tagNovels and NovellasIllegal Immigrants Ch. 02

Illegal Immigrants Ch. 02

bymangrove jack©

The idea of leaving the two girls in the camp on their own whilst he traveled back to town to sell his fish and pick up his supplies worried Len. The co -op had told him that the town's teachers had been asking when he would be back. They had told the radio operator to ask him to add at least an additional day in town to his normal schedule. "You will have two or three days on your own he told Marla and Sashay as he trained them to use his equipment."

Worried that they might face danger at the hands of the people smugglers Len dragged his feet slowing down the process of packing up and leaving. He knew he couldn't cancel or delay selling his fish or filling up with fuel but was reluctant to leave. Trying to cover all eventualities should the smugglers return while he was away he led Marla and Sashay away from the beach showing them where he had hidden food and water so they could hide in the scrub or in the concrete bunker and stay hidden until any unwanted visitors left.

He had cleaned out a concrete underground storage bunker built for the airport during the war and fitted it out with a couple of camp stretchers. Sashay met him as he covered the door with brush, "I want you to love me a lot more before you leave, I don't think we should only make love at night we should do it when we feel the need," a smile lit up her face, "like now," she whispered. Sashay slumped down on the sand in front of the hideaway and released his belt letting his shorts drop down around his ankles. "I love your hard thing in my mouth and in my pussy. You are my first lover and I want you in me more and more."

Len's knees were starting to buckle when she stopped for a moment. "I truly love your big white cock," she groaned as she took his cock in her tiny hand and ran her tongue around her lips suggestively. Her eyes shone as she looked up at him before licking his balls and then on up his cock to its now leaking head. "You like fuck Sashay during day," she asked her eyes wide and staring before her lips closed over his cocks head. Len sighed shuddering forced to place a hand on her shoulder to steady himself. Unaware of his difficulty Sashay sucked his cock deep inside her tiny Asian mouth.

Once Sashay seduced him onto daytime trysts the game of getting his member hard and stopping him working until they were satisfied intensified as both Sashay and Marla took every opportunity to work less and fuck more. Keeping his old cock hard.

Finally after days of love making and instruction on what to do if there was trouble while he was away Len could stay no longer. He left his big barge anchored out in the open where it could be easily seen and sailed in his small boat on the evening tide. All of the big gulf trawlers were at sea by the time Len reached port allowing him to tie up at the wharf and dispense with the pram dinghy to go ashore. He was cleaning up after his meal when a police car pulled on to the wharf. Wondering why they were calling at this late hour his heart skipped a beat thinking they might have found out about Marla and Sashay.

He could not see her face but knew her voice when Kim called, "give me a hand; I want to introduce you to the new Police liaison officer." When they were both on the deck Len turned on the light to find the police officer was a large dark skinned woman. "Hi," she cried. "I'm Dalaja; "I'm up here for twelve months trying to develop closer relations between the police and the locals. Kim and the girls told me about your story of the touch football days and of course I've heard of you blasting the elders so I jumped at the chance to meet you."

Len became flustered when he was caught staring at her large heavy breasts. "Hell," he groaned "I'm sorry to be so obvious. You forget your manners when you live a life alone on boats." He pushed a chair over to hide his embarrassment. "Have a seat, can I offer you something to eat or drink."

Dalaja was used to men staring at her breasts. "Don't be embarrassed, I'm big," she said with a laugh. "My mother was born in India she is a typically big bodied Indian woman. My father was born in the South Sea Islands where big women were much admired. Mum and dad met in Fiji. They didn't bring the wrong baby home because I take after mum with big breasts wide hips and thick thighs. She swirled around for his inspection. "So with a big dad and a big mum here I am, big Dalaja."

Dalaja was a constant delight she lit up the boats cabin with her happy stories and laughter. With all the flirting and fun it was a while before she broached her idea for the recommencement of touch footy for the boys and basket ball for boys and girls. "There is quite a bit of work to be done before all the broken glass and rubbish is removed from the sports ground so we will start with basketball and paint a couple of courts on the hardstand in the council yards. With all the high security lights working we will nearly have enough light to play at night but first we will try after school games."

