tagIncest/TabooI'm Glad I Did It

I'm Glad I Did It


I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help myself!!!

I came home one Friday night and there lying on her back on the couch was my older sister. Angela had passed out. The light from the hall had her nicely illuminated. She had a blanket half covering her. Her legs were sticking out.

I could see she had been out partying. She had on a short skirt and stockings. The skirt was up so high I could see her red panties.

What a vision Angela was lying there.

You see, I've had the hots for my older sister for years. Ever since I was maybe 12 or 13. She is two years older and gorgeous. About 5'6, long red hair, average build, maybe 130 lbs. and size 34 B tits. What a babe.

To make things worse, Angela loved to wear these little bikinis around our backyard pool. In the winter, she often walked around the house in her pyjamas or sometimes in only her bra and panties. She would make me so hard.

There was never anything physical between us. I only looked at her then went to my room to beat off. Angela never gave me any indication she was interested in me other than being my sister.

When she was 18, she left for college. I only got to see her a few times each semester. Then in the summer she was home again. Most of the time though, she was either working or out with her friends. Again, she had no time for me and I infrequently got to see her in those bikinis.

Now Angela was finished school and living back home. She had not found a job yet so she had no money to live on her own.

Standing there looking at her, my cock rose quickly. All those years of looking at her were boiling up in my groin. I had to do something.

Quietly, I kneeled down beside her. I gently put my hand on her leg. Angela did not move. Her leg was so warm. The feeling of the stocking was incredible. It was so silky and smooth. Slowly I moved my hand up her leg. I was on her thigh now. She still didn't move. Now I was at the top of her stocking. My fingers touched her soft warm skin of her thigh.

My cock was rock hard. I started to rub it through my pants.

I leaned over and kissed Angel's upper thigh. My lips touched the softest warmest skin I had ever felt.

Just then, I could smell the sweet aroma from her pussy. My nose filled with her scent. I moved my lips over and kissed her panties. I kissed her mound.

Angela let out a little moan. Although it was soft, it frightened me. I jumped back and froze. She didn't move.

After waiting a few seconds, I leaned in and kissed her panties again. Another soft moan came from her lips. My hand was back on her leg as I continued to kiss and smell her pussy. I was in heaven!!!!!

A couple of minutes passed as I continued to kiss her lightly. Then Angela moved her hips. I jumped back again and froze. She rolled toward the back of the couch but quickly rolled onto her back again. The blanket was now completely off her. Also, she had opened her legs!!!!!

I waited a few second to make sure she was asleep again. As I waited, I was looking at her tits. They were in her bra and standing up nicely. I reached out my hand and gently placed it on her tit. It was not big but it still felt wonderful.

I leaned toward her pussy again. With her legs open, I could see her panties were wet!!!! I was turning her on with my kisses.

Slowly I moved my head between her legs and kissed as close to her pussy as I could. Angela responded by opening her legs a little more for me. This time I was able to kiss her on the wet spot. My hand was gently squeezing her tit.

I had to see her pussy!!!! I had fantasized about it so much I just had to see it. I leaned back then with my free hand, I hooked a finger in the leg hole and gently moved her panties over.

THERE IT WAS!!!!! My sister's bald pussy!!!! Her lips were clearly visible. There were wet also.

My cock was so hard. Leaving her panties pushed over, I took my cock out. Cum was leaking from the tip. Quickly I beat it. Only a few strokes were needed before I shot my load. Most of the cum I caught in my hand. But some of the first blasts landed on Angela's leg. I cleaned her up as best I could then put the blanket back over her and went to the bathroom to clean up.

I slept in the next morning. Angela was in her room when I headed downstairs. Maybe an hour later, I heard the shower upstairs. Finally she made her appearance. When she came into the living room, she gave me a funny look. It was like she was trying to figure something out.

"Good morning sleepy head. Enjoy the couch last night?" I asked.

"You saw me on the couch?"

"Well duh!!!! When I came home you were passed out down here." Angela did not answer be but just looked at me again. "What?" I asked her.

Just then, mom called her asking if she wanted breakfast. Angela left for the kitchen and talked to mom. I just kept watching television.

The rest of the day, I kept getting funny looks from her. When I asked what was wrong, she didn't answer but just walked away.

I went out to a party that night with a couple of friends. Angela went out also. I got to dance with some chicks but nothing happened. Same with my buddies. We all struck out. After the party, we walked around for a while and I got home about 2 am.

I walked into the living room and again Angela was passed out. I was thinking, "This girl can party!" As I looked at her, she moved and her leg came out from under the blanket. I could see just enough to see her stockings again.

