I'll Be Home For Christmas


"And I'm Lola."

"Well...very pleased indeed to make your acquaintance, ladies! I'm George."

"So lovely to meet you too, George," said Lola. "Right this way!"


December 19th, 5:41 p.m.

The three sat together in the waiting room. George was practically inhaling a Snickers bar the women had purchased for him.

"So, what sort of place is this?" George asked between bites. "Doctor's office?"

"Well, kind of, but not really. We'll get to that in a minute," said Lola. "How are you feeling? Can we turn up the heating for you?"

"Mm," he said, mouth full of chocolate, peanuts and caramel. "I'm starting to feel much better, actually."

Amy was eyeing Lola warily. She was evidently very nervous about this whole arrangement.

"Fantabulous!" said Lola. "Well, George, this is a type of bank, actually. But you see, it's not the sort of bank that handles money."

"That's right," Amy jumped in. "See, this is a place where single women and lesbians come who'd like to become mothers, and men...indirectly...help the women, with that task."

George looked back and forth between them. He wasn't exactly processing it. They were going to have to spell it out for him.

"...George, this is a sperm bank," Lola explained. Upon hearing, George choked on a piece of Snickers.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry!" said Lola, giving him a pat on the back. Luckily, it was only a crumb down the windpipe.

"So, George, why don't you let me take that coat for you, if you're feeling warmer now," she offered. He obliged. Lola took the coat, promptly stuffed it in Amy's arms, then sat back down with George and slipped her hand around his shoulders. Amy glared at her.

"That's okay, Lola, don't trouble yourself; I'll hang it up! No no no, please! Allow me!"

Ignoring her, Lola continued to George. "We have lots of folks come visit us, but, sometimes not quite as many as we'd hoped."

Amy hung up the coat and sat closer to him as well, resting her hand on his thigh. "Yeah, like this very week, for instance."

Lola resumed. Her next move was deliberate. She acted as if she were about to say something else, then stopped.

"Right. Our—" Pause. "Oh, hey...y'know what? I've got an idea...George, why don't you stand up, and we'll show you around?"

Okay, why not, he acquiesced, suspecting nothing. They took him arm in arm around the perimeter of their waiting room and donor areas. As they made their way about, Lola went on. "So, most of the time, we do very well with the number of nice gentlemen who drop by to donate their essences to us. Although this being the Christmas season, that's slowed us down a tad."

"Oh, George!" said Amy, opening a door, "You must see this; this room's very special." They guided him into it. "Our V.I.D. room."

"The fact is, George," said Lola, as they entered, "Our weekly goal is thirty sperm donations." She kept him turned in her direction so he wouldn't see what sat on the other side of the room. "However, this week, it seems we were only able to accumulate a total of..."

George abruptly heard the sharp sound of the door being shut. He about-faced to see Amy leaning against it. She posed provocatively, regarding him with an innocent yet coyly seductive smirk. Then he heard Lola finish her sentence.


It took another moment, but finally George began to put two and two together. He grew alarmed, shifting towards the closed door.

"Um, thank you so much for everything, ladies, really, but...I-I think I'd better be running along now."

"Uh, where, George?" Amy asked, gently halting him in his tracks. "You've nowhere to go. You told us, remember?"

George looked back and forth between them. He remembered. His eyes widened nervously.

Lola took him by the hands. "George, honey, it's okay," she consoled in a soothing voice. "You have nothing to worry about. We're going to take care of you. Now, we said a little later we'd take you out to dinner, and we will. And we can even look into putting you up in a hotel room for a couple nights—it's just that right now, George...'twould appear there's a little favor exchange to deal with."

"Right, good sir," said Amy, inertly blocking his escape. "You needed to come in out of the cold and get warm. We, meanwhile..." She awkwardly sucked some air through her teeth. "...Need a thirtieth sperm sample, in order to meet our weekly goal."

"With which we were hoping you might be able to...help us," Lola said, flirtatiously flipping her eyebrows and caressing his arm.

"But...eh...y—...you ladies want me to just give you m—..." He shakily let it trail off. "I...I don't know if I'm comfortable with that."

"And we completely understand that, George!" Amy told him reassuringly (yet also flirtatiously). "Trust us!"

