tagIncest/TabooI'll Show You Mine If... Ch. 01

I'll Show You Mine If... Ch. 01

byMany Feathers©

Note: All characters in this story are 18 or older.

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours. - Chapter One

I was too young to remember when my mother and father divorced, vaguely even remembering when she remarried, and upon doing so, suddenly inheriting an older sister. And perhaps it was because I was so young at the time that I didn't really mind it either. I now had someone to play with, especially as Kristine, though she later went by Kris, was quite the Tom Boy while growing up.

Needless to say, we grew close, we'd always been affectionate with one another, sometimes to the point where her father, my mother would caution us about getting "too" friendly with one another at times. Though usually, that was all that was ever said, just periodic precautionary warnings that never really led anywhere. As for Kris and I, we'd behave for a while, and then slowly allow our playful, innocent attractions reestablish themselves. Eventually, our parents gave up trying to separate us emotionally, especially as we'd never given them a real reason for concern. At the time, sex just wasn't an issue for either one of us. Maybe we were too young, or maybe we'd simply not considered the possibility of that as we happened to live in the same house together or something. But we were close. Perhaps closer than a real brother and sister would have been.

And not to say I didn't occasionally get on Kris's nerves, or she mine. We did. Just like any real siblings might have. We had our moments. Especially when Kris began bringing home her friends, one of which I had an immediate crush on. But with Susan being a year older, dating a Jock and being a very popular cheerleader herself, just like Kris was, it wasn't something I could possibly hope to pursue personally. All I could do was worship her from afar, and let it go at that. Which is why Kris would very often chase me away from hanging around all the time. Something she didn't normally do whenever it was just the two of us.

By now of course, sex was very much an issue with me. Far more curious than experienced, I had stumbled a handful of times into catching Kris either partially undressed, or fully nude twice. Only one of those of which she had never known I'd actually stood there watching her without her being aware of it. All the rest had been those quick fleeting, or surprised glimpses causing a moment of panic, awkwardness, though even then a bit of playful teasing coming from it afterwards.

Obviously Kris had developed nicely, which I hadn't up until that particular moment thought too much about. Funny how circumstance can change all that.

When we'd grown up, one of the household rules was, we did our own laundry. Something I didn't at all mind as by then I'd not only been having numerous "wet dreams", but I went through hankies like they were going out of style. I had a stash of girlie magazines tucked under my mattress, easily accessible for my daily pleasures for one thing, but even those didn't arouse me nearly as much as seeing Susan whenever she came over for a visit with Kris.

It was a typical Saturday morning. My stepfather had gone off for his weekly golf outing with the guys much earlier. My mother very often went off to visit with friends for their weekly coffee gossip session for a few hours, leaving Kris and I home alone where it was expected we would perform and do whatever chores we had before heading out for the day.

Saturday was my day to sleep in, which I normally always did as Kris was an early riser, always had been. The beauty of that was, she got her wash going first thing, and then afterwards I'd begin my own so we never really got in one another's way.

For whatever reason, I simply couldn't sleep any more. I had actually gone to bed early on Friday, but it was obvious I had gotten more than enough sleep as I lay there wide awake, finally deciding to get up. As Kris slept downstairs much closer to the laundry room, I figured she would already be up and about doing her laundry already. I gathered what little I had, which included stripping the sheets off my bed, and decided to carry them downstairs, pile them on the floor until she was finished, and then begin my own.

Opening the door to the basement, I could already hear the washer as well as the dryer going. I made my way down the short flight of steps, bundle in my arms being careful not to trip as I did so as it was somewhat difficult to see. I guess because of that, I was a bit quieter than usual coming down. Reaching the landing of the hallway, I turned looking towards the laundry room and saw the door was partially closed, though not entirely. I began making my way towards it when I stopped cold. I had seen movement for one thing, so I knew Kris was inside the room. But what had caught my attention was the fact that she was entirely naked! It was again just a brief quick fleeting observation as she passed by the semi-open door. Obviously she'd been sorting out her laundry in the nude, for whatever reason, though even this I found a little odd. Curious, I deposited my bundle on the floor, and then quietly crept down the hallway towards the laundry room. With the door ajar the way it was, I stood next to the wall, peering through the hinged side of the door, which allowed about an inch or two of observation for me. Kris was standing at the sink looking at herself in the mirror. I found myself holding my breath as she reached up, cupping her own breasts and simply stood there holding them while looking at herself.

