tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI'm a Beast Ch. 07

I'm a Beast Ch. 07


This story is dedicated to all of the girls that tried to keep their virginity and their boyfriend, to all of the wives that tried to keep their mate sated and faithful.

Now I add Techsan to the dedication. He edited about a fifth of this story and read the remaining parts that I had finished. He said, "I like what you've done with the story so far and am looking forward to see where it goes." I feel driven to live up to his expectations and I hope I succeed. The world is a poorer place without Techsan and I am a richer man for his touch upon my life.

I have no editor so all mistakes are mine. I welcome any and all feedback to improve and appreciate. The story is finished and submitted one chapter a day.


01-01-2006 The Webcam Adventure Begins

It had been a couple months since the debacle with Jake and we made it through Christmas and New Years Eve. I was cruising the webcam site New Years Day when I found her. Technically I found her long ago but I had not realized it. Chloe was somewhat of an enigma. All that she ever showed was her 40-DD's or her private icon. She was still online when private but she wasn't viewable to the public. I assumed she was showing someone something more than her 40-DD's. I went to her bio and it said that she was a widow. It was her picture that floored me. It was a body shot from the neck down and it was Trista's body staring back at me. I went into the living room and showed her the picture.

"This is the picture of you that I posted in our Bio," I said.

Trista glanced at the picture and immediately exclaimed, "You better not have." She took my PDA from me to examine the picture closer, her face getting redder all the while.

"Background," she said as she looked up at me.

"It's not me, the background doesn't match. You had me going, she really looks a lot like me."

"That's what caught my attention. I found her while I was looking for an alternate fantasy candidate."

Trista said in a voice tinged with disappointment, "The Jake incident was a distraction from Devilish-Darcy's, I mean Marcy's and my plans. She understands your discomfort with Jake. She's disappointed that they can't participate but she wished us luck finding a substitute."

My spirit buoyed with the development and I said, "That's one of the things I like about her. Maybe some day but I think Chloe might be a better choice now."


"You said you looked better than the click except for Devilish-Darcy. Since Chloe looks like you it may minimize the jealousy factor."

"I can see the wisdom in that."

My concerns and the wisdom of Chloe were confirmed so I continued, "She might still be online. Would you like to try and chat with her?"

"I'd like to see what all of her looks like."

"She never shows anything other than her 40-DD's. I think we'll have to be one of her cyber friends before we'd see anything else."

"Well, chatting would be the place to start. Let's give it a try."

We set the laptop on the coffee table and logged onto the webcam site. Chloe was still online so we composed our introductory IM with my username, Optimus.

When our tale of their similar bodies was finished we told Chloe to 'picture a face of an angel on her body to imagine Angel' and clicked on the send button. There wasn't anything to do but wait for a response. About five minutes later we received a response.

IM Translation 1

Chloe: Thanks for the IM. I find it wonderful that you cruise this site together. I have several couples that I chat with. I am now 64 the picture is when I was 61. I hope your wife is not too unhappy that our bodies look alike. Maybe our faces do too..

Before I responded I thought, "she's the same age as my mother (a very young teenage bride) and stepmother."

Optimus: I forgot to tell you Angel complemented you for having the body of a 45-year-old.

Chloe: I don't see you in the Cam section. Do you have a webcam?

Optimus: No, but we do have a network camera on our website.

Chloe: I'm going private. Here is a password. 'fellatio'

Chloe's picture went blank on the screen and was replaced with the private icon. I typed in the password and a beautiful woman with long black hair appeared. She was sitting in a lovely chair displaying her magnificent tits. She sure put my mothers to shame.

Optimus: You're a fine looking woman Chloe.

Chloe: Thank you, I am Greek and a natural 40-DD. May I see the two of you?

"Greek," How interesting I thought. We have a large Greek community only seven miles away.

Optimus: Yes, we're sending you a link now.

The delay was extensive. We could see Chloe at the keyboard and wondered if she was distracted with other fans.

Chloe: Your wife is too beautiful to have a body like mine. I am sure she has more then I ever had. You're also a very handsome man. Let me say that I think that couples that enjoy erotica together have a good relationship and I feel are well matched.