"Of course!" said Lola. "It's a perfectly reasonable reaction. Granted, this is a bit of a reversed situation, George, as normally our donors come to see us and submit their sperm to us of their own volition."

George looked to the other side of the room for the first time. It consisted of one table with a TV and DVD player on it, another small coffee table occupied by some pornographic magazines and DVDs, and a soft, cushy armchair facing its fellow furnishings.

"A—...are you going to keep me in here against my will unless I...do this for you?" he asked them.

"Oh, gosh...you know, George," said Lola, "I don't much care for the phrase 'against my will.' This is a bit of a gray area, you know what I mean?" She led him towards the armchair. He looked behind him. Amy was still guarding the door.

Inside of Amy, a funny feeling was developing. Though she hadn't believed it would, the idea of taking the helpless gentleman in and persuading him to help them out—now that it was actually happening—was...somehow...turning her on. No visible explanation, but now, him in their room, something deep down within her suddenly really wanted to undress him and...get into his pants and...

What?! Amy, you naughty girl! That's not you! thought the orderly, sensible part of her brain, mentally smacking herself on the wrist. What is the matter with you? We might expect this kind of thing from Lola, but not you! You don't have that depraved mind!

Still, the other part of her brain argued, Hey, wait a minute! Can't we...indulge myself once in a while? I'm not a nun! I'm not a monk! And, it's...actually been a long time since I've...touched a man down there. She let herself be swayed in one direction, then the other, back and forth. An arbitrary third thought then entered her mind. Hmmm...maybe Lola's right; maybe I am indecisive.

Meanwhile, Lola went on. "Technically, George, we're not legally allowed to hold donors prisoner." She gingerly sat him down in the armchair, squatting beside him. "Our hope was that we could be nice enough to you, that you'd be nice enough to do this for us."

Amy redirected her attention on George. She allowed herself to enjoyably consider slithering her hand beneath his jeans...until at last deciding, Screw it. I want this. Other part of my brain, go to heck in a handbag. Slipping from the door to the other side of the armchair, she added, "Right, and, if you absolutely insist on refusing us this request, we have to respect your decision. We can't force you to do this, but..." She sighed, growing more manipulative herself. "We'd really have no choice but to release you, back outside."

"And, need we remind you, baby, it's cold outside," Lola softly added.

Amy knelt by his other side. They now each held on to one of his arms. Lola was looking at Amy suggestively. Amy was beginning to get very excited. Looking back and forth between them, George asked, "But...couldn't we just go out to dinner right now instead?"

Silence. Lola looked to Amy, feigning uneasiness. "I don't think we can do this nicely anymore," Lola told her. She turned back up to George, affably but firmly, and stated, "...I'm sorry, George; no sperm, no dinner."


"That's right," Amy chimed in, letting her warped debaucherous side take over. She then went on to surprise all three of them, as if she just couldn't stop. "No fruition, no nutrition. No rub, no grub. No squeal, no meal! No jerk-y, no turkey! No cummy, no yummy!"

"A-MY! What th—?!" Lola blew up laughing. She'd never seen this side of her before. "I can't believe that came outta your mouth!"

My gosh! thought Amy. I didn't realize how aroused I really am! I need this more than I thought! I'm hornier than Lola!

A now grinning, fired up Amy, intoxicated by how much fun this was becoming, fired her another one.

"Oh yeah?? That's what your Dad said last night!" Amy retorted, gleefully leering back at her. This made Lola's eyes and mouth pop wide open, collapsing once again in hysterical guffaws.

George was not exactly laughing along. He had to admit this repartee was uniquely...well, unique...and he wanted to be polite, but he was also starting to really want out of here. He tried to rise from the chair, but ceasing their silly symphony, as Lola predicted, together they were able to overpower him and tug him back down. He tried again. Same result. They stopped laughing and joking.

"Oh, George, please, hold on a moment!" said Amy, trying not to giggle at the ludicrousness of the whole situation as she and Lola repeatedly wrestled and pinned him back into the chair. "This would be so much easier for all of us if you would just cooperate!"

"She's right!" said Lola, as they all tried to settle down. "Please! We really don't wanna be forceful about this! We wanna be your friends, George! And we want you to be ours."

George stopped trying to shake them off and sat still in the chair, now needing to relax. He was already drained of energy from his last few days of anguish. He was beginning to feel that he might just have to honor their wishes.