Kris had great looking tits. And though I had seen them very briefly before, I had never had the pleasure of doing so for any considerable length of time like I was doing now.

I guess it wasn't all that odd that she would stand there and look at herself. I'd very often done that much myself, examining and looking at the changes in my body while growing up. And that on some few occasions, had led me into doing other things as I stood there, curious about my own body no differently than anyone else might have been, and probably were. Though again I had never considered that aspect as being something that Kris herself very likely did too. But there she was, standing there examining her breasts, which I suddenly found quite interesting, not to mention a little arousing and exciting as she continued fondling herself. I was of course cautious and careful in my observations. Should Kris discover me standing there looking at her, I knew there would be hell to pay, not from my parents, as that's something she'd never have squealed on me for doing. But from her directly.

When she suddenly began rolling her nipples between her fingers however, that's when things got really interesting. This was something entirely different than just catching her getting dressed, or coming out of the bath. This...was something naughty.

Kris certainly didn't have overly large sized breasts, but they weren't small either. I guess they were perfectly proportionate for her 5'9" frame an inch taller than I was myself at the time. She normally wore her long brunet colored hair in a ponytail most of the time too, but at the moment, it hung loose and full down to the middle of her back as she stood there. And because it did, it likewise directed my continuing gaze downwards, her cute, tight firm ass more revealed at the moment than I'd honestly seen it before. Standing with her back towards me, I couldn't see anything else of course as the counter top prevented anything else from being revealed, aside from her nice full breasts. Each of which was capped by a dollar sized dark tan nipple that I now realized had puckered, grown taut and erect as my step-sister stood there fingering them observantly.

By now I had obviously become erect, which wasn't all that good of a condition for me to be in, as I was wearing nothing more than a pair of tighty-whites at the time. It wasn't all that unusual for either one of us to run around the house in our underwear, especially as our parents very often did the same. Seeing mom in nothing more than a bra, panties, or a slip had never been a big deal. Nor was it when dad came down in nothing more than his boxer shorts, a robe which was usually open as he sat reading the paper over a morning cup of coffee. Even Kris had occasionally darted about in nothing more than her bra and panties, though she was usually always in a hurry when doing so.

But like I said, this was entirely different. Especially with me now standing there with a hard on, which I had absentmindedly began fondling as I stood there looking through the crack in the door.

When she turned, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I hadn't thought far enough ahead to realize the precarious position I had placed myself in. I had in fact nowhere to run, no place to hide, and totally without any sort of excuse for lurking there behind the door the way that I was, especially now...sporting an erection. To my relief, as I stood there wishing I could turn invisible, Kris didn't step out of the room as I expected her to do. Having passed by the door without coming out, I once again glanced through the crack in the door, though this time more directly into the mirror. I hadn't realized it until that very moment, but the washer was just then going into the spin cycle. Looking into the mirror, I was now very surprised to see that Kris had actually climbed up onto the washer as was now sitting there on top of it. She'd spread out one of the bath towels, and now sat with her legs dangling down over the edge. This too I found curious, none of which made sense to me until a few precious moments after that.

I watched as Kris repositioned herself. There was just enough room between the washer and the dryer, that she was able to dangle one leg off one side, and the other leg over the other side, which placed her so that she was sitting directly on the corner of the washing machine as it began going into the cycle. I stood there wide-eyed, only then realizing that Kris was in fact masturbating! Using the vibrations of the washer itself to further enhance her enjoyments, though she had also dipped her hand down between her wide-open legs, which I could now clearly see in the mirror. Only then did I notice the small thin strip of pubic hair just above her opening, barely enough to even matter which I again found curious as to why she would do that. But erotically stimulating as hell too as I stood there looking at her. It acted like a homing beacon for me as I stood there staring at my sister's pussy for really the first time.