Optimus: You flatter us Chloe.

Chloe: It's true. Most of my viewers are males and they can be very graphic in there IM's. I did meet one couple a few years ago in New Orleans and we shared a few days together and are still friends from afar. Are you into the open sex life?

Optimus: Chloe!

Chloe: Never mind none of my business. Only asking.

Optimus: We are flattered but we're faithful for good reason. We're surrounded by cheating wives. We stay faithful by doing everything for each other sexually so there's never a reason to step outside of the marriage. Yeah variety is nice but ... we're the only couple we know that's still on their 1st marriage.

Chloe: Cheating wives? Tell me more.

Optimus: Her brother's cheating slut wife, my brother's cheating wife, and my best friend's cheating slut wife.

Chloe: Why are some sluts and not your in-law.

Optimus: Long term and multiple partners. Only my brother and sister in-laws marriage survived and thrived.

Chloe: I prefer the open sex life. It's a problem when only one open.

Optimus: I wouldn't mind if Angel enjoyed herself like you when she's widowed but I better be dead first.

Chloe: I've taken a different look at life and sex in general. I believe what a couple do or don't do in a marriage is all in how they use their minds to reconcile there love for one another.

Optimus: We're not judging your life style. We don't feel sex is a sin, only adultery is. It's wonderful that you're enjoying yourself.

Chloe: One of the nicest couples I know and the most loving toward one another are swingers for twenty years. They have traveled the world and have the best relationship of any couple I have ever seen.

Optimus: A vow or a promise has to stand for something or everything that is built on it is worthless. Why bother getting married unless it's for the benefits bestowed upon the institution built on the very vows they intend to break.

Chloe: In my life I was also faithful and thought he was too/ but I was wrong and since he died I never had the chance to ask him why, or if I was not good enough to fill his needs.

Optimus: You respected your vows and it's a shame your husband didn't. It shows a lack of love and respect.

Chloe: I have become open in every way known to man and understand that many people use sex for fun, plane and simple. I truly enjoy sex and pleasing my partners feels good. They're enjoying me for me and the love of pure sexual pleasure. It's not cheap, nor do I feel used. It's a simple basic human pleasure of life.

Optimus: In your case it is perfectly legit. It is not cheap and it is much more than a 'simple' basic human pleasure of life. It's the best. Chloe ... you seem pretty open. Can you help us with a fantasy?

Chloe: What kind of fantasy?

Optimus: We'd like to have sex on the cam with some friendly strangers.

Chloe: I only masturbate here and I want to so bad I can taste it. I can't chat then because left handed just don't get it. I'll call a friend tomorrow and see if he can come down and help me out.. it has just been to long ...

Optimus: We've watched couples screw on this site but we've never done it and probably wouldn't in the public forum. I thought that maybe you were doing that when you went private.

Chloe: So you want to watch me and my friend screwing in front of the camera. If we do this what are you going to do for us???

Optimus: What we had in mind was just two couples making love at the same time with each ones actions feeding the others. Like being in the same room but not.

Chloe: I really would love to see your wife take your cock up her lovely ass or suck you off... or both...

Optimus: She's pretty good at fulfilling my fantasies. That's not too much.

Chloe: When were you thinking about doing this.

Optimus: I took my wife's virginity on her 21st birthday. Her birthday in two weeks will be the 25th anniversary for us fucking.

Chloe: I'll call my friend tonight and talk it over with him. Got to go. Like I said, I want to masturbate so bad I can taste it. I'll use Mr. Pink to pleasure myself.

Chloe tilted her head back and pressed her fingers to her clitoris. She rubbed herself slowly pressing softly on her clitoris. Then she parted her pussy lips and paused. Two fingers entered her swollen pussy while her palm rubbed across her mound.

Her fingers played at the entrance of her pussy while she reached toward the desk. She picked up a bright pink seven-inch long soft flexible life-like vibrator. It was obvious who 'Mr. Pink,' was.

