tagRomanceI'm a Beast Ch. 04

I'm a Beast Ch. 04


This story is dedicated to all of the girls that tried to keep their virginity and their boyfriend, to all of the wives that tried to keep their mate sated and faithful.

Now I add Techsan to the dedication. He edited about a fifth of this story and read the remaining parts that I had finished. He said, "I like what you've done with the story so far and am looking forward to see where it goes." I feel driven to live up to his expectations and I hope I succeed. The world is a poorer place without Techsan and I am a richer man for his touch upon my life.

I have no editor so all mistakes are mine. I welcome any and all feedback to improve and appreciate. The story is finished and submitted one chapter a day. By the time you read this most of it will already be submitted. Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry for the delay. Real life comes at you hard and first, be it a comedy or a tragedy.

Since it's been awhile I've included a synopsis of chapters one through three. If you haven't read them I encourage you to do so, especially if you read this first and enjoy it.


Chapter 01 synopsis

Oct 10, 2006

I grieved for what was and what could have been as I watched my handful of dirt turn to mud on the casket below. The drizzling rain hid the tears in my eyes that betrayed what could have been as my soul soared on the wings of what was. My mind drifted back to that day at the bar where it all began. Just another day like so many before yet so pivotal. I never dreamed it would go this far or end like this.


My wife who was waiting in bed for my arrival had summoned me from the bar. When I got home I found Trista lying on the bed with her chin in her palm looking seductive and sexy as hell. She had on a sheer leopard robe that accentuated all of her voluptuous curves. There wasn't a single button fastened and I could see she was totally naked under the robe. She looked up at me with those deep green eyes and said, "I'm a beast."

On the way home I'd been wondering what Trista had planned. Was it to be straight sex, a quickie or was it to be some kind of game. Now my heart fluttered at the thought of a little role-playing and I jumped right in.

"Oh, yeah, baby. You always were a real animal."

"Nooo, I went to the doctor today. His chart said that I'm obese."

Anyone that has been in a similar situation would identify with my 'deer caught in the headlights look'. I was ready for a little role-playing and was now facing a female emotional crisis. Being unable to quickly think of some way to salvage this situation, I decided to stick with my original thought.

"Oh, yeah, baby. You always were a real animal and now I'm your prey."

A serious animalistic fucking and my first creampie ensued. After it was over we talked and struck a bargain. She would be everything I want in bed simply by doing what I desire while never requesting something that we've not already enjoyed the pleasure of. In return I would be her weight loss-training partner demanding results. If I could keep her from hating me I'll get my hot wife back and possibly receive my first blowjob since I said 'I do'. A win win situation if ever I saw one.


Chapter 02 synopsis

We walked daily and talked about the life and family issues that so often end up in the bedroom sessions. With the baggage out of the way we could relax and concentrate on our stamina and pleasure. It took six months of hard work and discipline for Trista to get half way to her goal of not being overweight. We planned a night out at the bar to celebrate in her new outfit. While there I learned that Denny, the bouncer, was a school friend of Trista's complete with history.

We had an interesting chat with the barmaid were she confessed, "Oh, no ... I blow him at least once a month. I only swallow every couple of years," while extolling the absolute power and control it gives her over him. For a guy that fucks her so rarely he sure is one lucky bastard. After that hot topic Trista performed an erotic dance and pulled me into it. We both got so worked up that we took our leave and once home had an extremely hot (and absolutely true) anal sex session.

Chapter 03 synopsis

The next morning our walk talk started out promising but degenerated into yet another blowjob argument. In last chance desperation I wrote an erotic and passionate love letter attempting to salvage the situation and put our pact back on course.

Trista, I love you.

I have always loved you.

I loved you before we made love that very special first time ...

Trista, I love you.

I have always loved you.

I loved you before you gave me that first blowjob ...

Trista, I love you.

I have always loved you.

I loved you before I took your anal cherry ...

The Confrontation and Resolution

I had the letter finished when Trista came home. All that remained was to wait for an opportunity to give it to her. When I saw my chance I gave it to her and I asked her to please read it and reflect on it. I told her that we could talk about it on our walk in the morning and left her to read my letter.