Luckily for me, her eyes were closed and she wasn't directly facing towards the mirror now either. Had she looked, she might very well have spotted me in the reflection of it, peeking through the crack in the door, though the risk of her catching me was remote even then.

Continuing to now purposely stroke my dick as I stood there, I watched as Kris again cupped one of her breasts, her nipples sticking out further than I'd ever seen them do as she sat playing with one of them, her free hand obviously tickling and twirling her clit, though I couldn't see her doing that as clearly as I would have liked. But it was the expression on her face that alerted me to the fact she was nearing orgasm, her mouth suddenly opening in an oval of pleasure, her hand coming down grabbing one edge of the washer, the other between her legs now gripping the other side. I watched as Kris leaned forward, just as the somewhat unbalanced washer really began spinning. She had timed it near perfectly, which told me in an instant this wasn't the first time she had done this. I watched my step-sister climax, even hearing her low-deep throated groan of pleasured release escape her lips, though she was still careful about being too loud about it as she came. Simultaneously, I felt the liquid surge of my own juice traveling up the length of my shaft and immediately began spurting off inside my briefs, thankful at the moment that I had them on rather than squirting off into nothingness.

I took that moment to collect my senses, and sprinted down the hallway back up the stairs, my shorts full of cum, and my hand equally as sticky as I did so.

I thought briefly about picking up my bundle of dirty laundry, but with only moments to spare, I left it, already concocting a story for its being there as I hurriedly made my way back upstairs to my room. As I expected, though I'd had sufficient time to change my shorts, actually throw on some cut off jeans and a tee shirt, not to mention wash my hands before that, I soon after heard a knock on my bedroom door.

"Rob? Are you decent?" I heard Kris calling into me.

"Come on in!" I answered back stepping out of my own personal bathroom, brushing my hair as she entered. By now at least I had managed to collect myself, calm down, and look reasonably normal. Kris on the other hand looked anything but. Her face was flushed and she had a look of worried concern on her face.

"Umm, noticed you dumped your laundry in the hallway," she said simply.

"Oh yeah, sorry," I said maintaining my unknowing façade. "Brought it down, but heard the washer and dryer still going, so I just dumped it there, figured I'd come back for it once you were all done with yours."

Her face showed relief in it as I said that. A smile coming back, replacing the worried frown she'd come in with.

"Well, don't forget and just leave it there either," she now said somewhat haughtily. "I'm not your personal maid you know."

Like me, Kris now wore a pair of faded cut off jeans, though she looked a hell of a lot better in them than I did. In addition to that, she wore a somewhat tight fitting tank top, though it was clearly evident she was also wearing a bra, but the hint of her still somewhat aroused nipples were still peeking through pressed tightly against the material. I quickly averted my gaze turning, setting down the hairbrush I'd been using down on my desk.

"Just on my way now, provided you're finished," I said meaning one thing, and saying another.

"Just about, just waiting for the last load to dry now, though you can start your first load in the washer," she said taking liberty and sitting down on the edge of my bed. "And by the way, Susan's coming over later, so do me a favor if you would please, keep your tongue inside your mouth while she's here."

Kris knew I'd had an attraction towards Susan for quite some time now, and enjoyed teasing me about it, only chasing me off when I'd actually become too much of an irritant or a nuisance to have around.

"Don't worry, I'm meeting the guys at the mall, we're going to hang around together for a while, so you and Susan can have all the secret, private girly-girl time together you'd ever wish for!" I retorted teasingly.

Kris knew what I meant by that, we'd often joked about such things before, had more than one semi-intimate discussion away from our parents in fact, and had on some few occasions confided in one another about our curiosities, and limited experiences. I'd made the mistake of telling Kris about one of mine, seeing two girls together. She'd not let me forget it ever since, though I'd fought back the best way I could, accusing her of perhaps actually doing something like that with her girlfriends, particularly Susan.