"Um...w-would..." he stammered. "...Would I have to do this...right in front of you girls, in...in the same room?" he asked.

Delighted to see that he appeared to be coming around, the ladies smiled. "Oh, that's up to you!" said Lola amicably.

"Yes," said Amy. "If you want us in the room with you, here we'll be. If you wanna be alone, we'll go outside."

But pleeeease at least let me stay with you while you jerk off, George...pleeeease let me watch you stroke your cock... her randy mind thought, as a bit of wetness generated between her legs. I really really wanna watch that!

"Hell, we could even do it for you if you wanted," suggested Lola. She said it as a bit of a throwaway, but a couple of beats passed while the girls thought about it, and their smiles grew. "Hey, that's actually not a bad idea!" Lola appended.

Amy's anxious heart began pounding. Keeping calm on the outside, she asked, "Would you be comfier with that, George?"

George took a moment before he answered. "I...don't think I'd feel too comfortable either way, but..." He was having a very tough time bringing himself to finally agree. He glanced over at the visual porno aids on the small table beside.

"Oh...forget about that stuff," Lola said, waving it away. "That's ordered and delivered to us, and it's actually not really that good at all. Most of our donors don't even use it. It's...not hot, or sexy, it's just...dumb." She softened her voice, and coyly asked, "Maybe, eh...maybe we can give you a little encouragement ourselves?...Huh?..." She began to massage his inner thigh. "That feel good?" Amy started simultaneously rubbing his neck and shoulder. After a minute, George had to admit, he was enjoying the massaging. They observed his facial expression relaxing as he leaned into their healing hands, and so they enticed him further. Lola put her other hand to work rubbing his back, while Amy also worked on his other thigh.

"Oh, George...we can see you're enjoying this," Lola said to him, her voice dripping with honey. "That's what we want. We want this to be a positive experience for all of us."

Soon, they noticed a twitch, and a small rise in the crotch of his tattered jeans. They smiled. "My, oh, my, that does feel good, doesn't it?" Amy asked him sensually, her own juices already in motion. She laid her head on his shoulder, hugging his arm as her heart sped. Their eager feminine hands inched closer to where his inner thighs met his genitals. He stirred as he felt them nearing his delicate region. "Um...ladies..." he squirmed, "I'm...I'm still not sure, abou—..." He gasped as he felt the contact.

"It's okay," Lola took over for him. "We are." She rubbed him through his jeans, gazing up at him with a deceptively beatific smile. He squirmed and stirred a bit more. His eyes fluttered. He heard Amy ask, "Are you, eh...are you ready to take them off, George?"

"I...uh...I don't..." He wasn't sure. He honestly didn't know how he felt, or should be feeling about this. On one level, it felt nice. On another, it felt strange, as if he didn't know if it should be happening. Still, he allowed himself to be drawn further in.

"Trust us, George," whispered Lola. She unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down. Then she tugged them from around his backside towards his calves. He wanted to reach out and stop her, but...he also didn't want to.

At last, the pants came down far enough, and out jumped his stiffened member. The women's minds cheered. When George saw his naked cock exposed to the girls, he closed his eyes. "Oh..." he emitted, a dash of embarrassment coloring his face.

"Aw," he heard Lola say to Amy. "Look at that, he's shy! How adorable!" Lucky for him, she was teasing him tenderly, not cruelly. She tugged off his shoes, then the jeans' down from his legs. Now nothing over the lower half of his body, they spread his legs as wide as the confines of the chair would allow. The initial naked fondling began. "Oh! Ames," Lola reminded her, tossing her head in the direction of the door, working George up towards a full erection. Amy picked up on her hint; they needed a receptacle. As much as she didn't want to leave the room, "I'll be right back, George!" she announced. A moment later she returned with one of the bank's standard plastic cups, disconnected from its lid. She eagerly settled in beside Lola. "So, uh...what should I do?" she wanted to know.

"Um...oh! Here you go, play with his balls," Lola urged. "That way, I can hold him and stroke him with both hands."

Amy softly giggled, reaching to caress them. Her hands were quivering with enthusiasm. "Like this?"

"Yeah, y'know: rub 'em, jiggle 'em, tickle 'em, tease 'em...they like that a lot," Lola instructed. "Balls love attention. They really really really don't wanna be left out. Just don't play with 'em too rough. They're extremely sensitive."