She pressed it to her clitoris and let the vibrations work through her. She closed her eyes for a few minutes while rubbing it along the wetness of her pussy. Suddenly she shoved it inside still rubbing her clitoris with her left hand. She worked it in and out deeper with her right hand. Awhile later she was rubbing her clitoris faster and pushing the vibrator deeper. Chloe arched her body and then went limp. Mr. Pink was still hanging in her highly engorged pussy. If anyone was left hanging it was Mr. Pink because Chloe was still limp in her chair a few minutes later. Finally she removed Mr. Pink and reached to the desk. Moments later she was offline.


That night in bed Trista asked, "What did you think about Chloe masturbating? She had your full attention and you were hard."

"You noticed. Well ... I thought it was great. She's a wild woman if all is to be believed. She may be wild but you're the real animal."

Trista purred beside me so I rolled between her legs and felt her crotch. It was incredibly damp and she responded to my touch. My rock hard cock slid into her moist valley without any foreplay or guidance except auto-pilot. "Fuck me Joey, fuck me fast and hard."

This was going to be fucking, not love making. I thought of Chloe as I slowly stroked in and out of my wife. I imagined her watching and thought about impressing her by maintaining my long steady strokes. Trista started to whimper beneath me, "Fuck me, fuck me faster, harder."

My pace quickened at her request. She milked my cock with her pussy control. As good as it felt I wished it wasn't snapping because it always diminished my time in the saddle. However, it also signaled the start of the race. Who would get off first, Trista and her quivering cunt or Joe and his spasming spunk? I held back by maintaining that vision of Chloe until Trista's pussy started to quiver. I splashed her insides with cum and laid down on her as she shook in orgasm.

When we recovered our breath she started to speak, "Joe ... " I cut her off with a, "Shush ... We can talk on the morning walk talk. Let's savor the moment."

We fell asleep still coupled and in each other's arms. On the walk the next morning the events of the previous evening provided a lot of good content for the talk.

I asked tentatively, "What did you think about Chloe last night?"

"She seems nice. What did you think of her looks? It's hard to believe that she's 64 years old."

"I thought she looked great, but that's only because she reminds me so much of you. I always knew you were a hottie. You know, the age thing could work for us."

"What do you mean, how?"

"Do you remember when I first mentioned this fantasy, about doing it right and with the right people? It's done right but nothing is hack proof and Chloe is low on the hacker profile."

"Yeah, she's the same age as your mothers. They're computer literate but not hackers ... "

"The best part is she's Greek like Step Mom. For all we know she's up the road in Abc City. Also if she were born there she would've been in grade school with them. Quite a fantasy don't you think?"

"Leave it to you, brain always working. The thing is if she's lived here all of her life we'd probably have seen her around town."

"Your right ... So what do you think about Chloe for our webcam adventure?"

"She seems nice and there are a lot of coincidences to make things interesting. Somehow I always thought we'd pick one of my chat buddies that talked me into this."

I couldn't let this go so I jokingly said, "You mean Jake."

She replied indignantly, "No and you know it, but they're part of his chat click. I was thinking one of the wives about our age. On the other hand Chloe is so intriguing and she does look our age."

"So ... Is that a yes to Chloe and is your birthday a good date and nice touch?"

"Chloe will be fine and my birthday is a nice touch but it could be anytime. When it happens it happens."

"I wonder if Chloe got hold of her friend. She seemed pretty desperate. It kind of surprised me that after all she's done she's never done this. What do you think she'll decide about our request?"

"Who knows, like I said, if it happens it happens. If not her then someone else but we probably wouldn't find anyone before my birthday."

"You're right again. All we can do is play it by ear. I kind of hope Chloe does get hooked up tonight, makes me want you just thinking about it. I'm the lucky one."

When Trista didn't respond I let this line of conversation die. We had established that Chloe was an acceptable candidate for our adventure and that the only way to play it was by ear. Interesting indeed I thought. This could be great or the road to disaster. The one thing I knew was that if Chloe were online tonight it would be more interesting than anything else would today. That always makes for along day as it just drags.


We could hardly wait to get to the computer in the living room after supper. I knew Chloe was trying to get laid tonight and maybe she'd be on line, maybe not. She was there when the computer booted and we logged on. Shuddering in expectation I sent an opening IM.

