to fuck her and I think she knows it.

I drove to Serenity Cove and waited for Charlotte to arrive. This cove was outside the town limits by a small creek. With the trees and the sound of the water in the creek, it was serenity. She arrived shortly and I watched her as she got out of her car and came and got into my truck. Since it was summer, she was wearing mini shorts and a tank top. I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra.

"This will do fine." she said as she got in and closed the door.

"Well Charlotte what have you found out?"

"If you had been ten minutes earlier, you probably would have caught Ann and her lover fucking."

"I know, I found wet semen stains on the sheets in our bedroom."

"Phillip, this man hasn't been the only man she has invited to your house. There's some more men coming and staying for an hour or two." she said.

"Who was the man there today?"

"He the chief of police from town, he comes quite often, about two times a week. He stays for about an hour each time." she said.

"And you said there are others?"

"Do you really want to know all of this Phillip? I told you she was wild and you didn't believe me. She is cheating on you, what else would these men be coming to your house for on her off days. They are coming there to fuck your wife." She said.

"I know. The wet semen stain on the sheets prove that."

"The man you hired to cut your grass every week is fucking her every week. He usually goes into the house for about an hour before he starts the mowing. He schedules the mowing on her off days from work." She said.

"I have noticed that the grass isn't cut on the same day each week." I said.

"Then there's the electric meter reader, the UPS truck driver, the cable man, these men come once a month.

"Does the chief of police come every week also?"

"He comes twice every week. I have noticed an appliance repairman over there to. His truck has something on it about air conditioners." She said.

"This doesn't count the men she is probably fucking away from home."

"No it doesn't. I do know one thing, Ann sure likes to fuck." She said.

"She always has." I said.

"So it looks like she has about six men coming to the house to fuck her. All while I am at work." I said.

"You wanted me to find out if Ann is cheating on you, I have told you that I believe she is getting a lot of dick. So what are you going to do now?" She asked.

"Charlotte, you know that I have always treated you with respect. Never have I said anything out of the usual talk we have. But looking at you now and hearing all of this from you about Ann, I sure would like to fuck you." I said.

"That wasn't the reason I spied on Ann for you. I have known for a long time that you want to fuck me. I have dreamed about it happening. Phillip if I let you fuck me, we would be doing the same thing Ann is doing. Although she is doing it with a lot more men, if we did it one time, you would be cheating on her." She said.

"You are right. I would be no better than she is." I said.

"I have been divorced for about a year now, I have been screwed. It wasn't by a married man. If you want to fuck me, you need to get a divorce first. After you get a divorce, you can fuck me all you want. Phillip what other proof do you want other than what I have given you and those semen stains." She said.

"I would just like to catch her with another man and him fucking her." I said.

"You can do that tonight. If she goes to the same place, there will be a man there that will be fucking her." she said.

"You mean you know for sure that she will be getting another man's dick?" I asked.

"Oh yes, there is a picnic table there, she will lay a quilt on the table. Ann will lie down on the table, and the high school coach will stand on the ground, place Ann's legs on his shoulders and drive his dick deep into her hungry pussy." she said.

"How do you know this and that she will be there tonight?" I asked.

"Because its Thursday night, and the coach has fucked her every Thursday night for the past two months. Right on that table. You can get close enough without being seen and watch him fuck her. You will have your proof."

"You mean the table right outside the locker room at the football field?"

"That's the table. By the way the coach is single." She volunteered.

"Sounds like he may have had you on that table also." I said.

"I don't go around telling other men who I have screwed, but yes, the coach has had my pussy on the table a few times."

"Can you take me there tonight." I asked.

"I sure will, but I want go up to the table with you. I don't want the coach to see me. I still want his dick in me some more. He might not fuck me again if he saw me with you." She said.

"If she is there tonight getting fucked, I will filed for a divorce." I said.

"Divorce the slut and you can fuck me." She said.

"What about a blow job or maybe I could eat your pussy." I said.

" No and you don't get to fuck me. Like I said divorce the slut and you can have my pussy and my ass." she said.

"We still have a lot of time to kill before we go there." I said.

"It want be as long as you think. She probably is already there waiting on him." She said.

"She has a meeting that will last way beyond nine o'clock." I said.

"Phillip there's no band meeting tonight. It was last Thursday night." She said.

"So that bitch lied to me."

"Why wouldn't she lie, she lies to get another man's dick and cum." She said.

"Let's go so I can catch her fucking." I said.