"There are eight new female teachers and each one has agreed to sponsor a team. They must take any youngster who wants to play into their team in other words they can't recruit. So with eight teachers we have eight teams. We can play four games two at a time of about forty to sixty minutes each. We should be able to organize a couple of hour's competition between three o'clock when school gets out and when the sun goes down about six."

She looked at Len, "I want you to be the touch footy referee they tell me you were popular with the kids when you acted as ref and ran the competition with the young police constable." Len could not hide his surprise. "You've got to be bloody kidding. After what I said and where I said it. I don't think the tribal leaders will want me anywhere near their kids."

Seeing the disappointment on their faces he cursed himself for a fool but went on. "I will help get things organized. I know the visiting tradesmen they will help set up the courts and mark them etc. I am sure the council engineer and the foreman will clean up the footy ground. They top dressed it with sand last time so they know what to do. They will do it for me because we are mates. Nothing official no council decisions and no bloody fuss they will get it done."

He frowned at Dalaja, "just keep me out of the limelight." It was midnight when they settled on a plan which had Len working in the background training referees and working with his mates to procure gear and develop the facilities. Dalaja in turn agreed to act as the public face of the sports competitions.

Kim who had sat silent for most of the evening called an end to the discussions. "Its time we left, we have to work tomorrow," she growled. Waiting until Dalaja's back was turned, she kissed him hungrily. "Just wait until I get you alone," she whispered. "I will come down to see you during the school lunch break tomorrow." She moved up close behind Dalaja extending her hand out behind her searching for his cock. "I hope you were a boy scout and learnt to be prepared," she growled as she climbed down to the dock.

The bell for the kids to return to school after lunch rang as Len helped Kim find her clothes. "What are you laughing about?" Kim asked. "You should be sad that I have to go back to work not happy." Len slapped her on her white arse as she pulled up her slacks. "My god woman you should be a bloody comedienne. That crack last night was a doosie." He changed his voice style trying to mimic hers. "I hope you were a boy scout and learnt to be prepared."

Then returning to speak in his own voice he laughed, "One boy scout wouldn't be enough for you he would have to be prepared all right, prepared to be ridden to a standstill. The bloody boat hasn't stopped rocking on its mooring lines since you climbed into my cabin." Kim slapped him lightly "are you complaining?" she asked. "No, oh hell no, I love it but I don't think I'll ever be prepared for you. I prefer to be taken by surprise."

Kim winked lewdly as she spoke, "well be prepared for a big night out when Dalaja gets her hands on you. I told her you had tremendous staying power for an oldie and that you loved kissing pussy. She told me she hasn't had a man go down on her for years. She is a hot blooded Indian woman that is just waiting for the chance to get you alone. She doesn't teach so she has flexible hours. Invite her down and put a permament smile on her face with that cock of yours."

Len slipped away early on the half tide his little boat sneaking across the shallow flats where his big barge could not go. He had set up things for the netball and basket ball competitions and arranged for his mates to clean up the oval receiving a number of hugs from Dalaja that became progressively warmer as the afternoon progressed.

He grunted in pain as he reached down for his binoculars his knees and back still sore from his vigorous session with Kim on the boats narrow bunk. Nothing moved on the beach in front of his camp. He started to worry when his boat ran aground and neither Marla nor Sashay appeared. Letting Bluey free he called, "come out who ever you are," and fired a shot in the air from his shot gun.

When no one responded he became worried. Looking around he saw bullet holes in the side of his shed. "Bloody hell," he groaned when he realised that the smugglers had returned and had taken their anger out on his possessions. "I hope the girls hid like I told them," he growled talking aloud to himself.

Taking his time he surveyed the damage done when someone had fired a number of rounds into his camp. "They are a bad mob of mongrel bastards, I wont fucking muck around if I meet up with them again" he growled to Blue as they made their way slowly to where he hoped the girls would be safely hidden in the underground concrete bunker built during the war.