IM Translation 2

Optimus: Hi Chloe, you were so lovely last night.

Chloe: Love you both ... Your sexy wife is so lovely I could eat you both. Sorry I know you're bound to one another...

Optimus: Don't be sorry about, 'I could eat you both'. We're flattered, good for the self-esteem.

Chloe: I have a lot of respect for any one that does what they feel is their life style.. I do my thing but not as much any more,,

Optimus: Yes we're bound to one another but I would rather spend a night with you than a dozen younger women I know.

Trista playfully slapped my arm. My only reply was to say ouch. There was no need for more because we knew what it was for.

Chloe: Some don't do my thing but if we are happy with our lives then we are fulfilled....

Optimus: We're fulfilled and fantasize that you live up the road. We have a substantial Greek community and my Stepmother is Greek

Chloe: I really did love seeing you and your lovely wife (younger version of me) ... I know you won't mind but I shared your request with a friend ... he is 71 and still one hell of a lover .

Optimus: Is it the friend you called to come down and 'help you out'?

Chloe: Yes ... He's blackmailing/toying with me ... I won't be getting it doggie style until I agree too Angel's birthday request and you know it has just been to long.

Trista looked at me with concern on her face and asked "Blackmail? What's that all about?"

"I don't know but that's not what we want?"

Optimus: If he's blackmailing ... We say forget it and have him give it too you Doggie. We want you to want it, no duress.

Chloe: no duress. He just helped convince me. Are you game?

Optimus: game?

Chloe: my friend thinks your birthday request is precious and would love too see the younger version of me. Your lovely wife.

Optimus: So he convinced you.

Chloe: And more, I have been open in every way to man but I haven't done this. My friend thinks I should try it. Maybe a trial run before the birthday?

Optimus: We're glad about Angel's birthday. What do you mean by trial run?

Chloe: I've never done this before and the 25th anniversary of 1st time sex is too special to screw up. If you let us watch you watching us doing doggie and everything goes okay then we're on for Angel's birthday.

Optimus: just us watching?

Chloe: this one is for us. The next one will be for you. You don't have to do anything you don't want too, just watch.

I looked to Trista and she looked to me. With a gleam in her eye and a nod of her head I received my answer.

Optimus: Yes we are game. Send us a password and we'll send a link and password.

I had an IM with the username and password ready to send when Chloe responded.

Chloe: password is lovelywife

I clicked send button and typed in the password. When the picture appeared on the big screen our camera light started blinking indicating that Chloe could see us. Chloe's lover moved behind her and kissed her on the neck. She turned in his arms and their mouths met. At first her body went stiff and finally quivered like jelly when his hand found her breast. He kissed as her mouth opened pushing her head back. When their kiss broke she slowly slid to her knees, her face inches from his crotch. He took her hair with one hand and pulled her face up. With his free hand he freed his thick hard cock with a glossy, bulbous, deep purple head. His cock wasn't long but it had girth. Chloe put his cock in her mouth cupping his hairy balls with her hands. Suddenly she sucked his cock deep into her mouth and licked his cupped balls. He held her head still by the hair and slowly pumped into her mouth.

My cock was rock hard watching the sight before me. I put my hand between Trista's legs and started working towards her pelvis. She spread her legs for better access. I rubbed her pubis through her jeans with the heal of my hand. Trista squirmed as my fingers explored the V below but her attention never left Chloe on the big screen. I looked to see what had Trista so enthralled.

Chloe grabbed her lover's ass pulling him forward to the back of her throat. She deep throated him until she pulled back a little and squeezed his balls in her hand. His cock jerked and his balls spasmed. Cum splashed from the corners of her mouth on the first eruption. She swallowed his cum and his cock making him cum a second and third time. Chloe swallowed hard each time milking his cock with her throat. No cum escaped her mouth as she took his load direct deposit. The cock's pulsing slowed and it slid from her mouth as he shuddered.

I took Trista's breast in my hand and said, "Now we know why her 1st password was 'fellatio'. That was awesome."

"So you think that was awesome. I'll show you awesome," she said as she squeezed my cock in my pants. We continued watching Chloe as I played with Trista's tits and she continued stroking my cock.

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