George allowed himself to let his head drop on the back of the chair, while the women cuddled and fondled him. He still wasn't entirely certain how he felt about this, but it was beginning to feel very good. As he grew harder and harder in her hands, Lola remembered another aid they could use. "Oh! Ames! Go get me some massage oil!" she said, motioning with her head again.

"Oh, Lola, for cr—!" Amy was starting to feel like Lola's gofer. She was the horniest one in the room, and just wanted to stay here toying with these funny balls. Suddenly, the short jaunt out the door for a little oil seemed a very long trip. "...O-kay...okay, Lollypop, but after this, you want anything, you're gettin' it yourself!" She accidentally kicked the cup a few feet as she hopped up. Oh, shoot...ah, I'll get it later. "A'right, I'll be right back again, George." She re-disappeared, re-reappeared, and another minute later, George felt the lovely sensation of lube dripping down his cock, Lola rubbing it on him, her hand slipping and sliding all over.

"Okay, balls, Ames's back," she said to them, contentedly plopping back down in her spot. "And she's not going anywhere now." She resumed her teasing activity. She was starting to really want to touch both George and herself.

More time passed. The sun had gone down. The city was lit only by man-made lights. It continued snowing. A beautiful tableau. They fell into a rhythmic pattern. Lola held the base of his dick with one hand, giving smooth, even strokes with the other, keeping a good, moderately quick speed. Amy cupped his balls and gracefully danced her fingertips over them. Amy was a bit jealous, desiring to actually orchestrate the masturbation and handle the cock herself. But then, Lola was better-versed in this sort of thing. She knew what she was doing. George's entire body started to react. He breathed heavier. His head rolled back on the chair, and small moans began resonating out from his vocal chords. Lola and Amy were highly enjoying his flattering reactions.

Lola couldn't help but smile. "Hey, I think we're good at this!" she proclaimed.

"Yeah!" Amy chortled along. "How come we never tried this before?!" They both giggled like kids.

Lola was feeling genuinely proud of herself. She had Amy and their colleagues under the impression that she'd a lot of experience, but the truth was, though she liked being thought of as an authority figure, she was a big talker. She didn't really possess all the inner knowledge, skills and capabilities she led them to believe. It was a fun roleplaying game for her. But here she actually was, with an actual human dick in her hands, actually stroking it, evoking actual candid outbursts and exclamations of pleasure from its owner. And it was she who was making the gentleman feel this way—with Amy's help, yes, but nonetheless, her ego was highly boosted. She felt confident and in control. She was nice and excited, but if she only knew what was going on inside Amy's body right now.

They went on. George had long since left behind the part of himself to which this demonstration felt bizarre and uncomfy. He was unable to believe he'd been so resistant. He moaned, he groaned, he whimpered, he squealed. Innovative and inventive as her mind was, Lola was constantly thinking of ideas to make the whole act more fun and intense when suddenly, inspiration struck yet again.

"Oh my God," she said to Amy mischievously, "Oh my God!"

Sensing she'd come up with another errand, Amy vehemently shook her head. "No, Lola, no! Whatever the heck it is, you get it!"

"I will, I will!" said Lola. "Ames, do me a favor and stroke his dick for me, would ya? Be right back!"

"Really? Okay!" Amy perked up, jumping at the chance to feel the cock herself, in her own hand. "What is it?"

Lola hopped to her feet. "I'll show ya in a minute!" she said, dashing out. Amy gladly took over stroking George's cock with her left hand. She didn't put an igniting rev on it with the rapid motion Lola delivered, but petted it intimately, smoothing her fingers over its slippery slope. The feel and texture made her shiver with zeal inside. She felt salivation generate, and swallowed. She wanted to feel his dick in her mouth (but not slicked with massaging oil). She thought later they should take George somewhere he could enjoy himself a nice hot shower, and made a mental note to herself to then kindly ask for permission to suck his lovely cock. Actually, she couldn't wait to ask for permission to suck his lovely cock. In another minute, Lola ran back in, wearing a Santa Claus hat on her head, another in her hand. "Ta-da!" The hats were used as holiday decoration around their bank. "How funny is this?!" she laughed. She placed the other one good and snug on Amy's head. "We're Santa's naughty little helpers!"

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