He lifted the door and threw it back to find six sets of wide eyes staring up at him out of the bunker. "Shit where did you all come from?" he growled when they all started to scream and cry retreating further into the bunkers hole. Blue began barking adding to the pandemonium.

"Shut up," Len yelled at blue. "For Christ sake settle down so I can find out what's going on."

He turned quickly when he heard Marla cry out behind him. She was running towards him her arms out stretched "Thank god you've came back," she cried, "We have been hiding for hours." She hugged and kissed him as they were joined by Sashay.

Marla spoke loudly to the crying women explaining that Len was their friend and that they were safe with him. Never the less it was some time before the crying women in the bunker fell silent. Eventually Marla and Sashay encouraged the six tiny Asian women to leave the bunker.

"Take them over to the kitchen," Len growled. "Let me see if those bastards have damaged my hot water set up. If they have I might have to fix it so they can shower and clean up." He busied himself righting his camp hot water system studying the new women as he went about his work. All were dark skinned some darker than others. Two were taller with far bigger boobs and bums than the others but most were small with flat chests and backsides.

Marla worked with him bringing one of the women who spoke English over to answer his questions. She appeared to be the oldest of the six. Her hair was streaked with grey. Her face hard from years in the sun. Her tiny chest and breasts clearly visible through her thin cotton slip. "Her English name is Daffodil, she is forty five years old and comes from central Java." She signaled to Daffodil "tell him what happened."

"When the smugglers could not make contact with the truck to take us south they became angry. They blamed you and swore to get you. Later we heard them talking about us. They did not want to take us back home and they could not just dump us and let the authorities learn of their racket. Then a couple of nights ago one of the women heard one of suggest that they shoot us and dump us over board."

"We knew we had to escape. When they hit the beach north of here to make a final search for the road and the truck we took off. Sashay saw us crossing the flats and brought us here. We hid when the smugglers came looking for you. When they left after destroying some of your property we knew they would go back to their boat and find us missing so we hid and never came out until you arrived." She leant over and kissed his hand. "Marla and Sashay have told us about you and how you treat them. I can't speak for the others but I'm sure they will agree. we are in your hands we will do anything you want."

One after the other the women finished with the shower and stood waiting while Sashay found them clean clothes. Len grew horny as he watched them standing around half naked. Marla noticed his interest and whispered, "We have told them all that we are your lovers. They have asked will you want them too." She glanced down at the lump in his shorts. "Do you want them to sleep with you?"

"Bloody hell," he cried. "They couldn't all fit in my bed and I'm too bloody old to do eight of you each night. Tell them not to worry I'm not about to force myself on them." Sashay laughed, "Maybe after weeks huddled on that stinking boat they may want to force themselves into your clean sweet bed."

Night came quickly forcing Len to make hasty arrangements for everyone to sleep in the safety of his bedroom. His bed was crowded with nude and semi nude women. Those who could not fit into the crowded bed rolled blankets on the floor and slept beside the bed.

In the middle of the night he stepped over the sleeping bodies on the floor to go outside and urinate. He stood in the shadows his cock in his hand when Daffodil slipped out and took his hand in hers. Looking down at his cock she whispered, "you want fuck?" when he shook his head and tried to slip his cock back in his shorts she stopped him.

"Anna is a good girl she wants to thank you for saving us. Be quiet and let her say thanks." Overriding his objections she led him to the kitchen where a thick set young girl from the group stood sheepishly looking down at the floor. "Don't say no. we have talked about you and Anna wants to say thanks." She motioned for Anna to take her clothes off and lie on a low bench. Len shook his head "no, no," he said as he turned away. "She can put her clothes back on. Marla and Sashay sleep with me because they want to not because they have to." He turned back when he heard the girl start crying. "Oh shit what's bloody wrong now, surely she can't be crying because I don't want to fuck her." Daffodil held the nude girl in her arms and spoke sadly. "She feels you have insulted her. She says she will be embarrassed if she has to tell the others that you don't think she is worthy."