There was awkwardness about the evening but that was to be expected. We were both apprehensive about the talk to come.

When our morning walk finally arrived I broke the silence with, "Well... what did you think about the letter?"

"I was surprised about the anal sex part. I never thought of it as a big deal. It was just something that I liked."

"Well I guess I thought it was."

"So... What do you want to do? Talk about each of these three subjects."

"Yes and in a rational way if we could. I will try to stay calm."

Trista turned and looked at me and replied.

"I understand. Which subject would you like to discuss first?"

"Why not just take them in order over the next couple of mornings."

"Okay... what do you want to know?"

"Okay. A while ago you had mentioned how close you came once. Something about stopping once you realized someone was trying to enter you."

"Joe... I said I was a virgin, not a nun."

"But your actions and the stories you told from your past portrayed an angel. The mere possibility that someone got that far was inconceivable."

"I told you I came close once."

"The question is how close? I remember the first and last time Harry Dye fucked Chrissy Tawt, he stuck it in, pulled it out, came on her belly and got up and left. What a way to loose your virginity. So ... how close or how deep? How could you not know what was happening until then?"

"He didn't penetrate me. I screamed and made Di... ah him stop when it hurt. It was only then that I realized what he was doing."

"When it hurt?"

"You know... how you hurt me sometimes when you try to put it in."

The truth was I didn't know exactly. Hurt her how? Hurt her when she would try to seductively fuck me without foreplay and her puffy labia was still dry. Or was it when my cock slipped upwards jamming her clit instead of sliding in her tight pussy. In that case her pussy would've been sopping wet and from past experience I knew how it got that way. That would explain how she didn't know what was happening and why she didn't answer that part of my question.

I thought I had gone where no man had gone before. Now I realized that probably only my cock has gone where no cock had gone before and that was only by centimeters. The problem with questions is that often the answers only raise more questions. Did I want to know the answers?

What did I want to know more? How she could 'not know what was happening' or who this 'Di... ah him' was? The bigger questions were why I didn't know something that significant or had I know the fragments and not the context? Was this an intentional deception or a misunderstanding? I was again reminded how questioning that trust hurts so bad. My mind was trying to arrange the few fragments of her past so I inquired, "I thought that was the time you were drinking and spent the night at your friend's house. You woke up with that guy in bed fondling you."

"No that wasn't even close. He left as soon as I started screaming. I had thought I was safe there and I was pissed."

"So that was two different events. I assumed that when you said you came close once that you were talking about the drunken episode. My misunderstanding."

The deception versus misunderstanding question had been answered and I pressed on. "So... who was it or shouldn't I ask?"

Trista replied, "Dick Hairis," in a voice so soft I barely heard her.

"Dick Hairis ... Damn," I thought. He lettered in two sports a year ahead of me. I hadn't known she dated jocks. At the same time I was relieved at the possibility of no deception and that it was not someone I had to face daily. The 'trying to enter her' event had been a recent revelation; another detail that I had no right to ask for. She never asked about my past and I never asked about her's.

The question of trust and deceit arose from the fact that if I plotted Trista's past on a naiveté scale this detail would be off her chart. It was totally incongruous of the past she presented yet had seemed to fit with the blowjob deceit. As I pondered this I had begun to realize what it must have been like to keep a boyfriend and your virginity. Her virginity had been known and sought after, a prize to be taken. I had won that prize.

Perhaps the most important question was how do I feel about that. I have always known that Trista was a pearl of great price. How rare of a pearl and how great a price I was just now starting to comprehend. It kind of made her hotter in my mind. Many had seen the same virtues in her that I had seen and had sought after them. Many had tried yet I had prevailed where they had failed. I knew that I would be looking forward to our next sexercise session. The primordial instinct to claim my woman was in high gear.

When I arrived home from work that night Trista unexpectedly met me at the door. Before I could say anything she embraced me and applied a lip-lock. Then she drew her crotch into my groin by wrapping her leg around my ass. Obviously her actions spoke louder than anything we could say.