Charlotte told me to follow her in her car. She said she knew the place that we could park our vehicles. We would have to walk from there to the football field. Arriving at the place, we parked our vehicles and she told me to try not to make any noise as we approached them.

As we walked, I couldn't help thinking about getting into Charlotte's pussy and ass and sucking on her tits. I could see by the moonlight that there was a man and woman at the picnic table. As we got closer, I saw the outline of Ann's naked body as she put the quilt on the table.

"I can't go any closer Phillip, I will stay here behind the hedge. Just follow the dirt road and stay close to the edge and they want see you." She whispered into my ear.

"By the way, when are you going to let Ann know that you are here?" She asked.

"I don't know, I think I will let them finish and call out to her." I said.

"So you can watch him fuck her and you will have your proof." She said.

"Yes, I want to watch him fuck her."

"I want to fuck you." I said.

"I know you do, and Phillip I want you to fuck me. Perhaps we might even be able to hook up soon. I hope so." She said.

"After I fuck you, I want you to leave those other men alone and I will give you all the dick you want." I said.

"Phillip, After your divorce is over with I want need another dick but yours." She said.

"You mean it?" I asked.

"Ann has already told me that you have a long and thick dick. I plan on having your dick, I will do anything to get it." She said.

"I have changed my mind, I will walked down to the football field with you."

As we moved toward the lovers on the table, I could see that the Coach was pounding Ann"s pussy hard. He was standing on the ground with his pants on the ground at his feet. Ann's legs was on his shoulders and he was driving his dick into her very hard.

"I love your dick in me!!!!!" Ann said.

"I am cumming!!!!!" I heard the Coach say.

"Yes, I can feel it. Oh I am cumming to. Damn that was a good fuck, I needed that." Ann said.

I watched as Ann wrapped her legs tighter around the man's neck and put her arms around his shoulders.

"Keep it in, don't take it out. I will get you hard again and you can fuck me some more." Ann said.

"I don't know, that was a good workout for both of us. You sure are a good fuck" He said.

"I just like to fuck. I love your dick in me." I heard Ann say.

Charlotte stayed back behind me as I came closer to them at the table. I could see cum running out of Ann's pussy and onto the quilt. They hadn't seen us yet. His dick was still inside of her wet pussy. I knew I wouldn't fuck Ann again, she was fucking and not even using any protection.

"Hey buddy, how about taking your dick out of my wife's pussy." I said.

As they heard me, they both jumped up and turned toward me. He quickly pulled his shorts and jeans up. Ann just looked at me and started her ranting and raving at me.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" She said.

"I heard that you might be down here fucking, so I came to see if it was true. Looks like it is." I said.

"What the fuck are you doing here Charlotte? Come to spy on your neighbor?" Ann asked.

"She came because I wanted to have a witness that you was indeed giving your pussy to another man." I said.

"Witness my ass. That's a cold frigid bitch there. She wouldn't fuck if there was ten dicks here and she was alone." Ann said.

" At least I'm not a slut like you are." Charlotte said.

"So you have been spying on me at your house. You told Phillip about the men coming to the house. You knew I would be here tonight so you told Phillip and here you are." Ann said.

"Babe, I will see you later. Man I am sorry for fucking your wife. I sure didn't need to be caught with her. I'll just leave. Put your fucking clothes on Ann." Coach said.

"Don't be sorry for fucking me. I wanted you to fuck me. Ok I will call you later." Ann said.

"Like he said put your fucking clothes on. I see you are fucking without condoms." I said as I came up to Ann and slapped her face hard.

"You will pay for that you son of a bitch. You feel better now since you have caught me taking another man's dick. You know how I love a dick in me. I don't get yours enough. I have to get it somewhere." She said.

"This is it for us. You are nothing but a wife slut. I wouldn't put my dick in you again even if you begged me to. Our marriage is over as of right now." I said.

"Fuck you Phillip, and you to Charlotte. So I guess you will be filing for a divorce?" She said.

"Tomorrow." I said.

"Let's go back to the house Honey. We can talk this thing out. I want ever fuck another man. You are the one I want. We can't throw away all these years of marriage. I am so sorry I have hurt you. I hate myself allowing this to happen and you coming here and seeing me fuck." She said.

"Its over Ann. I want be coming home tonight or any other night. Tomorrow I will come and get my clothes and some other stuff. I will be seeing my lawyer tomorrow, I would suggest you get one too." I said.

