tagAnalI'm a Beast Ch. 02

I'm a Beast Ch. 02


This story is dedicated to all of the girls that tried to keep their virginity and their boyfriend, to all of the wives that tried to keep their mate sated and faithful.

Techsan read and edited the dedication above and the following story. Now I add techsan to the dedication. He edited about a fifth of this story and read the remaining parts that I had finished. He said, "I like what you've done with the story so far and am looking forward to see where it goes."

The original intent was to finish and release this in early October but things happen. I feel driven to live up to his expectations and I hope I succeed. The world is a poorer place without techsan and I am a richer man for his touch upon my life.

You will understand this story better if you have already read Chapter 01.


Day 3

A few days later I stopped at the bar at the beginning of happy hour. Business was slow and Denny was the only one there except the bartender. Denny asked me what happened the other day and if it was as good as I expected. I told him about finding Trista lying on the bed in her sheer leopard robe and the ensuing conversation.

"What could I have done except stick with my original thought?

Oh, yeah, baby. You always were a real animal."

Denny was laughing his ass off. When he settled down he asked,

"Trista isn't fat, is she? Mike and Curt said she's hot."

"Yeah, Curt would say that. I keep telling Trista that fat is when a girl is on her hands and knees and there's zero ground clearance."

Again we broke into laughter.

"But Joe ... obese?"

"Trista is only five feet tall. The overweight range is only 26 pounds before you're obese. She has wide hips that give her that curvy look and lets her carry her weight well."

"Let's get back to the 'You always were an animal' part."

"What can I say? We had animal sex and then we tackled her female emotional crisis."

I finished telling Denny about our commitment to each other, Trista's target weight and how we planned to lose the weight. By the time I finished the story I had also finished my beer. One is all I'll have when stopping on the way home because of the strict drinking and driving enforcement. I like that I can walk home but I hate to walk back just to get my car. Denny offered to buy me another drink.

"Come on, Joe ... Stay and have another. I'm buying the next round."

"No, Denny. I really have to get going. Trista will be home shortly and I like to meet her at the door or in the garage or ... oh, hell ... just about anywhere. Heh heh heh."

Denny said goodbye as I walked out the door. I still didn't know much about him but he knew more about Trista and me thanks to my bullshit story. Not that the story was bullshit but bullshiting takes time and I had run out of it. He seemed nice and had offered a beer. I would have to find out more about Denny. I'm sure he has more BS stories besides Mike's daughters.


End of First Week

It was one week later when our relationship would change yet again. I was in my office at home when Trista walked by and stopped at the door to talk. Before I could close down the browser she came in and sat on my lap. When she saw a porn site on the computer, I was busted. She asked me what porn sites did for me that she couldn't and I had to think. I replied with two reasons.

"Honey, if a man tells you that he has never had or fantasized about having two women at the same time he is lying. Twins is just a natural extension of that fantasy so I cruise the net looking for twins. Since I would have to turn down a set of twins even if you offered them to me because I know your heart isn't in it. I guess it's kind of pointless."

Trista squirmed a little on my lap.

"You still shouldn't be looking for twins; you should be satisfied with me. How would you like it if I looked on the computer for beefy guys with longer dicks? You would be hurt because you'd like to think that you're the most perfect guy in my eyes. I want to feel like the most perfect girl in your eyes."

"Honey ... you are the most perfect girl in my eyes. I'm not looking for prettier women with tighter pussies: I'm looking for twins. I love fantasizing about fucking you and your imaginary twin and, yes, you're always the prettiest. It's just a fantasy. The other reason is more of a fetish rather than a fantasy and it is large labia minora and big clits. Since that is an actual fantasy fulfilled I guess that it is kind of pointless also."

Trista interrupted with, "Wait a minute. Are you saying I have ... " and I interrupted back, "No no no. What I'm saying is I had a girlfriend with big labia minora. You know ... big big pussy lips AKA meat curtain or cabbage."

Upon learning this little tidbit Trista looked at me with that disapproving look. I quickly replied with a subdued, "Sorry" and gave her my best guilty look in return. Trista didn't care for the fulfilled fantasy but she did like the apology and analysis. The part that I liked was that the discussion was on fantasies. With a little directing of the discussion I could plant an unfulfilled fantasy in her mind. Although I had previously said that I could be satisfied with never requesting anything from her that we had not already done, there was one little thing.