She pulled me towards the couch caressing me all of the way. We were tearing at each other's clothes as we sat down. Her top was the first thing to go therefore freeing her braless breasts. I rolled one nipple in my fingers as I sucked the other. She wiggled out of her dress as I alternated on her nipples.

When she finished with her dress she started on my pants. I cupped her naked pussy and stood her up to make it easier. My pants fell to the floor and I slipped two fingers into Trista's pussy. She shuddered and ground into my knuckles. Then I guided her to the floor and finger-fucked the shit out of her. We still had not said a word to each other but now there was vocal feedback. Her whines, moans and whimpers were quite positive indeed. It was all of the feedback I needed. I hooked her knees in my elbows and guided her pussy towards my rock hard cock. When it's head parted her puffy lips I thrust it forward hard. As Trista bounced forward I remembered a game we had played in college.

It was the semester that covered Newton's laws of motion in physics class. I had Trista in a similar position on the bed and was demonstrating how a pendulum would seek equilibrium with a driving force. She was the pendulum; I was the driving force.

There had been a similar reaction here except that Trista had scooted forward a little and I had to move forward for the next thrust. It was more like driving a wheelbarrow than driving a pendulum. Off we went for a few laps around the living room with Trista screaming all of the way. God only knows how many thrusts per lap and how many laps we had gone before I saw the blood stains on the carpet.

It seems that I had forgotten one of Newton's basic laws of motion. For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. While Trista's weight had been distributed across her entire back mine had been on the knees that were now hamburger. As the sexual intensity ebbed the pain set in.

I sat Trista in the matching rocking chair and again thrust my cock into her now gaping pussy. I slowly rocked her back and forth over my rod. My concentration vacillated between the pleasure in my prick and the pain in my knees. The low energy expenditure of the rocking chair combined with concentrating on the pain over the pleasure allowed me to plow many acres of her fields.

When Trista howled and her pussy clamped hard onto my rod the pleasure overcame my pain and I blasted my seed deep within her. The combination of our juices reduced the friction on my prick to damn near zero. I leaned forward to rest and let my cock soften in a well and truly fucked pussy.

This wasn't our role-playing 'she's an animal' sex. This was raw animalistic sex. Fucking in it's purist form, no talking, no anything, nothing but pleasure, desire and gratification. 'Gratification and consequences' I thought as the blood pooled around my knees.

Placing a hand on each chair arm I lifted myself to a standing position. The pain was bearable in this position. Trista leaned forward and placed my cock into her mouth. My first thought was, "WOW this is the first time she's ever done this. She's never took my cock in her mouth after it's been inside of her." My second thought was, "Why now, I'm in pain and whipped and probably will never orgasm." The pleasure stirred within me and I felt my cock coming back to life. Her tongue licking the underside of my shaft and her lips milking the rim of the head was exquisite. She tried long and hard to make me cum but the pain and fatigue wasn't going to let that happen. I finally spoke when she withdrew her lips from my shaft in resignation.

"What was that all about?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing. You answer first."

I was about to remind her that I asked first but settled for a promise.

"Promise that after I tell you mine you'll tell me yours."

Trista looked to my crotch and said, "I promise."

"Well ... The morning talk got me hot talking about Dick. I mean I never knew you dated guys like that. It made me proud to get the girl. Every time I thought of it I wanted to ravage you and dominate. You just happened to provide an excellent opportunity. Okay, now it's your turn."

Trista straightened in the chair and looking into my eyes said, "My answer is similar to yours." I knelt into the blood on the carpet to she her at eye level. The pain be damned. This was a time for tenderness, not domination. She continued as I stroked her legs.