"No Phillip, come home with me and lets talk. We can work through this. I don't want to lose you, not this way." She said.

"You should have thought about what the consequences would be before you let the first man fuck you. Tonight isn't the first time Ann that another man has fucked you. Like Charlotte said, you are a slut. It wouldn't ever be the same again, how could I trust you to stay faithful." I said.

"Phillip at least let's talk out of the presence of our neighbor. Charlotte, I am sorry that I called you a cold frigid bitch. That isn't true at all. Coach has told me that he has fucked you several times. It seems that you need a dick as much as I do." Ann told her.

"This isn't about me Ann. Its about you and Phillip. I am a single woman and coach is too. He can fuck me anytime he wants to and yes he has had me. Ann you are a married woman, you took vows to remain faithful to Phillip. You didn't take them serious, so you will be paying for your choices. No I don't need dick in me as much as you do." Charlotte said.

"Charlotte get your fucking ass away from me. Go home, but get the hell away from me. I don't need to hear you tell me that I made the wrong choices. I fucked because I wanted another man's dick in me. It feels good to have men look at me and want me. The nerve you have to call me a slut, men have been at your house as much or more than they have been at mine. You aren't a perfect angel yourself. I hear that you have a hungry pussy too." Ann said.

"I don't want to hear any more. I am going back to my truck. Ann I will call you later this weekend." "Coming Charlotte?" I said.

"That's right Phillip take Charlotte with you. You have been wanting to fuck her for a long time. Now's your chance. Take her to a hotel room and fuck her. Better yet, take her to her house and fuck her. You want her and you know it. You watch her when she does the yard work at her house. I am not blind, I know you want her pussy." Ann said.

" He's going to fuck me. It want be tonight. After he divorces your sorry ass, he will have me. Not only because he wants to, but because I want him to. I can treat him a lot better than you have." Charlotte said.

"Phillip, the way this bitch is talking, it sounds like she wants you to marry her." Ann said.

"It might just lead to that Ann. Time will tell. But I want be fucking you any more." I said.

"Phillip, I am sorry, don't go like this, let's talk. Come back to the house with me. We can work this out. I love you Phillip." I heard Ann say as I walked back to my truck.

Charlotte and I said our good nights at our vehicles. She drove away and I drove out of town to the city. I checked into a hotel room. My cell phone was ringing, Ann was calling and I didn't answer.


"Charlotte I have waited over three months for this night. My divorce is final and I have our marriage certificate here as well. I know you have your reasons for not letting me fuck you until we got married." I said.

"Stud you was still legally married and I didn't want to have sex with a married man. I haven't had sex during that time either." She said.

"Do you like the ring on your finger?" I asked.

"Yes, it feels good. I can hardly believe it. You and I are married. We will be so happy. We both will start a new life together." She said.

Ann had packed up and moved in with a man from the nearby city. I guess she did what made her happy. She didn't want a divorce, but the choices she made got her into all this trouble. I still care for her, but not like a wife. I wish her to be happy. I now have Charlotte for a wife.

"Fuck me stud. I want to make love to you right now." She said.

"Well we can go by the house before we go on our honeymoon. Ann has cleared her stuff out and the bed is still there. We can go there and fuck." I said.

"Not fuck, make love dear. Fuck is something you do with someone else." She said.

Charlotte sold her house to a married couple she knows. His name is Jim and his wife's name is Karen. They are our neighbors, since charlotte and I still live in my house.

One Saturday morning I was washing my truck and didn't hear Karen come up to me.

"Hi Phillip." Karen said.

"Oh, hi Karen. I didn't see you come up." I said.

"You look like you could use a glass of iced tea, so I brought you a glass. Here, its already cold." She said.

"Thanks Karen. You sure look great this morning." I said.

"I always dress like this when I am at home." She said.

"So what can I do for you this morning. Charlotte isn't here." I said.

"I know she's not. I didn't come to see her. I came to see you." she said.

"What about?" I asked.

"Just to socialize some and get to know you. You haven't been to the house except for when you and Charlotte came with the dish of food when we first moved in. I have noticed you watching me when I am outside in the yard. You want to fuck me don't you?" She asked.

"Karen, you are a beautiful woman, you have a nice body. Just look at how you are dressed right now. You like to show off your tits and wear tight shorts. Sure, what man wouldn't like to fuck you." I said.

"So can I take that as a yes that you want to fuck me." She said.

"Yes, Karen, I would very much like to fuck you. But right now I happen to be married." I said.

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