The reason I could be satisfied is that I was trained by a slut. Trista was a virgin and had spent all of her married life making sure she was better than the slut in every way. Trista had provided me - and I her - with everything that a single partner can. I know what a total package she is because of the slut and other lovers. Trista is a romantic and says I've fulfilled every fantasy she ever had. That is why she calls me her fantasy lover. In turn she has satisfied all of my fantasies with one exception.

"Trista, I know that I said that I would never ask you to do anything that you haven't done before but there is one more fantasy that you could fulfill. It would simply be a natural extension of something that we have done before."

"Have I turned it down before?"

"Well ... yes."

Trista shifted on my lap indicating her discomfort.

"Now you're making me nervous. What exactly do you have in mind?"

Now it was my turn to be nervous.

"Well ... you have masturbated with me watching you on the webcam while recording it and the subsequent love making. It was so hot. We have also watched other people fuck on the internet while making love ourselves but we have never let anyone watch us."

"No, because that would be like us making a porno."

"Was it a pono when we were watching or was it someone expressing the deepest love for their mate?"

Trista tried to answer but hesitated when she realized that it had been exciting and it hadn't felt like a porno. I continued.

"If it was done right and with the right people, it would be like fucking in front of someone except they wouldn't be there. With the proper equipment, situation and people, it couldn't be recorded and it would be lost in the cyberspace ether. Only our memories would remain and they would be so hot."

"You're right, it wasn't like a porno. It was ... well ... stimulating. I'll think about it. You investigate the technical end of it and we'll talk later."

"That's all that I'm asking for now. You know that I love you so much."

"Yes, I know and you know that I love you every bit as much, maybe more."

Yes, I did know that. I had also thought that I was savvy enough on the net to avoid any potential trouble but there would always be risks. So started the really happy days. My commitment to Trista was total and complete. Our communication breakthrough coupled with no more porn would take our relationship to a new level. The affect our walk talks had on our sexercise sessions was unanticipated.


A Couple of Days Later

I was changing from my walking clothes beside the bed when Trista shoved me towards it. She straddled me after I fell on the bed trapping me where I lay. Her intentions became obvious as her lips urgently pressed against mine. This was usually when Trista took advantage of her captive audience and talked about her/our problems. She was now the aggressor and my cock was getting harder instead of wilting.

I slid my hand between her legs and worked the crotch of her panties to the side. I could tell her pussy was wet and ready. I hadn't expect her to be so hot as we had just finished our walk talk about problems at work, with family and the children. Believe me, it was the stuff that dried up pussies and wilted cocks yet here she was dripping wet. Trista quivered as I gently brushed her clit and I realized we were there for each other; she was not dwelling on her issues.

Her clit was the size of a pea when I dragged my thumb and index finger from her hole, through her slit and past it. Trista melted at my touch and received pleasure as she had done when we were young. Her lips curled into a smile as she closed her eyes prompting me to ask, "Jeez, Honey, you sure are hot. What's got you going?"

Trista giggled as she replied, "You ... silly. I've been thinking about this the whole walk. You were right ... we were both right."

"What do you mean ... right?"

She answered, "You're right; it's more relaxing thinking about this instead of the baggage." My cock twitched as I heard this so I concentrated on her every word.

"It's nice to have it out of the way. Also; I'm right that I need to clear my mind to relax and concentrate."

I wondered if there was a time correlation between the 'walk' and a 'clear mind in the sack'. Was there a time limit on clear? I answered, "This is what's right ... not you ... not me ... just us here and now."

Trista took my rock hard cock and guided it towards her velvety channel. She moaned as she impaled herself upon it. She sat there a moment and I wondered what she was thinking. As she slid up my shaft I thought that something was different. Trista relaxed and impaled herself upon my shaft again and again.

On the third upstroke I realized the difference. She was contracting her vaginal muscles on the way up. It had only been a week and a half since we started sexercise and she was making noticeable improvement with her kegels.