Quietly, I moved beside the couch and sat on the floor. I put my hand on her leg and felt the soft warmth. I moved my hand up her leg to the top again where I was feeling her skin. Angela didn't move. Slowly I moved my hand to the blanket. I moved it so I could see her whole body. She is truly incredible. Her skirt was not all the way up her legs so I move the material allowing me to see her panties. Tonight they were white.

Angela's tits were calling to me so I put my hand on them. Her tits felt incredible.

Now I leaned over and kissed her mound again. Her pussy scent filled my nose. I wanted her so much. With the hand on her leg, I pulled on her knee so she would open her legs again. Slowly she opened them. I listened to her breathing and it didn't change at all. She was still asleep.

I put my fingers inside her panty leg opening and moved the silky material over. Her pussy looked puffy and wet. I leaned over and kissed her soft pussy lips. This time I put my tongue on her. I found the top of her slit and put my tongue inside. Her pussy was so hot and her juices tasted incredible.

I was kissing and licking her for maybe 5 minutes when Angela then moved her hands. Quickly she put her hands on my head. She pushed down as she opened her legs more and moved my head deeper. I was in shock. Angela started to hump my face with her pussy.

Then she moved on the couch. She swung her hips to one side and moved her leg between us. It took a few seconds but she then had her leg out from under us. She quickly put it over my back.

"Come on little brother. Eat me good! I need a good pussy licking!"

I was in shock. What could I do? I leaned in and started to lick her for all I was worth. Angela put her fingers between her legs and pulled her panties way over so I had complete access to her. I was licking and sucking for all I was worth.

A few minutes later, Angela said, "Don't forget my tits. Squeeze them." Without removing my head, I reached up and grabbed her tits. "Harder! Squeeze them hard. I love that." So I squeezed harder.

I continued to squeeze and lick. Maybe a minute later, Angela let out a fairly loud moan. Her hands grabbed my head hard and pulled me against her pussy. She was moving her hips up and down as my tongue pressed deep inside of her. I drove my tongue into her love hole and Angela rewarded me with a flood of her pussy juice. I was sucking as much as I could.

I guess maybe 30 seconds went by before Angela went limp. She relaxed her grip, stopped moving and slumped back into the couch. "When did you become such a good pussy licker little brother?" We both laughed. "Take off your pants and come up here and fuck me. I am so hot. I haven't been fucked in weeks and I need you."

So I stood up and stripped for my sister. Angela whistled when I dropped my pants. "Nice one little bro. Come and drive it into me." So I laid on her. My cock was touching all around her wet pussy. Angela put her fingers on my cock and helped me drive it home.

God she was not only hot and wet but also very tight. It took me a few thrusts before I was all the way in. Quickly we found a rhythm and were fucking like long time lovers. I didn't last long and shot my load deep in her pussy. Angela didn't cum. She locked her legs around me and wouldn't let me pull out. "Come on little brother, fuck me again. Make your sister cum." So I kept pumping her. My cock hadn't go soft so I was able to keep fucking her.

When she finally came, I knew I was close. We kept pumping. Angela's orgasm just didn't want to stop. Finally, I let my second load go deep inside of her.

This time it was my turn to collapse. I have never cum twice like that. I was just lying there with my head on her shoulder. We kissed a little. The feeling of fucking my sister was unbelievable.

"So what caused you to come back tonight little bro?"

"What do you mean?"

"Did you enjoy yourself last night?"

"What about last night? I didn't do anything."

"Hmmm!!! So why were my panties pulled over when I woke up? And why did I have cum stains on my leg and stockings? It must have been the fuck fairy that did that to me."

"You knew? All day today, you knew?"

"No! So I decided to see if you'd make a second appearance and try again. I was thinking it was you that put the cum on my leg. So I had to find out. You didn't disappoint me. So did you enjoy me?"

"Enjoy you? That isn't the right word for it. I loved being inside of you."

"Great because I was thinking we should do this more often."

So all summer we fucked like minks. Every chance we got, we were fucking. By the end of the summer, Angela had a job. Soon a boyfriend appeared. They eventually got married. I got married a year later.

Angela and I still fuck on a regular basis. She came to me after the rehearsal party the night before her wedding. Then we fucked again the morning of her wedding. I fucked her the week she came home from her honeymoon. She fucked me the night I got home from mine. We fuck every chance we get. In fact, we are not sure her son belongs to her husband. But that is our secret.

Both of us have happy marriages. We think it is because we both know where to get a good piece when our spouses are neglecting us. And happily for us, that seems to be often.

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