Len walked over and lifted the young girl in his arms. He kissed her gently then slowly and lovingly ran his hands over her tiny breasts then over her stomach and down to feel the wet patch between her legs. "She is very beautiful and I would be lying if I sad I would not want her. But not as some sort of payment or under duress like this. Tell her she is very beautiful. No one will think I am rejecting her if she tells them I have asked her to join me when I walk the beach to my nets in the morning." When the young girl squealed with delight at his words he kissed her thoroughly. "Now tell her to put her clothes on and go to bed."

Len was surprised next morning when Daffodil and Anna were waiting for him on the beach. "I won't come with you," Daffodil explained. "Anna is no virgin. She had a regular lover at home. She expects you to keep your promise. She expects to return and tell her friends that you have made love to her." Anna stood listening while Daffodil and Len argued. She had dressed in two colorful pieces of material from Sashays store. One piece of material like a sarong around her hips another as a top. Dropping her top so that she now stood bare breasted. She moved between them and took Lens hand indicating that they should start walking.

They walked along the beach hand in hand neither having words the other could understand. Reaching then net dinghies Anna dropped the remaining piece of cloth leaving her body nude to his gaze. She stood quietly letting him study her stocky body then when he was wondering what to do she knelt down and stripped his shorts away.

Without a word or a sign she commenced to stroke his cock and run her hands under his balls and fingering his arse. As his breath grew ragged she took his now hard cock deep in her mouth. Len had planned to say no to any sexual activity but forgot his plans as her mouth massaged and sucked his red hot member. Breathing hard he took her head in his hands and started to ease his cock in and out of her mouth.

He grinned when he thought of their predicament. They understood little of each others language. She was an illegal immigrant. He was an old Aussie fisherman. Even though they could not talk to each other she was down on her knees sucking his cock on a remote beach in the gulf. He looked down on her bobbing head wondering how he could tell her when he was going to cum or ask her if she swallowed. Later as the bathed together in a shallow beach gutter he realised two people fucking didn't need words. They had eaten each other. Fucked dog fashion, her on top, him on top, in the water, on the beach, on the nets, until he felt the mid morning sun bite on his bare bum. The possibility of a bad case of sunburn on an area where he would need to sit made him look for his shorts and indicate that they should go back to camp.

Back at the camp he called Daffodil Marla and Sashay over to talk to him while he ate, "no more," he said sternly. "I loved my morning with Anna but I feel guilty using her in that way." "I'm going to have to do something. I can't hide eight people for ever. Pushing more young ladies into my arms won't change that. I will have to order more food more clothes more bedding and if that doesn't raise suspicions sooner or later someone will drop in and you will be discovered."

"It looks as though your smugglers have given up but I would not be surprised if they have one last shot at getting you back or killing you. They know that the immigration authorities will track them down when they find eight women destined for Sydney's illegal sex trade camping on a remote beach in the gulf."

It was agreed that the women would try to keep to the confines of the camp but Daffodil just smiled and shook her head when he asked her to tell them they did not have to offer themselves to him.

"They are all young and need a man in their life," Daffodil whispered when she found three women washing him down after he finished fishing. "Don't be difficult, just enjoy them, and make them happy before they are taken away by your authorities." Once he gave in a happy competition developed between the women for his affections. Even in his most private moments he always had a companion with him. He grew used to having his cock washed and sucked when ever it grew hard. It grew hard because of their habit of wearing very little and taking every opportunity to cuddle him close, kissing him until his body responded.

Len's nets filled quickly forcing him to plan another trip to town to sell his catch. He worried about leaving the eight women at his camp and decided to provide a new hideaway by taking his bigger barge over the sandbanks at the mouth of the tidal creek at the top of the highest tide and moor it up out of sight in a deep water bend in the river. "I am going into town to sell my catch. If an opportunity arises I will talk to the police. You know I love you all but we have to do something to make your life more secure."

Len hated the heart break and anguish that they went through over the next few days. Eventually they reluctantly agreed that they could not go on living in fear of being caught by the smugglers or the authorities. They knew he had to do something and one after the other they sought him out to thank him and tell him they understood.

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