I smiled up at her and said, "Your pussy's feeling great, dear; I can feel your kegels. You must be taking your sexercise seriously."

Trista replied back, "Glad you noticed," and quickened her pace on my shaft.

Usually when Trista took top it was for my pleasure because she never got off that way. This time I could read the grim determination on her face. She was concentrating on her satisfaction and I was her willing tool. When I started to tire before Trista I knew there were improvements in other areas as well with stamina being one of them.

With a winded voice, I said, "You're doing good, baby."

She easily replied, "I'm feeling better about myself. I'm feeling better about us," and continued riding me harder and harder.

Trista sensed my impending orgasm and just when I thought I could hold back no more she stopped. She didn't just stop; she stopped at the top of her stroke and pinched below the head. She was rubbing her G spot with my cockhead to maintain her arousal while stemming mine. Before I could even groan in frustration she asked, "What would you do if I stopped?"

"I'll kill ya," I playfully growled.

She slammed against me and recoiled giggling, "Same to you if you come without me."

There it was. I had my orders that I was determined to fulfill and she was determined to not stop before she had been as she says 'completed'. As we pounded away I contemplated on how "I'll kill ya," could actually be a legitimate lovemaking phrase. Who would have ever thought? When Trista began to falter I realized it was now or never for her orgasm so I picked up the slack with renewed vigor. When I was once again ready to cum I growled, "I'm gonna cum. Do you want me to stop?"

"I'll kill ya," she replied.

Trista shuddered as the first load of cum bathed her insides. For the second load I reared back and yelled, "Fuck," as I rammed deep for it's deposit. I did the same for the third load only yelling, "you." By this time Trista was shaking and collapsed upon me. Her spasming pussy continued to milk my cock of it's remaining seed. As we lay there I contemplated on how, "Fuck you," and "I'll kill ya," could actually be legitimate lovemaking phrases. I realized how mentally relaxing our sessions could and would be with the previously pent up verbal baggage out of the way. Sex was great and we would continue to work on our stamina and our pleasure. Life was good.


One Half Year

It took six months of hard work and discipline for Trista to reach this milestone. She was still overweight but only half way too obese. We were planning a night out tonight. When I got home from work Trista was in the bedroom dressed in only thong and fishnet stockings. After I gave her a wolf-whistle and before I could say anything she said, "I'm glad your home. I need some help with this," and held up the corset. I had bought her this new outfit to celebrate losing half of her weight goal. I stood their mesmerized by the site before me. Trista spoke up, "Are you going to help me or are you going to stand there."

"I'm going to stand here. It's your fault you know. You look so damn good."

"I feel good."

"As you should." I replied and moved towards her. She turned her back to me as she handed me the corset. I had purchased this size lace up corset since Trista's present size was it's maximum. We judged from her weight versus inch measurements that when she lost all of her weight it would be at it's minimum. If she needed a new one then so be it. The corset had a couple dozen bra like hooks so once you had the laces adjusted it was relatively easy to take off and on. I said, "Hon ... you have to turn around so I can hook all of these before I adjust the laces."

"Duh," she said as she turned back towards me. I took the time to give her a passionate kiss before I started to hook up her corset. Hooking the corset with the laces loose turned out to be a three-handed job. Trista held the corset hooks together while I hooked the remainder. I pulled on the laces until she could release the hooks and it looked like we had chosen the size well. It fit well and if she lost the inches that remained she would be doing excellent. I tied the laces and said, "It looks good and I like how it shows your boobs off. How tight do you want it?"

"I'll let you know when it's to tight."

The lace gap closed about an inch before Trista said, "That's tight enough,"

"Not nearly as tight as you" I replied.

"Ough you say the nicest things. Keep talking."

"You look so hot, I wonder who will be at the bar tonight. We Know Sue will be working ... "

She is Trista's favorite barmaid. I continued

"But I was thinking about the guys ... About who you would drive wild."

Trista shivered and said, "I hope so. I want to show off the weight I lost to its best advantage."

I looked down at her makeup table and saw the array of makeup framed by her earrings and necklace. Radiant visions of her at the bar danced in my mind.

"I don't think you will have any problems with this outfit and your jewelry. It really doesn't matter who is there because they're all going to love you."