"You wish," Kris spat at me, though she smiled when saying that, and actually tossed one of the pillows off my bed at me when she did. Unfortunately, there was an unexpected side effect when she did that. After having stripped the sheets off my bed, I had stuffed one of my stroke books beneath my pillow, intending to put it back beneath the mattress later when I remade my bed. I hadn't gotten around to it yet, and now seeing it lying there, Kris snatched it up before I could. "What's this?" She said grabbing it, and holding it away from me, laughing as she did so. "One of your dirty jerk-off books perhaps?"

I so wanted to say something, but didn't dare.

"Give it back," I said instead, standing there with my hand out, though it was immediately obvious she wasn't about to, especially when she opened it and began flipping through it instead. I put my hand down, waiting for her next malicious comment, but she surprised me as she sat there looking through my dirty magazine.

"Do women with great big tits turn you on?" She asked seriously.

I walked around the end of the bed sitting down next to her. We sat staring at the magazine together for a moment as she continued turning the pages. "Well?"

"It's not BIG tits necessarily," I began to admit. "Just that they have tits," I now said grinning. "It's not really how big they are...I just like looking at them is all."

"You mean jerking off to them," she teased half throwing the book back at me as she said that.

"Oh like you don't!" I shot back, wishing the moment I'd said it that I hadn't, especially by the look on her face, though I quickly tried changing the subject in a weird sort of direction. "You don't have enormous boobs," I now tossed out, once again catching her off guard by the comment. "But they're still nice to look at, hell...the guys tell me all the time how good looking my sister is, and you're really not even my sister either, yet they tease me all the time about how lucky I am living with you."

"They say that about me?" She asked curiously flattered by it. One thing I had always liked about Kris was, she wasn't conceited, or even considered herself all that attractive, even though she was. She'd never been stuck up about her looks, or the fact that guys very often looked at her with lust filled eyes. That was something she always thought was directed towards Susan, or Kathy, or even Michelle whenever some of the others of her cheerleading squad had come over, or she'd been hanging around with at the time.

"All the time," I assured her. "And like I said, you really do have nice looking boobs too sis."

Once again she hit me, playfully. Obviously I had seen them, though as far as she knew, only by accident. "You really mean that?" she then asked. "They're not too small?" she said thrusting her chest out to some extent. I took the moment to pointedly look at them, having been basically given permission to do so without the penalty of another hit from her.

"Not hardly," I half sighed, which did warrant a small slap, though it too was a half-hearted one. "Hell Kris, I'd jerk off while looking at your tits any day!"

That did warrant a hard one, which I got, though we laughed about it as Kris suddenly pushed against me, knocking me back onto the bed where she jumped on top of me, and began pummeling me with her fists, though not really hard enough to hurt me, which she easily could have. Finally pinning me, which I let her do as I could have easily flipped her onto her back if I'd wanted to, I lay there looking up at her chest as her breasts hovered only inches away from my face, her twin hard pointed nipples now suddenly pressing against the material of her tank top. I was half tempted to reach up and bite one through her shirt.

"Take it back!" she demanded still giggling.

"No!" I laughed back.

"You'd actually do that?" she now asked once again half seriously, once again adding..."No you wouldn't, so take it back!"

And then just as seriously I looked at her. "I would, and I already have."

Kris sat up releasing my arms, the look on her face pure surprise at my admission.

"You really have, haven't you?" She stated, though not in an angry sort of way at all, more in wonder that I actually might have.

I was in fact blushing, a flush spreading across my face, the earlier episode downstairs still too fresh in my mind, along with the somewhat enjoyable cum while watching her. Not to mention the way she was sitting on me now, her hard nipples clearly evident, and my prick suddenly stiffening again, which I only then realized she'd soon feel if I didn't move her off me. I took the offense by way of an excuse, grabbing her arms and suddenly flipping her onto her back instead, now pinning her down. She squealed in surprise, laughing again at the unexpected turn of events, though I didn't continue to sit there, using the maneuver as an excuse to stand up. My erection becoming far too noticeable if I were to stay there, turning my back towards her quickly, my hand rapidly making an adjustment in front before turning back around once again to face her. To my surprise, her eyes were focused right there when I did. My ploy hadn't gone unnoticed or undetected.

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