"Dick is the common theme. He's a memory I've successfully suppressed until today. Although I've been open and honest about Dick I realize that situation caused me to deceive you, to deceive myself. There was no deceit about Dick. That confusion was the result of your assumption. Until now I never realized how afraid I was of losing you. I gave it all to you because I loved you and I knew you loved me. Dick never showed that love and just wanted to fuck. The deceit ... "

Trista faltered and looked to her lap. I cupped her face in my hand and looked into her eyes saying, "It's okay baby. It's okay." She continued, "I ... I gave it all to you. I was convinced I had to blow you to keep you. By suppressing my distaste of cum I, in turn deceived you with my feigned enjoyment of the taste. I deceived myself into believing it wasn't deceit, it was what I had to do to keep you. I'm so glad I didn't make a mistake by giving myself to you but back then I just didn't know. I was afraid of another Dick episode. I'm sorry for the deceit and I'm sorry for the suspicion cast on the Dick Hairis incident. I just never got over the taste so ... "

"Oh baby ... I never knew. You're forgiven. I'm sorry I made you feel that way but it does explain a lot."

"Let me finish. To answer your question, that was my way of expressing how much I love you and how sorry I am. The good news is that I've found that I don't mind our combined taste if the mood is right. I didn't mind it during animal sex or tonight. You just have to get me hot enough."

"Wow baby, you can express that love anytime. That's a big discovery and one heck of a starting point. I've got visions of dribble, 69, dribble, 69 then power fuck."

"I thought you would enjoy this."

I stood up hand in hand with this vulnerable creature, my wife. I gently pulled her from the chair to get cleaned and clothed. She had started it and I had merely finished it. I had claimed my woman and she unloaded a burden she had carried to long.

Yes there had been consequences from that night of unrestrained passion. The primary one was that it made our morning walks uncomfortable for awhile. It served as a constant reminder for the next week. We covered the remaining issues outlined in the letter during that week. I felt that I had been successful in getting Trista to understand how I feel about the lack of blowjobs and how it fit into my world. She in turn had reaffirmed that she was more than a Technical Virgin, she was virginal in every way. Also I had a clearer understanding where blowjobs fit into her world. The two pillars of the foundation were never in danger. She admitted reasons for her deceit concerning the third pillar and demonstrated her willingness. She never gave me any reason to not trust her, unlike that cheating slut ex-girlfriend she tries to live up to. The absolute faith and trust I have with Trista is one of the real reasons I married her. I joke that the reason I married her was that I never found a good reason to get rid of her. There is truth in that because people are who they are. If there is something you can't stand you're probably not going to change it. Now that we understood the situation we were trying harder.

A week later I ran into Denny at happy hour at the bar. I sat down on the corner barstool separating him and the guy he was talking to. Denny asked me, "How is Trista doing?"

"She's fine. Thank you for asking," I replied in a formal tone. Denny then looks at the guy on the other side of me and says, "You know Trista, Trista Mars." Denny then looks at me and introduces us.

"Joe this is Jake Turner, Jake... Joe Horn, Trista's husband. Jake graduated with Trista and me."

Jake said, "I haven't seen Trista in years. I probably wouldn't recognize her but she used to be hot."

Denny spoke right up, "Oh you would recognize her and she's still hot," to which I replied, "Yes ... but she isn't a beast anymore."

"I'll bet she's still a real animal though," answered Denny.

We all laughed and Denny proceeded to fill in Jake on our little inside joke. After that we talked a little more and Jake said, "I married Tracy," as if there was only one Tracy in town. In reality there was only one well-known Tracy. I asked, "Tracy, Tracy Coon?" Jake replied with a yes and now I was stuck for something to say.

It was a surreal situation. Here I was sitting with Denny who my wife whipped and Jake whose wife I tried to fuck in my youth. Not only that but also Jake thinks my wife is hot and his wife died from cancer less than six months ago. I truly was at a loss for words. Finally I said, "I'm sorry for your loss. Tracy also graduated with you and Trista didn't she?"

"Yes she did. How did you know Tracy?"

It was getting awkward. How do you tell someone that you used to sniff around his wife at underage parties when we were younger?

"I ah... I'd seen her around at various parties when we were younger. If I remember correctly she was pretty hot also."

"Yes she was right up until she died and yes she did like her alcohol."

Finally it was getting a little easier. He seemed comfortable with who and what his wife was. I thought of the similarities and differences between Tracy and Trista. Even before Tracy had died I felt that I got the better deal. I tried to steer the conversation to a more neutral topic.

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