I reached for her necklace and slowly brought it to her chest. My hands lightly brushed her neck as I took the clasps and hooked them behind her. Trista shivered as I rubbed her and I could see her lustful look in the makeup mirror. The tension was high and erotic. If I did not break it off I would take her now would ruin all of her hard work.

"I have to get ready now or I'll ravish you and we'll have to start over."

"You know I'll make it up to you tonight. The anticipation will make it so much better."

"Right" I replied as I turned towards the bathroom. The bulge in my pants demanded straightening as I walked away.

*** We were sitting at the bar when Denny came in with his girlfriend Pat. When Sue saw them Pat broke out in a shit eating grin. Sue was now staring at Pat and said, "You just got laid ... didn't you?" Pat's face turn red and her grin got bigger. They sat down across from us and I said, "Hello, Denny."

"Hello, Joe. Is this Trista?" said Denny.

Trista responded, "Hello, Denny. I thought it was you. How have you been?"

"Not bad. All of this time when Joe talked about Trista I never knew it was you," Denny said with a grin that looked a bit forced.

"I hope the talk wasn't too bad."

"Only the best."

"What have you been up to?"

"I'm one of the doormen here."

"What's that?"

"A bouncer."

I was surprised myself. What have I told Denny? If they're good friends from before then for my sake it better have been good. You just never know what might slip out in a conversation. Trista stood up and did a pirouette in her new skirt.

"Do you like my new outfit?"

"Very much. What is the occasion?"

"I've lost half my weight."

"You're looking good. How much weight did you lose?"

"A woman doesn't talk about that."

Trista smiled as Pat reached over and punched Denny in the arm ending that line of conversation. Trista leaned towards me and whispered.

"Denny is the one I pinned to the bus floor by the hair."


"Shusssh. Don't talk and don't stare or you may embarrass us. Denny is the friend I fought with on the bus. Before I knew it I had him on the floor by the hair and he was so mad I was afraid to let him up. I stood on his hair till the bus got to school and help arrived."

I nodded my head because I vaguely remembered a story like that or was it two stories. It didn't matter at the moment and I could find out later. The next time I looked at Denny I realized I would never see him in the same light. I would always equate him with the epiphany that my wife had always been a scrapper.

A few minutes later Sue came over to talk with Trista and me. As usual she was displaying ample cleavage for tip enhancement. Trista asked, "Have you put anymore check marks on the calendar in the back room?"

I've no idea what's wrong with her husband but he fucks her so rarely that she marks it on the calendar when he does. One time recently she had two marks in the same week.

She replied, "That damn Billy erased them all when he found out what they meant. I went to put on another check the other day and they were all gone."

"Another check," I asked as an inquisitive look spread across my face.

"Yeah, and I actually swallowed. That ought to keep him for a couple of years."

Looking at my wife I replied, "So you blow him every couple of years. Gee ... " I said letting it hang.

"Oh, no ... I blow him at least once a month. I only swallow every couple of years."

Sue asked Trista, "You do blow him, don't you?"

She replied, "Well, I suck him and get him hard. I prefer him to cum in my pussy."

"Oh, sweetie ... don't you suck him till he cums? Don't you enjoy that power over him, the absolute control it gives you? I've never met a man that didn't love it."

Trista was at a loss for words. When she looked at me I tried to hide my 'see, I told you' look. A smile appeared on Sue's face at Trista's obvious discomfort. Denny slid his empty drink to the edge of the bar signaling another round. Sue turned to get him another.

At this time the DJ started playing and taking requests. I looked at Trista and asked for her suggestions and added my own. Then I suggested that she should show off and take the requests to Sam. Sam and I are soul brothers; we should be brothers. I knew he would fall all over a pretty girl. He would play them for me but this would be more interesting.

Trista crossed the dance floor and talked with Sam. As the current song was ending Trista turned and motioned for me to come over. We met in the middle of the dance floor as 'She's got Legs' by ZZ Top started to play. Yes, Trista has legs and she knows how to use them. The erotic display in front of me was proof of that. She used body parts that I never knew existed and fish-net stockings never looked as good as they did on her.

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